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mrksgood morning03:11
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eintopfmorning :)06:24
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spaceninjaomg I want this motherboard, does anyone know more motherboards like this one?
spaceninjaGigabyte GA-GC330UD06:55
spaceninjaoh, it's a "mini-itx"07:00
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spacenin1amakefile -f makefile.lnx15:17
spacenin1awhat kind of program is "makefile"=15:17
tilmanit's a typo15:18
Rotwangnever heard of15:18
tilmanthey meant: make -f makefile.lnx15:18
spacenin1aok thanks15:18
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spacenin1aI need some help packaging a program.   why are the files missing?15:45
spacenin1apkginfo -l ase#..      gives me only the bin file, not the libraries in /usr/share/ase/data15:50
spacenin1aI mean, the dirs are empty15:50
spacenin1amake -f makefile.lnx DESTDIR=$PKG install15:51
spacenin1aI'll try changing DESTDIR to DEFAULT_PREFIX=$PKG15:52
Rotwangspacenin1a: attach full build log plx15:53
Rotwangplx plx15:54
* Rotwang is going to get his new/old shiny car tommorow ;D15:54
* Rotwang is happy like a child15:54
spacenin1awhich brand/model?15:59
Rotwangvw jetta (2 - probably)15:59
Rotwangit was supposed to be lada but it is in unusable state atm15:59
spacenin1ahehe ok nice15:59
spacenin1amkdir -p $PKG/usr/{bin,share/ase}     is this line correct? does it really create /usr/share/ase`16:00
spacenin1athis is my dream car
Rotwanghere is mine16:07
Rotwangbut seriously16:07
spacenin1alol but it's really cool16:08
RotwangI like skylines very much16:08
Rotwangand subaru imprezas16:08
spacenin1athey are nice, if I wanted a japanese car, it would be16:09
Rotwangnot my style16:11
aonmm, wartburg16:12
Rotwangwartburg reminds me of my childhood16:12
spacenin1aif it was german, it would of been a audi s516:12
Rotwangmy father and my grandpa had wartburgs16:12
Rotwanggreat cars16:12
aonif i ever have steady income, i'll import a 4-stroke trabant :)16:13
aon :)16:14
Rotwangtrabant is cool16:14
spacenin1aI would get a english cab if I wanted to get a funny car16:14
aonnow i can't afford more than one car16:14
aonand have to drive reasonably long distances16:14
aonso it needs to be unfunny16:14
Rotwangit needs to be one serious car16:15
Rotwanga tank would fit you best [;16:15
spacenin1ahaha funny video16:15
aon :)16:16
spacenin1athey really tested the car16:16
spacenin1ais it a subaru?16:16
aonyeah, lada16:17
spacenin1ahaha ok :)16:18
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spacenin1acoolest car ever16:19
aonpolish :)16:19
aonthat video is older than internets16:19
aonfsm 126p16:19
spacenin1ahehe cool16:20
spacenin1ahaha it's so funny to watch :D16:20
Rotwangheh [;16:20
aonthe things you run into on polish roads16:21
RotwangVERY popular during socialism regime in poland16:22
Rotwangstill some of them can be found on the roads16:22
aon"maluch" :p16:22
aoni know people who are fso hobbyists16:22
aonthere are like 30 fsos in finland16:23
aonprobably even less polski fiats :)16:23
Rotwangheh [;16:23
spacenin1ahehe really nice car, compact and cool16:24
Rotwangspacenin1a: not so cool if you drive it everyday16:25
spacenin1aprobably not, but I don't even have a driver license,16:25
spacenin1aI've payed the entire thing, but I haven't finished it16:26
Rotwangspacenin1a: don't worry16:26
Rotwangit took me 5 years to get that licence16:26
spacenin1ahehe, ok, I'm on my 6th year16:26
spacenin1aafter winter I will have it16:27
* spacenin1a hasn't finished a thing in his life16:27
Rotwangdont be so harsh on yourself16:27
Rotwangyou've managed to get crux up and running16:28
Rotwangwhich is quite of acchievement16:28
spacenin1aI guess that's something :)16:28
Rotwangyw [;16:28
* Rotwang is off to sleep16:36
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jarhey peoples17:03
jartonight's $1 dinner17:05
aonlooks like it's making a frowny face17:17
aonwhat's in there?17:18
jarbeef and cheese :>17:18
jarit was just a giant frozen burrito17:18
jartossed some salsa on it17:18
aon hehe17:18
* aon is watching maximum overdrive17:18
aonridiculous :D17:19
jargotta love Emilio Estavez pre mighty ducks17:19
jarits hard to believe hes charlie sheen's brother17:20
jarholy crap17:21
jarCharlie Sheen's real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez17:21
tilmanarnuld would be *shocked*17:22
jarIT'S NOT A TUMAH!17:22
jarIt's scary how many actors have fake names.17:22
jarRamón Estévez is Martin Sheen's real name17:23
jarElvis Costello's real name is pretty funny too17:25
jarDeclan Patrick MacManus17:25
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jarYeah, I'm a huge Elvis Costello fan, don't get me wrong.17:26
jarBut it does annoy me how almost every celebrity has a fake name17:26
aonprobably so that it's harder to trace their offences17:26
aonor something17:26
jarEven Jon Stewart has a fake name17:27
jarJonathan Stuart Leibowitz is his real name17:27
jarHe changed it because it sounded "too jewey"17:27
jar(his words)17:27
rehabdolli guess the american dream only applies if you have the "right" name17:28
jarI bet at least 2 people in every tv show or movie are using a stage name17:30
aonalmost nobody here does that17:31
jarI think it's because Americans are extremely superficial, down to their names17:32
aonor rather, if people change their names, they change them officially too17:32
aonthe first time is free, even :)17:32
jarive given serious consderation to legally changing my first name because it's my dad's name and nobody calls me by it17:33
jarbut im lazy17:33
aonbut surnames are usually protected so they need to be made up17:33
jarNicholas Cage's last name is "borrowed" from a comic character17:34
jarHis real last name is Coppola17:34
jarhis the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola17:35
jarat least Kevin Bacon is really Kevin Bacon17:38
jarmmm bacon :D~17:44
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