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mike_kanyone has a fix for rebuilding qt3 after an mysql ->5.1 upgrade?03:33
mike_kwhy does it want to load an old .so?03:33
tilmansurrounder: flag in the ground is the only power metal song off the album and they chose it as the single? ugh03:48
mike_k* forgot the paste:
tilmanmaybe one of the dependencies of cannot be opened?04:03
tilmanjust a stupid guess04:03
tilmanwhat does ldconfig say?04:03
mike_kldconfig: relative path `' used to build cache04:04  - is an old library, no longer present on my system04:04
tilmanokay, so some other so references it still04:05
tilmani guess :)04:05
mike_kand that uic run frum source tree tries to load one of those...04:06
tilmanwhat is uic?04:07
mike_kuser interface compiller?04:08
mike_kok, so I have to run ldconfig 'recursively' on the list of "ldd /usr/bin/uic-qt3" (currently installed qt3)04:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gajim: updated to 0.12.505:34
mike_kyeah, freakin qt3/uic wants to load some .so from the currently installed version during the build process. removing old package helps to uild the new one.06:03
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surroundertilman: yeah told you yesterday :)06:06
tilmansurrounder: stress on 'making that a single'06:09
surrounderhmmyeah, got a point there06:09
surroundertilman: thoughts on the album ?06:10
tilmanit's better than i expected06:10
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thrice`interesting videoo for "flag in the ground" ; terrible music though ;)09:03
thrice`ok, nevermind - strange video too :P09:05
surrounderterrible music??09:06
surroundersilly thrice` :P09:06
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tilmansurrounder: i like the song with the ridiculously bad title and flag in the ground. not really sure about the rest ;>11:55
surrounderyou'll get there, young padawan11:56
tilmantagged crap, boring, amazing, butt rock, pop with distorted guitars…12:03
tilmannp: blinded no more ;D12:05
tilmanand i saw them on the 2004 tour first12:06
thrice`hm, urban dictoinary isn't too descriptive for "butt rock"12:06
thrice`oh, nevermind - the second definition applies12:07
jarbutt rock12:20
jarsounds like what Creed should be called12:23
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jari need to find a good bar15:16
* surrounder lives above his favourite bar15:18
surroundernot always a good idea15:18
teK_I recommend
jarsurrounder: rent must be cheap that way15:20
Rotwangheh ;D15:21
surrounderuhuh! :P15:22
surrounderlook what you've done, now you've made me thirsty15:22
jari could go for some red stripe or dos eques15:22
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onestephave a news about mplayer Pkgfile16:10
jarwhat about it?16:10
onestepcompilation fails without -fomit-frame-pointer16:10
onestepthe line that adds this option was commented recently16:10
tilmanwhy does it fail without that option? ._o16:11
onestepone more -
onestep(second explains the issue a bit)16:12
onesteptilman, and, finally, mplayer previously compiled perfectly, and now it's not :)16:13
thrice`mplayer is a strange beast16:13
tilmanthey claim not to touch cflags16:13
tilmanand it looks like you need to touch them to make it build16:13
onestepI have CFLAGS defined in pkgmk.conf16:14
onestepwithout -fomit-frame-pointer16:14
tilmanerm, actually16:14
tilmanPkgfile should unset CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS16:14
onestepbut it's does not :)16:15
thrice`it used to; I think predatorfreak changed it16:15
tilmandoes it build if you only add 'unset CFLAGS' and don't do other changes to the Pkgfile?16:15
onestepanyway, why unset march/-O* flags16:15
onestepany other flags are used at end user own risk :)16:16
onesteptilman, I've uncommented a line before configure and it worked16:17
onestepand there's one more issue connected to libxvid16:18
thrice`mplayer can't do much about xvid being a shitty codec :>16:18
tilmanthat's not what i asked ;>16:18
onesteppreviously it was patched and autoreconf'ed16:18
onestepand now it's not patched and still autoreconf'ed16:19
onestepand after autoreconf it fails to configure ;)16:19
onestepI've commented the line with "autoconf" and it worked too16:19
onesteptilman, please, please, PLEASE don't unset CFLAGS :)16:20
thrice`too late!16:20
onestepjust uncomment the line and let it work as it was before :)16:21
tilmancan you answer my question? :p16:21
onestepwait a sec16:21
tilmanhilight me with your answer, i'll go to bed16:22
onestep-O4 -march=native -mtune=native -pipe -ffast-math -fomit-frame-pointer16:23
onestepwow, fun CFLAGS!16:23
onestepI want -O4! :)16:23
thrice`what about setting NO cflags, and using "--enable-runtime-cpudetection" to ./configure ?16:24
onestepthrice`, -march=native is ok16:25
thrice`no, I'm talking specifically to mplayer16:25
onestepthrice`, mplayer uses -march=native16:25
thrice`unset $CFLAGS, and using --enable-cpu-runtimedetection16:25
onestepif CFLAGS are unset16:25
onestepwhy? :)16:26
onestepto make users with pkg-get happy? :)16:26
thrice`no, so that it'll always compile, and mplayer devs will be happy16:27
onesteptilman, thrice`, it compiles fine with CFLAGS unset16:28
thrice`even gentoo unsets them, it seems :D16:29
onestepif mplayer devs suggest unsetting them, it seems a good idea :P16:29
onestep-O4 -march=native are used when CFLAGS are unset - I think it's cool16:30
onestepbut it takes more time to compile, 'cause gcc detects my CPU type every time it's getting called16:31
thrice`interesting defaults, they have :)16:31
onestepyeah, I think -O4 is really fun :)16:32
onestepgotta go. cu all!16:36
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rehabdollhey, i also have the same issue with mplayer on my eeepc17:39
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Nomiusrehabdoll, I already told you how to fix those...19:17
nipuLhaikus are easy19:23
nipuLbut sometimes they don't make sense19:24
rehabdollyeah, but not why it fails to compile on diffrent boxes with the same software19:25
surroundernipuL: hahaha19:25
NomiusWhen you've cflags set while compiling mplayer that's mostly something that will happen...19:26
Nomiusrehabdoll, it's all in the mplayer docs...19:26
thrice`yes, CFLAGS should be unset in mplayer19:27
rehabdollbut they are not in the mplayer port19:27
thrice`I don't think anyone is maintaining it, though19:28
rehabdolland it still compile for some19:28
thrice`yes, but they need to be unset19:28
thrice`pkgmk adds em19:28
rehabdolli wonder how long it took per to bootstrap his first crux iso19:38
rehabdollbeen building for close to 5hrs now D;19:38
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thrice`yikes :)19:44
rehabdollBootstrap started    (2009-09-13 21:54:57)19:44
thrice`how long do they typically take?19:45
rehabdolldunno, 5-6hrs for a complete bootstrap i guess19:45
thrice`which is 3 passes ?19:46
thrice`yikes :>19:46
rehabdolland one failed package is all it takes...19:47
rehabdollyay, just spotted a "failed" in the log19:48
Nomiusrehabdoll, I see you maintain a port tree where audacious is... Which version of audacious is it?19:49
rehabdolldunno, just added it the other day19:49
NomiusGreat, so latest version :-)19:50
rehabdollfucking parallel make19:53
thrice`so, that means start over?19:55
thrice`surely not19:55
rehabdollit does if you want a clean bootstrap and dont want to do anything manually :)19:59
thrice`a good over-night run, I guess ;)20:02
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