IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-09-18

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pitillogood morning01:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: snownews: updated to 1.5.1202:30
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tilmanmorning jue03:38
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: git: updated to
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ulughbeghgn all04:46
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JeffJohnsonI copied an working hal fdi to set the Xorg keyboard layout to my crux installation(/usr/etc/hal/fdi/policy), but it dont work, keyboard layout is still en :/ anybody an idea?06:56
tilmanJeffJohnson: the xorg-server package from the iso doesn't use hal i think06:58
JeffJohnsonoh :o07:00
thrice`you can recompile just xorg-server, after installing hal, and it'll pick it up07:00
JeffJohnsonah nice, thx:-)07:01
JeffJohnsonbtw, how to set ./configure options for an port in crux? Is there something likes gentoos make.conf?07:01
pitilloJeffJohnson: check the Pkgfile of the port you want to change the configure options07:03
JeffJohnsonpitillo: so i have to directly change the pkgfile?07:05
pitilloJeffJohnson: yes, to change configure options I think there isn't another way07:06
thrice`if you want to change configure options, yes.  There is no global configuration set as in gentoo.  Typically, you won't need to edit stuff, though.07:08
JeffJohnsonyes i dont want to change the pkgfiles :)07:08
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spaceninjadoes anyone else also get errors when running "lilo" on a chrooted env using the iso?07:25
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thrice`do you have proc and dev mounted?07:25
spaceninjaseems not07:26
jue_spaceninja: error message?07:26
spaceninjait complains about /proc/misc07:26
spaceninjaI ran, setup-chroot07:26
thrice`well, try "mount"  to see07:26
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spaceninjaok, wait07:27
spaceninjaIm restarting07:27
spaceninjaalso I'm getting like a thousand error messages when I boot the cd, it could be my cd reader that can't read the disc properly, the cd works fine on my other computer07:28
spaceninjasamsung dvd readers are crap I guess07:28
thrice`heh, never had one, I don't think07:29
spaceninjait takes like 8 minutes to boot the cd07:29
spaceninjagoes under two minutes on my old laptop07:30
thrice`8 minutes!  yikes07:30
spaceninjaok, im in, I tried "mount" nothing happen07:31
JeffJohnsonhow I can find out which package includes mount.cifs?07:32
thrice`JeffJohnson: prt-get has a filesearch options:  "prt-get fsearch cifs"07:32
thrice`but, as a hint, it's probably samba :>07:33
spaceninjathere are stuff in /proc07:33
tilmanspaceninja: yes, there are07:33
JeffJohnsonthrice`: but fsearch works only for allready installed packages?07:33
spaceninjabut if I type lilo, I'll get these errors07:33
thrice`JeffJohnson: nope :)07:33
tilmanJeffJohnson: prt-get deals with prts, err, ports :)07:34
spaceninja.  /proc.misc: No entry for device-mapper found07:34
tilmanto search installed packages you could use pkginfo -o cifs07:34
spaceninjaIs device-mapper driver issing from kernel?07:34
tilmanspaceninja: not critical07:34
JeffJohnsonaah nice, thx07:34
tilmanthe latter is faster of course07:34
spaceninjaok, Im waiting now, I'm seeing more errors,  hdb: timeout waitinf for DMA,07:35
spaceninjawaiting for07:35
spaceninjabut I'm not using hdb in any way except that it just plugged in07:35
thrice`spaceninja: so, you mounted your root partition to /mnt, and then ran setup-chroot ?07:35
spaceninjaah it got added07:36
spaceninjaI think it's just my dvd reader07:36
spaceninjait's really really slow07:36
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jaegerspaceninja: it does sound like bad hardware08:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: don't build the wifi component.09:09
tilmanthrice`: rejoice!09:09
treachnow, excuse me, but w t f does the browser component need to know _anything_ about your network..?09:10
thrice`because it is awesome09:11
tilmantreach: well. s/browser/xulrunner backend shit/09:11
treachyeah, I meant "a" browser component.09:11
Zaba_I wonder what's that wifi thing too09:12
treachthe network is the computer, and the browser is the OS, I guess.. :/09:12
Zaba_which is a fallacy, bullshit, et cetera09:12
Zaba_here, at least I can trust my HD.  When everything's out there somewhere, what can I trust? :P09:13
thrice`google? :>09:13
treachZaba_: I was just kidding a abit at the expense of SUN and google. :>09:13
Zaba_a creepin' creepy monopoly that's so quiet and silent creepin' into everyone's lives09:13
Zaba_very trustworthy indeed ;p09:13
tilmangoogling for 'xulrunner' and 'necko' turns out quite some stuff a la "patch to build xulrunner without necko'09:13
* treach takes google over M$hat any day.09:14
tilmannecko is the name of that wifi component09:14
tilmangecko... network... necko. i guess09:14
jseTotal browsing and networking control. What will they think of next!09:14
Zaba_ok I got it.09:14
Zaba_but what does it do in.. xulrunner?09:14
tilmanno se09:14
Zaba_it looks like everyone's going insane these days09:15
Zaba_and I thought the dbus hype was bad09:15
tilman#crux is the last bastian of sanity and cluefulness09:15
Zaba_every time I think something is bad, something worse comes :>09:15
thrice`at least they are killing off hal :>09:15
Zaba_..replacing it with devicekit.09:16
jseWhy make it simple when you can create an overcomplex mess while you're at it.09:16
treachthrice`: not a day too early.09:16
Zaba_which is better in one thing: It doesn't claim it does hardware abstraction09:16
thrice`treach: actually, about a year too late :>09:16
Zaba_jse, because an overcomplex mess is cool on presentations!09:16
treachthrice`: yeah. bad idea.09:16
treachI can't imagine who thought constantly polling your hardware like some 1960's mainframe was a good idea..09:17
thrice`I wonder about devicekit.  I don't think KDE or xfce use it yet for anything, and still need hald09:17
Zaba_will take a while for hal to be completely phased out09:17
thrice`worse, polling every 2 seconds!09:17
Zaba_devicekit's just a dbus interface to hardware.. now the question is: Why not /dev directly? :P09:17
thrice`that kills my  battery life09:17
Zaba_my laptop has no X09:18
Zaba_but absence of hpet still causes lotsa interrupts :>09:18
tilmani think the trend is towards using udev for stuff like what hal does09:21
tilmansee eg the udev extras that are showing up09:21
Zaba_I've not really been watching the stuff lately09:21
Zaba_I can mount my usb sticks manually, thank you :>09:21
Zaba_because in about 2/3 of cases when I plug one in it's to mkfs or dd it09:21
Zaba_personally I find configuring udev to be a great pain09:22
Zaba_because it's hard to debug configs09:22
Zaba_and because (at least bundled) documentation is somewhat lacking.  No *examples* of what keys are assigned what, just terse descriptions.09:23
thrice`I'm not sure how xorg will deal with that09:23
Zaba_i don't care about xorg as long as I can compile it bullshit^whal-free09:23
thrice`I think handbrake is the only app I have installed that demands hal09:24
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Zaba_but I wish it great health and sane minds, because.. modularizing xfree86 looks like a hard thing to do, and they did it09:25
treachthrice`: have you dropped gnome? :>09:26
thrice`I haven't used gnome in a couple years09:27
treachman, where does time go?09:27
thrice`I think I'd switch to fedora if I still wanted gnome.  they seem to be pushing all of the new stuff09:28
joacimarent they pushing pa too?09:28
jsePulse audio.09:31
joacimpulse audio09:31
Zaba_*quiet puke*09:31
jseIn princple the pa concept does not sound bad at all. Unfortunately reality is a different dimension. :D09:31
treach"stuttering" more like it.09:31
Zaba_I wonder why everone works so hard to reduce quality09:34
Zaba_hal, pulseaudio, dbus...09:34
tilmanwe're power users09:35
treachgotta keep up with the jones, you know.09:35
tilmanthey are targetting aunt tilly, too09:35
thrice`careful, treach uses them too ;)09:35
treachms has been fucking things up for years, so now it's time linux "catches up"09:35
tilmanuncle treachy09:36
Zaba_well, it looks like the sickness doesn't enter the kernel itself09:36
thrice`better :>09:36
treachhah, xml in glibc goes pretty far..09:36
Zaba_well, GNU is another topic09:36
Zaba_gnu sort, for instance, has many options already implemented using piping to other coreutils commands09:36
Zaba_why reinvent them? My theory is "GNU people are morons" and somehow it gets proven pretty often...09:37
Zaba_it's one reason why I like the bsd userland more, it has less of such.. 'features'... and better manpages09:38
Zaba_cool kids seem to be generating man pages these days, and I seem to be about the only non-cool kid left >_>09:38
tilmanreminds me of
tilmanZaba_: when you compare kernels, freebsd doesn't look so hot anymore imo09:39
Zaba_yeah, well09:39
Zaba_it works well on my homeserver but I wouldn't use it on my workstation09:39
tilmanor on a laptop i guess09:40
Zaba_I could use it on my laptop09:40
Zaba_it supports everything you can find in this ole laptop of mine09:40
treachtilman: I'd gladly swap the GNU userland for the BSD, if it was possible though. :/09:40
Zaba_treach, I would, too.09:40
Zaba_I wonder why many people consider troff unreadable or insane.  It's a matter of picking a more or less sane macro package and getting used to extra line breaks...09:41
tilmanoh wait09:41
tilmanthat's the other way around09:41
treachindeed. :(09:42
Zaba_busybox is a neat small non-bloated userland09:42
Zaba_in some areas it does lack features though09:42
Zaba_such as in its wget09:42
Zaba_in others it's okay09:42
Zaba_(I once accidentally overwrote half my workstation's userland with busybox, and I noticed it only when some bash script with #!/bin/sh (hate that) failed)09:43
tilmantreach: freebsd's libc isn't distributed separately from the rest of the os though, right?09:43
treachalso, I think you'd have a hard time getting the linux kernel to run on it.09:43
Zaba_libcs tend to be pretty coupled with kernels09:44
tilmani thought you gave them a syscalls.h and off you go09:44
tilmanmore or less ;)09:44
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Zaba_more people should use -mdoc for manpages09:48
Zaba_it's not as slow as advertised, and well..09:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] php: update to 5.2.1110:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mod_php: update to 5.2.1110:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: php-fcgi: update to 5.2.1110:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: php-mysql: update to 5.2.1110:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: samhain: update to 2.5.9a10:16
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thrice`hi sepen :)11:22
sepenthrice`, heh jaeger did a great changeset imho ;D11:22
thrice`well, i'm waiting to on my laptop for a working script, so I will gladly test :)11:23
thrice`so, will I be able to use the 64-bit iso and create a usb, without remastering it?11:35
sepenthrice`, I tested two methods11:39
teK_this rocks :)11:39
sepen1 creating an image ready to dd in /dev/sda11:39
thrice`yes, ideally:  sh crux64.iso; dd crux64.img /dev/<usb>  ;D11:41
sepenthe readme is just some notes11:41
sepenthrice`, is not secret, I've a repo which surelly I pasted it on the backlog and also a patch pasted too11:42
sepenmaybe some days ago or so, in the devel channel11:42
thrice`ok, so the iso must be remastered with that patch11:43
thrice`sorry, I'm clueless about image stuff11:43
sepenthrice`, maybe after the jaeger's changeset, the script is not needed it11:43
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thrice`ok, so crux-2.6-testmedia.iso is different from crux-2.6.iso11:46
sepenthrice`, yes, now I don't need to regenerate the initramfs, so create an usbdisk is easiest11:46
sepenjust do the syslinux stuff to make bootble the usb media11:47
sepenI think that rewrite the wiki doc would be fine and maybe enough11:48
thrice`sure :)11:48
sepenI proposed something similar sometime ago, a patch for the iso.git, but this one does more abstractions11:50
sepenmine added another section to create the usbdisk image, and this is a bad idea, it's better to download only one image and create your own usb medias11:52
thrice`sure, just like you did with 2.5 :D11:53
sepenthrice`, be aware I've an old copy here
thrice`so, are you going to use just the regular 2.6 iso in your instructions?11:55
sepenthe script works, but you can't mount the usbdisk, or at least on my tests11:56
sepenI used this one for my test (and updated version based on the 2.5's script)11:57
sepenthrice`, I mean, you can't mount the usbdisk when trying to boot with it, not for dd'ing the created image ;D11:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: crypto++: fixed permissions12:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: amule: updated to 2.2.612:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fontforge: updated to 2009091412:57
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thrice`man, alot of updates piling up today :>12:58
JeffJohnsonbuilding the kdebase port fails on my system, anybody have an idea whats wrong?12:59
thrice`sorry, I haven't built kde3 in years13:01
tilmanlooks like the real error message wasn't captured there13:01
tilmanall i see is warnings13:01
thrice`we have kde4 now :)13:01
thrice`mabye; I can't see it any longer on the ports page13:03
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JeffJohnsonthrice`: kde4? where? :)13:05
JeffJohnsoni tried to install amarok13:05
treachecarux has it, for instance13:06
tilmanJeffJohnson: cp opt.rsync kde4.rsync && s/opt/kde4/ in kde4.rsync13:06
tilmannot sure there's a 2.6 branch for kde4 though. maybe there's just 2.513:06
thrice`no, allan pushed it officially13:06
JeffJohnsonmmh ok, but it isnt on /portdb/ page:)13:07
thrice`I am positive it was on a couple weeks back13:07
JeffJohnsoni will try kde4 thx13:07
thrice`maybe tilman can spot kde4.git some place :>13:07
thrice`oh, nevermind, he already did :>13:07
treachobviously. :p13:07
thrice`sorry, it's Friday, and i'm trying to do math :|13:08
treachMy condolances.13:08
thrice`:)13:08 dont exists, sync: change_dir "/crux-2.6/kde4" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)13:10
thrice`JeffJohnson: try crux-2.5/kde413:10
JeffJohnsonah crux 2.6 is only 10days olds:)13:11
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JeffJohnsonhrm, but in the kde4 repo is no amarok:)13:14
treachamarok is not part of kde13:14
thrice`it basically is :D13:14
treachno it bloody isn't.13:14
treachkde has juk.13:14
JeffJohnsonits in the kde repo:), but i found amarok 2 in  flaveur repository, i will try this13:15
thrice`it's a subsidary of kde, I guess13:15
treachthey get paid?13:15
thrice`how else do you describe it?  they host their stuff on, every kde distro ships it13:15
thrice`requires kde libraries13:16
treachhosting is hardly subsidarying(?), if that was true a lot of apps would belong to some really strange settings..13:16
treachas for distros shipping it, what does that prove? Gnome distributions ship oo.o and ff, does that make them gnome applications?13:17
treachit's a kde application, but it's not part of kde. Kde already have juK for that task.13:18
treach /end pedantery. :>13:19
JeffJohnsonnever heard of juk, the screenshot looks ugly.)13:19
thrice`yes, I'll agree with that :)13:19
Zaba_that's kde for you13:20
* Zaba_ hides13:20
thrice`perahps the giant control buttons from amarok2 couldn't fit in the tarball13:20
treachJeffJohnson: do you spend a lot of time looking at your media player? :p13:20
JeffJohnsontreach: sure:P13:20
treachlol@ thrice`13:20
treachjuk does the job, and it's considerably lighter. but, no, it's not as pretty, and have a lot less functions. each to his own.13:21
JeffJohnson/usr/ports/contrib/libmp4v2 also dont build :/13:22
joacimdont need lots of features to be pretty13:23
treachsure, any mac proves that. :p13:23
* treach takes cover13:23
Zaba_mac? Pretty? Oxymoron.13:24
treachbtw, I wonder what the "Kde is bloated" crowd will do with this..
Zaba_koffice isn't -exactly- kde...13:25
treachwell, it's more kde than openoffice..13:25
treachand using kde as the foundation, they are still kde applications, even if they aren't part of kde..13:26
Zaba_I sometimes have a weird nagging feeling that OO.o want to copy bugs from ms office too13:26
Zaba_or at least annoyances13:26
treachsure, no other way to be 100% compatible. :D13:27
Zaba_who said they have to be..13:27
treachHey, you're confusing the poor users!13:27
thrice`koffice is a piece of shit13:28
treachit has probably more of a future than oo.o13:28
Zaba_oo.o is not a piece of shit13:28
thrice`2.0.x has proven incredibly featureless in my experience13:28
Zaba_it's a dumpster full of it...13:28
* Zaba_ hides13:29
tilmanoo is also used on windows though. koffice probably isn't13:29
treachkoffice2 runs on windows, or at least it will.13:29
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tilmando people use it on windows?13:29
thrice`is that really worse than kde? :D13:30
Zaba_windows users probably don't know about it13:30
treachwell, I don't think it's in a state where it's actually usable yet, but it's wip13:30
Zaba_kde4 itself should run on windows, actually13:30
joacimi dont know anyone who uses k-anything on windows13:30
aonperhaps in all-linux shops there are rebels who run koffice on windows13:30
Zaba_qt being so portable and all13:30
aonto maintain document compatibility13:30
aonor something13:30
thrice`mm, new evince (2.27.x) builds without any gnome deps :)13:32
treachimo, openoffice is a mistake. it's huge, cludgy and a gigantic resource sink. no wonder sun had to get it. :/13:32
Zaba_heh, an 'office suite' like that can't really be tiny13:33
treachwell, it certainly doesn't have to be as big as oo is either13:33
joacimand it is ugly. iWorks Pages is much better looking =)13:33
Zaba_hm, sleeping13:34
aoni dunno if msoffice is much better :)13:35
treachlol, only mistakes are made in redmond. :>13:35
treachI heard they were even experimenting with intercontinental chairs, whatever that would be good for.13:36
treach(ballistic ones, that is)13:36
thrice`I don't think anything will compare to excel's functionality13:36
treachtime will tell. IMO, there is just so much functionality you can add, and the low end will get closer all the time.13:37
thrice`i've always thought excel was top notch.  all other components have respectable counterpars in OOo, but their spreadsheet really lacks13:38
treachI can certainly agree with that.13:38
treachbut still, you'll hit a ceiling at some point, and the guys behind will never stop13:39
treachI guess that's why they are so keen on getting people into "the cloud" thing.13:39
jseWhy would they hit a ceiling when processing power and resources keep increasing, which also means software design can be any form of two-bit ugly hacks which barely hold together and remove any excess unused resources :D13:43
jseIt's a cycle after all.13:43
jseIn that aspect, I can only take my hat off to both ms office and ooo. Got unused resources? Open either up and you won't for very long.13:45
treachthrice`: btw, have you tried gnomeric, or is it lacking too? I seem to remember a few sience people using it.13:56
treach_gnumeric_, dammit13:57
jaegerthrice`, sepen: you could theoretically take the crux-2.6.iso (vanilla) and put it on a usb disk, THEN replace crux.squashfs and initramfs with the ones at
jaegerI haven't tested it yet, but that should work13:57
jaegeralso, you can use sepen's script or unetbootin, theoretically13:58
thrice`treach: nope; my use at home is very simple, so I typically use OOo.  the above was more reference to my work environment (re ms office)14:01
treachok. figured it could be worth looking into, if you found oo.o calc insufficient.14:01
thrice`at work, we use alot of deeper excel functions, that definitely suck on OOo, and don't exist on things like koffice :)14:04
* thrice` rolls eyes :>14:05
* treach too14:05
thrice`sorry, I think koffice is a nice "look, we can do it too," but I would never expect heavy functionality out of it14:05
treachFrankly, I don't really care, but I think it's a bit excessive to just bin it because it's not fully functional yet. It's not been out there for very long at all yet.14:06
treachAnd if the progress that kde has made in 1.5 years is anything to judge from, koffice has a really solid foundation to build from.14:07
thrice`hey, koffice has been out since 199814:08
treachseriously. you can't compare koffice 1 and 2.14:08
thrice`why?  koffice 1 lacked the same features :)14:09
treachwell, 2 has a much more rapid rate of progress from where I sit.14:10
thrice`well ..14:10
thrice`I compare that to intel's video driver re-write.  fast progress, awesome results coming in, but my card has been shit for the first year I've owned it.  As a result, my next will probably be radeon14:11
treachno, it's not perfect, and I've never said so. It probably will never fit the needs of everyone. But useless? No way.14:11
rehabdolltreach, ive put up a iso with btrfs14:26
rehabdolldunno if it boots though :)14:26
treachheh, I guess I'll find out eventually. :p14:27
JeffJohnsonhow does pkgrm work? Does it simply remove all files that are in pkg.tar.gz file?14:28
RotwangJeffJohnson: what exactly are you asking about?14:28
tilmanJeffJohnson: 'pkgrm foo' will delete all files that are shown by 'pkginfo -l foo'14:29
JeffJohnsonRotwang: how does pkgrm knows which file to remove?14:30
thrice`the database ;)14:31
treachJeffJohnson: read the stuff I linked14:32
tilmanJeffJohnson: see /var/lib/pkg/db14:32
JeffJohnsontreach: yes allready read the handbook14:32
thrice`pkgutils6 will change this, and work off of magic14:32
tilmanno it won't14:32
treachfalse modesty ^14:33
tilmansame principle, maybe more efficient implementation14:33
JeffJohnsonwhen I did pgkadd simply all files included in the pkg.tar.gz are appended to the pkg/db file?14:33
tilmanit does check for duplicates and stuff14:34
tilmanbut basically it just extracts the tarball, yes14:34
JeffJohnsonah ok14:34
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*** pitillo_ has joined #crux14:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: cleaner build process and new post-install script14:55
*** fho has joined #crux15:15
jueRotwang: you don't need the post-install script, pkgadd runs ldconfig after installing the package15:16
*** JeffJohnson has quit IRC15:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: removed redundand post-install script15:20
Rotwangjue: thanks15:21
Rotwangive never browsed pkgutils code except for pkgmk ;f15:21
fhoI've made an Pkg for Sunbird 64bit version, in akos repo. there is allready an i686 version. I should better name it songbird64?:)15:24
thrice`tilman: does "Nachruestung" make sense to you as a repair kit?15:25
thrice`or anyone wer kann Deustch15:25
fhoich :-)15:26
fhonachruestung is more like upgrade than repair15:26
thrice`oh, ok.  perhaps Reparatursatz?15:27
*** jtnl has joined #crux15:27
thrice`I think songbird64 would work OK, but if it's for your system, maybe you don't need to worry about the arch15:27
fhothrice`: I would recommend Werkzeugkoffer :)15:27
thrice`fho: well, this is a kit we sell customers, to repair their broken system15:28
teK_thrice`: Nachruestung sounds like  upgrade15:28
Rotwangim against suffixing it15:28
teK_dammit fho :P15:28
treachgenerally speaking clashes are to be expected un less it's with the official repos, no?15:28
thrice`isn't Werkzeugkoffer more of a toolbox?15:29
teK_how about one port for both arches?15:29
fhoRotwang: but if I register it on the port database, and anybody searches for songbird, nobody knows which is the 64bit package..15:29
teK_thrice`: it is.15:29
fhothrice`: yes its toolbox, but isnt repair kit similar? :)15:29
Rotwangfho: you can add teh comment inside Pkgfile15:29
Rotwangim personally with archlinux approach in this matter15:30
fhoRotwang: the comment isnt displayed on the  port search page15:30
treachfho: is all your ports 64 bit?15:30
thrice`yes, I would name it just songbird, but add that it's the 64-bit binary to the description15:30
fhothrice`: yes15:30
Rotwangthey just put conditionals in their pkgbuilds15:30
thrice`perhaps pkgmk.conf should spell out an ARCH variable or so15:31
treachthat would imply an official 64bit version, right? :p15:32
* thrice` runs15:33
fhommmh, dont know what to do:) imho it would be best to see directly on the search page the arch for the package, instead of opening the pkg and read the description15:33
treachif all your ports are 64bit you could call your repo "foh64" or something. :p15:34
thrice`openoffice is another one that comes to mind15:34
*** fho is now known as JeffJohnson15:34
JeffJohnsontreach: mmh yes, but that sounds like exclusive for 64bit and maybe i will also create ports that work on x86 :E15:35
JeffJohnsonvery difficult.)15:35
thrice`I guess songbird64 might be best, then.  It's not perfect, but it is obvious what it is15:36
treachwell. you could just as well take it as "exclusively tested with 64bit"15:36
thrice`and, closed-source binaries are rare15:36
JeffJohnsonthrice`: yes changing the package name is also crap15:37
*** pitillo_ has quit IRC15:42
tilmanthrice`: yes, repair kit == reparatursat16:15
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:17
tilmanRotwang: btw: from the next xmms2 release on you can just pass --disable-ldconfig or somesuch16:17
Rotwangok, thanks16:18
* Rotwang is off to sleep16:19
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:20
* treach wonders for how long the xmms2 faq has stated that a "non-developer" release will happen RSN. :P16:22
tilmanRSN -> not serious16:23
treachfigured. :<16:23
tilmantreach: anyway, the last DR will be DrZoidberg16:23
treachlooks like it'll be a while then. :p16:24
tilmanwe could skip a couple of letters16:24
*** treach has quit IRC16:54
JeffJohnsonouh tried first time songbird today, and it rocks :o17:05
JeffJohnsonmany very nice plugins17:05
teK_it has  GUI but nobody's perfect17:06
tilmanxmms2 is close though :>17:06
* teK_ is tempted to hurt some mplayer-authors17:08
*** jue has quit IRC17:08
JeffJohnsonteK_: u are using cmus? ,)17:13
teK_JeffJohnson: yes sir17:14
*** Zaba has joined #crux17:29
*** jtnl has quit IRC17:31
*** Zaba_ has quit IRC17:42
JeffJohnsoncrux tries to mount my cifs shares before the net rc script was started? Whats the Crux-Way todo this correct? add in fstab noauto, and mount the share in rc.d/net?17:59
jaegeryes, that should work18:02
JeffJohnsonjaeger: is there an better way?:-)18:07
jaegerthat's up to your preference, there's nothing really "crux-specific"18:08
teK_commit storm ahead18:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: realpath: 1.12 -> 1.1518:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: urlview: port taken18:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: boehm-gc: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: centerim: 4.22.6 -> 4.22.818:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: eject: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnupg: 2.0.9 -> 2.0.1318:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: htop: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: irssi: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libassuan: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libgcrypt: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libgpg-error: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libid3tag: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: librsync: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mpeg2dec: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: 2009-07-25 -> 2009-09-1918:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pinentry: make it build again18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libksba:  port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: popt: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: slim: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: qemu: 0.10.5 -> 0.10.618:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rar: 3.8.0 -> 3.9.018:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rdiff-backup: 1.2.4 -> 1.2.818:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rdiff: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: w3m: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: unrar: port taken18:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: scummvm: 0.12.0 -> 1.0.0rc118:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dokuwiki: port taken18:20
*** sepen has joined #crux18:21
Nomius_scummvm: in opt?18:26
rehabdollofcourse, murray the evil skull is webmaster of crux.nu18:52
thrice`Oh my!18:53
thrice`all your port, are belong to teK_18:54
jaegerhaha, Murray18:57
jaegerNow let me hear your screams of terror!18:58
rehabdollplayed through mi3 a few weeks ago19:03
rehabdollwas awesome19:03
rehabdollworks great in scummvm19:03
thrice`teK_: does your mplayer update still use the old tarball ?19:03
jaegerI played through mi1 again recently, the new xbox 360 version kicks ass :)19:05
* rehabdoll slaps teK_ 19:10
rehabdollThe requested URL /~lucas/files/mplayer-export-2009-09-19.tar.bz2 was not found on this server.19:10
* rehabdoll slaps teK_ 19:17
rehabdoll=======> ERROR: Source file 'gnupg.diff' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).19:18
joacimyeah I was going to nag about that too19:20
* thrice` slaps teK_ 19:27
*** spaceninja has quit IRC19:27
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC19:28
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux19:35
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC19:49
*** sepen has quit IRC19:55
thrice`well, crux64 boots rehabdoll :)19:59
*** Nomius has joined #crux20:13
*** Nomius_ has quit IRC20:23
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux20:26
NomiusAs promised:
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC20:37
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux21:52
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC23:01

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