IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-09-22

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sepenhi teK_, I saw your commits ;D01:10
sepenthat's for what I didn't sent you the mail01:11
pitillogood morning01:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxslt: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: rake: removed.02:13
teK_sepen: I did not quite get 08:11 < sepen> that's for what I didn't sent you the mail02:16
sepenteK_, ?02:20
tilmannipuL: can you fix up the very last function in here for me? comments inline02:22
teK_sepen: you did not send the email, because..? :)02:27
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sepenteK_, I'm doing a new report03:07
sepenteK_, 'non-ASCII character found' is the only message you have for ports you're maintaining in opt03:14
sependue to -> 'Simon Glo├čner'03:14
sepenbut not only you03:15
teK_I don't know how to fix this except replacing it by 'ss'03:18
sepenimho, we should talk about this in the development channel with the core team03:21
sepeniirc, Pkgfile should be ascii coded, but was proposed to be utf8 in the future03:23
tilmanwe decided to ascii-fy stuff some months ago03:23
tilmanteK_: s/sz/ss/ is fine03:23
sepentilman, its a common warning for opt and contrib03:28
sepenmaybe I should do a massive replacement03:28
Teminian_Robinprt-get depinst hal failed. :(03:34
Teminian_RobinThe message is.....03:35
sepenTeminian_Robin, could you use
Teminian_RobinLet me hard copy, for I'm using VirtualBox.03:36
sepenor or similars03:36
Teminian_Robinsepen: Please wait. I'm getting the message.03:36
Teminian_RobinERROR: Footprint mismatch found:03:37
sepennew or missing?03:37
Teminian_RobinBoth of them are MISSING.03:38
sepenare you sure you have all deps installed?03:39
Teminian_RobinYes. That's the last one.03:40
Teminian_RobinDouble checked. Only hal remains.03:40
sepenwell I'll fix them but now rebuilding it here03:40
Teminian_RobinThanks sepen for your efforts.03:41
sepenTeminian_Robin, but note that you can install the port with -if03:42
Teminian_Robinsepen: I got. I'm just a newbie and I have a long way to go. :P03:43
sepenyeah, and many thanks for the report03:45
Teminian_RobinMy pleasure. :)03:45
sepenops I've another foot mismatch
tilmansepen: opt/minicom needs a getline fix btw03:49
sepentilman, thanks03:50
sepentilman, could you confirm hal's footprint?03:50
tilmani run hal-less03:51
tilmannot sure i would be a good reference point ;)03:51
sepenI should remove some ports or trying it from a new freshen install, finddeps ->
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: minicom: fixed getline issue03:59
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rehabdollsepen: did manage to get usb-boot working?04:15
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sepenrehabdoll, afortunatelly jaeger put his eyes on it too ;D04:21
sepenyou can create the usb device with the -testmedia iso04:22
sepenor with the default iso but getting an updated crux.squashfs from jaeger's site04:23
tilman hahahaaaa04:24
aonperhaps the weirdest highlights last nights04:25
sepenI think was pasted here sometime ago04:29
tilmanhahah :D04:29
aon00:03 < SiFuh> hey tilman, just out of curiosity.. does aon expect to pick up girls in CRUX facebook?04:31
tilmanah :D:D04:31
rehabdollsepen: are there any patches somewhere? id like to create a 64bit usb-image04:31
aonfor the record, i don't expect to pick up girls anywhere :)04:31
sepenrehabdoll, sure04:31
tilmanlow expectations = key to happiness04:32
sepenrehabdoll, you can use 2 methods, 1 - create the usbdisk.img ready for use with dd directly to sda, or sdb, etc. and 2 - partitioning a usbdisk, copying files, etc.04:33
sepenrehabdoll, wich one?04:33
rehabdollmethod 1 i think04:34
rehabdollcould be useful to just post a img right next to the iso04:34
sepenhmm I prefer to create my own images and not downloading it from or another mirror, just to save some bandwith04:34
tilmanconverting iso->img is not straight forward?04:35
rehabdollthats not an issue for me04:35
sepentilman, that's what made my script04:35
tilmani mean:04:36
tilmanis it difficult to run that script?04:36
sepenbut it uses the whole partition of the usbdisk04:36
tilmanthen we can probably avoid distributing img via the mirrors04:36
sepenmethod 1 could use sda for the boot sector and sda1 for files04:36
aon12:32 < tilman> low expectations = key to happiness04:37
sepenrehabdoll, 1sec04:37
aonthat should be the crux motto04:37
tilman!!!!11 :D04:37
aonperhaps in latin, though04:38
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sepenrehabdoll, first you need to get the -testmedia iso from
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spaceninjayes, the allegro sprite editor port is finally working, victory!
spaceninjathx, I04:42
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spaceninjaI've been reporting lots of bugs now, it04:42
spaceninjamy enter button is misplaced04:43
spaceninjaafk :p04:43
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sepenrehabdoll, and also
sepenhehe another botnet discovered by dansguardian here
nipuLtilman: does have a raw format?05:53
rehabdollyes they do05:54
tilmannipuL: no, but you can select from 'module Main' on to avoid copying the line numbers05:54
tilmanmmh, i think i misunderstood the question :P05:55
rehabdolli think i might have :D05:55
tilmanat least one of us probably got it right05:56
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sepenI removed all opt dependencies for hal and rebuild newly but I can't confirm the footprint mismatch for hal:
sepencuriously I've a different one xD06:04
nipuLtilman: try this06:04
nipuLimport Control.Monad (replicateM)06:04
nipuLand  replace the last line with06:05
nipuLreplciateM length (messageReadInt handle)06:05
tilmanomg it compiles06:08
tilmanOMG It's working, too06:08
tilmannipuL: thank you kind sir06:08
tilmannipuL: i should probably rework my code to read all of the data into a nice string first and then do the parsing/unpacking, right? so i don't have to deal with filthy IO all the time06:11
nipuLhoogle ftw06:14
tilmanhow did you hoogle it?06:15
nipuLIO a -> IO [b]06:15
tilmanwhy not 'IO a -> IO [a]'?06:15
tilmanshould have worked, too, right?06:16
nipuLit does06:16
nipuLwhen you're doing networking you can't help but use IO monads06:17
nipuLthere are ways to get out of IO, but it's not recommended06:18
tilmantrue, but i could _first_ read all of the data that belongs to one message/packet and then parse it06:18
tilmanat the moment i'm reading 4 bytes here, parse them, then read another chnk of data, parse that etc06:18
nipuLgood way to smash your heap06:18
tilmanallocaBytes sonds like it might use the stack :P06:19
nipuLmaybe i'll ditch the python and write portdb in haskell :}~06:21
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tilmanthink of the bus factor ;)06:30
sepennipuL +1
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tilmannipuL: you should put your haskell.git ports in a real repo so all of the other haskell and crux users can access them easily06:33
tilmannipuL: your ghc-binary port is named unfortunately. there's a binary package which would probably use the same port name06:35
nipuLi don't even like having it06:40
nipuLideally, i'd like ghc to boostrap internally if it's not installed06:40
tilmananyway, i was able to create a port for the binary module by stealing zlib, s/Setup.hs/Setup.lhs/ and s/zlib/binary/06:41
tilmanhooray for that06:41
nipuLi just use cabal lately06:41
tilmanright. /me installs cabal-install06:42
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thrice`I got the hal mismatch too07:12
sepenthrice`, mine of the one reported by Teminian_Robin?07:28
thrice`didn't you get the same ?07:30
sepenthrice`, please see my comments on the backlog07:30
thrice`oh, I see now, yours is much different :D  I got the one which Teminian_Robin got07:31
sepenwtf, I'm on a freshen install07:31
sepenthrice`, could you paste me the result of $ finddeps hal ?07:32
thrice`sorry, I've gone to work :(07:32
thrice`mine was on a new 2.6 system too, though07:33
thrice`hal was the one of the first items I built, to rebuild xorg-server against07:33
sepenanyways thanks for the report, but I'd like to try it again when arrived to home ;D07:34
thrice`I did not try the new 0.5.13 release of hal, which is a bug fix release07:35
thrice`also, I am on the 64-bit release07:36
sepenhmm nice to know07:36
thrice`since hal is not being worked on any more, maybe opt should be bumped to 0.5.13 finally07:37
thrice`I mean, upstream hal is not being worked on :)07:37
sepenbuilding 0.5.13 here07:38
thrice`I think xfce 4.8 will still need it though :D07:38
sepenthrice`, did you read this?
thrice`hehe, yes :D07:40
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sepenthrice`, 0.5.13 but note that it still appears my footprint mismatch07:52
thrice`I wonder if it's related to the kernel08:01
sepenhmm, well surely it's my problem, I've a glibc-compat instead of the default glibc one08:02
sepenI'm still running a kernel <2.6.27, so I'll try at home08:02
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tilmannipuL: writing haskell is annoyingly annoying08:58
nipuLi feel the same way about most languages09:06
tilmanhaskell makes me feel incompetent and helpless though09:07
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jaegertilman: that's what it's designed to do :)09:09
tilmansuddenly it all makes sense09:10
tilmanmost of the error messages leave me staring at the screen09:10
nipuLon another note, i was invited to an end of ramadan feast tonight09:10
nipuLate so much i almost puked09:10
tilmanwell done!09:11
tilmanomfg it's compiling!09:12
nipuLheh, but nothing feels better than when haskell compiles and runs09:12
tilmanit's cool how few runtime errors there are09:12
tilman(um, at least in my simple programs)09:12
nipuLmeanwhile, i'm fighting with python being stupid :\09:13
nipuLstupid python, stop being stupid!09:13
jaegerWhat's it doing that's stupid?09:17
jaegerI've found most of those problems were ME being stupid, hehe09:17
nipuLit's a bit of both i think09:18
nipuLas an exercise in inventing wheels, i'm writting portdb from the ground up09:18
nipuLi'm trying to add some session middleware, now I can't process POST requests09:19
tilmannipuL: are you familiar with Data.Binary by chance?09:19
nipuLit doesn't like my enviroment now09:19
nipuLahh, that example explains everything :\09:21
tilmanit also contains a syntax error that took me 30 minutes to figure out09:21
tilman"Put merely lifts Builder into a Write monad, applied to ()."09:26
tilmanthe what whats what?09:26
* teK_ asks a friend if my future univiserity still teaches haskell 09:27
nipuLmy cat's breath smells like cat food09:31
teK_does this scare you as much as haskell scares me?09:33
jaegerI took a haskell class in college but that was to avoid fortran09:33
nipuLFP language at my uni was scheme09:35
nipuLbut the uni was split into 2 parts09:35
nipuLfunctional (scheme) and logic (prolog)09:36
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nipuLthink i've figured out what's going on, now to figuure out why09:50
tilmanoooh great09:50
tilmanjaeger: are you familiar with Data.Binary? :D09:50
nipuLnot data.binary09:51
jaegerno, sorry. it's been 12 years since I used haskell last09:52
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jaryay floods10:50
jari didnt find out i didn't HAVE to come to class until i got here10:50
tilmani think monads are allowed to have state in this stateful pure functional universe11:03
* thrice` raises an eyebrow11:22
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Zaba_so I'm a monad?12:12
spaceninjaoh no, slock is gone12:14
tilmanZaba_: don't think so12:18
Zaba_I don't have state? :/12:18
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi12:26
thrice`ihe ihe ihe12:26
Rotwanghuj huj huj12:27
Zaba_uhw uhw uhw12:36
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RotwangI need OOo expert [;13:10
Rotwanghow do I add header to all of my pages except first one? ;D13:11
thrice`let me grab our OOo maintainer, he'll know13:11
Rotwanglol, I use MS Word at work all teh time13:12
thrice`:D  sorry, no clue here13:12
thrice`yes, smae13:12
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Rotwanggoogled it ;D13:15
RotwangOOo writer would fit all needs for my job no need for MS stuff in there13:16
tilmannipuL: oooooooooh my god, i'm getting somewhere13:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: menumaker: update footprint15:03
spaceninjatime for some nexuiz15:10
DarkNekrosnexuiz rulezzzzzzz!! ;)15:11
thrice`I've never played it15:12
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spaceninjayou just need to download and unzip it15:46
thrice`I don't think my intel card would handle it15:46
* spaceninja feels totally nexuized15:46
spaceninjawell, there are other games, I15:48
spaceninjaI'm going to play gridwars now15:48
thrice`i mostly play teeworlds on my laptop15:49
Rotwangyeah teeworlds is crazy15:50
DarkNekrosI knownn it :D15:51
Rotwangno new releases tho :<15:52
Rotwangthe last news is from january 200915:52
spaceninjamaybe it15:56
spaceninjait's done15:56
Rotwangni ni ni ni ni ni ni n i15:58
Rotwangsoftware is never done ;f15:58
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spaceninjaheh I guess you're right16:02
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