IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2009-09-03

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pitillogood morning00:54
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f1yGood morning.01:23
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spaceninjathrice`: I solved the mouse problem, I had forgotten to plug out the power cable to one of my hard drives. It didn't have a IDE plugged in, and after I removed the power cable, it worked02:57
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teK__our secretary for censorshop/family04:05
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sepenteK_, what means 'das beste fur unser land'?04:42
sepenis the campaign slogan?04:44
RyoSsepen: the best for our country04:44
sepenthnks RyoS04:44
RyoSde nada senor ;D04:45
teK_it's her party's slogan for the september election04:46
sepenwell, she needs a moustache ;D04:46
RyoSpro tip: she haz one04:46
sepenmaybe she has04:46
teK_she needs a brain.04:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.12.2605:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arora: updated to 0.9.005:05
teK_sepen: does xfburn complain about a missing gstreamer-app for you?05:07
teK_I'm unable to build it even by prt-get depinst xfburn05:07
sepenops, maybe its my error, I built the port having gstreamer installed05:08
sepenbut IIRC it's only required to be able of burning mp3 to cda discs05:09
sepenteK_, do you have a log for it?05:09
teK_not instantly :)05:09
teK_sepen: I do have gstreamer installed05:09
sepenI've installed gst-plugins-base and gstreamer (also required for xfce4-mixer) that could be the reason05:10
sepenno more gst-*apps here05:10
teK_I will contact you later.05:12
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spaceninjagreat, it stopped working again, damn msi board, should I get a gigabyte or asus mobo next time?07:40
aonthink both are quite ok07:45
spaceninjamaybe I'll go for asus, their bios is much nicer07:46
aonit's nice to hear that msi still is a pos :)07:48
thrice`agreed :D07:48
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spaceninjawhat's pos? standard stuff08:03
aonPiece of Shit08:04
teK_MSI rocks!08:05
teK_flamewars are ON!!08:05
teK_ASSU is a piece of fucking shit, I had problems with every single board I tried08:05
teK_ASUS I mean.08:05
teK_I gave it a chance four times!08:06
spaceninjawhat about gigabyte?08:06
thrice`mm, I'm trying to think of the first mobo I had.  It was some japanese company (no'wai?), but just terrible quality08:06
aoni haven't heard many bad things about gigabyte08:07
aoncan't think of a single one, actually08:07
aoni think all my motherboards have been taiwanese08:08
spaceninjais asus also from Taiwan?08:08
teK_i think it's hard to get one not from taiwan ;)08:08
aonspaceninja: yes08:08
aoni wonder where the intel-branded boards are made08:10
aonprobably taiwan, too08:11
teK_the best mainboard I ever had was the FIC-SD1108:14
teK_with an AMD TB 800MHz (Slot A, iirc) :>08:14
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Zabamy workstation's mobo's gigabyte08:24
Zabait's quite fine08:24
Zabait's from 200508:24
Zabathe things the cpu cooler holds on have broken off some time ago, but apart from that, it's okay08:25
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sepenthe more money you have the best mobo you'll buy08:33
sepenI like tyan mobos08:34
sepenalso I still don't see the shark08:46
rehabdollphotoshop boobies \o/09:34
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Rotwangtook me few minutes to solve it ;D14:43
tilmanif it can be solved by pre-elementary school children, it's obviously not math at all14:50
thrice`wow, I had to cheat too, and I'm an engineer :(14:50
thrice`(maybe a crappy one)14:50
DarkNekrostilman, it isn't mathematical, but visual ;)14:51
DarkNekrosI can't solve it :p14:51
Rotwangtilman: it cant be solved actualy by a child14:51
Rotwangchild couldnt count closed loops14:51
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Rotwangpre-elementary child14:51
DarkNekrosthat's it Rotwang ;)14:51
thrice`um, a child can do it14:52
thrice`I read so online14:52
DarkNekrosyes, it can :D14:52
DarkNekrosa child doesn't understand about maths, but symbols or pattern on drawing :p14:52
tilman"it can be solved by pre-elementary wunderkinds"14:53
thrice`ach so14:54
tilman"closed loop hint" -- hint? o_O14:55
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