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JeffJohnsonshould bugs in contrib also be reported in flyspray?05:08
tilmanyes. there is a separate 'project' in FS05:09
tilmanat some place you can select either CRUX or CRUX/contrib i think05:09
JeffJohnsonthere is no category contrib05:12
JeffJohnsonother project:)05:12
JeffJohnsonbtw If I build an new Pkg, and dependencies are in other non-official collections, is it recommended to use these versions? :) dont want to make duplicated Pkgs :E05:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: grml-shlib: 1.02.13 -> 1.03.105:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: grml-crypt: port taken05:46
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JeffJohnsonits awful trying to write Pkgs .o06:26
JeffJohnsontried to compile songbird from source, but dont understand the less documentated build-systen06:26
JeffJohnsontried to build gwibber, but webkit needs an development glib version :E06:26
tilmanthat's because it's mozilla weirdness ;)06:27
tilmanmaybe you should start with something easier06:27
JeffJohnsonif maked an working songbird64-bin pkg:)06:27
tilmannipuL: have you seen the 'taste of haskell' talk by simon peyton-jones? fun stuff06:27
nipuLnope, but i'll put it on my TODO list06:45
nipuL...right after your mum06:45
JeffJohnsoncant hear more than 30sec of this song .o06:48
tilmannipuL: well, it's probably not that intersting for pros like you06:49
nipuLhaha, pro06:51
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tilmanhitting ctrl-a on 4294967296 in vim changes it to -107:05
tilmanerr, ctr-x07:05
teK_yeah ;)07:14
tilmantype inference ftw07:16
thrice`JeffJohnson: I did webkit yesterday - 1.1.12 was the last version that builds OK07:32
JeffJohnsonthrice`: i will try 1.1.12 thx07:53
JeffJohnsonbtw, if an Pkg needs to checkout the sources from an scm, should the pkg depends i.e. on subversion?07:53
thrice`I think so, personally07:54
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thrice`it's nice to have "prt-get depinst package1" JustWork :)07:56
JeffJohnsonim still not sure if crux is the right distribution for me:) i like the minimalism, but maybe its to minimal for me:)07:57
nipuLJeffJohnson: it's a better idea to package the sources yourself, unless it's a private repo07:57
thrice`JeffJohnson: if you'd like my webkit port, I'd be glad to share :)07:57
JeffJohnsonnipuL: i guess that07:58
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JeffJohnsonthrice`: why it isnt on :)07:58
thrice`I just wrote it last night !07:58
JeffJohnsonok! :)07:59
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nipuLheh you think pkgutils is minimal, you should see the package manager i use at uni07:59
JeffJohnsonthrice`: i would like to have a look in ur Pkgfile :)07:59
JeffJohnsonnipuL: which?:)07:59
JeffJohnsonnipuL: it is minimal compared to others:)07:59
JeffJohnsonpaludis, portage:)08:00
nipuLit's more of a footprint manager08:02
JeffJohnsonmmmh should I maybe copy Pkgs from also non official repositorys to my non-official repository, If my Pkg depends on them?:)08:05
tilmanthey are called ports, not pkgs08:06
thrice`well, depending on contrib is OK08:06
JeffJohnsonelse copying?:) recreating existing ports makes no sense08:06
nipuLhehe, i hate it when this happens08:13
thrice`go for it sissy08:13
nipuLyhafri ports always make me break into a cold sweat08:14
JeffJohnsonso what should I do with port dependencies?08:14
nipuLunless you're sharing the port, nothing08:15
thrice`JeffJohnson: what do you mean?08:15
JeffJohnsonthrice`: ie my port requires webkit, the webkit port is in an other unofficial repository, should I copy the port from the other repo. to mine? Or how I handle this correctly:)08:16
thrice`JeffJohnson: ah; I would08:16
thrice`that way if I were to only subscribe to your repo, I'd be all set08:16
JeffJohnsonsry dont understand anything :)08:17
thrice`well, it'd be strange to say "you can use my repo for this app, but you also have to have repo1 and reo2 to meet the deps"08:17
nipuLthis is what i do when i'm pulling from portdb08:18
Zaba_sounds reasonable though, you'd reduce duplication..08:18
nipuLfirst of all have a private repo in prt-get.conf08:18
nipuLeg: prtdir /home/lucas/ports08:19
nipuLsync the port into it, then do a prt-get depends portname08:19
nipuLit will tell tou what ports are not found in your prtdirs08:19
nipuLthen keep finding them until the depends list is matched08:20
nipuLalternativel you can get the sync file from portdb and add it to /etc/ports08:20
nipuLthen ports -u08:20
nipuLbut this will sync the entire repo08:20
thrice`this multi-sync driver sounds better all the time ;)08:24
nipuLi'd rather pull ports than have them pushed onto me08:26
thrice`I am guilty of primarily stealing others stuff, and not grabbing their repo :)08:28
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jarim hung over09:24
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aondamn it's warm09:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-bcmath: updated to 5.2.1109:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-ftp: updated to 5.2.1109:52
jseaon: surprisingly so yes.09:54
jseThe beginning of september was what we normally expect for fall weather, now it's almost like early summer all over again. :p09:55
aonmy apartment also happens to be overly warm all the time09:56
aoni remember thinking "it's getting warm, should probably turn the radiator off" sometime in the spring09:57
aonturns out it had been off for the whole winter09:57
aonand it still was a constant 23degC or so09:57
jseIt's nicer having a constant temperature of 18-20, outside of this range it gets uncomfortable.10:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-gd: updated to 5.2.1110:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-gettext: updated to 5.2.1110:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-mbstring: updated to 5.2.1110:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-mcrypt: updated to 5.2.1110:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-pdo-mysql: updated to 5.2.1110:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-postgresql: updated to 5.2.1110:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-sockets: updated to 5.2.1110:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: php-xsl: updated to 5.2.1110:14
jarfinding a job is getting REAL annoying10:14
jaryeah, ive applied to over 20 places and not a single phone call10:17
tilmanmaybe you're doing it wrong10:17
NomiusWhat kind of work?10:18
jarNomius: Just part-time retail work10:18
NomiusBut doing what?10:18
jarI'm getting kind of desperate.10:19
NomiusXresources file in crux should be in /etc/X11 ?10:25
NomiusAs it's not being catches...10:26
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jarim applying for a job @ T-Mobile10:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openoffice: version bump, closes #488 and #48911:24
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fhoargh, wrong window:)12:48
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jarmy hangover headache finally went away13:03
jarsam adams octoberfest is a delicious beer btw13:04
teK_8,60E /l ?13:04
jarbeg pardon?13:04
teK_how much does this beer cost13:05
thrice`about $9 for 6, 12oz bottles13:05
jarno idea, i traded a guy one of my dos equis for his13:05
jarthrice`: eh? that can't be right13:06
jari think it's like $713:06
thrice`depends; sam adams can be a little higher13:06
jari actually dont like the standard sam adams lager13:06
jarbut that octoberfest was amazing13:06
jari need to get some of my own13:07
jari normally drink dos equis, red stripe, pabst or something13:08
JeffJohnsonediting the wiki is only for admins?:) or how can I register?13:09
jaryou just register at the top13:09
jartop right13:09
JeffJohnsoni tried:)13:10
JeffJohnson"    * Name/password not recognized "13:10
jari dont remember who manages the wiki software13:11
thrice`no, not just for admins, since I've added stuff :)13:11
jarim thinking aon?13:11
tilmanyeah, it's aon13:11
JeffJohnsonthrice`: lol13:11
jartilman: any time i mention beer you come in13:11
jaraon: JeffJohnson needs you.13:12
aoni don't manage the wiki13:12
tilmanaon: congrats13:12
aoni don't know who the hell does13:12
aonbut not me :)13:12
jartilman: you son of a bitch13:12
jaryou tricked me D:13:12
aondamn flatmake making food13:13
aonmakes me feel hungry13:13
aoni never cook13:13
jari need more cheese so i can cook up some tuna melts13:14
Rotwangwhat is flatmake?13:14
jarflatmate typo'd13:14
jari assume13:14
aondidn't even notice the typo13:15
aonhard to see the unfocused crt while practically lying on my back13:15
jaraon: you should learn to make tuna melts, they take like 5 minutes including prep time and you can bake some fries to go with it.. perfect lunch13:16
aonit's not that i can't make food, just that it's too much of a bother13:24
jarif i wasn't so broke id just order a pizza13:25
SiFuh_for it is I, and yet, I have received not a welcoming for my "hmm'ing".13:44
*** SiFuh_ is now known as SiFuh13:45
Rotwanghi SiFuh13:49
Rotwanghow do you do?13:50
SiFuhI do it fine...13:52
SiFuhwell i hope, haven't any complaints yet from the girls13:52
SiFuhhow are you?13:52
Rotwangi'm fine thanks [;13:52
Rotwangnot so fine with the ladies tho13:54
SiFuhyour not a eunuch are you?13:54
SiFuhdamn beer ran out13:55
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tilmanSiFuh: that's because most of the other crux oldtimers are gone =)14:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: bzr: updated to 1.1817:44
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NomiusMmmmmmmmmm, shouldn't xinitrc be in /etc/X11/xinit?19:05
thrice`did you use to use slackware? :)19:07
NomiusYes :-)19:09
thrice`slackware provides premade goodies, and plops them into that DIR.  everyone else just uses ~/.xinitrc19:10
NomiusI know, but what if I want to set a default xinitrc for all users in crux?19:10
thrice`I think that will work globally19:11
NomiusIt isn't :-(19:12
thrice`I believe that it will use ~/.xinitrc if it exists, otherwise check /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc19:12
thrice`it will honor that in ~/ first19:12
NomiusI just saw it in the log files, it is: /usr/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc :-)19:13
thrice`oh, ok :|  sorry / thanks19:13
NomiusThanks anyways thrice` :-)19:13
thrice`mm, it's even in man startx19:17
Teminian_RobinHello there.19:38
thrice`hello :)19:39
Teminian_RobinNewbie for CRUX here from Arch.19:39
thrice`congrats :)19:40
Teminian_RobinFrankly speaking. I'm wandering among source-based distros. :P19:40
Teminian_RobinGentoo, SMGL, Lunar, gobo.....19:40
Teminian_RobinAnd I failed to boot(OMG).19:41
Teminian_RobinUsing 2.6 installer, when running lilo, it says there's no device mapper.19:42
thrice`it's OK, you're not on arch any more.  words like "lulz" and 'OMG' can be omitted :)19:42
thrice`hm, that should just be a warning19:42
thrice`does it say anything else?19:42
Teminian_RobinLet me read.19:42
Teminian_Robin"/proc/misc: No entry for device-mapper found."19:43
Teminian_RobinIs device-mapper driver missing from kernel?19:43
thrice`did you use the "setup-chroot" to enter your chroot ?19:43
Teminian_RobinFailure to communicate with kernel device-mapper driver.19:43
thrice`ok, so /proc does exist, and contains some goodies19:43
thrice`er, proc is mounted19:43
thrice`lilo requires /dev and /proc to be mounted before the "chroot" command19:44
Teminian_RobinI've done it.19:44
Teminian_RobinAnyway lilo loads kernel(with message LILO Loading CRUX......)19:45
thrice`and then panics?19:46
Teminian_RobinUnable to mount root fs on unknown-block(3,2)19:46
Teminian_RobinI wonder why.19:46
thrice`that means you've mis configured your kernel :)19:46
Teminian_RobinIn that case.....19:46
Teminian_RobinLooks like I have a clue on it.19:47
Teminian_RobinMaybe the problem is not kernel but fstab.19:47
thrice`the kernel is trying to mount your root partition.  it can't, because a) your file system isn't compiled in, or b) your harddrive controller isn't compiled in :)19:47
thrice`or, a very small chance that lilo.conf or /etc/fstab are wrong.  98% of the time, it's kernel related19:47
thrice`be sure your file system and HD controller (ide/sata) are in as *, and not <m>19:48
Teminian_RobinThanks. Let me double check and recompile the kernel.19:48
Teminian_RobinSuccessfully booted. I forgot to include generic IDE driver. :P20:15
Teminian_RobinI love the speed of boot. It's really KISS.20:15
thrice`:D  congrats20:15
Teminian_RobinThanks, thrice. :D20:16
Teminian_RobinIt pours here in Seoul, Korea. The rain even penetrates the umbrella.20:16
Teminian_RobinHow's the weather there?20:16
thrice`I'm in the US.  currently about 70F or so20:17
Teminian_RobinWhich state? My cousins are in NJ and I was a one-semester-exchange-student in Utah(U of U).20:19
thrice`I am in Michigan :)  a little further to the north20:19
Teminian_RobinMichigan. :)20:19
thrice`it'll be winter here soon, I guess20:19
Teminian_RobinWhen I was in Utah I saw the first snow at October. It was cool(in many ways).20:20
thrice`your english is very good!20:21
Teminian_RobinThanks. But I'm not that much good at listening or speaking.20:23
Teminian_RobinI need more practice.20:23
Teminian_RobinChatting is ok thanks to my cousins in NJ. They moved to US in their early days so they don't know how to input Koreans in their PC so I had to type in English when chat with them in AIM.20:24
thrice`ah, ok :)20:24
Teminian_RobinAnd still I do though I sent them a keyboard with Korean characters. :P20:25
thrice`I had a Korean roommate in college, who did the same :)20:25
thrice`he used an english keyboard exclusively, but typed in Korean most of the time20:26
Teminian_RobinMore than 15 years of using keyboard makes you type correctly even without monitor.20:27
Teminian_RobinWhen I was using DOS I could type without mointor just by listening to noise HDD made.20:27
Teminian_RobinI think you can do it also.20:28
Teminian_RobinThe ports supports zsh. :)20:29
Teminian_RobinI love tab-tab-tab. :D20:29
thrice`I use zsh too :)20:29
Teminian_RobinAnd in contrib section, zsnes(.....).20:29
Teminian_RobinOK. I can play Final Fantasy V. :)20:30
thrice`the beautfy of crux is the ports system.  very simple and easy :)20:30
thrice`gentoo is very challenging and complex, just to write a build script20:30
Teminian_RobinPlease. I've turned on ACCPET_KEYWORDS="~x86" and I gave it up with sysvinit corrupted.20:33
Teminian_RobinSMGL's socrcery is good at maintenance, but the speed is "really" slower than prt-get.20:34
Teminian_RobinBy the way20:34
Teminian_Robinprt-get search -vv zsh says:20:35
Teminian_Robinzsh 4.3.10-2: Very powerfull shell20:35
Teminian_RobinIt seems that there's a redundant l.20:35
Teminian_RobinDoes CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, or MAKEFLAGS work on crux?20:50
thrice`yes, all of them are set in /etc/pkgmk.conf20:51
Teminian_RobinCrux is good.21:29
Teminian_RobinThere's no massive y/n questions.21:29
Teminian_RobinNo need to set USE flags.21:29
Teminian_RobinNo questions. Just do it(Nike?).21:29
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nipuLCRUX: Where even ArchLinux is considered complicated overengineered rubbish22:14
Teminian_RobinnipuL: I can't agree with you more.23:15
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