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pitillogood morning00:58
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sepenguten morgen01:07
f1yHi there.01:20
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfburn: updated to 0.4.203:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: irssi: footprint update for perl 5.10.103:36
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: hdparm: update to 9.2704:28
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spaceninjawhat should the permissions be for the devices in /dev/snd 005:36
spaceninjachmod 770 /dev/snd -R && chgrp audio /dev/snd -R05:37
spaceninjaI ran that, but I want to restore it05:37
pitillospaceninja: doesn't udev manage device permission?05:40
spaceninjadon't know really, I followed this
pitillospaceninja: is your user in the audio group?05:43
pitillospaceninja: check udev rules to set permissions under devices, I think that's the way to manage them05:43
pitillospaceninja: if that device doesn't exist may be it's a kernel problem too, first you need kernel support and then manage permissions from udev rules05:44
spaceninjaI'm in the audio group, I can play sound and stuff, but mpd have problems with the device05:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: moc: fix md5sum05:45
spaceninjapitillo: but how do I use udev to restore the permissions?05:54
pitillospaceninja: check udev rules and try to look for some info about how udev manage devices and permissions05:55
sepenwow, VirtualBox-3.0.6_BETA1 released05:55
sepenI don't want to push a beta release, so I'll paste differences between Pkgfiles when finished to build it05:56
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spaceninjapitillo: will the permissions restore itself if I reinstall udev?06:56
Zabaspaceninja, udev populates stuff dynamically, reinstalling it is not how you recreate nodes06:59
spaceninjaok but I'm guessing it wont fix the mpd problem07:03
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thrice`spaceninja: try a "udevadm trigger"07:13
spaceninjathanks, but it didn't do it07:15
thrice`oh wait, I think that's old07:17
thrice`udevadm control --reload_rules    might do it07:17
spaceninjanope, I'm going back to mpg12307:20
thrice`that should have restored the permissions, I mean07:21
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spaceninjaI don't think it's the permissions, mpd just sucks at the moment07:22
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thrice`when you run "mpd" , it should comment about which plugin it's loading, no?  be sure it's finding alsa07:22
spaceninjathrice`: this is what I get
thrice`try running it as user07:25
thrice`after a killall mpd07:25
spaceninjaI can't run it as my user07:27
thrice`oh?  it should be run as the user :)07:27
spaceninjacannot init supplementary groups of user "akin" at line 58: Operation not permitte07:28
spaceninjaim in the  group "users"07:28
thrice`which DIR's are you using for the playlist, statefile, etc ?  I usually leave it as ~/.mpd  or whatever07:28
spaceninjayes, I'm using ~07:29
spaceninjashould I make a mpd user and group?07:29
spaceninjaor should I use audio?07:30
thrice`well, you can, but I don't think you have to :(07:30
f1yspaceninja: Change owner to your_user, chmod dirs and create those dirs for mpd files. Or you might try to run it as root.07:30
spaceninjaIm going to run it as root07:32
spaceninjait changed to my user later one07:32
f1yThose dirs must have been created, ofc.07:34
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spaceninjaI've been running mpd for a several months07:35
spaceninjait just stopped working07:35
spaceninjamaybe a format will do it07:36
thrice`nooo, bad spaceninja07:36
thrice`you could try making a new user account, maybe07:36
thrice`and trying from theirs.  maybe something in your configs are b0rked07:36
spaceninjaok I'll try07:36
thrice`but, if, as you say, mpg123 works, it can't be your sound perms07:36
f1yspaceninja: Hmm, and what about iptables? You use iptables? Maybe lo is blocked or sth...07:37
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spaceninjaI don't know, I remember I was reading about it, but I don't think I acctually made any changes, or?07:41
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spaceninjaok something is really wrong with my system now07:43
spaceninjaI can't close any window, lol what have I done07:44
thrice`if you can, just reboot it :)07:44
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sepenwell, as I said, if someone wants to try virtualbox-3.0.6_BETA1
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spaceninjaI always started mpd duiring bootup with this script, but now I see that I get mpd[ERROR],  how do I check the outputted error during bootup?07:49
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thrice`mm, it might be sent to /dev/null already; I'd try restarting it by hand07:50
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spaceninjathrice`: ok it works for my newly created user :D08:08
spaceninjawhat a relief08:08
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spaceninjait was the "state" file..08:58
spaceninjahehe :p08:59
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jari hate geology10:51
jarthat is all10:51
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jari also hope the enw issue of deadpool is out today10:52
jarit says it wont be out until next week but those dates are never right10:53
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jaroh wow this website says its supposed to be out today10:55
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tilmanwhat the HELL14:51
treachsomeone with too much time, apparently. :>14:52
tilman"an ceiling cat sayz, i can haz lite? an lite wuz"14:52
treachcongrats to the new job btw.14:52
* treach awaits for someone to take on da Quran. :>14:54
jseHeads will roll and bombs may go off :>14:55
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi15:12
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spaceninjacan lilo load windows that is on hdb, not hda16:54
teK_have you tried:16:55
teK_other=/dev/hdb label=Windows16:55
spaceninjanot yet, I though it was only for partitions inside hda16:56
* spaceninja reboots16:58
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spaceninjagreat, my usb mouse has stopped working, lol,
spaceninjaI've been fiddling with some harddrives17:30
treachratpoison doing it's work. ;>17:30
spaceninjais it a openbox error?17:30
spaceninjait can't be17:30
treachlooks like hw to me17:30
spaceninjadid I destroyed the usb?17:31
treachprobably not, could be a kernel bug too.17:32
treachspaceninja: try booting with  acpi=off noapic"17:33
spaceninjaI'll try restoring my lilo.conf file,17:33
spaceninjatreach: what does that do?17:33
treachturns off acpi and apic? :>17:33
spaceninjayes but what is it? I can't use firefox17:34
treachie, it changes the way interrupts are created/handled among other things17:34
spaceninjaoh ok17:34
* spaceninja reboots17:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: p5-xml-parser: footprint update for perl 5.10.117:40
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* treach wonders if spaceninja wacked himself with his kusarigama. :>18:14
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