IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2009-09-17

CircuitsoftOk, base system booted.00:00
Circuitsoftprt-get list says config error00:00
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pitillogood morning00:57
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pedjaiirc, I should rebuild all apps that depend on xorg, because of libxcb?04:09
pedjaafter updating to 2.604:10
pedjaI've looked at release notes, but there is no mention of that.04:11
mike_kpedja: yeah. but not only that.04:13
mike_kyou'll need to run before rebuilding04:13
mike_kfollowed by "prt-get update -fr `revdep`" maybe04:14
pitillomike_k: thank you for that script, here worked fine (I couldn't tell you the other day)04:15
mike_kpitillo: np04:15
mike_kit was not me who've found that somewhere in gentoo04:16
pedjamike_k: thanks.04:16
mike_kpedja: the original version is at
mike_kbut that is an overkill for crux04:17
mike_kI'd better write to ml regarding this issues04:18
pitillomike_k: that sounds really good04:18
pedjanote about this should be in Release Notes for 2.6...04:19
mike_ktilman: what do you think?04:21
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tilmanmike_k: yes, we should have put it in the release notes :((04:49
tilmanmy fault04:49
mike_ktilman: should I post some steps to the ml as well?04:53
teK_this should at least be listed under ``known issues'' imho04:56
pedjamike_k: I think you should, and tilman can add link to it to topic :)04:57
mike_kpedja: I doubt I could compose such a good mail =)04:57
pedjawhy not?just put 'warning, major breakage ahead' in big letters in it ;)05:01
pedjabig font05:01
pedjaerrr, you know what i mean05:02
* pedja is hungry05:02
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tilmanmike_k_: would be great if you wrote something. i can correct/extend it later05:54
mike_k_tilman: sent. already.05:55
tilmanoh, great05:55
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tilmani gotta run soon, but i'll check it out later today05:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mdadm: build static binary for use with initrd06:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lvm2: update to 2.02.52, build static binary for use with initrd06:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cups: update to 1.4.106:41
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: iptables: update to 1.4.506:45
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.37, keep static binary06:45
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: mlocate: update to 0.22.106:45
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joacimrehabdoll: lua from opt wont build unless i export CFLAGS with -fPIC07:06
joacimexcellent =)07:22
thrice`nice email mike_k :)07:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cups: use --without-rcdir instead of rm after install08:51
joacimrebuilding everything to get rid of libxcb-errors08:59
joacimcant be bothered to find all of them on my own :/08:59
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thrice`joacim: bad!  read the ML post09:28
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thrice`you can manually remove the requirement from .la files, then rebuild things that are actually linked09:31
thrice`the libtool archives turn up a few false-positives09:40
joacimmanaged to "fix" a few other applications by rebuilding it and some of its dependencies last night. wish i knew about the quicker fix earlier =)09:43
rehabdolljoacim: if you run into any other ports that require -fPIC, let me know09:44
tilmanconsider sending patches upstream for this09:44
joacimlua was the only one that i know of09:45
joacimand ghostscript, but you already fixed that one a long time ago09:45
thrice`what do .la files provide, anyway?09:48
thrice`provide, meaning "why is it useful to me?" :)09:48
jseMust be some obselete lib format. Don't take my word on it because I'm no coder.09:52
jaegerthey're helpers for libtool, aren't they? contain library names and paths, that sort of thing09:53
tilmanlibtool provides wrapper crap around the system's linker stuff09:55
joacimthunar builds now. I expect tetex will too =)09:55
tilmanon linux, you can probably get away with rm *.la09:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to
tilmanno rejoicing?10:15
thrice`sorry :\10:16
tilmanyou're just always nagging if i'm not up to date, tssk10:16
thrice`not me!  I hate building FF10:17
thrice`not as much as you, I'd guess ;)10:18
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joacimI cant figure out how to quit evim (easy vim)  :-(10:44
rehabdoll:q ?10:45
joacimalways in insert mode10:45
thrice`esc, :q ?10:45
joacim"eVim starts Vim and sets options to make it behave like a modeless editor."10:45
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joacimthe normal way of operating vim dont seem to wkr10:46
rehabdollkill evim; man evim? :)10:46
joacimthought this was supposed to be easy :p10:47
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rehabdollfinally, my intel ssd has shipped11:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: medit: fixed getline issue11:45
jarrehabdoll: you son of a bitch11:49
jarget it shipped to my house11:49
Rotwangany gentooers around?11:53
thrice`would anyone admit to it? :)11:54
thrice`I've used in the past, anything specific?11:54
Rotwangi need thunderbird gentoo patches11:55
Rotwangebuild seems bit cryptic about where it stores files11:55
thrice`ah, ok; they put their cvs online, one sec11:55
jarRotwang: ebuild info is avaliable via ftp and http11:56
jarya rly11:56
Rotwangthanks thrice`11:56
jarI often steal gentoo and debian based patches11:57
jarmainly debian though11:57
jaras gentoo coders tend to be incompetent fools11:57
thrice`doesn't look like any patches in there, though; usually they put them in files/11:57
thrice`that could be on their mirrors11:58
jarhold on11:58
jarYour best friend11:59
Rotwangwow [; nice animation11:59
jari love my watch12:00
jari want a new one though12:00
tilmani think jar has bee replaced by a chatter bot12:01
jartilman: What is your favorite season? 1) Summer 2) Fall 3) Spring or 4) Winter?12:02
tilmanyou ordered them wrong12:02
jarI get extremely bored during my 5 hour break between classes.12:02
thrice`replaced?  there was something before?12:02
jartilman: I was programmed by a Gentoo user.12:02
tilmanthrice`: in 10 seconds he'll talk about BEER again12:02
jaroh god beer12:02
jari had a new beer last night12:02
tilmanthrice`: see?12:03
jarHey YOU brought it up.12:03
joacimthis year it must be summer because Aoi Hana and S&W2 was aired12:03
jaris that an anime?12:03
joacimboth aired during the summer season12:03
jarI just got caught back up with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood12:03
jarI never read the manga so it's fascinating how different this story is.12:04
joacimI never saw the first season :/12:04
jarjoacim: there's two series now, FMA and FMA: Brotherhood12:05
jarthey both start out pretty much the same, but split12:05
jarFMA was developed while the manga was still playing out so it's different than the manga12:05
joacimyeah i know a few who watch brotherhood =)12:05
jarIt's a LOT better IMHO12:05
jarBut the original series is interesting in its own right.12:06
jartilman only watches Sailor Moon afaik12:06
tilmani don't like anime/manga12:07
joacimI want to see that show. I tend to like girly stuff =)12:07
jarI find it interesting that manga isn't japanese at all.12:07
jarjaeger: You'd like Love Hina or Fruits Basket then.12:07
jarer, jaeger12:07
jarjoacim *****12:08
jarToo many j based nicks in here..12:08
joacimalready seen love hina =)12:08
joacimbeen putting fruits basket on hold tho12:08
jarAh, cool. Have you seen Fooly Cooly?12:08
jarExcellent series, I need to re-watch it soon.12:08
tilmanis that name serious? ._o12:09
joacimI think Aria is my favorite series12:09
jartilman: Which? Fooly Cooly?12:09
tilmansounds retarded12:09
jarIt's a VERY psychadelic and fucked up series.12:09
thrice`lol, agreed12:09
jarA robot sprouts from a 12 year old boy's forehead12:09
tilmanbah, shut up12:09
jarTrust me, the name fits.12:10
joacimthats the one and only show where i had to pause the video to read the subs12:10
joacimthey were talking too fast12:10
jarI've got a long list of stuff to watch/rewatch12:12
jaruniversity life has stopped my interest in comics/manga/anime for the past year12:12
jarI saw a very interesting film last night called Breakfast on Pluto12:13
jar(non anime)12:13
jarCillian Murphy did an amazing job in it.12:14
jarI didn't realize he was Irish12:14
jarI admire actors like him who are actors to act and don't care much to be a celebrity.12:15
jarHm, it seems the 2GB in this laptop is not enough for Win712:18
jarThat's utterly pathetic.12:18
joacimonly been watching star trek movies the past few days12:18
joacimsaw that one earlier this summer =)12:20
jarI'm kind of a trekkie.12:20
jarBut only for the original series.12:21
jarI can't get into The Next Generation and stuff.12:21
tilmanpff, tng ftw :D12:21
jarPicard was a wuss12:22
jarKirk could take him out barefooted and with a herpes outbreak.12:22
jaegerjar: I've seen Love Hina, for what that's worth :)12:23
jarjaeger: :D12:23
jarI think we're making tilman lose faith in CRUX due to all the anime fans.12:24
tilmani'm a tolerant person12:25
* Rotwang never was a big star trek fan :<12:25
jaegerI wouldn't call myself a fan, really12:25
tilmanfeel free to watch all the crap you like to watch ;))12:25
jarI'm a fan of almost anything/everything.12:25
jarI love Star Wars and Trek12:25
jarhush you12:25
joacimthats fine. I meet far too many loud and obnoxious anime haters who just have to tell me how much they hate anime :/12:26
joacimtheyre usually canadian12:26
jarHah, yeah my girlfriend was like that until I made her read/watch some.12:26
jarNow she's a fan.12:26
jaegerI really like Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist but there aren't really any others at the top of my list12:27
jarjaeger: Are you keeping up w/ Brotherhood?12:28
jaegernot so far, I'm lazy12:28
jarIt's on Hulu.12:28
jaegerhrmm, ok12:28
jarIt's enough different to keep me hooked.12:29
jarYeah, I'm hoping the series has a long run.12:29
Rotwangtalking about sci fi12:30
Rotwangi hate how stargate is ruined12:30
Rotwanggreat idea crappy series :<12:31
Rotwangand battlestar galactica is even crappier12:31
jarSG1 or Atlantis?12:31
jaegerjar: is brotherhood dubbed?12:31
Rotwangive seen one or two episodes12:31
jarjaeger: no12:31
mike_kwas a nice SNES game too12:31
jarjaeger: its being released on Hulu a week after it's aired in Japan for the first time.12:32
jarNo time to dub yet12:32
jaryeah, it's great12:32
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rehabdollive watched 6eps of brotherhood, never realized what it was supposed to achieve12:32
jarjaeger: it's completely unedited despite being distributed by Funimation12:32
jarrehabdoll: you have to keep watching12:32
jarrehabdoll: after about episode 6 it breaks off completely from the original series12:33
jarRight now it's completely redefined what a Homonculus is VS the original series.12:33
jar(no spoilers, i promose)12:33
jarer, promise*12:33
* jaeger boots up the eeepc with 2.612:33
jarSomething EXTREMELY cool happened this past episode regarding Lust. :)12:34
jarAlso, Barry the Chopper has a VERY big role in this series vs. his original 1 episode role12:34
tilmandoes it involve torn off limbs?12:34
jaryes it does12:34
rehabdollwhat eeepc is it jaeger?12:34
thrice`jaeger: nice, figure out a .iso -> .img method? :)12:34
jaegerI used unetbootin with a modified iso12:34
jarthrice`: unetbootin can do it12:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: thunderbird: added patch12:34
jaegerjar without modification 2.6 won't work with unetbootin12:35
jaegeryou can put it on the media but not install from it12:35
jaegerrehabdoll: 901 20G12:35
jaegeryou can see the changes I've made today here if you want:
jarneato fritos12:36
thrice`jaeger: does that mean re-bootstrapping?12:36
thrice`unetbootin definitely doesn't work straight away12:36
jaegerthrice`: fortunately no. no package updates, just initramfs/squashfs/setup12:36
jaegertheoretically (I have not tried this) you could use unetbootin to put a vanilla crux-2.6.iso on a usb stick, replace the crux.squashfs and initramfs with mine, and install12:37
jarI love theroetics!12:37
thrice`I don't think my thinkpad likes booting anything except vfat on a usb stick12:38
rehabdolljar, how much coffe have you had today?12:38
jarrehabdoll: Not nearly enough.12:38
jaegerthrice`: this is vfat/fat12:38
thrice`many would disagree jaeger12:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ack: update12:38
thrice`jaeger: neat :)12:38
jaegerI'm going to test doing it on an SD card as well12:38
thrice`ah, I see that now12:38
jaegerdisagree with what?12:39
thrice`eer, meant jar *12:39
thrice`13:38 < jar> rehabdoll: Not nearly enough.12:39
jarAll I've had is a bottle of water and some crisps12:39
jaegernow I just need to figure out how to fix this FS weirdness12:40
jar(or potato chips, depending on your country)12:40
jaegerI have to fsck every 2 boots12:40
rehabdollunclean umount?12:40
jaegermight be a timestamp issue, it complains about the mount time being in the future12:40
jaegerI didn't see any messages about umount failures before the reboot but not sure12:41
jarjaeger: hmm.. i had that happen before and running ntpdate fixed it.12:41
rehabdolli dont think the iso ships ntpdate :)12:41
jaryeah, i grabbed it from the repos12:41
tilmanthe iso ships openrdate now, which supports ntp12:42
tilmanmmh, at least i think so...12:43
tilmanaha, yes.12:43
*** treach has joined #crux12:43
* rehabdoll slaps treach 12:43
tilmanit also supports using adjtime(), so no need for openntp etc anymore12:43
* treach slaps rehabdoll right back.12:43
treachwtf do you want, bitch?ä12:44
jaegerhrmm... it's still giving me shit12:44
Rotwanga with nipples12:44
rehabdollwhat version of btrfstools do you need?12:44
jaegerI need to test the install from SD, though, so I'll fix it then12:44
treachrehabdoll: not sure, haven't looked into it for a few days, not sure if anything has moved.12:45
rehabdolli have no clue so let me know12:45
treachI think it's 0.19.12:46
thrice`can't you install 2.6, and then install brtrs after?  or are you using it for your / ? :D12:46
treachno, I'm not using it for my /.12:46
treachunimportant stuff like /usr is fine though :p12:47
rehabdollbah, you dont need balls to run it on /usr12:48
rehabdollofcourse he wants it on /!12:48
jarI need to figure out why the video flickers for this laptop in Linux.12:48
jarI'm hating Windows 712:48
treachso, no, there's no *need* for the tools per se, but it's a lot less messy than not having them, and since the Crux64RE is experimental anyway, no harm in shipping it right?12:48
treachrehabdoll: apparently linus does/did. I'm not him though. :P12:49
treachtilman: "Rehabdoll Edition"12:49
tilmangmcs -t library Foo.cs12:51
tilmanInvalid target type for -target. Valid options are `exe', `winexe', `library' or `module'12:51
tilmanfwiw, the correct syntax is -t:library12:52
treachWant some flue germs with that mono? :P12:52
tilmani need to stop dealing with this shit12:53
jartilman: why are you coding in C#?12:53
treach"Curiosity killed the cat" :>12:54
tilmanlong story12:54
jarI've only coded some C# and I didn't like the experience12:55
jarMaybe it was because it involved a GLADE ui?12:55
jarWho knows12:55
* treach never bothered, was burned enough by java. :/12:55
jarI've literally applied for over 30 jobs in the past 2 weeks and so far all I've gotten was a single email telling me I didn't get one of the positions.12:56
* tilman applied to one job and got one job12:57
jarYou son of a bitch12:57
treachjar: I heard it was the swiss navy who hired him. ;)12:57
thrice`C# ? :)12:57
jartreach: haha, i just need a part-time college job12:58
thrice`tilman: cool, congrats :)  started yet?12:58
tilmanthrice`: hell no12:58
tilmanthrice`: no, starting in october12:58
jarpart-time job for me, aka beer money12:58
tilmanomg, this retarded order-whatever spam is killing me12:59
tilmanspamassassin fails12:59
thrice`tilman: nice :>  enjoy12:59
tilmani think i will13:00
tilmanfinally i'll work in a unix environment. no more windows for me :)13:00
thrice`full time crux developer???  omg13:00
thrice`that would be fun, to work without windows13:01
thrice`sadly my job depends on it13:01
jari will always have to use windows in my job13:01
jareither windows or a mac13:02
joacimI rather work with macs13:03
jarmy career focus is photography and media production13:04
joacimwindows tend to do things I dont understand ;)13:04
jari wish SGI and IRIX was still big13:04
jaradobe bothered to produce Photoshop for them13:04
treachthere was photoshop for solaris once too.13:04
tilmanrun it in wine13:05
tilmanor in a vm13:05
joacimI use the less-than-professional alternatives13:05
joacimlike pixelmator13:05
jartilman: wine is fine if you're like a web developer and just need to do some one offs13:05
jarbut when you spend your entire day in it13:05
jarwine pisses you off13:05
tilmani used to spend a *lot* of time in wine and it worked nicely ;>13:06
tilmanfor a couple of weeks in a row13:06
treachit's not something you do professionally though, IMO.13:06
jaryeah, trust me, i LOVE wine13:06
tilmantrue :D13:06
thrice`I don't :>13:07
joacimwine worked fine for me as long as i didnt update anything13:07
jarit's great for one-offs and games13:07
jarbut when you're spending HOURS editing photos and doing it for money13:07
treachphotoshop on windows isn't all that great, and I doubt it's any better with some half assed 3rd party api beneath.13:07
tilmanhalf-assed? wine is better than half-assed these days imo13:07
jari agree13:07
jarI'm not trying to deface Wine in any way.13:08
treachtilman: well, not to belitter them, but I doubt they will ever be as compatible as the real thing, and photoshop needs all the help it can get IME...13:08
tilmani never tried to run ps in win13:08
jarI use Linux 100% for my personal uses13:08
thrice`you're on win7 right now13:09
jarthis is my school laptop13:09
jarit's my only windows install13:09
treachI've never used PS on a Mac so I don't know how it works there, but generally speaking Adobe's stuff is not exactly what it's made out to be. :/13:10
jarif all i need is a native envrionment for the adobe suite13:10
jarid rather buy a $1000 PC than a $2000 Mac13:10
jarjust my opinion13:10
thrice`my opinion, if I depend on adobe for my income, i'm DoingitWrong13:11
treachIf you buy the adobe suit, $1000 is chump change..13:11
jartreach: university discounts are nice nice nice13:11
jarwe get free licenses for almost everything13:12
treachwith quite a few strings attached iirc, though.13:12
jarhey im not glorifying it13:12
joacimjar: a 2000 USD dell computer costs more or less the same as a 2000 USD mac (I have specced and compared)13:12
jarthat's cool13:13
jarbut my dell PC was under $100013:13
jar4GB ram13:13
jarCore 2 Duo13:13
jar22" UltraSharp13:13
treachjar: too bad, it would need some glorification... :>13:13
joacimmac pro == i7 quad, with a bit of ram and a 24-30" display13:13
jar$4,000 easy13:14
* treach ponders one of those cheap quads that fits on an am2+ mainboard..13:15
jarMy windows installs are purely to do photography work with.13:15
treachsure, like surfing pr0n.. ;)13:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: adopted and updated13:17
Rotwangthat would conclude todays commits13:17
* thrice` high-fives Rotwang 13:18
jaegerok, time for sysup13:19
treachlol, someone getting desperate?
jaegeror getting smarter13:20
teK_sucking since the 90s13:21
treachjaeger: yeah, bound to happen some time.13:21
thrice`they got nervous from the release of 2.6 most certainly13:21
treachthrice`: suse 11.2 more likely. :>13:22
* treach takes cover13:22
teK_treach: you meant linux 11.2?13:22
tilmanwha? i only got 2.613:22
treachwell, you've got to have something for the non comp-sci people. :>13:23
treachthey can't all date us. :D13:23
teK_if it were only this way ;)13:24
rehabdollwe should do like slackware did13:33
treachdrop gnome?13:34
Rotwangwhat did slackware?13:34
rehabdollskip a few version13:34
rehabdollfirst q13:35
Rotwangcrux 527.78?13:35
treachhaha, "Q:  Is Slackware Linux "Year 2000" compliant?"13:37
treachnow, that's an uptodate faq. :>13:37
tilmancrux 3.1413:37
treachok, what would cause the 2 to change?13:38
treachlinux 3.x?13:38
tilmanno idea13:38
treachIMO, we could probably just drop the major number13:38
tilmanand break with a centuries-old tradition?13:39
Rotwangwe could start giving teh codenames13:39
tilmanburn the heretic!13:39
treachhehe, it wasn't a a suggestion per se13:39
treachI just figured it apparently doesn't matter anyway.13:39
tilmantrue :)13:40
treachaaaand, it would bring us right up to 7, wich is almost up there with the big boys. :D13:40
tilmanokay, let's release crux 8 in winter13:41
tilmantake this, microsoft!13:41
treachsorry, they are in the lead with about 2000 releases, or so it seems. :P13:41
joacimCrux XI13:42
treachtilman: ah, right, it appears they can no longer afford the ink to print all those numbers. forgot about that.13:42
teK_Steve Balmer will throw chairs at all of us13:43
jseBefore or after enthusiastically shouting "Developers Developers"?13:43
teK_jse: while.13:43
jseIt just might be my view on the issue, but he just might be too much of a fat cat to have the chops to pull that feat off.13:45
teK_I just stay away from him13:47
*** thrice` has quit IRC13:50
*** thrice` has joined #crux13:51
*** gino has joined #crux13:54
jaegerI'm still holding out for CRUX: Yay, shark!13:58
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:09
ginous 001 Device 002: ID 0c45:627b Microdia PC Camera (SN9C201 + OV7660)14:13
ginosöme one  has been able to get a picture from it ?14:14
*** Ditzi has joined #crux14:15
ginosn9c20x: version magic '2.6.31 SMP preempt mod_unload 486 ' should be ' SMP preempt mod_unload 48614:17
treachyour kernel/modules are mismatched.14:18
treach-> rebuild14:19
ginohow to find the pkgfile to rebuild ?14:22
jseKernel source is not managed through the ports.14:22
jarthe kernel lives outside the ports system14:23
jaras it should14:23
tilmandid you download that sn9c20x module off the net somewhere?14:23
tilmani guess you use the kernel that the 2.6 iso uses?14:24
ginoyes from  git  "git://" [^] _gitname="microdia"14:25
ginomy kernel is
tilmanis there sourcecode in microdia.git?14:28
ginop.orgi will try to  find and paste it in paste.list14:31
*** fho has joined #crux14:32
* thrice` is kinda confused14:33
*** Zaba_ has joined #crux14:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: fortune: update homepage14:41
jaegerjar: I always chuckle at that image but yay, shark came from a little ascii art derail in one of the irc channels one day14:43
jaegersomeone said something like \o/ which I took to be a dude raising his arms to cheer14:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gtk2mp: dropped14:43
jaegerand I made ___\o/___/|___ for grins14:43
jarjaeger: ah gotcha14:43
jaegerhrmm, 690M in tmpfs to build xulrunner, heh14:44
treachCrux is a shark. With frickin' lasers! :p14:44
jaegerI intended mine to be a guy in water with a shark after him but it turned into cheering for a shark14:45
treachjaeger: beats the oldtime monolit Xorg, iirc that was going up around 2GB iirc before they managed to get as stopper in there. :D14:46
*** JeffJohnson has quit IRC14:46
*** Zaba has quit IRC14:46
ginopkgrm microdia     prt-get depinst -fr microdia    and  depmod     do not resolv my pb14:48
Rotwang-fr is useless no? [;14:49
Rotwangin this case14:49
ginono it is very useful14:49
Rotwangumm do not listen to me :s14:49
Rotwangi have a headache14:50
tilmannfc what you're talking about14:50
tilmanyou need to give us more information about what you did etc14:50
ginoi  will try  without -fr14:50
jaegertreach: wouldn't surprise me14:51
jaegerI remember it being pretty stout14:51
treachaye. :p14:51
treachfull x build + a full kde build, now that's something to sink yer teeth in. :>14:52
*** gino has quit IRC14:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gob: 2.0.15 -> 2.0.1614:54
jaegerI'm currently building ports on my eee in tmpfs with source and package files hosted on an NFS mount, kinda amusing14:55
jaegernot at the moment, I'm in no rush14:55
jaeger1.5GHz Atom isn't terrible14:55
jaeger1.6, even14:55
treachas long as the little fella doesn't overheat. :>14:56
* treach figures he'll have to have a major hunt for dustbunnies before he goes for the cruxification. :>14:58
thrice`heh, what's it going on?14:59
treachelectricity, I imagine..14:59
treachbut it's full of cat hair among other things.15:00
thrice`ah, desktop or laptop?15:00
treachdesktop, situated along the start/goal finish for high speed cat chases. :D15:00
thrice`ah, I see :)15:01
*** JeffJohnson has joined #crux15:14
*** fho has quit IRC15:17
teK_comit storm15:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-autoplaylist: dropped15:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-qosd: dropped15:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-serverstats: dropped15:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-coveramazon: 0.17.0 -> 0.18.015:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-lastfm: 0.17.0 -> 0.18.015:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-lyrics: 0.17.0 -> 0.18.015:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-mdcover: 0.17.0 -> 0.18.015:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc: 0.17.0 -> 0.18.015:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libmpd: 0.17.0 -> 0.18.015:22
* jaeger ducks15:24
*** cjg has joined #crux15:36
*** cjg has quit IRC16:12
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*** ulughbegh has joined #crux17:16
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*** JStoker has left #crux17:44
jaegeroops, forgot ps2 support in my eeepc kernel17:50
jaegeryay, that's better17:57
treachheh, much better if the controls respond. ;)17:57
jaegerI plugged in a usb mouse temporarily but yeah, I like my touchpad to work18:01
treachah, ok, I was thinking maybe the keyboard was out of touch too. :p18:01
jaegerit probably worked fine but I didn't know any key commands in openbox18:02
jaegerdefinitely worked fine outside of x so it was no big deal :)18:06
*** treach has quit IRC20:26
Nomiusjaeger, what eeepc do you have?20:31
NomiusI mean, what version?20:31
rehabdoll<@jaeger> rehabdoll: 901 20G20:37
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC20:37
rehabdollim on a 1005HA20:37
NomiusI have a 1000HA, I have the kernel config and the acpi events handlers for it :-)20:37
jaegerI haven't gotten that far yet20:39
rehabdollcould you tar those events?20:40
rehabdollhave you configured all buttons? i only have the suspend and sound set up20:40
rehabdollbut id like to see how youve done it20:41
NomiusI can tomorrow20:45
NomiusAs my netbook is off now...20:45

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