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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: glib: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gtk: updated to
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Zaba_hmm weird.08:33
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Zaba_manually loading the firmware for my pc card wireless adapter (uses rt61pci driver) works, but udev doesn't do it (even though the rules for that seem to be present)08:33
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Zaba_ah, making the path to absolute in 50-firmware.rules helped08:49
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jarthat's all i needed to get my wireless working09:52
jarthe firmware loaded itself09:52
Zabajar, somehow udev wasn't executing here, not sure what's the problem09:53
Zabapresumable PATH issues09:54
Zababut not sure what might affect PATH for udev's RUN09:54
Zaba(and I didn't change anything that could, for sure)09:54
jarHm, my install is pretty vanilla with the exception of my custom wifi script09:54
jarI didn't really modify anything to get it working.09:55
Zabamy install is totaly vanilla aside from the fact I copied the firmware into /lib/firmware manually09:55
thrice`me too; just installing the 3945 firmware results in the device popping up without any other changes09:55
Zabahere the device is alright, it's the firmware that didn't get loaded.09:56
jarhm, yeah - that's fine - i made the Pkgfile because I'm muy lazy09:56
ZabaI copied them manually because I am lazy :p09:56
thrice`I think if the device (wlan0 or so) shows up, then the firmware is loading properly09:56
jardmesg should show it09:57
Zabathrice`, no09:57
Zabathrice`, if device shows up, there's a kernel driver that recognizes it09:57
Zabaif it errors out with "Failed to load Firmware" on any operation, firmware isn't loaded.09:58
Zabafor my rt2561 pc card, firmware was only *requested* when I did something like ifconfig wlan0 up09:58
thrice`oh, ok; I figured if the firmware wasn't in place, the kernel wouldn't be able to see it at all09:58
Zabathrice`, not really, it can be probed without any binary blobs ;p09:59
Zababecause as far as I understand, it's the bus you ask for a list of devices and their IDs and drivers attach according to that10:01
Zabaanyway, since firmware loading from userspace works through hotplug, most people will use udev for it, most of them without even noticing10:02
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Zaba_libnids 1.23 needs a patch to build it seems11:23
Zaba_a patch like
Zaba_hm.. and dsniff's webspy does not build unless X is found.11:37
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aon :D14:38
thrice`posting, like tarballs, is an obsolete technology14:41
jari need more beer :/14:56
aoni need less beer14:58
jari think i can help with that14:58
rehabdolla beer sounds good14:58
jari drank my red stripe last night14:58
jari only have my pabst now14:58
jarand it's sunday so i can't buy more :(14:58
aoni only have "ädelbrännvin" :)14:59
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jarRed Stripe just isn't the same in a can.15:12
dru1dI hate beer in cans.15:15
jar^ yummy15:16
Rotwangbrewed in jamaica ;D15:17
jarit's delicious15:18
jari hate that most people cook shrimp scampi with pasta instead of rice15:29
teK_i hate most people, too15:35
teK_especially if they use <table> for layouting their crap called online shop15:35
tilmanjar: "i hate that most people have a different taste than me"? ;)15:35
jartilman: absolutely15:35
jarteK_: you mean terrible designers? ;)15:35
teK_tilman: no, *their* errors byte *me* in _my_ ass. it's not a matter of taste in this case15:40
jarteK_: he was talking about me.15:40
tilmanthat's why i typed 'jar' an not tek :P15:41
jarthat was my first clue!15:41
jaras well as .. the only clue15:42
teK_i'm quite angry right now, so i won't respond ;15:43
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