IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-09-08

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f1yHi there.01:14
sepenteK_, thanks for the new contrib branch01:17
sepenit's time to test some ports with 2.6 ;D01:17
teK_yeah, rsync won't work yet, though01:19
teK_22:55 < teK_> tilman / jue  will you prepare the /home/crux/git-to-rsync-working-copy/contrib directory for rsyncd?01:19
teK_23:04 < jue> teK_: sorry, no plan here, we have to wait for Tilman01:20
teK_I'd do it, too.01:20
sepenteK_, we patient, at least we can work on it01:20
teK_well :-)01:20
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teK_yesterday I changed the source url for nmap and today (after 4 days outage) is up again. grml.02:19
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sepenupps, is down?04:00
mrksseems to be down yes04:02
teK_ works04:23
sepenit was down for some minutes ;D04:32
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nipuL:\ hate java so much05:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: nmap: adjust source-mirror06:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: nmap: fix build process06:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: aircrack-ng: updated to 1.006:02
teK_a littler late, dude?06:04
teK_and the nmap changes went into 2.606:04
teK_sepen: don't forget to merge this into 2.6, too :]06:06
sepenteK_, I'll merge my changes after test them in 2.606:06
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rehabdollNomius: no, im not using any custom cflags06:21
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mike_kdoes anyone have a linode account? I can use your referral code than...07:54
mike_kso you'd save some $2007:54
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* eintopf is a oss user and hates to comment --disable-oss....09:34
rehabdollwhy use oss?09:42
joacimwhy not09:45
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rehabdolli dont know, use alsa?09:51
joacimI don't use alsa09:52
ZabaI wonder what's wrong with alsa; I have asked several times and I've never got a coherent answer really.  I don't exactly use sound myself so I am very ignorant on this topic, though.10:06
rehabdollnot portable (only linux), undocumented etc10:06
Zabawell most people use some library that wraps around sound interfaces anyway...10:06
joacimyeah I use oss410:11
rehabdollmight give it a try10:11
rehabdollthere are no updated ports of it though?10:12
joacimI dont think so10:12
sepeneintopf, # grep '\-\-disable\-oss' -r /usr/ports/core/ /usr/ports/opt/ /usr/ports/contrib/ | wc -l10:18
sepeneintopf, only 4 matches ;D10:19
sepen$ grep '\-\-disable\-oss' -r /usr/ports/core/ /usr/ports/opt/ /usr/ports/contrib/ /usr/ports/xorg /usr/ports/xfce | wc -l10:21
sepenstill 4 matches, its easy to hate something ;D10:21
joacim2 in gnome10:21
sepen0 in official collections10:21
sepen4 for contrib10:21
sepenif the final .fooprint has no differences why don't remove the --disable-oss, but if it has, I respect the maintainer decission, so there are other things to hate like --disable-foo if I am a foo user10:25
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rehabdollimpressive, it just works(tm)10:58
rehabdolloss v4.2 that is10:58
treachrehabdoll: btw, are you still doing your 64b builds, and have you considered about adding btrfs to it?11:00
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rehabdollthe last iso was a while ago11:00
treachyeah, noticed that. ;)11:01
rehabdollill be making a new for 2.6 in a couple of days/weeks :)11:01
treachfwiw, btrfs seems to be working pretty well, even if it might not be suited for serious use yet.11:03
treachGave me a serious WTF moment a few days ago though. :D11:04
rehabdollwhat happened?11:05
treach(tar up 500+ MB, format drive and tar back up, run du and note that only 2.2 MB is now used! :O )11:05
rehabdollheh, why?11:05
treachit was all in the cache, so "sync" flushed it right back in.11:06
treachbut for a moment I really wondered wtf was going on. :D11:06
rehabdolli guess a blackout at that time would had been fun11:06
treachprobably :>11:06
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pedjahow can I add additional stuff to CFLAGS in Pkgfile?so that the final result would be CFLAGS=$my_regular_flags $some_other_stuff11:50
jaegerexport CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -ZOMG -awesome", something like that11:51
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pedjajaeger: that worked, thanks :)11:53
treach"-fomg-optimize -freverse-pointers" :>11:54
Rotwangpedja variable+="stuff"11:54
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pedjaexport CFLAGS+="stuff" ?11:56
Rotwangdont forget about space char11:57
Rotwang$ CFLAGS="-ZOMG"11:58
Rotwang$ CFLAGS+=" -fsmoke-and-lazerz"11:58
Rotwang$ echo $CFLAGS11:58
Rotwang-ZOMG -fsmoke-and-lazerz11:58
treachI remember I was surprised the first time I looked in pkgmk.conf and found that CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS were two almost identical lines.11:58
tilmandoes anyone have any contrib commits to push?11:58
treachI had expected something along the lines of what Rotwang wrote.11:58
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pedjaRotwang: cool :)12:01
pedjait seems that all the cool kids are running Crux-2.6  ;)12:03
treachtilman: having a baby? :p12:03
treachcongrats. :P12:03
* pedja unleashes JohnTheRipper 12:06
pedjathis may take a while...12:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: kvm: fix white-space12:31
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Rotwanggeatest push ever!13:04
treachoh, the rumored "big push". Good time to be out of the trenches. :>13:07
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teK_Rotwang: thanks a lot :>13:20
Rotwangyw [;13:20
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jseThe mother of all git pushes.13:27
tilmana swedish pirate maybe13:31
Rotwangnot me i'm
tilmantreach: is that you grabbing the 2.6 torrent?13:32
tilmanor, "not grabbing" it, according to the tracker stats :>13:32
jaegerthe tracker stats are somewhat slow to update13:32
tilmanare your seeds pushing out teh bytes?13:32
jaegeruploaded about 20MB so far13:32
jaegerI have to throttle both these days, unfortunately13:33
tilmani mean the fact that it does work at all :D13:33
jaegeryes :)13:33
treachtilman: arr! Want me to stop?13:34
tilmanjust checking whether things were working at the torrent pirating13:34
treachheh, ok. I'm a bit worried, though seems nobody else wants it, I don't get any peers. :>13:35
tilmani didn't have a pear in a long time either13:35
treachas long as things don't get shaped as one of those everything is fine I guess. :p13:36
cjgso 2.6 released?13:39
teK_some change teh topic13:39
tilmani didn't even send the announcement mail eyt :P13:39
Rotwangno time for update :<13:40
cjgand add a news on the home13:40
tilmanalready done, cjg13:40
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aonyay 2.6 \o/13:49
* aon posts into facebook group13:49
tilmangentlemen, fix your perl footprints ;)13:49
tilmani can has channel operator privileges?13:50
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tilmanyes i can!13:50
*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.6 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | xorg mouse/keyboard problems?"13:50
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Rotwangany major differences between RC1 and final14:00
grafzeroRotwang: ;x thanks14:00
jueRotwang: not really, maybe the perl update is noticeable because it affects other ports14:04
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haggisbasherukhi cruxers17:13
haggisbasheruksell crux to me :)17:13
haggisbasherukwhy should i try crux17:14
JStokerBecause it's fun?17:16
haggisbasherukfor example17:17
haggisbasherukThere are many Linux distributions out there these days, so what makes CRUX any better than the others?17:18
JStokerUh. You don't get lotsa rubbbish installed by default.17:18
JStokerYou do most of it yourself.17:18
JStokerFaster system in the end?17:18
JStoker*Note: I have not yet installed crux*17:18
haggisbasheruklike a cli17:18
JStokerCli's are awesome.17:19
JStokerI might attempt crux soon.17:19
haggisbasheruk90% iso downloaded :)17:20
haggisbasherukneed to go get my burner from the other pc17:21
JStokerIt'll take me about 2640 secs. :(17:21
haggisbasherukwhat atheros driver is crux using ?17:23
haggisbasherukdon't say ath5k17:23
haggisbasheruki just tried to burn without puting usb lead in lol17:24
JStokerWow. The torrent is pretty fast!17:24
* JStoker gives cookies to all seeds.17:25
JStokerGetting about 115KiB/s!!!17:25
* haggisbasheruk is Kuki Linux Project Manager17:25
haggisbasheruki bake nice cookies and burn nice kuki's :)17:26
haggisbasherukHandbook for CRUX is really nice17:27
JStokerAnyone know the rough disk usage if I mirrored?17:27
haggisbasherukbrb mabey , if this boots on my tablet pc17:28
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haggisbasherukokay i give in , it's late here , whats user and pass17:34
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haggisbasherukdamn , come on guys i am busy giving support on irc17:45
roliveirahaggisbasheruk, és brasileiro?17:55
roliveiraou és tuga?17:56
nipuLspeaka da english?17:56
JStokerhaggisbasheruk: root, nopass?17:56
roliveiraping haggisbasheruk17:57
haggisbasheruksorry i am busy giving a new linux user some tips on how to install debs via comandline17:57
JStoker:P I think it does say it in the manual, but I may be mistooekn17:57
JStokerdpkg -i *.deb17:57
haggisbasheruki probably does but i was to eager17:58
haggisbasherukokay , rebooting before bedtime17:59
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haggisbasherukbrb mabey again :P18:01
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jseIt's all about the reboots.18:04
JStokerAnyone tried crux on a eee?18:14
medumtrying to install on an aspire one right now. with 2.5 i could boot from usb and run mount /dev/sdb1 /.tmpfs/.cdrom but it doesn't work with 2.618:15
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medumanyone else use unetbootin to install crux from usb?18:47
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