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pitillogood morning01:05
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DarkNekrosmorning gentlemen ;)01:37
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rehabdollall your base are belong to us02:38
rehabdollha ha ha02:39
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tilmanhow come qt3 is 15MB and qt4 is 110MB?07:12
thrice`features tilman , features07:28
tilmanthat's a lot of features07:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wireshark: updated to
thrice`rehabdoll: I updated to 2.6, so far so good :>08:15
jaeger@seen sepen08:49
clbjaeger: sepen was last seen in #crux 2 days, 5 hours, 1 minute, and 34 seconds ago: <sepen> gm08:49
thrice`the usb project consumed him :>09:09
thrice`anyone try "brainfuck" scheduler yet? :)09:28
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joacimis it written in brainfuck?09:41
joacimwonder if the random stalls i experience with my input devices can be fixed with this.09:50
joacimuser input stalls randomly during heavy hdd load. (during bittorrent hash checks and such)09:51
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tilmanthrice`: apparently there's a debugfs knob for the current scheduler (CFS) which makes it perform similar to bfs on the desktop. i forgot the name though11:03
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tilmanjust bought an usb wlan dongle11:10
tilmanthere's drivers for windows/mac and even "luinx" on the cd :)11:11
tilmanthere's also a "quicker user guide". not sure whether that's a typo, too11:12
tilmansorry, it says "liunx", not "luinx" :)11:12
tilmanthe windows driver archive is called IS_AP_STA_RT2870_D-, rofl11:13
joacimput that in a sub-directory and watch windows crumble11:14
thrice`awesome :)11:21
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thrice`doesn't look like it's doing too hot11:55
* thrice` waits11:57
tilmanthrice`: what you linked is a case where BFS does better than cfs11:57
tilmanin the quoted part anyway11:57
thrice`oh, oops11:58
thrice`there's quite a bit of back-and-forth, looks like I chose the wrong one11:58
tilmanhow to improve CFS:
tilmanthat's what i meant earlier11:58
thrice`ah, ok11:59
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tilmanpitillo: are there known issues with contrib/qt3?12:49
tilmani tried to built umtsmon. the makefile that qmake-qt3 generates is buggy12:50
tilmaneg i have to manually add QTDIR=/usr/share/qt3 ...12:52
tilmanand do s/lupdate/lupdate-qt3/ :|12:52
tilmanbut it built now :)12:52
mike_kI have no problems with that. just passing exact configure params to the programs, not the qt3 itself.12:55
mike_klike --with-qt-moc=/usr/bin/moc-qt312:56
tilmani'm sorry then12:56
tilmanthis is the 2nd qt program that i tried to build :)12:56
tilmanpitillo: nevermind12:56
mike_ktilman: I hardly had more12:56
mike_k* in fact12:57
mike_knot counting the whole kde stuff (just taking my hdd space)12:57
thrice`qt3 even ?12:58
thrice`i'm surprised anything uses that yet12:58
tilmanyet as in still?12:58
tilmanthis umtsmon thing apparently doesn't build with qt4, so.12:58
thrice`yes, sorry, still12:59
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JeffJohnsonwhich crux version is recommended for an 64bit system? Is the crux86_64 still active maintained?13:55
thrice`yep; most ports work out of the box.  a couple require some unique additions to the Pkgfile or .footprint13:55
tilmanJeffJohnson: has isos13:56
tilmanJeffJohnson: feel free to bug rehabdoll with any issues :)13:56
rehabdollbtw, has anybody tried out that iso yet?13:56
rehabdolli just made sure it booted :o13:56
JeffJohnsonah on there is only an crux 2.5 iso13:56
joacima refund is guaranteed if you're not happy13:56
joacimrehabdoll: doing a minimal downtime update now13:57
rehabdolli dont think hannes maintain those isos anymore13:57
thrice`rehabdoll: I did a pkgadd -u  on stuff, but haven't booted yet ;)13:57
JeffJohnsonthe crux 64bit version sounds like anybody hacked this fast and packages are updated 2times a year :E13:57
rehabdollthere are x86_64 repos on crux.nu13:58
joacimI had more than 2 updates a year from the x86_64 repos :S13:58
rehabdollthe 2.6 iso should set up your ports properly13:58
thrice`JeffJohnson: well, crux doesn't release too often, since releases obviously suck13:58
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rehabdollyes. also, tarballs are deprecated13:58
JeffJohnsonthrice`: i also prefer rolling releases:) but never used crux before :) Is it possible to update the "core-system" through ports?14:02
JeffJohnsonah k:)14:03
JeffJohnsonthen I will try out the 2.6 64bit isos, thanks14:03
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ulughbeghhi there14:08
joacimhey root14:09
jaegerrehabdoll: are you planning to stay non-multilib with your x86_64 version?14:10
rehabdollpersonally i dont have a need for 32bit libs, so14:15
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jaegerrehabdoll: that's fine, just curious :)14:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: murrine: new port14:32
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ulughbeghhow can update only core packages14:41
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ulughbeghsorry wrong channel, too wrong :D14:44
teK_cd /usr/ports/core; for i in *;do prt-get update "$i";done14:44
ulughbeghnice solution though teK_  ;(14:45
ulughbeghwrong keyboard layout ;)14:45
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ulughbeghnow wtf me14:47
ulughbeghsomething is wrong tonight14:47
Rotwangprt-get update /usr/ports/core/*14:48
Rotwangumm no [;14:48
Rotwangdamn, i suck14:48
Rotwangi've just received spam that asks me if i agree to get even more spam!14:57
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thrice`at least they ask ;)15:02
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JeffJohnsonI've dont prt-get depinstall openntpd and 1. user ntp is missing, after i create the user i get other errors when trying to starting ntpd, can anybody confirm this?16:10
teK_prt-get depinst --post-install openntpd16:18
JeffJohnsonah ok16:18
teK_or when you already installed the port you can simply exec the post-install-script located in /usr/ports/opt/openntpd16:18
teK_+ read the README16:19
tilmanJeffJohnson: you can tell prt-get to always run those scripts in /etc/prt-get.conf16:19
JeffJohnsonah great:)16:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: arpwatch: use a more stable source-mirror16:21
thrice`ugh, this program requires webkit, just for it's "help16:27
thrice`" browser16:27
thrice`the, the horror of compiling for 30 minutes, so I can have some crappy documentation that I'll never read :)16:28
joacimwhat program?16:28
thrice`handbrake, a dvd ripper16:28
joacimdidnt know that program needed documentation16:29
joacimother than the obligatory INSTALL and README16:29
thrice`apparently :D16:29
thrice`at least, the SVN branch needs it for the gtk interface16:29
joacimdont look like the mac version depend on webkit for documentation16:31
joacimit doent have any local documentation. the help menu directs me to their website16:31
thrice`well, doesn't os x have webkit built in? (eg, safari?)16:32
joacimyes. but the help menu just sends to my prefered browser16:32
thrice`yes, it's very strange.  i'll go complain appropriately :>16:33
joacimthe latest stable mac version is 9-10 months old or :/16:34
thrice`   is more appropriate16:35
joacimlatest snapshot still opens the docs in my favorite browser16:40
thrice`investigating a bit further, it's for the update-notifier on osx16:41
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thrice`mm, new poppler series :)17:00
thrice`the horror, poppler is unmaintained !17:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pptp: initial import17:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: fluxbox: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.117:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: fluxbox: include README covering upgrade topics17:44
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thrice`oooh, upgrade topics19:19
thrice`README:  fluxbox sucks, switch to openbox.  EOF19:20
rehabdollhaha wtf19:32
rehabdollwhats wrong?19:32
NomiusAbout what?19:32
thrice`just trying to start a WM war19:32
rehabdollfluxbox ftw19:32
rehabdollfvwm sux!19:33
NomiusLong like to openbox :-)19:38
thrice`no Pat tonight?19:39
NomiusBleh, no one wants to fight :-P19:42
thrice`anyone seen this?
thrice`er, has anyone used that19:42
NomiusI don't even know what storage fixup is...19:43
thrice`helps tweak HD head parking/unparking.  I think it's mainly a laptop issue19:43
rehabdollnone of my drives/boxes was listed in the config19:48
rehabdollits a shame this seems to be an issue19:48
thrice`I think ubuntu did it incorrectly a year or so back and ate some HD's19:48
rehabdolli dont really use any suspend stuff on my eeepc. i just shut it off19:49
rehabdolli tested suspend to hd yesterday.. i think it took longer to restore than to just boot normally :)19:50
thrice`well, crux boots faster than most :>19:54
thrice`mine is pretty close too, but avoids the login / startx stuff19:54
rehabdollthe kernel init is the thing that takes the longest for me20:01
rehabdolloh, and the network :)20:01
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NomiusAny ideas on why passwd doesn't let me change my password? It doesn't let me type my password, I just get "Password too short"...20:30
rehabdolluse a longer password :)20:54
NomiusNo, no, it doesn't prompt me...20:55
NomiusI mean, the prompt passes by like if I didn't typed a thing...20:55
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CircuitsoftHello. I would like to try CRUX, but I don't want to burn a CD.21:11
CircuitsoftI've installed debian before using a generic livecd on a thumb drive.21:12
CircuitsoftCan I do so with crux?21:12
CircuitsoftI have SystemRescueCD booted now.21:12
jaegerthe current ISO doesn't support that but I'm planning to make one this week that does21:13
CircuitsoftWith debian, I could download debootstrap, make a partition and bootstrap onto it.21:13
CircuitsoftGentoo is obvious, as that's how the install works.21:13
CircuitsoftCan I use a system I already have running to install Crux on a new partition?21:13
jaegeryou can do that with crux if you install pkgutils on the host or just want to untar everything into the chroot21:13
CircuitsoftWhere would I get such a tarball?21:14
jaegerpkgutils, you mean?21:15
CircuitsoftOn the mirror sites listed, I can only find ISOs21:16
jaegeryou'll need the packages from the ISO anyway but have a look at
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Circuitsoftarchive.h - no such file or directory21:20
CircuitsoftOr, at least, that's what "make" in that folder said.21:21
CircuitsoftAmong other things.21:21
jaegerneeds libarchive21:21
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CircuitsoftIs crux based on slackware?21:27
CircuitsoftI used FreeBSD for quite a while, and slackware just a tiny bit.21:29
CircuitsoftThought I remembered slackware using FreeBSD pkg_add/etc.21:30
CircuitsoftOh well.21:30
Circuitsoftpkgutils is installed in my host system.21:30
jaegerit does use similarly-named tools, I believe21:30
CircuitsoftIs there anywhere in the handbook that describes installing using a host system with pkgutils?21:31
CircuitsoftI guess my question is, just, "What next?"21:32
jaegernot really but I have a minute now, was working21:36
jaegerno biggie21:37
jaegerso in your host system mount up your target drive wherever you want21:37
jaegerincluding whatever partitions you want to end up with21:37
jaegermount the iso loopback, mount -o loop -t iso9660 crux-2.6.iso /mnt/cdrom (or wherever)21:37
jaegermkdir -p /chroot-location/var/lib/pkg21:38
jaegertouch /chroot-location/var/lib/pkg/db21:38
jaegerfor PKG in /mnt/cdrom/crux/{core,opt,xorg}/*.pkg.tar.gz; do pkgadd -r /chroot-location $PKG; done21:38
jaegerthat will install ALL packages; if you want to pick them out manually just pkgadd the ones you want with the -r option21:38
jaegeronce all the packages you want are installed you can mount up /dev and /proc in the target, chroot in, build the kernel, install the bootloader, etc.21:39
CircuitsoftAny recommend root filesystem?21:40
CircuitsoftI know debian has problems with XFS, Gentoo doesn't.21:40
jaegerwhatever you like, really21:40
jaegeryou're in control of the kernel and the packages so it's your choice21:41
CircuitsoftDo you provide patched sources like Gentoo, or should I get a vanilla archive from
NomiusBut the kernel sources is provided during the install21:48
jaegerhe isn't installing via the setup script21:49
NomiusSo you don't need to get it...21:49
jaeger(though the kernel source is still on the ISO)21:49
NomiusThat's my point21:49
jaegerIf you want a newer version, though, download is required21:50
jaegeror an older, for some reason21:50
CircuitsoftI need at least 2.6.29 to support all my hardware.21:51
CircuitsoftCD seems to have
Nomius2.6.30.5 is included in the iso...21:52
NomiusIn crux/kernel21:53
CircuitsoftHmm. the /latest/ folder on the mirror I Used seems to have given me a crux-2.5 iso.21:54
NomiusWell, 2.5 is kinda old21:54
jaegerguess I should update that21:55
CircuitsoftLooks like has newer.21:55 is called a "Master" in the mirror list.21:56
CircuitsoftI suppose I can download the 2.6 iso and do pkgadd -u everything.21:56
jaegerCircuitsoft: its rsync mirror was up to date, I totally forgot about ftp21:57
jaegerit's better now, heh22:00
CircuitsoftDon't suppose there might be a binary kernel I can start with and configure later?22:09
CircuitsoftMy processor is an Intel Atom, so I really don't want to wait for a compile on this machine.22:09
jaegernot really... you could use the one on the cd but that would be more work, probably22:10
jaegersetting up initramfs, etc.22:10
jaegerAFK to pick up someone at the airport22:12
CircuitsoftStarted compiling kernel 11 minutes ago.23:15
CircuitsoftGoing a little faster than I expected, but still not too well.23:15
jaegeryou said it was an atom, right? I haven't timed a kernel build on my eee 901 yet but it seems pretty quick23:16
CircuitsoftEee 1002HA23:16
jaegersame processor as mine, then23:17
jaegerhrmm... wonder if I should add the ability to install from another ext2/3/reiser/whatever partition while adding support for msdos/vfat anyway23:25
CircuitsoftProbably a good idea.23:48
CircuitsoftI always have sysresccd handy, and there are similar tools.23:49

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