IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-09-19

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teK_rehabdoll: yay -_-03:07
tilmanguybrush looked like a a freak in mi3 :(03:17
teK_never played MI03:18
tilmanw t f03:19
tilmanget the fuck out03:19
teK_we played indiana jones a lot03:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: fix footprint03:37
teK_thx rehabdoll03:37
nipuLgood evening ladies :)03:50
tilmanhello nipuL03:54
nipuLi might do some crux hacking tonight03:57
nipuLon holidays and finished my assignments for the next few weeks and the wife is off camping with her friends03:58
nipuLhmm, might go get some beer too... drunk hacking ftw03:58
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spaceninjaEXT3-fs: hda2 couldn't  mount because of unsupported optioal features (240)06:07
spaceninjawhat does that mean if hda2 is ext406:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: dokuwiki: 2008-05-05 -> 2009-02-1406:07
teK_spaceninja: wrong entry in /etc/fstab (fs-type)06:08
Zabamaybe it's because something tries to mount it as ext306:08
spaceninjathe fyesystem type is ext406:08
teK_what action returns this error message?06:09
teK_i.e. full command line06:09
spaceninjaduring boot06:09
Zabawhat happens when you do mount /dev/hda2?06:10
teK_Does mounting  it by hand work?06:10
spaceninjawell, I it got mounted, but I still get the error, maybe I can live with it, or?06:10
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rehabdollNomius: cheers07:44
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spaceninjadoes anyone else also have problems halting the system? my computer doesn't turn off, is it suppose to be like this now?08:33
rehabdollonly if you dont have acpi enable08:35
spaceninjaoh ok, guess I missed that, thanks08:36
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tilmanteK_: git add gnupg.diff09:45
teK_tilman: hm?09:45
teK_I don't get it :]09:45
treachhummm, python fails here with a couple of files missing, lib-dynload/{dl,imageop}.so, anyone else seen that?09:48
* treach wonders what package he's missing09:48
thrice`could be 64-bit related09:49
tilmanERROR: Source file 'gnupg.diff' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).09:49
thrice`teK_: you forgot to add gnupg.diff to the repo :>09:49
treachthrice`: most probably.09:49
tilmanteK_: to fix this, you should git add gnupg.diff (+ commit + push obviously)09:49
thrice`treach: going to try kde4.git? :)09:50
tilmantreach: iirc i've seen that on x86_64, yes. never seemed to be an issue09:50
treachtilman: yeah, I figured, just wondered if it was just me.09:50
treachthrice`: not yet, gotta get the sucker up and running first. :p09:51
tilmanso, how come?09:51
* teK_ is looking for gnupg.diff09:51
thrice`cool, back to BASICS =)09:51
treachtilman: how come what?09:51
tilmanyou're installing crux again :D09:52
thrice`dust off the ol' fvwm.conf09:52
treachtilman: I got tired of all the extra layers associated with using one of the big guys.09:52
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep diff /usr/ports/opt/gnupg/Pkgfile  $name.diff)09:52
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >09:52
tilmanit's not even used09:53
tilmantreach: hehe09:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gnupg: remove gnupg.diff09:53
teK_sorry guys09:53
thrice`stone the new guy!09:53
teK_wasn't you the guy that wanted to eat my skin alive after I joined contrib (and in case I make a mistake)? :>09:54
treachmesa misses a few files too, unfortunately I didn't get to see which ones since it scrolled out of the buffer on another vc..09:54
joacimyou can send me my refund over dcc09:54
thrice`eew, no way :)09:54
tilmanteK_: who? me? or thrice?09:55
treachtilman: you're the only one here with a reputation to eat people alive, right?09:55
tilmani do? oh my09:56
jari spread that one :D09:57
thrice`I think some of the drivers fail on mesa6409:57
treachyeah, right.09:57
tilmanat some point i was thinking of using an env var like MESA_DRIVERS to make the port only build the dri driver that you actually need09:57
thrice`I've wondered if specifying them individually would fix it, but lazy, etc09:58
treachintel, trident and some other. I just recalled. It's been a while. :>09:58
tilmanlike what jaeger did with alsa-driver09:58
tilmansaves a great deal of compile time + hdd space (dri drivers statically link -> huge)09:58
thrice`well, mesa takes configure now, so --with-dri-drivers="1,2,3" works09:58
tilmanmmh, alsa-driver vanished09:59
treachffb.dri, i810, s3v, sis and trident. No big losses.09:59
tilmanall you need is swrast.dri + YOURHW.dri09:59
thrice`maybe we can do USE=i965 prt-get update mesa or so10:00
treachUSE=NO_USEFLAGS :p10:00
tilmanthrice`: that's kind of what i was suggesting/thinking of10:01
tilmansee the alsa-driver port in gitweb10:01
thrice`the footprint will fail, but! if we had some NEW footprint check in pkgutils10:02
tilmanas chance would have it, i've recently seen a patch for that feature!10:04
thrice`I didn't realize reducing the dri-drivers line in mesa will reduce it that much.  I'll give it a shot :)10:04
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thrice`jaeger: I tried out your usb instructions; my usb stick boots well, but when trying to load the CRUX image, fails with "cannot find /boot/initramfs"10:39
thrice`   is what I ended up with on the stick10:41
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jaegerthrice`: that's very odd10:42
jaegerwhat are the contents of syslinux.cfg?10:42
thrice`f239a3c8407239228b5d78f105fbb17b  /media/disk/boot/initramfs10:42
jaegerI just created md5sums in the download dir if you want to look, but you have the right one10:43
thrice`the config looks ok10:44
jaegerI need to take a shower, will be back in a bit10:44
jaegerwater's already going or I'd wait, hehe10:44
thrice`ok, no rush or anything :)10:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libmpd: 0.18.0 -> 0.19.010:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc: 0.18.0 -> 0.19.010:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-lastfm: 0.18.0 -> 0.19.010:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-lyrics: 0.18.0 -> 0.19.010:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: gmpc-mdcover: 0.18.0 -> 0.19.010:47
jarsomeone is maintaining mpd again?10:48
teK_here you are, jar10:55
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mpd: 0.14 -> 0.15.310:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mpc:0.12.1 -> 0.1711:03
jaegerthrice`: back now, I don't see any obvious problem, pretty odd :( 2 questions: did you follow the convert-to-usb txt or use a different method? Also, what format did you use for the media?11:04
thrice`I followed  line for line11:05
jaegerhrmm, ok11:05
treachoy, here comes a big one..11:05
thrice`so, vfat :)11:05
jaegerI will blank out my usb stick and try it again, give me a few minutes11:05
* treach chambers for xulrunner..11:05
jaegertreach: heh11:05
thrice`i'll run through it again, just in case11:05
thrice`I only changed your rsync line to /mnt/loop/*, otherwise I'm left with /mnt/usb/loop/blah instead of /mnt/usb/blah11:10
jaegeron an unrelated note, anyone know a way to make a circular log in linux?11:11
jaegerthrice`: don't forget the trailing slashes in that command, they're important :)11:11
jaegerif you got that you left the one off loop/11:11
jaegerok, I just booted my eeepc with it after clearing off the usb stick and starting over... followed the notes exactly11:12
thrice`you're faster than I :)11:12
jaegerI've done it several times in the last day :)11:12
jaegergetting some practice, hehe11:13
tilmanpidgin fail11:15
tilmanGNU Libidn development headers not found.11:15
tilmanUse --disable-idn if you do not need it.11:15
thrice`ok, brb :)11:16
treach*BOOM!* ...and /that/ was the xulrunner package landing in /var/ports/packages. :p11:17
jaegerhrmm... I have a cat between me and this keyboard now11:17
treachmissing a few files too, apparently. :/11:17
treachheh, I usually get that too. :P11:17
jari want a cat11:19
jaegerMy cat is awesome... he's so laid back my sister-in-law jokes that I feed him pot11:20
jaegerooh, that reminds me, need to add --disable-vv to my pidgin11:20
jarwhen i get a cat, i'm naming him Jeff11:20
thrice`huh, same thing - maybe my hardware just sucks11:20
jarjaeger: how does pot remind you of --disable-vv?11:21
jaegerthrice`: try it on another machine?11:21
jaegerjar: that wasn't what reminded me, it was tilman's comment about idn11:21
jaegermy .footprint was wrong anyway, not sure how I missed that11:21
jartoo much pot?11:22
jaegerI've never smoked it11:22
jaegerI think I might name my next cat Dog11:22
jarYou don't need to smoke it ;)11:22
jaegerThis one's name is ninja11:22
jarjaeger: did you ever watch that show CatDog?11:23
jaegerHe earned it, too, by hanging up out of sight and pouncing on the other cats when I rented a house with roommates11:23
jaegernope, never have11:23
jarthat was the real cat dog11:23
jaegerwhoa, creepy11:23
jarit was11:24
treachjaeger: "Nomen est omen"? :>11:24
jarthey never explained the whole shitting thing11:24
jaegertreach: more or less, yeah, except I didn't name him until after he started doing that11:25
treachah, ok.11:25
thrice`it's strange, that I can get to the syslinux screen OK, but loading the kernel bails, even though the structure is clearly correct11:25
thrice`mm, does it matter that this is a crux64 image?11:25
jaegerif you're using my initramfs and squashfs, probably :)11:26
jaegerthey're pure 3211:26
jaegerfor some files it won't matter but for the kernel modules and whatnot...11:27
thrice`oh, I guess that'll do it; I didn't consider that, because it doesn't even try to load them - just bails out11:27
jaegerwell, I'm still not sure why it would fail so early, but I suppose it could be an arch thing11:27
jaegeryou could try to get rehabdoll to build you an updated initramfs and crux.squashfs using my patch, possibly :)11:28
thrice`sorry for wasting your time, I should have mentioned it earlier.  awesome guide, though!11:28
jaegerno worries, thanks :)11:28
thrice`I think webkit is even a worse build than xul :(11:33
treachis that possible?11:38
thrice`jaeger: for the sake of sanity, 2.6 for 32-bit worked perfect :>  sorry again11:41
jaegerthrice`: ok, glad to hear it :)11:41
jaegerdon't sweat it, good to know these things11:42
jaegerIf rehabdoll exposes his iso tree somewhere or wants to build it himself it wouldn't be hard to get a 64-bit version11:42
thrice`I love the usb install method - especially for an iso as small as ours :)  very convenient11:43
treachyep, cd's sucks. Too damn fragile.11:48
thrice`well, usb keys are just too cheap :)11:49
aonfloppy disks ftw12:10
Zabafloppy disks are ew :/12:11
thrice`224-color CRUX logo (LOGO_CRUX_CLUT224) [Y/n] (NEW)   :D12:12
Zabaif I remember correctly, when I installed crux I downloaded sources from kernel.org12:13
Zabakernel sources, that is12:14
ZabaI was doing it with a kernel from livecd and the initrd from the livecd but with squashfs also put inside it, over PXE.12:15
ZabaI had to cut X packages and kernel sources so it'd fit into laptop's RAM, though.12:15
Zabaand after I chrooted into the newly installed environment I figured the easiest is to download the sources from
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thrice`   hm, wonder where they got the idea ;)12:17
thrice`heyo jue12:17
joacimI dislike those kinds of interfaecs12:28
thrice`aw, the crux logo patch doesn't seem to work on 2.6.31 :(12:28
joacimstill prefer the pixelmator way of doing things =)12:31
rehabdolluh, huge backlog12:48
rehabdollare the usb-image bugs fixed for 2.6?12:49
treachrehabdoll: btw, apparently mplayer needs "--extra-cflags=-fno-strict-aliasing" in order to work on 64bit.13:04
* thrice` still votes for unset CFLAGS13:14
* tilman too13:14
tilmanif that helps13:14
treachnot in this case13:14
thrice`I think unset CFLAGS, and then --enable-runtime-cpudetection   will do it13:15
treachfrom what I gathered it's a gcc issue.13:16
thrice`after xulrunner finishes, I'll experiment :)13:16
treachwhat, you're not done yet? :P13:16
thrice`I started last night, but gave up :)13:18
treachbah, it only takes 10 minutes or so. :D13:18
tilmanthrice`: huh?13:19
thrice`gave up meaning ctl+c + went to bed13:19
* treach is very happy he got that old athlon out the door and got an upgrade13:19
* tilman is still happy with the old ahtlon he bought at around the same time treach bought his old athlon (iirc)13:20
rehabdollyeah, ill remove it13:20
treachtilman: no, it's the same one, I was refering to my old really crappy one.13:20
tilmanrehabdoll: better yet, discuss it with nipul and tek and hhave them do the same in opt13:21
treachxp 250013:21
tilmantreach: oh :D13:21
tilmani've got one of those, too13:21
tilmanstill alive and well. except the fan, who's as loud as a vacuum cleaner :P13:21
thrice`I've always wanted to move opt/win32codecs to mplayer-codecs or something, that way we can remove opt-x64-64/mplayer/  all together :)13:21
thrice`and just have a different mplayer-codecs13:22
tilmanhow about not moving it and having different win32codecs?13:22
treachtilman: works well enough, except for building ff and friends. :P13:22
treachwell, virtualization sucks too, for some reason. ;)13:22
juetilman: seems that bug #335 got fixed automatically ;)13:23
tilmani think my connection is having issues right now13:24
tilmanjue: UGH13:25
tilmanjue: is it really fixed now?13:25
tilmanif it is, it was a bug in libarchive, right?13:25
juesaw that ATM with mysql, I have a symlink for /var/lib/mysql and pkgadd says now:13:26
juepkgadd: could not remove /var/lib/mysql/: Not a directory13:26
jueIMO the correct behaviour now13:27
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jueyeah, libarchive bug obviously13:28
jueI'll close the bug13:31
rehabdollthrice`: me too. i'd be a happy camper if core/opt-x86_64 became redundant :)13:32
tilmanjue: okay13:33
thrice`I think a generic /usr/lib/codecs/  would be harmless13:41
thrice`sorry, I've hit 3 contrib breakages so far, on my way to mplayer14:00
thrice`ugh, I can't get faac compiled; time for a break14:10
treachdid the maintainer get it working? ;)14:11
thrice`smells like a glibc 2.10 issue14:13
treachtime to trawl the usual suspects. :>14:13
thrice`*checkout*/gentoo-x86/media-libs/faac/files/faac-1.28-external-libmp4v2.patch?rev=1.1   got it14:14
thrice`^^ jaeger14:14
thrice`  is for libmp4v2 (i've poked romster about it already)14:15
thrice`finally!  this works OK for me for mplayer:
treachthrice`: what kind of files have you tried with it?14:26
thrice`so far, mp3, .m4v/mp4 (x264), and an avi14:28
treachdo you have any mkv?14:28
treachok, those made mplayer crash for me, until I turned off the strict aliasing.14:29
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treachthrice`: also, for some reason mpg's won't work either, no idea why though14:31
tilmannipuL: i love the search-function-by-giving-the-signature feature in hoogle14:31
thrice`this .mp4 works OK for me :)14:32
jaegerthrice`: what does the patch fix?14:36
thrice`linking in mp4v214:37
thrice`otherwise it dies with errors14:37
jaegerit being faac?14:37
thrice`yep, at least here14:37
jaegerok, will look into it14:37
thrice`but contrib/mp4v2 is broken too :>14:38
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thrice`the port I pasted above should get mp4v2 working14:38
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treachhm, this is weird, I get all the local chars in X, so "localization" works, but stuff like "at", "backslash" etc are MIA. :/15:24
* treach scratches head15:24
treachworks in the console though15:24
treachexactly my friend.15:25
RyoShave you checked your config? X compiled with HAL or without?15:25
RyoSwell then you should have everything in your xorg.conf15:26
RyoSi guess you did that..15:26
treachyeah, I should.. since I get all these fancy å, ä, and ö's15:26
RyoShm, have you tried to modify your Xmodmap?15:26
treachI shouldn't need that.15:27
treachI get the feeling I'm missing something fundamental, but I'm too tired to see it. ;/15:27
RyoSsounds stupid, but try to downgrade xorg-server.. worked for me back in the day i had problems15:27
treachI wonder if it could come from some over-reliance on hal or something15:28
RyoSmight be.. have you checked your xorg.log?15:28
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treachnot yet15:29
RyoSwell then, give it a try ;-)15:29
tilmantreach: grep XKB xorg.log15:30
tilmansee whether XKB is loaded or not15:30
treachtilman: I think I just found it.15:30
treachthat's what you get for reusing old config files. :/15:31
treach XKB: Couldn't open rules file /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/xfree8615:31
treachI guess the problem goes away if I change that to xorg instead?15:31
rehabdollthat looks ancient15:31
tilmantreach: did you put that path in xorg.conf somewhere?15:31
tilmanif so, kill it with fire15:32
treachwait, I don't remember. :D15:32
rehabdollrunning X without a conf is pretty nifty15:32
tilmanrehabdoll: unfortunately i need a conf so i get proper dualhead from the start... without running xrandr after its up15:32
treachtilman: "Option  "XkbRules" "xfree86" :>15:32
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tilmanyes, s/xfree86/xorg/15:33
rehabdolloh, what hardware are you on?15:33
treachok, thanks.15:33
tilmanradeon x800 (r420)15:33
treachI was about to go nuts.. never figured the config file wasn't forward compatible. :D15:33
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rehabdollwierd, the radeon-driver sets everything up perfectly for me15:34
rehabdollthe second head is detected when i turn my tv on15:34
treachrehabdoll: I just reused an old config file from old habit. Mea culpa for being an old fart.15:34
*** treach has quit IRC15:35
rehabdollalthough i do use a xorg.conf but only to set right perms for dri. udev sets it as root:root :/15:35
tilmanrehabdoll: so pal works these days?15:35
*** treach has joined #crux15:35
tilmanwhen i last tried tv-out it only supported ntsc15:35
rehabdolloh, dunno. i use hdmi15:36
treachyeah, right, thanks everyone.15:36
treach$@\ \o/15:36
tilmanrehabdoll: ah, i'm not that modern ;)15:36
tilmanhello RyoS15:36
RyoShey tilman :-)15:36
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jarthis party is going to suck16:40
jarmy girlfriend's friend is having a birthday party and apparently it's a bring your own beer party16:42
*** drijen has quit IRC16:42
jarif i wanted to bring my own beer id go to a bar16:42
jseDesperate times = desperate measures ;)16:42
treachapparently you didn't forget your irc at home :>16:42
tilmanyou bring your own beer to bars?16:42
tilmanlife is _so_ strange in the us16:42
jartilman: i meant if i wanted to pay for beer id just go to a bar16:42
treachtilman: apparently that's in NZ iirc.16:43
thrice`interresting concept16:43
jarNZ - where dreams go to die16:43
tilmantreach: wth?16:43
tilmanthat reminds me16:43
tilmansaw a van today that had a thing on the back that said16:44
treachtilman: the concept is apparently called BYO, "Bring your own".16:44
treachNot sure wth is up with it, but it's true16:44
tilmantreach: to a bar? where they want to sell the stuff?16:44
jartilman: the BYOB thing is for parties16:45
jare.g. "Party at tilman's, BYOB"16:45
jarto which i reply, tilman's an asshole - no thanks16:45
tilmani know that one. i thought we were talking about bars ;)16:45
jarhaha no16:45
treachtilman: I'm mostly kidding, apparently it's resturants etc that isn't licensed to sell alcohol.16:45
jarmy overall point is16:46
jarwhat's the point of going to a party where you have to buy your own beer?16:46
thrice`your'e cheap?16:46
jarwhat happened to the days of buying a keg?16:46
thrice`go for it, i'm sure people wouldn't object16:46
treachtilman: so, apparently you're still allowed to drink there, but you have to bring your own, since they aren't licensed to sell the stuff to you.16:46
treachweird concept.16:46
tilmanyes, weird16:47
jartreach: a lot of people have gotten around that with the coupon system16:47
jaryou buy coupons which you can exchage for beer16:47
jarthat way they're not technically selling alcohol16:47
treachheh, I'm living in regulation land. No cupons 'ere..16:47
treachGod save anyone trying to cheat the regulations. :>16:48
jar^ why kegs are good16:48
treacheh, they got it wrong16:48
jari might pick up some cheap malt liquor so i can get wasted16:50
jari hear it turns me into Lando Calrissian16:52
treachanything here with more than 2.25 % alcohol is treated like it was a weapon. Only sold in special shops run by the state where you have to pass checkpoint charlie before you get out.16:52
jarmalt liqour here have like 5.5%16:52
jarand some up to 8%16:53
jari couldn't imagine trying to get drunk on 2.2516:53
treachit works.16:53
jarjust slowly16:53
treachbut the that's the point.16:53
treachyou're not getting it16:54
tilmanyou could skip breakfast and lunch16:54
treachit's the point, since we're not trusted with alcohol, so anything you can easily get has to be weak.16:54
jaroh i get that16:54
jarim just saying16:54
jarthat sucks16:54
thrice`2.25% would be pretty tasteless16:54
treachwell, alchol doesn't taste anything anyway. :D16:55
jseAt 2.25% you might just as well drink non-alcoholic beer :>16:55
tilmani wrote a working non-trivial haskell program16:55
tilman(on a saturday night, mmh.)16:55
thrice`2.25 would taste like the urine jar drinks16:55
jari wrote a non-working trivial haskell program16:55
tilmannew level of nerdiness16:55
jari don't know tilman16:56
thrice`tilman: is your new job in germany too?16:56
jaryou're more of a geek16:56
jarHe's moving to Austria to live with Bruno16:56
tilmanyou've heard of bruno?16:56
jarHasn't everyone?16:57
tilmanthrice`: yes it is. close to switzerland though16:57
thrice`oh, neat :)16:57
tilmanlake constance, if that means anything to you16:57
treachjust a swim over the swiss ocean. :>16:57
jarwhen i finish my undergrad i think im going to move overseas16:58
jaramerica is too weird for me16:58
tilmanbut you're weird for europe16:58
tilmanerr, _too_ weird16:58
jari will run you down16:58
tilmani've ruined it16:58
tilmanwell, maybe france would accept you16:59
tilmannot sure whether that's a win over the us though16:59
jari have to limit my scope to english speaking countries16:59
jari refuse to learn a new language16:59
treachbeware, the europeans will kill you with their communism, and free healthcare!16:59
jarim pro socialism17:00
tilmanwhat kind of stupid attitude is that?17:00
tilmanrefusing to learn new languages17:00
treachtilman: which one, what I said or jar? :p17:00
jseIt's the 'mericun / french way of doing things. ;)17:00
jartilman: english is the business language anyways17:00
tilmanif you only wish to talk to co-workers that might even work17:01
jarWhy would I want to talk to anyone else?17:01
treachjar: unfortunately it's getting to the point it's a semi-official languge. :>17:01
jartreach: I'm fine learning survival aspects of languages, e.g. basic vocabulary and etc but learning to conjugate in other languages gives me a headache17:02
treachI've had co-workers from the US/GB, and they complain they never get to learn swedish because everyone speaks english too well. :>17:02
*** JeffJohnson has quit IRC17:02
jaryeah, ive heard that on reddit before17:02
tilmanjar: i've heard swedish doesn't have conjugated verbs17:02
jarhrm, that's interesting17:03
* treach has no clue what a conjugated verb is...17:03
treachlost in the past17:03
jartreach: you conjugate verbs all the time in English17:03
treachtilman: well, I *did* study german...17:03
treachjar: I guess I'm a natural then. :>17:04
tilmantreach: different subjects -> different forms of the verbs17:04
tilman'i run', but 'she runS'17:04
jartilman: ++17:04
jarconjugation in English is a lot more simple than most languages17:04
jarSpanish has a form of the word for eres, son, somos, soy, etc17:05
rehabdollenglish is a simple language17:05
rehabdollif you can learn it off the tv its simple17:05
jaryeah, english is only "complicated" because it's such a sloppy language17:05
treachrehabdoll: no, english isn't that easy really. It's just that we're saturated with it.17:05
*** JeffJohnson has joined #crux17:05
rehabdollprobably yeah, but that makes it simple :)17:06
jari wanted to take german but it wasn't offered this year17:06
* treach bets he'd speak decent german if he was as soaked in it as he is in english.17:06
mike_ktry learning russian or ukrainian if you ever get bored17:06
rehabdollgerman is a pita17:06
jarrehabdoll: spanish is tgoo17:06
jarthis class is a pain in my ass17:07
jarde donde es rehabdoll?17:07
treachmike_k: If I ever get that bored, I'll try japanese first. Several languages in one as bonus. :>17:07
rehabdolljag mår bra17:07
tilmani think17:07
tilmanor maybe i'm confusing those two verbs for to be in spanish :x17:08
jari think you are17:08
jares is ser17:08
treach"Far, får får får?" :>17:08
rehabdolli find japanese interesting.. but thats probably because i overconsume anime :)17:08
rehabdollbtw, FMA brotherhood s u c k s17:08
jartilman: You might be thinking of "como eres?"17:09
jarrehabdoll: suck my BALLZ17:09
jse"de donde es rehabdoll" is asking where is rehabdoll. If you were personally asking where rehabdoll is from, then it would be 'eres'17:09
jarjse: de donde means where of, aka where is he from17:09
treachjar: try cracking the one I wrote above instead of pestering us with spanish. :>17:09
tilmanoh true17:09
jartreach: i will shake you like a new born baby17:09
tilmanjse: i thought he was addressing him directly17:09
jarah, i see, tilman17:10
tilmanbut that doesn't mean that estar was the right choice of course17:10
jseSpanish is lotsa fun with its split "be" verb :>17:10
jarof course, i just have a limited spectrum in spanish17:10
jarI only got a B on my first exam17:11
jari should join a spanish IRC channel and just watch them talk17:11
jarmaybe that'd help17:11
treachder, das, die, ackusativ, dativ, stationary or moving... that's all I say. :/17:12
jari'd probably get to learn vosotros better17:12
jarif it's not a word used by KMFDM, Oomph!, Rammstein or Nena I don't know it.17:12
jseIt depends. It's not universally used by everyone who speaks spanish.17:12
jarjse: Yeah, my professor says it's mainly used in Spain.17:13
tilmanwhat is?17:13
jare.g. nosotros somos -> vostros sois17:14
tilmanvosotros just means 'they', no?17:14
jarit's an informal they17:14
tilmanwhat what what17:14
tilmanwhat's the word they use outside of spain?17:15
jaryou would only use vosotros form when dealing with friends/family members17:15
jarthe vosotros form17:15
jare.g. sois17:15
jari could be wrong, im just going on what my professor said17:15
tilmani'm not getting it, but that's okay17:15
tilmani learned (some) spanish spanish anyway ;)17:16
jartilman: it's kinda like the English "y'all"17:16
tilmanyou're talking about dropping the ... whatsitcalled17:16
jarno idea17:17
tilmani thought you'd usually not use the whatsitcalled, except if you want to stress who you're talking to17:17
jari think i know what you mean17:18
jari don't know the word atm either17:18
jseVosotros is what is used the vast majority of the time in Spain these days (in those areas which speak castillian as there are a number of other languages or dialects also spoken).17:19
jari think spanish is interesting but it's really annoying how everything is gender specific17:19
jarjse ftw17:19
jari also hate words that break rules17:20
jare.g. los mappas17:20
jarmother-fuckin' maps17:20
thrice`treach: guess you were right regarding mplayer:
thrice`it seems *just* mkv files are hit :)17:21
jaroh crap17:22
jarScott Weiland had a seizure17:22
tilmangrand mal serizure or complex partial seizure?17:23
jarit says "mild"17:23
jarhopefully he's alright, i like stone temple pilots17:23
jarVelvet Revolver was ok17:23
tilmanWAS? they haven't split, have they?17:24
jarscott left a while ago17:24
tilmanbut the rest of them haven't disbanded afaik?17:24
jari was pertaining to his time period in the banmd17:24
jarhave they gotten a new vocalist yet?17:24
tilmannot afaik17:24
jarthey should get Chris Cornell since Audioslave disbanded17:25
jaror maybe Miles Kennedy since Creed decided to get back together17:27
*** Zaba_ has joined #crux17:29
thrice`ok, i'm off to watch "watchman".  bbiab :)17:33
NomiusAnyone using urxvt?17:38
treachlots, presumeably17:39
NomiusI made my config and put it in ~/.Xdefaults... Is it there a way to move that config to a generic place for all users?17:39
NomiusI though it was /usr/share/X11/app-defaults/URxvt17:39
NomiusBut I think it is not :-P17:39
jarmy thinking would be something like /etc/X11/Xdefaults17:41
jarbut im probably wrong17:42
treachsounds reasonable, even if we don't even have /etc/X11/ these days. :p17:42
jari do :>17:42
tilmani do17:42
treachif you have it, you've created it yourself, no?17:43
jari dont remember doing a mkdir17:43
*** Zaba has quit IRC17:43
treachAt least I had to..17:43
jarwhen it comes to X i trust tilman17:44
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:44
jarits about the only thing i trust him with ;)17:44
treachwell, maybe I didn't get some package I was supposed to or so. :>17:45
tilmantreach: yes, you have to mkdir it17:45
treachthougth so.17:45
thrice`I don't think so!17:45
thrice`dbus made it here17:45
tilmanfrigging dbus17:46
thrice`Found in /usr/ports/opt/dbus: /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/30-dbus.launch17:46
*** Rotwang has joined #crux17:46
treachwell, dbus isn't that bad.17:46
thrice`not at all17:46
treachHal is the guy to watch out for. :>17:46
treachYou know when you've got a HAL in your computer, it's game over. :>17:47
thrice`unfortunately, I think hal will be around for awhile17:47
treach"I can't let you do that" :>17:47
tilmandoes it put "good morning dave" in your /et/motd?17:48
treachwho knows. He's munching battries every time you look at him though, fat bastard.17:49
thrice`if I kill polling on my cdrom, it's mostly OK17:49
treachUSB isn't nice either17:50
thrice`it doesn't poll usb constantly though, does it?17:50
treachafaik, yes.17:50
rehabdolli dont think hal will be around for that long17:51
treachlook in powertop, USB is a prominent cause for wakeup-calls.17:51
rehabdollfedora 11 already runs devicekit iirc17:51
treachnot sure if it's actually hal's fault, or it's just usb's natural suckage.17:51
thrice`I think it will be; xorg hasn't started replacing it whatsoever17:51
*** lennart_ has quit IRC17:55
thrice`bash-4.0$ ps aux | grep hal | wc -l17:56
treach0 :>17:57
thrice`handbrake is the only app I have installed that needs it17:57
treachor, rather "1". but that is grep seeing itself. :P17:58
tilmanworst app name ever18:00
treachlooks like something you'd want a lot of cores for. :>18:00
thrice`handbrake? :)18:01
thrice`it uses hal ONLY for detecting your cdrom /dev entry :18:01
thrice`and the handbrake devs say that until something new is supported in ubuntu's LTS, it'll likely stay18:03
thrice`I wonder if libudev can handle that crap now18:03
treachheh, I wonder what kind of computer you'd need to encode h264 in realtime. :p18:06
thrice`on my core2duo, I can rip a, say, 1.5 hour DVD to x264 in under 1.5 hours18:06
thrice`only on 64-bit; 32-bit is longer18:07
treachone or two passes?18:07
thrice`mm, no clue - I think just one ?18:07
treachthat might explain it.18:07
thrice`why would you need 2?18:08
treachbetter quality?18:08
thrice`oh, I see18:08
* treach reads about some madman torturing his min mac with handbrake. O_o18:12
thrice`it's not too bad :)18:13
thrice`proportional to your CPU, I guess18:13
treacheh, he didn't state it, but I *presume* he wasn't talking about one of those asthmaic 1.4 GHz ppc machines..18:14
thrice`I use my laptop to rip stuff pretty regularly, and that's just a core2duo @ 2.0ghz18:15
joacimcurrent mac minis are pretty much equal to the 13" mbps arent they?18:40
*** mike_k has quit IRC18:47
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:47
*** treach has quit IRC19:12
nipuLtilman: yeah, one of the advantages of strict typing19:53
nipuLi haven't played with haskell lately though19:53
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