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Teminian_RobinArora’s a good browser that’s coming along nicely. If I were to gripe about anything of Arora is that it does a big no by forcing a default font so that web pages just don’t look the way they should.00:14
Teminian_Robin.....OMG. OTL00:14
Teminian_RobinI gave it up. Fallback to Firefox.00:23
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pitillogood morning01:06
tilmanTeminian_Robin: hehe01:41
Teminian_Robintilman: Afternoon. :)01:41
Teminian_RobinSome accountants have come to our office for evaluation of our company./01:41
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spaceninjahas anyone done a successful rejmerge?02:53
spaceninjaI updated every file02:53
spaceninjadoes it have a log?02:58
tilmanwhat happens when you run rejmerge?02:59
spaceninjathe problem isn't rejmerge, it's the file that it changed03:01
tilmancan you be more specific for the love of god?03:01
spaceninjawait, I posted something yesterday03:01
spaceninjaslim[15738]: segfault at 80 ip b803db30 sp bfbe22d0 error 4 in[b8035000+12000]03:02
spaceninjaI can't start X, I get that from dmegs03:02
tilmanwhat does that have to do with rejmerge?03:02
spaceninjait changed some font conf files03:03
tilmanit says slim segfaulted03:03
tilmantry running 'satartx'03:03
spaceninjait starts but there are no font, my openbox menu is empty03:04
spaceninjaof text03:04
spaceninja(openbox:15817): Pango-WARNING **: failed to choose a font, expect ugly output.03:04
spaceninjaengine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='latin'03:04
tilmanyou can always pkgrm fontconfig and install it again03:05
tilmanmake sure to remove /etc/fonts.conf etc, too though03:05
spaceninjaI've already tried that03:06
spaceninjais it possible to remove xorg with one command?03:07
spaceninjasome recursive removal03:07
tilmandid you install any fonts?03:07
spaceninjaI got vera03:07
tilmaneg the bitstream-vera package?03:07
tilmantry running fc-cache03:07
spaceninjadidn't work03:09
spaceninjaI guess I could reinstall every package that has been updated on the computer03:19
spaceninjaxorg package03:19
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tilmanwhat the hell?05:08
tilmandid anyone else get subscribed to
pitillonot here05:11
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teK_does cmus build for you?06:37
pitilloteK_: built fine here opt/cmus (2.6)06:44
teK_what does % pkginfo -o avcodec.h   return?06:45
pitillopkginfo: no owner(s) found06:47
pitilloprovided by ffmpeg (which isn't installed here)06:47
pitillohave you tried to remove it and rebuild cmus?06:47
thrice`mm, nasty poppler footprint mismatch07:02
thrice`teK_: I think this might be valid for building against ffmpeg:*checkout*/gentoo-x86/media-sound/cmus/files/cmus-2.2.0-new-ffmpeg.patch?rev=1.107:05
thrice`sorry, I'm not at home to test, but i'm fairly certain that's the patch I use07:06
thrice`hm, I don't think flyspray has a 2.6 listing yet07:09
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teK_thrice`: it's ffmpeg indeed07:36
teK_does cmus build for you while libmp4v2 is installed?07:37
thrice`sorry, I can't test until later.  I don't think I had it installed at the time, however07:39
teK_I had a similar issue, linking mp4.h to /usr/include solved this07:40
teK_I will mail aon about this, ok?07:40
thrice`the only other thing I did was apply a status patch, which was needed for a security issue07:42
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jaegertilman: I did, that's annoying08:05
tilmangod, dealing with waf people is so damn annoying08:06
tilmanjaeger: i'll go medieval on acrux' ass ;>08:07
jaegertilman: thanks for the help yesterday, much appreciated. I'm also reading which is turning out to be pretty good08:10
tilmanand yw08:12
thrice`change to autotools? :>08:14
Zabaautotools make me squeak08:17
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spaceninjatilman: I reinstalled crux, without installing xorg packages from the cd, I compiled eveything so I wouldn't need to rejmerge the updated xorg conf files. But I still get the same error.08:21
tilmanyou're giving me a migrane08:22
spaceninjayes but seriously what should I do?08:22
spaceninjaI can't be the only one experiencing this08:22
thrice`what are you experiencing?08:22
thrice`segfaulting xorg?08:23
thrice`ok, this is how to report a bad error message08:23
tilmanyou need to give them more information08:23
spaceninjaI'll write you an essay if that's what you want08:24
spaceninjajust give a day08:25
tilmanthere's a middle ground between "fonts" and essay08:25
spaceninjaI think the problem occurs after I run rejmerge on new crux installation, I'm not sure, I guess I have to reinstall again to see what it acctually changes08:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslinux: fixed footprint08:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: jamvm: new port08:31
thrice`rejmerge without any files to merge = death!!108:31
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jaegerwell, if he did a 2.6 install and then sysup there's plenty to merge09:00
thrice`I still didn't catch if his issue was related to rejmerge at all, or other things09:01
jaegeryeah, I'm not sure... I guess maybe his X session dies because of a libXft segfault?09:02
thrice`rehabdoll: not sure if you're interrested, but ghostscript needs -fPIC in CFLAGS, or (what others seem to do):
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rehabdolli added postscript in 2.509:08
rehabdolli suck09:08
joacim5 dollars?09:08
rehabdollghostscript even09:09
rehabdolli suck even more09:09
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tilmanhe should just (u)upgrade the files that rejmerge wants to merge09:22
tilmanat least the fontconfig files09:22
tilmannot sure how you can screw that up though09:22
thrice`I don't think fontconfig will have updates on a fresh 2.6, even ;)09:23
tilmannot sure 2.6 shipped with fontconfig 2.709:23
thrice`i'm too lazy to navigate there in FF :>09:24
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jaegerI did a sysup from a fresh 2.6 yesterday, there are fontconfig updates09:34
joacim - cant update libxvid :/09:37
thrice`I wonder why it still calls autoconf09:42
jarlol, my professor is a major texting fiend.09:42
thrice`joacim: try to kill the autoconf line, maybe that's messing it up09:43
jarchecking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linuxchecking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linux09:44
jaris that normal?09:44
thrice`is what normal?09:44
joacimehm. it builds..09:44
jarthrice`: for it to be "unknown"09:44
joacimthought I tried killing the autoconf line when building by hand09:45
thrice`your gcc appears different jar ?09:45
jarthrice`: i'd have to check when i get home09:45
jarthe box im ssh'd into now is debian with no dev tools09:45
jaegerit's not uncommon09:46
thrice`some distros set that build flag in gcc.  either way is "correct" I guess :>09:47
jarsounds reasonable09:51
jarhm, gmail is down10:08
jarat leaat for me10:08
jaegerstill working here, just can't get contacts at the moment10:11
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thrice`yep, same error here regarding contacts10:14
jaryeah it started like that10:16
jarthen it stopped loading10:16
jari was emailing my gf too10:17
jarApparently they found water on the moon.10:19
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thrice`I suck at wikis10:52
thrice`I hope I didn't just kill the wifi page10:53
tilmani hope so, too!10:59
thrice`don't worry, I kept you as the author just in case :>11:02
tilmanmaybe i'm lucky and you misspelled my name11:03
thrice`I put your cell phone just in case :)11:04
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jaegerugh... building a kernel package for an ancient debian sarge install is not fun11:07
jaegerhave to build a new kernel so I can build kernel modules so the vmware tools work in this old-ass debian sarge VM so we can use it to troubleshoot other old-ass debian sarge installs :P11:08
thrice`heh; how old of a kernel?11:11
jaeger2.6.16.9, it could be a lot worse11:11
jaegergreat, it doesn't build... bleh11:12
jaegerwonder if I can use a more recent kernel11:12
mike_kwhy not to enforce CRUX fascism on all those debian boxes?11:13
jaegerIf I had easy access to them I'd consider it but some of them are out in production in places I can only reach when they set up a reverse ssh tunnel to us11:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: glib: updated to 2.22.11:28
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jarjoacim: you're obviously a redditor12:29
joacimI am?12:30
jarthat image has been on reddit all day12:30
joacimnever visited that site12:30
joacimever :S12:30
jarand here i thought you were one of the COOL kids12:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ncmpc: 0.14 -> 0.1512:34
aoninteresting, i was driving home and saw that i was highlighted12:35
aonand teK_ had said something about mailing me about something12:35
aonso i checked my email12:35
aonand there were two mails with "tek" in both sender and subject12:35
aonbut those were some trade union stuff12:35
jarthis library is entirely too cold.12:35
jarit's like they're trying to keep beef fresh in here12:36
aoni think it's something like 19 here12:36
jarso that's like 66F?12:36
jarim not sure what the exact temp is but i wore shorts because its warm outside and i am miserable in here12:37
jari hate when people over use the a/c because it's warm out12:37
jarI get that it's warm outside but come on, we're not trying to simulate winter in here.12:39
thrice`"gmail goes down" is a headline on cnn.com12:39
jardoes it cup the balls?12:39
thrice`of all of the things going on internationally, gmail's 10 minutes of downtime is clearly in the top 5 =)12:41
teK_+ it's not down for me.12:41
jarcnn is offended by an ad called "Save the Boobs"12:41
jaruptight cunts12:41
joacimthey didnt write about the guy that crashed his trailer because he was masturbating?12:42
jarWhat a bunch of B.S.12:43
teK_so it's at the same level as BILD (
jarwow and a not so subtle jab at Canada at the end of the video12:44
jarno wonder people hate CNN12:44
* thrice` wonders if gtk ate tilman 12:46
thrice`still on crux jar ?12:47
thrice`oh wait, you weren't the new guy12:48
jarim an older cruxer than a lot of folks here12:48
jarstarted out back in 05-ish12:49
joacimlets see if ghc wants to play with me tonight12:53
jarhaskell fun12:53
rehabdolljar: how the HELL can you enjoy red stripe?12:56
rehabdollits PISS12:56
jarrehabdoll: lmao12:56
rehabdollno seriously.. i could not even finish it12:56
jari love it, personally12:56
* joacim is proud to say that he have never tasted red stripe12:56
rehabdollyou owe me $512:56
jarrehabdoll: you tried it after i mentioned it?12:57
jarwell, some people don't really like lagers12:57
jari do though12:57
thrice`some people like drinking piss too12:58
jaegerthe last beer I really liked was something I had in stockholm when we had the first cruxcon12:58
jaegerMariestad I think12:58
jaegerjue was trying to kill me, I had to stop him buying more after a couple rounds12:58
jarthe last beer i tried that i liked was Sam Adams' Octoberfest12:58
rehabdollim sorry, but theres lager and then there is red stripe12:59
jaegerI'm a lightweight, I admit it... he was not12:59
rehabdollwhich is something entirely different12:59
jarrehabdoll: different strokes i guess.. i can also down a 6 pack of pabst :>12:59
rehabdollyeah, mariestad is ok12:59
rehabdolli sent a 6pack of mariestad to a gnash developer a few years ago :)12:59
jaegerI liked it pretty well. I'm not much of a drinker, though, so I cannot really make many comparisons13:00
jarim a pretty heavy drinker13:00
thrice`man, cruxcon in germany would have been so awesome13:00
jarsome nights ill go for a huge case of cheap ass pabst13:00
jaror ill go for some smaller nicer tasting stuff13:00
thrice`man, a red stripe drinker calling other beer "cheap" :D:D13:01
aonrehabdoll: how's sofiero?13:01
jarthrice`: a 6 pack of red stripe is about $9 vs $5 for pabst13:01
rehabdolldunno, i dont think ive ever had it13:01
rehabdollatleast not that i can remember :)13:01
aonpretty bad reviews13:04
aona friend said it was good13:04
jari trust my own taste buds13:04
jarnot beer critics13:04
jarive tasted some really good stuff that they hate, and vice versa13:05
jarfor the most part, i can sit down and have a pint of anything13:06
jaras long as its not overly bitter13:06
aoni love bitter13:06
jari like it fine13:06
thrice`me too; I'm a huge IPA guy13:06
jarbut im talking OVERLY bitter13:06
jaegerI read that as at first13:06
jaegerI was wondering if it was a database of really bad beers13:07
joacimmy tastes tend to change over the course of a year. sometimes i drink nothing but ipa, other times i drink nothing but juniper spiced beer13:08
jaras bad as this is13:09
aoni mostly drink lager13:09
jarsometimes i enjoy a big ass 40 of colt 4513:09
jarbut that's mostly for parties.13:10
aonor well, guinness/kilkenny on tuesdays13:10
thrice`I tend to switch to dark stuff for the winter months :)13:10
aonsometimes followed by lager if i intend to get drunk13:10
jarive got some guinness @ home waiting for me13:11
jarmy only problem is when people develop beer snobbery13:11
jaras if craft beers are the only beers that should ever exist and that cheap beer has no place in the world, ever.13:12
aonthere would've been some kind of guinness 250y celebration in the place i usually go to on tuesdays13:12
aontoday, that is13:12
jari would go but i dont get home until 11ish and the gf has to work tomorrow13:12
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aonteK_: i'll look at cmus when i get back to my crux box16:56
aon(read: monday)16:56
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thrice`eek, limited crux time :(17:06
aonnot exactly17:08
aonbut i'm visiting my mum and one laptop is enouh17:09
thrice`oh, awesome :)17:09
jseIt's all about priorities. ;)17:18
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Teminian_Robinsegfault on firefox......19:01
Teminian_RobinFailed to choose a font.19:01
Teminian_RobinWhat would be the problem?19:01
joacimits all jars fault19:02
thrice`that sounds like a pango failure19:02
thrice`do you have /usr/etc/pango/pango.modules ?19:02
Teminian_Robinthrice`: Yes. There's one.19:04
thrice`does "rejmerge"  report you need to update some configs ?19:05
Teminian_RobinIt says.....19:06
Teminian_Robinrejmerge: /var/lib/pkg/rejected not found19:07
Teminian_RobinIt's my fresh install.19:07
thrice`hvae you done some updates recently ?19:07
Teminian_RobinWell. I've done ports -u two days ago. That's all.19:08
Teminian_RobinResetting font cache does not help.19:08
thrice`ports -u  just updates the ports tree, "prt-get sysup19:08
thrice`"prt-get sysup"  updates the actual system :)19:09
Teminian_RobinYup. So I didn't do anything.19:09
Teminian_RobinMaybe because I don't have any Type2 fonts?19:11
thrice`on my system, I have only:  xorg-font-bitstream-vera 1.10-2, xorg-font-misc-misc 1.0.0-219:13
Teminian_RobinIn that case I have no problem.19:14
Teminian_RobinAnyway, doing prt-get sysup......19:53
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jaegeryay... router reconfigured, IPSec tunnels fixed, new watch band bought20:54
jaegertime to work on my ports a bit20:54
jaegeraon: sounds like an excellent job for virtualization :)20:55
thrice`nah, just convert your mom to crux ;)21:02
jaegerhrmm... curse you, faac!22:09
thrice`if you use gentoo's patch + bump to 1.28, it'll work :>22:10
jaegerthat is exactly what I'm doing and it's still failing :(22:10
thrice`I meant to keep a .diff, but I over-rode it22:10
thrice`ah, maybe not; let me try :)22:12
jaegerI'll try again in a min, rebuilding my libmp4v222:12
thrice`jaeger: this works for me:
jaegerInteresting... same patch, I wonder if the bootstrap is the difference, I took that part out since that's theoretically the "already bootstrapped" source22:16
jaegerweird, that does seem to be the problem22:19
thrice`builds if added?22:19
thrice`strange :)22:20
jaegerI try not to think much when updating faac/faad222:21
jaegermakes me want to drink22:21
jaegerhopefully my laptop dvd drive is up to the task of the nwn/quake4 updates22:26
jaegerhmm... forgot to change my pkgmk work dir, building nwn-diamond in /dev/shm will likely fail :P23:47
jaegerbut maybe not, with 4G RAM23:47
jaegerheh, failed23:48

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