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pitillogood morning00:57
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f1yHi there.01:21
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teK_sepen: I forgot you. ;)02:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.12.2805:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: bmon: fix broken source url08:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: opera: 9.64 -> 10.0009:04
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pedjahm.does anybody else get '403 Forbidden' for
Zaba_I do09:48 works, and when I follow the link to, I get 403/406 errors.09:48
pedjaFF/Opera/Elinks, nothing works.09:49
treachit's not the same server?10:01 (  1001.304 ms * * / (  3818.183 ms   3817.082 ms   3815.966 ms10:02
Zaba_looks like slightly different10:03
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NicePics13I'm reading TODO26 and test2 came before rc1, right?10:32
thrice`I think final is due "RealSoon"10:34
treachjue said "at the end of the week" :>10:35
treachthen he gave jaeger the command "make it so", not sure what happended thereafter. :P10:36
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NicePics13still friday though10:39
treachweek ends on sunday, so no panic yet. :>10:40
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tilmantreach: "make it so" is only for the cptn to say!10:43
treachah, ok. I tought it was ok, since he retired. :>10:43
NicePics13what's the KDE status in 2.6? Still 3.5?10:44
thrice`nope, 4.3.010:44
treach(If you fancy compiling all day)10:44
NicePics13nah, probably going with thunar+openbox10:45
treachhm, if someone is actually using it the kde repo could probably need a shot in the arm...10:47
thrice`why?  I don't think it's as bad as yout hink10:48
thrice`I compiled 4.3 on my slackware machine in a couple hours10:49
* treach ponders if poking tilman a few times makes him say "stop poking me" :p10:49
treachthrice`: I'm probably still a bit traumatized from my experences with the xp2500. :p10:50
tilmantreach: what? nej!10:50
thrice`yeah, qt4 is probably the worst of it all10:50
treachtilman: never played warcraft? :D10:51
tilmantbh i never understood those peasants10:51
tilmantook ages before i understood that "off i go then"10:51
tilmanwhy do you think i behave like a warcraft creature though?10:52
treachwell, I gott the "make it so" from there. :>10:52
treachMake it so - Speeds up building and unit production10:53
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tilmantreach: oh, i only know it from ST:TNG10:53
tilmanit's what picard says... which is why i mentioned the captain ;)10:53
treachyeah, I figured.10:54
treachI guess blizzard got it from "somewhere" in their turn. ;)10:54
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spaceninjaGigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2  looks like a good mobo12:32
spaceninjamaybe it's too feature bloated12:34
eintopfis it possible to change ports from 2.5 to 2.6 system and make an upgrade?13:01
treacheintopf: ithas been done. not recommended though.13:06
aonyes, something will probably be left busted anyway13:07
eintopfalso... it works to upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6 or I need to upgrade via crux cd?13:12
tilmanisn't that the same question?13:12
tilmanthe recommended way is to upgrade via the cd, yes13:13
thrice`yep, it's much easier than doing the toolchain stuff yourself13:13
rehabdollbah, it works..  just be prepared to rebuild stuff13:32
rehabdollon my desktop i've upgraded with prt-get since 2.3 or something13:33
rehabdollmy server has never even seen a crux-cd, and it runs 2.5 atm.13:33
thrice`yep, it works.  gentoo does it that way, no?13:33
rehabdolli installed crux on my server by installing ports and the crux tools, and then manually replaced all slackware packages13:34
rehabdollthat was fun13:34
aoni guess a somewhat sane middle ground is to mount the iso image and upgrade the packages from there13:36
treachnobody said upgrading via ports doesn't work, just that it's not recommended.13:37
aonwhat's that smiley? looks like some tribesman with a bone stuck through his nosee13:37
aonthat ":I)", that is13:37
rehabdollhehe, not used with this eeepc keyboard yet13:38
treachan eepc-tribesman? :D13:39
treach+e^ :D13:39
thrice`I wouldn't even know how to do it via. ports.  does the toolchain require any manual building ?13:39
thrice`er, bootstrapping I guess*13:39
treachI think nick left a howto somwhere.13:39
aonprobably broken url by now13:41
aonoh, interestingly not13:42
treachprobably, it should be from the glorious days of 2.3 or so iirc.13:42
aon2.2 :)13:42
thrice`2.2 may have been before my time13:42
thrice`mm, no, 2.1 was my first, I think13:42
aoni think 2.0 was my first14:00
aonnever used the ones with 2.4-series kernel14:00
tilmanugh, am i an crux-oldtimer these days?14:03
aon/join #crux-pensioners14:04
treachtilman: let's face it, it looks like we're getting old. :/14:04
tilmantreach: i alwas suspected you were old, but me? no way :D14:04
treachdamn, I can remember using kernel 2.0.2x something..14:04
tilman2.0.3x for me iirc14:05
tilmandebian 2.0 hamm :D14:05
treachmaybe even older actually, but I'm not sure14:05
tilman(i manually updated the kernel... took 30 minutes to compile on a k6 233 mhz or something)14:05
aoni think the first distro i used was redhat 6.2 or 6.114:05
aonthink i still have the cd set somewhere14:05
aonand the t-shirt14:05
treachI played around with 1.3.x something but that wasn't useable for me back then. :>14:05
rehabdollmy first dist was slackware 8.0 or something14:09
aoni think i didn't even have an x86 until 2.0 was out14:09
rehabdolli bought my first pc to play quake2 in -98 :)14:10
aon(ie. 1996)14:10
tilmani had my first pc bought so i could play warlords and grandprix and other shit i cannot remember14:11
aonor maybe 95, don't remember14:11
rehabdoll2.0 = the kernel?14:11
aonyes, naturally14:11
rehabdollin -95 i was using amiga's14:11
aoni got a C64 in 9414:12
rehabdollracked up huge phonebills dialing bbs's14:12
aonerr, 9314:12
tilmanrehabdoll: ah, i did that in 97 (diablo, :D)14:12
rehabdollheh.. yeah. parents were not amused14:13
tilmanme neither. damn crappy laggy modems :]14:13
rehabdolli still have a floppy with ncomm and all stored bbs's14:14
aoni'm quite upset that a movie didn't finish downloading while i was watching another14:14
aoni guess it's better than modems tho :)14:14
* treach sentences aon to a week on a 14.4 modem. :>14:15
rehabdoll100mbit ftw14:15
aononly 24M/1M14:15
treachheh, I wonder how all those still on modem these days likes their servicepacks. :D14:16
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rehabdollusing something like ubuntu is probably not much better14:17
rehabdollstill sucks ass on 0,5mbit14:17
treachat least you don't get 1GB+ in a lump. But, no probably not. Debian stable might be a better choice, or maybe opensuse (deltarpms)14:18
rehabdollwindows updates are atleast sometimes limited to a dll-file or two. with ubuntu you need to fetch the whole package14:19
rehabdollstill, installing ubuntu on my fathers computer was the best move i ever did14:20
treachaye. Less opertunity to screw up or get screwed up.. :>14:21
treachbut if bandwidth is an issue, suse is cool with their delta rpms.14:21
treachI think fedora added that too recently, but hey...14:22
aon"fedora - the distro you don't want your parents to use"14:23
aon(except mine did in fc1 days, wasn't too bad)14:23
treachconsidering the churn, I don't really get why they bother with deltas14:24
aonnp: Gamma Ray - New World Order14:26
jari just thought id throw this in14:28
jaron almost all the laptops ive put fedora on for folk14:28
jarjava is broken out of the box because they use KMS by default14:28
* treach is listening to Der Ring des Nibelungen - Götterdämmerung - Siegfrieds Trauermarsch by Richard Wagner on Mythen in Musik [Juk]14:28
jarso yeah14:28
jarthanks fedora14:28
jaryou nasty sons of bitches14:28
thrice`how does KMS relate to java?  I don't get it14:31
jarthe text doesn't render14:31
jarits a known bug14:31
thrice`oh, I see; I suppose I don't fully understand how KMS integrates itself in14:33
jari must admit i dont either14:34
jarbut i know i had to disable kms on my mom's laptop to get java and flash working right14:34
jarCici's pizza is a godsend for poor college students14:45
jarall you can eat pizza and a drink for $714:45
* aon paid 9.90e for pizza last tuesday14:46
aonthat's like... eighteen billion usd14:46
aonalso paid 7e for kebab last night, resulted in pretty violent stomach behaviour14:47
jaraon: the thing about cici's is, it's pretty cheap and low quality - but you get a TON of it14:47
jarso it evens out14:47
treachaon: deliverd by helicopeter, in a diamond case?14:47
aonno, but quite good14:47
aonthe usual price is 7-8e, imo worth the difference :)14:47
jaegerCici's is weird... they have macaroni and cheese.... pizza14:48
jarjaeger: so does stevi b's14:48
jarand i get it every time14:48
treachwith ketchup, no doubt. :>14:48
jartreach: they have a lot of pizzas that SOUND disgusting but are actually quite good14:48
jarlike chicken alfredo and potato and bacon pizza14:49
* treach is not convinced14:49
jari wasn't either ;)14:49
jaruntil i tried it14:49
aonthe one i had had kebab, mushrooms, onion and bearnaise sauce :)14:49
aonno tomato :)14:49
jarwhen i go to cici's i make sure i don't eat for like 12 hours.14:49
jari can eat like 10 slices that way14:50
jarluckily ive been cycling a lot more lately so ive been getting back into shape ;>14:50
treacha recycled jar?14:50
jarhar har14:51
treachanyway, I'm a bit conservative, I think anchovy on pizza is a tad suspicious.14:51
jari dont eat anchovies14:51
aonone place around here had quite a good pizza with banana, chicken and jalapeno14:51
aontoo bad they don't make it anymore14:52
aonhmm, actually the expensiveish place has one with chicken and banana14:52
aoncalled "Pollo di Stockholm" :D14:52
jarpollo is the spanish word for chicken14:53
aonitalian too14:53
treachhardly surprising..14:53
jaris it pronounced the same?14:53
aoni don't know14:53
aondon't think so14:53
jarll in spanish is pronounced like an American English Y14:54
jarso llama = yama14:54
aonis there much difference in us/gb english y?14:54
jarNot 100%, just wanted to be sure :>14:54
jarI know that for instance Argentinans prounce s sounds as th14:55
aonquote from gta:vc, "American should be spoken properly."14:55
jaraon: I only know this crap because my Spanish professor is Argentinan and he slips up and says stuff like "adioth"14:56
treachthat's probably meant as "a idioth" :>15:11
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tilmanjar: i thought it was _only_ the spanish (madrid area?) who employ a lisp :)16:21
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