IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-09-01

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pitillogood morning01:02
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* dru1d first day at new workplace.01:15
sependru1d, good luck01:20
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rehabdollhas anyone tried to get a windows refund from asus?07:15
dru1dBut was one guy in Poland.07:21
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f1yHe succeeded, afair.07:23
f1yBut wasn't it Acer?07:24
dru1dI dont know..07:24
f1yWait a min.07:24
dru1dNope, that was Kaczynski!07:24
dru1dHis fault.07:25
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f1yrehabdoll: Sorry, this art and howto was about Lenovo and Dell.07:28
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rehabdollwell, hopefully it will be a fun and rewarding project getting back some $$07:59
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thrice`sepen: have you done a 2.6 .img yet?09:33
thrice`or, tried one *09:34
sepenthrice`, you mean a usbdisk image?09:34
thrice`yes, sorry :)09:34
sepennot still09:35
sepenI'll try after the weekend, so I've some obligations, and etc. these days09:35
thrice`oh, no big deal :)  was trying last night, but was unsuccessful09:37
pedjawould someone please paste sys and proc entries from fstab?I think I broke something...09:37
pedjaI get 'fatal:sys not mounted" at boot...09:37
thrice`pedja: or, /usr/ports/core/filesystem/fstab  :D09:38
pedjaheh, I just looked there, but I missed those :)09:39
pedjathrice`: thanks :)09:39
NomiusYeay! 2.6 is closer :-D09:42
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rehabdollsweet, updating a fresh 2.5-install on a intel atom 28010:24
rehabdollthis wont take any time at all...10:24
joacimconfigure: error: Could not link against the Boost regex library !10:27
joacimI get that when I try to install mkvtoolnix :/10:28
joacimvarious hits on google said that i needed to update boost to 1.38.0. but i already did that10:29
thrice`strange :\  no experience here10:32
thrice`er, I can't try to build it currently, that is :D10:32
eintopfedit configure script :)10:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mysql: update to 5.1.3812:30
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spaceninjadoes anyone know why every program can use the sound device, but not mpd?14:02
thrice`maybe set alsa in your /etc/mpd.conf ?14:03
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spaceninjait's properly set, here's my mpd.conf file
spaceninjaI get this error in my error log problems opening audio device while playing ""14:06
spaceninjait's been working fine before, but one day it stopped working14:07
spaceninjaI accendentally pasted 400 lines directly in ncmpc, but that shouldn't cause any problems right?14:07
spaceninjaI've resinstalled mpd and ncmpc14:08
* spaceninja reinstalls alsa aswell14:15
thrice`huh; yeah, looks OK14:18
spaceninjai've also checked that no other process is using the sound device14:20
jarI swear, when I am rich I'm going to hire two private investigators to follow each other14:22
jari think that would be fun to watch14:23
treachlet's call them "Alsa" and "Pulse Audio". :>14:23
jari said private investigators, not failed APIs14:23
tilmantreach: i just realized what 'pa' is ;)14:24
treachPI or API, not that big difference.;)14:24
jartru dat14:24
treachheh, Pain, Ass. I think. :D14:24
jari'm @ school - sipping on an energy drink14:24
* treach @home:/tea14:25
jari have to be here until 10pm tomorrow on thursday14:25
* spaceninja plays "here comes the sun" (on youtube) 14:25
* tilman catching up on xkcd14:25
jarspaceninja: i was listening to "he knows the sun" earlier14:25
jarLearning Spanish is hard :(14:25
jarI'd rather be learning brainfuck tbqh14:25
tilmanooh, muy curioso14:26
tilmanay carama14:27
jarhoy es martes14:27
treachtilman:  "camaro", isn't it? ;)14:27
sepenjar, mañana miercoles14:28
jari was pretty proud of myself for learning the days of the week.14:28
sepenit's a starting point14:28
* treach throws a german grammar-book at jar14:28
jarhoy es martes, uno septiembre14:29
jartreach: tbqh i'd prefer that14:29
treachI doubt it.14:29
jari find german neater since i like german music14:29
tilmanie rammstein?14:30
* treach loves the fact that the germans tried to reform their grammar, but scewed it up so badly that nobody knows what's right or wrong anymore. :D14:30
sepenor judas priest?14:30
jarie Rammstein, Oomph, KMFDM, and anything along those lines14:30
thrice`is rammstein still around?14:31
spaceninjais OSS better than alsa?14:31
jartreach: Isn't german slowly becoming like English, e.g. masculine and fem. verbs are being phased out for more unisex usage?14:31
jarspaceninja: v3? no14:31
jarv4? yes14:31
jarthrice`: very much so14:31
tilmansepen: judas priest are from britain ;)14:31
spaceninjajar: ok14:31
tilmanjar: wtf?14:32
treachjar: I wouldn't know, it was 15 years ago..14:32
jartilman: que pasa?14:32
jarTill Lindemann's wife is spanish afaik14:32
tilmanjar: there's no unisex usage in the german language afaik14:32
sepentilman, oh14:32
thrice`what about das maedchen ? :D14:33
jartilman: Hm, my Spanish professor mentioned that it's slowly becoming that way.14:33
jarHe could be wrong.14:33
jarHe's a dick.14:33
thrice`that one always confuses me14:33
treachjar: last thing I heard of it was when the major newspapers apparently gave it up and said "screw this shit, we'll type like in 1899 from now on" or something like that. :P14:33
jarIn American English there's a huge transition to unisex language.14:33
jarIn fact, we have no female specific word for Lawyer14:34
jarBut Waiter/Waitress still apply, etc.14:34
tilmanoh, i misunderstood your point14:34
thrice`so did I14:34
jarI probably misworded it.14:34
jarI tend to do that a lot14:34
thrice`I thought you meant some convergence towards "das" instead of "der" / "die"14:35
tilmanit's not verbs, but ...14:35
tilmanthrice`: me too14:35
jarI think it's silly to be so gender specific as Spanish is.14:35
jare.g. armarillo/a14:35
treachwe've got that too. nobody says "teacherin" anymore here even if that's what you actually should say.14:35
jarI think Spanish is the last language to hold onto that in the mainstream.14:36
jarOr maybe the asian language still do?14:36
jarI'm honestly not 100%14:36
thrice`I learned german in a classroom, from a very old lady, however.  my understanding is probably a) incorrect, b) dated14:37
jari have to take 4 full semesters of Spanish14:37
jarthis is my first.14:38
tilmanspanish is pretty easy to learn imo14:38
tilmanat least the basics14:38
treachand the exams will be handled by... the inquisition!14:38
* treach hides14:38
jari dont find it hard14:38
jarjust time consuming14:38
jartreach: NOBODY EXPECTS THE..14:38
jareverybody expects that joke now14:38
tilmano/~ the inquisition, what a show! the inquisition, here we go o/~14:39
treachwell, spanish and exams, it's pretty obvious. :>14:39
thrice`ha ha14:39
jarlearning spanish is requiring me to let go of some of my bad English habits14:39
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tilmanjar: suffixing every sentence with "you know?"?14:40
jarHey, I'm not from California.14:40
jartilman: I'm talking more about how in america we say "good" when we mean "well"14:41
thrice`wait, that's incorrect?14:41
jarthrice`: English is so fucked up that I doubt anyone really cares anymore.14:41
treach"Well afternoon"? :>14:41
jarBuenas tardes, seniors!14:42
jarHablas un poco espanol14:42
jar(i butchered that, i know)14:42
jarOnly second week of class.....14:42
rehabdolluna cerveza, por favor!14:43
rehabdollthats all you need14:43
jarlol what's cerveza?14:43
rehabdollbeer ffs14:43
jarim picking some of that up tonight14:43
jarred stripe ftw14:43
jarmucho cerveza, pronto!14:44
teK_jue: when do ou plan to update the whois-port? :)14:44
rehabdollno! no one dares update any more ports. ive been compiling all fucking day14:45
* thrice` is more excited for a "mv 2.6rc1.iso 2.6.iso"14:45
jarI think I'm going to get a C in my Geology class.14:45
jarthat class is way harder than i was expecting14:45
teK_rehabdoll: *g*14:46
thrice`rehabdoll: 64-bit? :D14:46
treachhard as rocks..14:46
jartreach: rofl14:46
rehabdollno, 2.5 -> prt-get sysup14:46
* teK_ throws some multicore cpus + board + plenty of RAM at rehabdoll14:46
rehabdollon a atom 28014:46
jueteK_: did it yesterday already14:46
teK_jue: 2.6 only?14:46
jarthe science professors are the only atheists in this god-forsaken school14:46
jari wish i had taken biology14:47
spaceninjaI was once an atheist, until I tripped on LSD :)14:47
jarmy geology professor acts like all of us have taken physics before this class14:48
jarall i needed was college level algebra14:48
rehabdolli just went back to school.. taking fun stuff like math, physics and chemistry14:48
jarwe're doing chemistry in geology atm14:48
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jari hate it14:48
rehabdollchemistry is fun, math and physics suck though14:49
spaceninjaits all the same thing14:49
rehabdollmostly since i suck at math14:49
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treachugh, chemistry, that brings back a bunch of bad memories..14:49
rehabdollchemistry is pure beauty14:49
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tilmanfun memories here14:49
jarright now we're studying what makes a mineral.. a mineral14:49
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jarfrom a chemistry p.o.v14:49
tilmani sucked badly, but doing those crazy-ass experiments with zero clue was kind of fun14:49
treach"Hmm, let's look at water, what does it feel like being today, a base or an acid?"14:49
rehabdollyeah, its no fun when its all predictable and safe14:49
tilmannot sure how all of us got out of there alive/with all eyes intact etc14:49
jartilman: right now our geology lab basically consists of calculating velocity in centimeter per year of tectonic plates.14:50
jaraka. LAME14:50
tilmansounds hilarious14:50
treachÅngström/second might be more interesting. :P14:50
jarsounds bogus14:50
jarits simple as shit but annoying14:51
jarall we do is use a proportion formula for the measmurements and use r=d/r14:51
jarthen multiply into cm14:51
jarr=d/r would not work!14:52
thrice`I'd hope not14:52
thrice`it would upset a equations14:52
rehabdolli wrote my first paper in latex last night14:52
rehabdolltwo pages, took 4 hours14:52
treachMaybe with imaginary numbers. :>14:52
jarrehabdoll: rofl14:52
rehabdolltime well spent14:52
jarrehabdoll: what format?14:52
jar(MLA, APA, etc)14:53
tilmanrehabdoll: it won't be as bad with the next one though14:53
jarrehabdoll: hehe14:53
thrice`I have never attempted to use latex14:53
rehabdollno, i sort of like the idea of just writing stuff and then some magic14:53
treachtilman: as long as he doesn't have to make any tables. :P14:53
jari should attempt an MLA style paper in LaTeX14:53
tilmanlatex' math formula support is sooo amazing though14:53
jar^ agreed14:54
tilmanjar: what is mla, apa etc?14:54
treachyeah, but tables.. I can't imagine why it sucks so bad. :/14:54
jartilman: MLA is used for English classes and literture analysis and APA is for History and Pyschology14:54
tilman"whatever the fuck!"14:54
jarIt's just a structure of cited sources, etc14:54
aonwhat's wrong with latex tables?14:54
aoneasier than html :)14:54
jarwhere the citation goes, how it looks, etc14:54
rehabdolli had some problems generating pdf's with good fonts though, but i managed to get it right somehow14:54
rehabdollbig warnings "this source is over 5years old" or something like that14:55
rehabdollmade me a bit nervous14:55
jarthat's an example of an MLA formatted paper14:55
treachaon: Uh, I think you're crazy. :P14:55
aonit's just foo&bar&baz\\14:56
treachnot quite..14:56
aoninstead of horrible <>-vomit14:56
jaraon: don't be talkin' smack about SGML14:56
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aonsure, it does get a bit ugly when you need multirow/multicolumn cells etc14:57
jari need to find some good malt liqours14:57
*** sepen has quit IRC14:57
aoni hate how finnish tv often translates "malt liquor" to "whiskey"14:57
tilmanrehabdoll: pdflatex works painlessly in my experience14:57
jarthat's lame14:57
thrice`it should be translated to "sewage" or "urine"14:57
aoni've seen at least like two such instances14:58
jarthrice`: you're kidding, right?14:58
thrice`of course not14:58
tilmanrehabdoll: if you use latex and use the dvi-viewer you get instant updates when you recompile though14:58
tilmanbut to get a printable document, i'd use pdflatex14:58
jari've actually drank a six pack of colt 45 to get fucked up and tbqh it is one of the most smooth american beers ive had14:58
thrice`wait, compiling your document? :D14:58
rehabdollyeah, thats what i did.. but dvipdf generated fucked up fonts.. dvipdfm worked well though14:59
tilmantransform, whatever14:59
thrice`maybe that's why I've stayd away from it :)14:59
tilmanrehabdoll: yes, don't. juse use pdflatex ;)14:59
tilmanjust use*14:59
spaceninjawhy mpd whyyy!?14:59
rehabdollthat generated equally fucked up fonts :)14:59
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rehabdollanyway, it was strange.. i was just happy i got away with it :)15:00
jarI think my beer of choice for now is red stripe15:00
tilmanrehabdoll: you ran the tetex post-install script, right?15:00
thrice`oh, you have alot to learn, jar :)15:00
jarHeineken is disgusting15:00
jari dont get how people can drink that horse piss15:00
rehabdolldunno tilman15:01
rehabdollmight have missed that :D15:01
jarI need to try some yuengling15:01
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spaceninjathe best beer in the world is staroborno15:02
jarnever had it15:03
treachand the best windowmanager ifvwm.15:03
rehabdollnils oscar rökporter ftw15:03
jarifvwm? a new fvwm fork?15:03
spaceninjadoes it have a panel?15:04
jarfvwm is a lot like emacs15:04
jaryou can make it do anything15:04
jarbut its probably not worth it15:04
jaropenbox is more like vim, it can do almost anything, but it pretty much rules by default15:05
* jar runs15:05
thrice`disagree, populating your menu blows15:05
treachjar:  typo, onehanded typing, holding a sandwich in the other one15:05
jarthrice`: i use obmenu tbqh15:05
tilmanjust quite honest?15:05
thrice`yeah, I want super honesty15:06
jarsuper duper15:06
jaractually, i have to admit15:06
jari think fvwm is kinda nice looking since most people keep their configs simple15:06
jarlike that15:06
tilmanthrice`: i mostly do 3y p and :s/old/new/15:07
jari could use that15:07
jaras i get older i care less and less about fancy looking transparency things15:07
thrice`tilman: yes, me too actually :)15:07
tilmanjar: wow that sounds as if you were ... 30 or something ;)15:08
jartilman: well, im only 21 but ive been using *nix since i was 12-ish15:08
jarso ive seen the same progression of the linux desktop as people twice my age15:08
spaceninjabut does it follow the ICCCM as good as openbox?15:09
jarhell if i know15:09
jari stopped being a WM slut years ago15:09
* spaceninja just started15:09
jarmy path was15:10
tilman[x] programming language slut15:10
tilman[x] web framework slut15:10
tilmanand now also:15:10
tilman[x] wm slut15:10
tilmancongrats :D15:10
spaceninjatilman: which framework do you use?15:10
spaceninjaI use codeigniter15:10
spaceninjabut I don't know, it doesn't feel right15:10
tilmani don't do web programming ;]15:10
jarand no, i never used e17 for any extended period15:10
spaceninjame neither, I stopped, I didn't enjoy it, I'm only doing static webpages15:11
thrice`I don't think anyone uses e1715:11
jarrasterman uses it to prove his wm is theoretically better than sex15:11
spaceninjawhat is written in?15:12
thrice`love and happiness15:12
jari need to update my ports @ home..15:12
jarhalf my ports are way out of date15:12
jarill probably do a new install when 2.6 is out of beta15:13
thrice`it IS out of beta15:13
jarlet me rephrase15:13
jarwhen this semester is over15:13
thrice`I'd guess 2.6 will be out well before then15:14
jaryeah, hence me rephrasing15:14
jarive not been home in like 3-4 weeks15:14
jarive been staying on campus in my gf's dorm15:14
thrice`so, install 2.6 on her machine15:15
jarshe has an imac and is a total mac snob15:15
thrice`and tell her to just configure fvwm to her liking15:15
jartomorrow is a very important day15:15
jarnew comic book day15:15
jarand i get to get my bike fixed15:15
jari hope the new issue of deadpool is out :>15:16
jari think im the only comic nerd here15:17
spaceninjawhat's your favorite series?15:18
jarthat's a tough one15:18
jarI'd say The Punisher (almost any variant)15:19
jarright now im enjoying Dark Avengers & Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth15:19
spaceninjalooks cool, I haven't read a comic book for years15:20
thrice`i don't think i've actually ever read a comic book15:20
jarDark Avengers is an amazing storyline, probably the best in years15:20
jarit involves a few non-mainstream characters (like Wolverine's evil son)15:21
jarI swear they got the look of Daken from Maynard James Keenan15:22
jarlooks a lot like Keenan in the mid 90s15:23
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spaceninjahehe it does, don't know the guy Keenan, but I googled15:24
thrice`metal bones are genetic?15:24
jarthrice`: wolverine was born with regular bones15:24
jarthe metal was added later was part of the Weapon X program15:24
jarspaceninja: he's the lead singer of Tool :>15:24
thrice`oh, i thought you meant that picture above was his son15:24
jarit is15:24
jarthat's Daken15:24
jarhis claws are bone15:25
jarwolverines are metal15:25
thrice`oh, I see that now15:25
jarhehe, yes. i'm an uber nerd.15:25
spaceninjayes I saw that story from the wolv movie15:25
jarspaceninja: remember "Wade" ?15:25
jarthe assasian w/ the swords?15:25
* treach pictures thrice` and jar as too schoolboys eagerly looking in the latest issue, discussing all the details. :>15:26
jartreach: i visit the local comic shop every week. :>15:26
thrice`treach: well, as mentioned, I've never read a comit book before, so it might be boring conversation ;)15:26
jari figure i can get away with it until im 30-ish15:26
treachhm, otaku seems to be the word coming to mind.15:27
spaceninjajar: I mostly read spiderman, and comic books with all kinds of different strips15:27
spaceninjaand donald duck15:28
jarI like Spiderman a lot but the series has been going for too long for me to jump into any series15:28
spaceninjayeah, that's why I'm considering reading manga15:28
jari actually read a few series15:29
jari like manga and one-shot graphic novels15:29
jarI need to get around to reading "Joker: The Man Who Laughs"15:30
jarer, Batman: The Man Who Laughs15:30
jareven though it's about Joker15:30
spaceninjaI tried to  read a sci fi novel, but I couldn't read 1 page, it sucked to hard, schismatrix15:31
jartry H.G. Wells' Time Machine15:32
jarit's good15:32
jari recently finished "Into The Wild"15:32
jarEXCELLENT book15:32
jarI highly recommend it15:32
spaceninjaI've seen the movie :)15:32
jari will get around to watching it sometime15:32
spaceninjabut I guess the book is deeper15:32
jarit took me about 3 days to finish the book15:32
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treachDoes it also  use enter for interpuncation?15:32
jarYou mean spirited son-of-a-bitch. ;)15:33
treachI can't but try. ;>15:33
jarHehe, it's all good - I use enter entirely too much when I'm jacked up on caffeine15:33
treachie. always. :D15:33
jarI just downed an energy drink so i don't get tired in class15:33
jarHar har ;)15:34
jarActually, I need to go piss before class starts. cya!15:34
* spaceninja wants weed :)15:35
* spaceninja hides15:37
* treach rejoices, new radeonhd driver. :>15:39
*** treach has quit IRC15:39
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*** treach has joined #crux15:40
spaceninjaso if you should buy a new graphics card, should it be nvidia or radeon? I only buy nvidia cards now15:41
spaceninjamaybe it doesn't matter anymore?15:42
treachdepends on for how long you plan to use the card, and what your're after.15:42
spaceninjaas long as it got full 3d acc support in linux15:42
Rotwangspaceninja: radeon sux15:43
jaegerIf I want 3d support in linux without hassle, I avoid ATI15:43
Rotwangnvidia sux15:43
treachNvidia have better drivers NOW, but they will eventually become unsupported and not very well supported at all.15:43
Rotwangaccording to everyone [;15:43
Rotwangintel sux less15:43
treachradeon have open drivers in the works, but they are not complete atm.15:43
jaegerI'm very happy with my nvidia hardware but the oldest nvidia card I have is a geforce 620015:43
jaegereven that one is still supported15:43
thrice`i'm quite sick of the "intel cards are getting better" stuff15:43
thrice`my next will probably be radeon too15:43
jaegerI've yet to see evidence of that :) hehe15:43
jaegerthey get slightly bigger chipset numbers, I suppose15:44
eintopf_I have ge force 5700 and ge force 3 ti :/15:44
thrice`my intel card has been useless for about a year15:44
* treach has dropped nvidia since his gf2 got abandoned.15:45
treachotoh, I'm not doing any gaming etc.15:45
treach"gameing", ffs.15:46
thrice`who cares about gaming?  a stable desktop has taken 6 months or so with intel :D15:46
thrice`the entire UXA re-write kinda sucked.  seems ok-ish now, though15:47
thrice`(sorry if i'm bitter :> )15:47
spaceninjanexuiz is a must15:47
treachI've got an integrated radeon 3200, works reasonably well with the current free drivers.15:48
treachstill lacking a bit of fuctionality, but I get by.15:48
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spaceninjaomg kirby is such a good game15:53
jaegerI do enough gaming that I like to have a somewhat recent card available15:53
jaegercurrently using a gtx 27515:54
treachyay, happyness. :P15:54
spaceninjayeah gaming is important15:54
treachcurrent update was just sufficient to get the desktop effects of kde4 going ;D15:54
spaceninjawhich repos did you use?15:57
treachI'm not using crux. :P15:58
thrice`sad face15:59
spaceninjawell, I don't like qt anyway :)15:59
spaceninjajust because it's c++15:59
treach"surt sa räven"15:59
* Rotwang is anti-qt person as well16:00
*** pedja has joined #crux16:00
Rotwangnot because it is c++16:00
RotwangI just simply dislike qt apps, no reason16:01
Rotwang(maybe looks)16:01
spaceninjayeah they don't look that nice, it's an illusion16:01
treachlol, "The Mirage desktop"16:01
Rotwangwhat i like the most in kde4 is composite kwin16:02
treach"No, it doesn't really look that good, it's just your imagination". :D16:02
treachnow, that some pretty desperate propaganda. :D16:02
Rotwangeven when i used kde4 i didnt use kde4 apps at all (almost)16:02
jseKDE / QT SUX! Why? ARRGH :D16:02
Rotwangthen i switched to lxde/kwin [;16:03
treachthere are lots of good applications. Okular rocks.16:03
* Rotwang dislikes okular16:03
spaceninjathe best qt app ever is kolourpaint16:03
* Rotwang dislikes pretty much every qt app except arora16:03
treachkonversation beats the pants off xchat IMO16:03
Rotwangspaceninja: mtpaint is very good too16:03
Rotwangpidgin > konversation16:04
spaceninjaRotwang: don't like it, I'm sticking to allegro sprite editor16:04
jaegermy xchat needs 3d XXXceleration!16:04
treachRotwang: too bad they don't do the same thing at all.. :D16:04
spaceninjait's more straight forward16:04
Rotwangim just gtk fanboy16:04
RotwangKonversation is a graphical Internet Relay Chat client (IRC).16:04
spaceninjaRotwang: it's written in allegro and c++, but it's the best pixel editor for linux16:04
teK_to all native (english) speakers: is this correct english? (...) provided I have an office of my own.16:04
Rotwangpidgin is irc client too16:04
treachjaeger: just you wait, you'll get it served with mono in the future. ;)16:05
treachIn 3D16:05
treachRotwang: afaik, they stopped supporting irc years ago.16:05
treachmaybe I'm mixing stuff up; anyway, gaim/pidgin wasn't a very good irc client when I tried it.16:06
spaceninjaRotwang: also mtpaint is written in gtk 1.0 yuck :P16:06
Rotwangspaceninja: gtk1/216:06
spaceninjaoh, still16:07
treachkonversation is the only gui client I can tolerate, otherwise irssi ftw. :>16:07
Rotwangtreach: i agree pidgin is not the best irc client out there but it works pretty well16:07
spaceninjawhen allegro5 hits the street, I'm going to make the coolest pixel editor ever on linux16:07
Rotwangand i use it for everyday irc chatting16:07
treachRotwang: it would be a shame if they hadn't improved it, since it's been years since I tried it.. ;)16:08
spaceninjaallegr5 + C, omg pure zen16:08
treach"virtually pure xen"?16:08
spaceninjamy computer is the only place where I can acctually establish "zen"16:09
spaceninjabut right now everything is a mess16:10
* spaceninja afk16:10
* treach has as much zen as he wants ->
jseAll about the zen.16:14
Rotwangtrollhattan, lol16:15
treachnot sure what so funny about that.16:16
jse'Troll' is enough to arouse laughter. :D16:19
spaceninjatreach: wow nice wallpaper16:22
treachyeah, I like it.16:23
spaceninjaRotwang:    this one?16:24
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:27
Rotwangall I use now for kernel is crux logo16:30
Rotwangby cptn16:30
*** cjg has quit IRC16:30
* thrice` too16:31
treachlol, "yep, we're all set and on track"
*** jtnl has quit IRC16:46
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan18:33
thrice`grep -E "richard|jw|lucas|viper" /usr/ports/opt/*/Pkgfile | grep Maintainer | wc -l18:39
*** Nomius|nb has quit IRC19:01
rehabdolli could probably pick up one or two of those ports19:07
thrice`ok, 76 then :D19:14
rehabdollbut im no opt-maintainer19:16
rehabdollso back to 7819:16
thrice`mm, bummer19:20
thrice`i'm in the same position19:20
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