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pitillogood morning00:54
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfburn: fixed deps01:09
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DarkNekrosmorging gentlemen ;)01:20
sepenhey DarkNekros01:20
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f1yHi there.01:24
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prologicCan someone help me with X ?04:31
prologicMy keyboard doesn't work, although the X keys CTRL+ALT+PLUS (switching resolutions works)04:31
prologicbut nothing else04:31
spacenin1ahave you addedd     Option         "AllowEmptyInput" "False"04:34
spacenin1ainside Section "ServerLayout"04:34
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spacenin1aI guess that isn't the problem if you can switch resultions :)04:46
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untamedcheers for all your work tilman08:23
untamedand jue and the rest too08:23
untamedanyone can tell me why we have such an old version of wine in opt?08:26
tilmanwine 1.1 is the development tree afaik08:26
aonbecause i have made a decision not to update to the dev tree in 2.508:26
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aonif the one in 2.6 is old, it's because i don't have a working crux setup atm08:27
aonand i'm a bit busy, i'll work on getting one tonight if all goes well08:27
untamedfair enough, thanks08:27
untamedno big deal, just installed it for the first time ever and was wondering08:28
untamedworks good for what I tried so far08:29
tilmanwine has come a looong way08:31
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spaceninjadoes anyone know if there's a bash web framework? :)09:06
spaceninjaprobably not :p09:10
teK_hu? what?09:21
tilmanspaceninja: you're giving me a headache09:27
spaceninjaI'm really trying to avoid php and python09:29
spaceninjacrap I'm going to do static webpages, and no more irc, cya09:30
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nipuLjust use a templating engine09:36
aonsomeone should definitely do something like ruby on rails in bash09:41
teK_there's a blog engine implemented in zsh09:41
aonand in bash09:41
rehabdollnow what, stupid mplayer refuses to build09:45
mrksspaceninja: maybe you'll find these links useful: and (rc shell based)09:48
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mrksgr, I really should enable part messages then :-(09:49
mrksirssi still completes his nick on <tab>09:49
aonno it doesn't :O09:49
aonmaybe something's left undeleted because you have quits on ignore09:49
aonat least my irssi doesn't09:50
aonor well, parts09:50
mrksmaybe it's because I'm connected to a bnc and his nick is in the replay buffer09:50
aonyeah, could be that too09:50
teK_bnc.. what was this again? remoteshell, and screen+irssi?09:52
mrkscould be that yeah09:53
mrksbut I'm using znc09:53
tilmanteK_: bnc = irc proxy09:53
teK_I used psybnc back in my windows times, some dark and ancient centurie(s) ago09:53
tilmanoh you were kidding ;)09:53
teK_I'm bad at it, I know09:53
rehabdollheh, i used it too09:57
rehabdollto get a l33t hostname09:57
rehabdollfuck, tat09:58
rehabdollI CANT TYPE09:58
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teK_ /c10:02
teK_yeah these were my counter-strike clan times :]10:03
rehabdollquake2 for me10:03
teK_I got *really* old, *sigh*10:03
rehabdollhehe yeah, it was over 10 years ago10:03
rehabdollfeels like yesterday10:03
teK_my son starts school in about a week10:03
tilmanGODDAMN CARP10:06
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jseCARP or CRAP? :>10:06
teK_I hate fish too, tilman10:06
tilmani'm wasting my time with that excellent game lately10:07
tilmanbut i didn't plan on admitting it ;]10:07
jseI don't like it but I need it. Addiction is what you have. ;)10:07
tilmani don't really need it... i could easily go without playing DF10:08
tilman...for a day :D10:08
jseYay widthdrawal.10:08
tilmanand pancakes10:14
aonjar: i has red stripe10:24
sepenteK_, thanks for the report, did you see my mail?10:33
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tilmandamnit, i hope i didn't mess up the batter10:38
tilmanscale is broken, so i had to guesstimate the mass in ounces instead of weighing it in grams ;)10:39
sepentilman, dwarf fortress?10:45
tilmansepen: yes, it's awesome10:47
sepenbut it requeries 512M of ram?!10:47
tilman124M here10:47
tilmanusing the graphical version instead of the ascii stuff10:48
sepenpff, I would like to play it on my jornada, but seems that I can't crosscompile the code (if its available), it requires a lot of ram10:48
sepenah! I'd like the ascii one10:48
tilmanit's not open source10:48
sependo you know 0verkill?10:49
tilmanit's crap iirc :D10:49
sepenthese days I'm trying to learn how to play to 'dwars'10:50
sepenjust another ascii game ;D10:50
sepenalso I've a port on my private collection10:51
teK_sepen: yes10:51
sepenteK_, ;D10:51
sepenah np. it was my fault10:52
sepennow going back to home, bbl10:52
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* aon is installing 2.6-rc1 \o/11:01
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djanatynHello :)14:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libcap: updated to 2.1714:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wine: updated to 1.1.2914:37
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.6714:37
Rotwangdjanatyn: hai14:38
djanatynI'm just starting my install :)14:39
djanatynIt's been a while-the swap partition is supposed to be double your ram, right?14:39
Rotwangnot always14:40
aondepends on the amount of ram14:40
Rotwangif you have like 2 gigs of ram it doesn't make much sense14:40
eintopfin my opinion you need no swap space when you have >4gb ram14:41
Rotwangto do 4 gig swap14:41
aonwell, you should have some swap14:41
Rotwangi've got 1GB RAM and 512MB swap14:41
Rotwangand thats all i need for day-today linuxing14:41
* aon has 2G of ram and 2G of swap14:41
aoncould probably do with less swap14:41
eintopfi have 1gb ramm too14:42
Rotwangaon: any car-audio recommendations?14:42
aonnot much, no :)14:43
aonfor the 2107?14:43
Rotwangno, for jetta 214:43
eintopfmhh, when will come a 2.6 contrib port?14:43
Rotwangtek_is working on it [;14:44
eintopfteK_: :)14:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnuplot: update to 4.2.615:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: irssi: update to 0.8.1415:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: squid: update to 3.0.STABLE1915:07
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi16:01
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rehabdolltrying to compile mplayer. any ideas anyone?18:38
rehabdollgoogle didnt really give me a solution, only others with similar issues18:38
jaegerno idea here, sorry18:39
rehabdollit builds for you i guess..18:39
jaegerI haven't tried recently, to be honest. Is that on 2.5?18:40
rehabdollno, 2.618:50
jmvrIt works for me but I have been using my own Pkgfile19:31
jaegerI'll give it a try tonight, gonna install 2.6 on another box soon19:42
jmvrICYC -
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jaegerjmvr: will give it a try after the default one21:12
jmvrI think mplayer works best with recent snapshots21:13
jaegerWouldn't surprise me too much21:18
jmvrhope that works ...21:21
jmvrI have to go to work now and no IRC21:21
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nipuL sifnt irc at work21:58
NomiusIt looks to me that you can't compile mplayer because you're using some custom CFLAGS...22:51
NomiusCheck your CFLAGS (in case you had set any, clean them out) and then try to re-build it...22:52
NomiusOk rehabdoll ?22:53
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