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tilmanlibxcb-xlib has been removed in xcb 1.400:56
tilmanie, crux 2.5 systems will have it, but proper crux 2.6 systems won't00:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fontconfig: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libpng: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: alsa-lib: updated to 1.0.21a.01:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: alsa-utils: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnutls: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libgcrypt: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cyrus-sasl: fixed the build with gcc 4.4.02:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gegl: don't create documentation05:16
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rehabdollwhat depends on libstdc++-compat?10:02
thrice`does this mean someone's building an iso?? :D10:03
rehabdollhehe no, not today10:05
tilmani can't spel10:05
rehabdollfine, ill get to work on it10:08
thrice`haha, only kidding (kinda)10:08
joacimyou better. I paid hard money for this10:09
rehabdollyou could always get a refund10:11
thrice`complaining makes me feel better10:14
rehabdollyeah, its good to vent10:14
rehabdollstill, does anybody really know what uses libstdc++-compat? :)10:16
thrice`nope :|  I don't have it here10:19
rehabdollsince its in core..10:19
tilmanmaybe rpm2targz used to use it?10:20
tilmanmmh, unlikely10:21
thrice`no, that's what came to my mind too10:22
thrice`but that's a compiled item now10:22
tilmancompiled item + shell script, yeah10:22
thrice`wasn't it originally only a shell script?10:23
thrice`ugh, core is so bloated10:25
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tilmanthrice`: seriously?10:46
thrice`no :>10:46
thrice`libstdc++ won't put it over the edge ;)10:46
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jarHello my friends!11:54
jarand tilman.11:54
tilmanbest joke ever!11:55
jarI just had some excellent oatmeal11:57
tilmantell us more about the oatmeal12:04
surrounderhey tilman, heard the new SA yet ?12:05
tilmansurrounder: no. i didn't really like unia that much12:05
surrounderme neither12:05
tilmanbut thanks for the reminder12:05
surrounderI really like this one one helluva lot beter12:06
* tilman looks for that single with the STUPID name on youtube12:06
tilmanthe album name seems STUPID as well btw12:06
surrounderah well, can't be bothered by that so much12:06
tilman:) i'm a nagging bitch ;)12:06
jartilman: it was brown sugar and spice!12:07
jarlike my ex girlfriend12:07
surroundernp: Sonata Arctica - The Truth Is Out There [5m 04s]12:10
* tilman rolls eyes12:10
jartilman hates my humor12:11
tilmanno, i'm doubting the quality of that album's (song) title(s)12:11
surroundernp: Sonata Arctica - Deathaura [7m 59s]12:12
surrounderthey wanted to call the album deathaura first :P12:12
tilmanthat should probably be "death aura"12:12
tilmankeepvid is down :(12:12
surrounderbut in their minds it sounded a little too much like a death/black metal name12:12
surrounderncmpcpp rocks12:13
jarsurrounder: i feel that way about Wolfmother12:20
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jarfrito bandito!12:27
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jarmy gf brought me home some surprise beers last night12:42
jarI hate how all online job applications use the same web app12:45
jarit's terrible12:45
tilmansurrounder: the last amazing grays is acoustic boredom?12:48
surrounderuh? no12:50
surrounderthere's only 1 acoustic song on the album12:50
rehabdollcore/db needs some attention. one of the patches seems to have been replaced12:51
tilmansurrounder: all i hear is vocals, strings and drums12:51
tilmanand maybe a bass guitar somewhere in the mix ;>12:52
aon"amazing grays"? :O12:53
jaramazing gays12:53
tilmanaon: retarded, eh?12:53
aonoh, it actually is so12:53
aonyes, very12:53
* tilman puts on winterheart's guild :(12:57
tilmani went went fucking crazy when i saw that band live first :D12:57
* surrounder still hasn't seen them live :(12:58
tilmanon their 2005 tour12:58
surrounderah nice!12:58
surrounderI've been a fan since ecliptica though12:58
surroundernp: Sonata Arctica - Juliet [5m 59s]12:58
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tilmani think i learned about them in 2002-ish12:59
surrounderlove the fact they really do what they feel like12:59
tilmanfirst song was wolf & raven12:59
surrounderthink it's great they turn more progressive12:59
surroundertilman: oeh nice song12:59
surrounder'blank file' here, first time I heard it it really blew me away12:59
tilmanthat was the 2nd song i heard. same reaction :D12:59
surrounderhaha coolo13:00
tilmanecliptica is great indeed13:00
tilman<3 my land <313:00
surroundertilman: you might like "Flag in the Ground" from the new album13:00
surrounderthat's actually one of the first SA songs according to Kakko13:00
surrounderit's the only powermetal-ish song on the new album13:01
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onestepwhat do you all think about libtoolslay? :)13:06
onestepyesterday I understood that it can save a lot of time and13:07
onestep...and make update process easier13:07
onestep(by libtoolslay I mean removal all the .la files from package)13:07
tilmansurrounder: "Limited Edition 'Orchestral Bonus CD'"13:10
tilmansurrounder: i guess i downloaded crap from that one13:10
surroundertilman: ah you downloaded the single13:11
surrounderyeah there's this orchestral version indeed13:11
surrounderdon't like that version at all13:11
tilmanditto :>13:11
tilmannp: victoria's secret <3 <3 <3 <313:11
tilmanonestep: thought about that, yes13:12
surroundernp: Sonata Arctica - Zeroes [4m 24s]13:12
onesteptilman, the good idea is to make it optional...13:13
tilmanwhy is that a good idea? :P13:13
onestepbut in that case we can't match the footprint13:13
onesteptilman, because someone may need .la files :)13:13
onestepI can draft a patch if you want :)13:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 24813:27
tilmanonestep: can you do some research how other distros handle libtool? afaik debian and fedora just rm *.la13:28
onestepI can look how it's done in arch and, maybe, fedora13:29
onestepbut in fedora it's just an rpmbuild hook, which removes *.la, yes13:30
onestep        if [ "$(check_option libtool)" = "n" ]; then13:31
onestep                msg2 "$(gettext "Removing libtool .la files...")"13:31
onestep                find . ! -type d -name "*.la" -exec rm -f -- '{}' \;13:31
onestep        fi13:31
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markus__1Hello, I have just updated from 2.5 to 2.6. I have problems with programs complaining about and libxcb-xlib.a are missing. Recompiling the affected ports does not work either.14:55
onestepmarkus__1, you need to recompile every package depending on this lib14:56
onestepstart from packages, proceed to gtk+ and so on14:57
onestepI've grepped for xcb-xlib in /usr/lib/*.la files to get the initial list15:00
markus__1Thanks, I will try this15:02
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NomiusWhere's xorgconfig?17:10
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NomiusAnd also where is the kernel headers?17:39
dru1dX -configure17:42
dru1dmv xorg.conf.new17:42
dru1dto /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:42
dru1dKernel source is in /usr/src/linux-xxxx17:43
NomiusThanks for the first one :-)17:43
NomiusBut one thing is kernel headers and another is kernel sources :-)17:43
dru1dI know.17:43
dru1dBut there isnt in ports.17:43
NomiusKernel headers included in crux should be the same used when developers compiled the glibc...17:44
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dru1dkernel headers is a link to lib/modules/xxxx/build17:45
NomiusWell, that's wrong...17:45
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dru1dheader files define structures and constants that are needed for building most standard soft17:46
dru1dAnd usualy thats link i have wrote upper.17:47
NomiusPlease read this:
dru1dBuild some third part drives You will see.17:48
NomiusTry building lilo in Crux 2.6, and you'll see17:49
NomiusYou will not be able to build a thing, because config.h isn't in /usr/include/linux17:50
dru1dI don't have crux at the time ;]17:50
dru1dI have build lilo package on 2.5.17:58
dru1dFrom core ports.17:58
RotwangNomius: you've got /lib/modules/<kernel version>19:07
Rotwang/usr/src/linux is not really needed19:08
Rotwangi dont have it [;19:08
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not_thrice`dru1d, the glibc package provides kernel headers; check /usr/include/19:10
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not_thrice`oh, Nomius ^^19:11
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dru1dHe was talking about kernel-headers.19:12
not_thrice`yes, kernel-headers are provided by the glibc package :)19:12
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dru1d00:44 < Nomius> Kernel headers included in crux should be the same used when developers compiled the glibc...19:13
thrice_yep, and they are :)19:14
dru1dI need some english lessons.19:14
thrice_maybe i'm not understanding19:14
dru1dAnd Im talking about that the headers in my distro is a link to /lib/modules/kernel/build19:15
thrice_is your distro CRUX, or something else?19:15
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thrice_i see19:16
dru1dbut maybe im wrong in discussion19:17
dru1d(if I understood the question)19:18
NomiusThanks for answering thrice_ :-)19:20
thrice_sure :)  when glibc is built, it copies a set of headers to $PKG/usr/include, and then builds glibc around that - just as you describe.  check out the Pkgfile in /usr/ports/core/glibc/ :>19:20
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Nomiusthrice`, do you know where xorgconfig went?20:24
rehabdollany suggestions?20:26
rehabdolltoo tired for this shit, zzzzz20:27
thrice`Nomius: not sure, X -configure    works on my machine20:28
Nomiusrehabdoll, add -llzma to the linker20:29
NomiusNoup, it isn't here20:30
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NomiusOh, yes, it is there :-)20:32
Nomiusnomius@Aquiles:~$ nm liblzma.a | grep lzma_alone_decoder20:32
Nomius000001a0 T lzma_alone_decoder20:32
Nomius00000090 T lzma_alone_decoder_init20:32
Nomius         U lzma_alone_decoder_init20:32
NomiusSo rehabdoll, you just need to link against liblzma (-llzma)20:32
NomiusI guess the other ones are in there too :-)20:33
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Nomiusthrice`, but X -configure isn't the same that xorgconfig... X -configure creates a crappy "clean" xorg.conf, while xorgconfig ask all the questions :-)20:34
joacimxorgconfig always asked me the wrong questions ;)20:36
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thrice`Nomius: it appears as though the xorg devs think they are wiser than you :)20:50
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NomiusYeah, looks like, I guess they are, but I was used to it :-(22:48
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