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rehabdollpretty cool00:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: clamav: updated to version 0.95.200:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: faad2: updated to version 2.800:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: faac: updated to version 1.28, added external libmp4v2 patch, thanks thrice/gentoo00:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: teamspeak2-client: updated dependencies00:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: quake4: updated to version 1.4.2, updated dependencies00:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: nwn-diamond: updated dependencies00:29
jaegerand on that note, I'm going to sleep :)00:42
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pitillogood morning00:56
tilmanthrice`: aha. so it has been announced. thanks for the patch01:24
tilmanthrice`: now i've actually opened your mail. wow. thanks! :D01:26
tilman"So in 1962, Robert McNamara ordered every nuclear weapon locked with numerical codes.02:00
tilmanEffect: None. Irritated by the restriction, Strategic Air Command set all the codes to strings of zeros. The Defense Department didn't learn of the subterfuge until 1977."02:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: atk: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: pango: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gtk: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: qemu: 0.10.6 -> 0.11.002:48
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: wget: update to 1.1204:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: apr: update to 1.3.904:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gtk-engines: update to 2.18.404:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxml2: update to 2.7.504:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxml2-python: update to 2.7.504:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mdadm: update to 3.0.204:25
tilmanis that instant git-to-httpup/rsync cool or what? :P04:28
teK_you guys rock :P04:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mdadm: oops, by mistake removed the vol_id patch05:23
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aonjaeger: yeah, the 1.6GHz atom is surely enough to run something else on top of windows :)06:12
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thrice`tilman: did you think it was just a "omg where is it?" :)06:51
thrice`I really just wanted to try and figure out git format-patch :>  It's amazing how simple it is06:55
jaegeraon: should be, certainly08:10
tilmanthrice`: i expected plain diffs, not git patches08:10
thrice`ok :)  it was my first attempt generating diffs directly from git, so I was curious if they were useful at all, or if they actually worked :)08:11
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jaegerAnyone know why xterm starts wrapping text at the wrong place after the terminal is resized?10:29
thrice`my urxvt does the same10:32
jaegerI think gnome-terminal did it as well, can't remember10:32
jaegerI'd love to know how to fix it but I don't know the right things to search for, not getting anything useful from google10:41
thrice`yeah, I couldn't quite figure it out either, but didn't think much of it :(10:42
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thrice`Rotwang: I don't suppose you've tried to patch the CRUX logo into 2.6.31 ?13:57
Rotwangi did not13:57
Rotwangdoes not work?13:58
thrice`well, it patches OK on my machine, but the build doesn't complete13:58
thrice`yes, tux is so ugly in comparison :D13:58
Rotwangit works on 2.6.3013:58
thrice`yeah, it's very strange.  it worked fine for me until 2.6.31.  perhaps it was my mistake13:59
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jarbig bang theory is BACK!14:56
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aonno intelligent design? :'(15:01
jaroddly enough15:01
jarthe big bang theory is one of the first american tv sitcoms to feature openly atheist characters15:02
teK_land of the free15:02
teK_since .. 200x ;P15:02
jarwhoever told you that is your enemy!15:02
jar<3 r.a.t.m15:02
teK_uhm. O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.15:03
aonmatrix reloaded on tv15:04
aondecided i won't watch it15:04
teK_Matrix is NOT a triology15:04
aoni decided to start searching for a new vhs player15:05
joacimmeh. im not one of those drones that cry about the last two movies15:05
aoni'm scared that the one i got now will kill the tapes15:05
joacimi enjoyed them!15:05
Rotwangi enjoyed them too15:05
teK_let me quote a dear fellow of mine: "fuck me gently with a chainsaw!!111"15:06
jaraon: get a dual vhs/dvd player15:06
teK_I mean.. it's not that p II/III are awful but Part I is just so much better15:06
RotwangteK_: seen it in one of teh kernel comments fortunes15:06
aoni don't think that the combo players excel in either technology15:07
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aonalso, i don't want to watch dvd's :)15:07
jarfair enough15:07
teK_I don't think you can compare vinyl and VHS like CD and DVD  *g*15:08
aonbut there's a certain charm in watching bad horror movies on vhs15:08
teK_like the sexscene in planet terror?15:08
aoni haven't seen that15:09
joacimalso watching highdef movies on w-vhs makes you badass15:09
thrice`heh, too true :D15:09
aonvhs/dvd is more like C-cassette/CD15:09
teK_best scene in planet terror:
aonexcept that C-cassettes are just sad15:10
aoni remember when i had to detune my guitar to play along a tune i had on a cassette15:10
teK_the scene I meant regarding VHS is this one:
aonyeah, i thought "planet terror" sounded familiar15:13
aona friend of mine has the poster for that and dead proof on his wall15:13
aonbut i'm usually drunk when i go there so lookup took a while15:13
teK_one cannot expect much sense or a story from Tarantino but Death Proof really sucks15:14
teK_hehe aon15:14
* teK_ wonders if Tarantino has got anything to do with Hostel {1..n} or Saw {1..n}15:15
jarteK_: you might wanna start running15:15
jarim a huge tarantino fan15:15
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teK_he didn't (according to imdb)15:15
teK_I love Pulp Fiction15:15
aonwhat's wrong with hostels? :)15:16
jarthe only movie he's made i hate is kill bill15:16
aonand there are n now?15:16
aoni think there were just two15:16
teK_aon: it's stupid and primitive violence. I don't like that15:16
jarkill bill was too much of a feminist ball slap for me15:16
teK_kill bill was kinda boring with some nice/funny effects15:16
teK_From Dusk Till Dawn was ok, too15:17
jarsalma hayek's boobies = excellent movie15:17
jaegerFrom Dusk til Dawn was 2 different movies15:17
jaegerjammed together15:17
jaegerone good one and one shitty one15:17
teK_shitty == trashy? :)15:17
jaegerterrible :P15:18
jaryou mean one movie about bank robbers and another about vampires?15:18
jaegerthe first half was kinda cool and interesting, then all of a sudden VAMPIRES WHAT THE FUCK15:18
aon imdb recommended that15:18
aonseems good :D15:18
teK_jaeger: hahaha15:18
teK_The combination of gore and various kinds of bodily fluid excretion/ejection/evacuation was too much for my wife too take15:19
teK_money quote15:19
teK_now I want some chinese food. dammit.15:19
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Rotwangall i can say is15:46
Rotwangwriter is shitty text processor15:47
Rotwangsomeone needs to invent something better15:47
jseI've been trying to get into the habit of using LaTeX due to same reason: word processors drive me up the wall.15:49
aoni typeset some math notes earlier today15:50
Rotwanglatex seems reasonable15:50
Rotwangbut i cant be bothered to learn it [;15:50
jaegerI did my calculus II homework in LaTeX in college, professor loved it15:51
rehabdolli also did some math stuff in latex yesterday/today15:53
thrice`I've never even tried to use it, and wouldn't know where to begin15:54
aonit'd be cool to know it so well that you could just typeset what you see on the chalkboard instantly :)15:54
jaegerthat would be awesome15:54
jaegerit took me ages15:54
rehabdollits quite nifty if you know what you are doing. but i can find it quite frustrating when i cant find out how to do something simple15:54
rehabdollScience: Alzheimer's Disease Possibly Linked To Sleep Deprivation15:57
teK_D:I forgot, when I went to bed yesterday, but it must have been late"15:58
thrice`oh no, teK_ might be in trouble !16:01
rehabdolli fell asleep on my couch around 7-8am.. actually after a long night of latex :)16:07
* Rotwang prefers without latex16:07
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* teK_ just packaged 9 new perl modules for contrib16:07
teK_that was *exhausting*16:08
teK_and all this for fwknop <>16:09
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jartrying a new beer16:33
aonwhich one?16:34
jarSt. Pauli Girl16:34
jarbeeradvocate seems to dislike it, but i think it's pretty good16:35
jarapparently it's made in germany but not sold there16:37
aonyeah, seems to be the same brewery as beck's16:38
aoni don't think very highly of that stuff16:38
jarive never tried it before16:38
aonthey're responsible of this:
jaraon: local stores here let you "build" your own 6 packs16:38
jari think it's very refreshing16:40
jari'd get it again16:40
jarmy university's financial aid department is lazy as fuck, they skipped out early today :|16:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pidgin: version bump16:48
jarugh, women are too emotional16:51
Rotwangwoman == emotions16:52
jarpretty much16:52
jarmy gf just called me all mad about new policies at her job16:52
jarshe calls me EVERY time there's the smallest issue at her job threatening to quit16:52
teK-send her some kleenex :>16:53
teK-I'm sure she will understand16:53
jarshe thinks she's going to get fired every time there's a policy change and she's been there for 2 years16:53
jarthe thing that annoys me is that she does it when im studying and listening to her complain puts me in a foul mood which throws off my studying16:53
jaegerdon't answer the phone every time :)16:59
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jarjaeger: yeah, that'll make it easier ;)17:01
teK-she will adapt in this regard for sure17:02
teK-there's e-mail, sms and other type of stuff she can get on your nerves with :>17:02
teK-sex deprivation ._.17:03
jaegerthe key, though, is that all of them are temporarily ignorable17:03
teK-I heard sex deprivation causes Alzheimer's17:03
jarthe point is, i feel like i have to deal with ALL her issues + mine because she calls me every time she doesn't feel 100% perfectly happy17:04
teK-that gotta be love *g*17:04
teK-how old are you, if I may ask17:05
jari love her to death but sometimes i feel like running her down with a tron light cycle17:05
jarim 2117:05
teK-and her?17:05
jarsame, she's like 3 months older than me17:05
jaegerI didn't know shit about shit when I was 2117:05
teK-uhm. So she's old enought.17:05
jaegerI've mellowed out a ton since then17:05
teK-At least one'd think so.17:05
teK-jaeger: me my gf and our son moved int to a flat of our own when I was 19 and she was 1817:06
teK-we didn't know mich shit either :P17:06
jarshe had a hard time dealing with reality and responsibilities, like most women17:06
teK-reality? what?  :x17:06
jarlike right now she threatens to quit her job every 8 seconds despite the fact she needs her dental insurance atm17:07
jaegerteK-: not saying people are useless then, just that things seem a lot less scary and important now that were big deals then17:07
Rotwangnew lxpanel is cool17:08
jari still use a custom patched fbpanel17:08
aoni'm afraid that if i get any more calm i'll be dead17:08
aonand i'm 21 too17:08
teK-things seeming less scary than they are is quite an advantage17:08
jaegerall things in moderation :P17:08
jaegerlay off the valium :)17:08
jaraon: i thought you were like.. 3017:09
nipuLi'm like ... 30 :\ in april anyway17:11
* jaeger creaks17:11
Rotwangim turning 23 in about a week :<17:12
teK-i thought you were younger, nipul17:12
teK-um well this sounds offensive17:12
jari thought he was older tbqh17:12
jaegerI'll be back later, I'm gonna go chase you damn kids off my lawn17:13
nipuLheh, i'm not offended, i even look young17:13
aoni don't look young17:13
teK-'omg granpa is getting his sawed off pump-gun, let's get out of here!11'17:13
aonpeople are always surprised by my age17:14
aonand that i'm not some moderate rightist17:14
nipuLi was sztill getting asked for ID if i bought beer when i was 2517:14
nipuLdrinking age is 18 here17:14
jarim 21 but look 16-ish depending on my hair17:14
nipuLso i just grew a beard, then i look really old17:15
aoni think the only time i got asked for ID buying booze was when i got a bottle of whiskey wearing the army uniform17:15
jari cant grow much facial hair thanks to my ancestors17:16
aoni can grow it pretty well17:16
nipuLit's about the only place i can grow hair17:17
aonif i grow enough beard (or hair in my neck), there's a continuous path of hair from the top of my head to my toes17:18
aonfile that under "too much info"17:18
joacimsadly hair grows well everywhere on me :/17:18
* jse waits for the "omg hair, eww" comments to pour in.17:19
nipuLare we talking robin williams level hairiness17:19
joacimI'm not that bad. but i may turn into him as i grow older17:20
jaris it bad that i study better after a couple beers?17:21
nipuLwtf, there's _another_ dust storm17:21
nipuLnot as bas as the one the other day though, but it's really hazy outside17:22
jarnipuL: familiar with the US dust bowl?17:22
jarthat was all due to human error the previous years17:23
aonhaha, fail17:23
jaraon: @ which?17:23
aon@ dustbowl17:23
jaraon: yeah, back in the 3017:24
jar's people plowed their farms with little regard to anything17:24
jarand the collective issues resulted in a huge dust storm 2 years in a row17:24
nipuLthe duststorm was the width of queensland, about 2000km wide17:24
jaraustralia could stand to lose queensland17:24
jaror at least gold coast17:24
joacimlike that one17:26
jarreminds me of Total Recall17:27
nipuLthe dust hit new zealand today17:28
nipuLwhat was left of it anyway17:28
jari hate new zealand17:32
aoni liked thas17:32
jseAnother "I just feel like hating a country" moment, jar?17:32
jarjse: no17:32
jari hate someone from new zealand and it affected my opinion of the entire country17:32
jarbut i love the kiwi fruit17:33
jseRight, one bad apple and the whole place is a shithole as a consequence.17:33
jarhey, im not starting an anti new zealand campaign or anything17:34
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joacimyou should17:35
*** Rotwang has joined #crux17:35
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teK-all germans are nazis, obviously17:36
jseAnoter chalk mark for Godwin.17:37
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jaegernipuL: where are you located? one of my coworkers' girlfriend in sidney said it was pretty crazy17:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lxmusic: imported from lxde collection18:09
Rotwangat last had some time to update some of my private ports ;D18:17
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thrice`ooh, "depends on xmms2,"  fancy!18:30
thrice`tilman will be so proud :D18:30
teK-its the third time today that all of a sudden my  keyboard is stuck repeating the last pressed key and nothing but alt + str + sysrq b will help19:05
thrice`anything useful in /var/log/Xorg.0.log{,.old} ?19:09
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teK-no sir19:11
thrice`mm, if anyone listens to pandora, "pianobar" is a pretty awesome app :)19:24
jaegerwow... windows defender is able to scan files inside a .tar.bz2 inside a .iso file on my hard drive19:29
thrice`weird, since it usually doesn't even know what either of those two file types are ;)19:29
jaegerit just scanned the linux- tarball in the crux 2.6 iso, pretty weird19:30
thrice`maybe it's being nice, since it's feeling threatened :)19:31
joacimwould be nice if ms made more applications that supported those formats =)19:34
thrice`yeah, my girlfriend asked how to mount an iso the other day, in v-box, and it took me a while to think about it19:34
thrice`and recall that you actually need another piece of software to do it19:34
teK-uhm.. no?19:40
thrice`on xp, anyway, I couldn't find anything else19:41
teK-you mean mount a plain ISO on Windows?19:42
teK-then you're right. Thought you spoke about vbox itself19:42
thrice`ooh, no, from within windows :)19:42
teK-btw whats the official strategy to avoid perl 5.10.0 vs. 5.10.1 footprint mismatches in crux-2.6?19:44
teK-it occours to me that quite some ports (all I've looked at) have 5.10.0 in their footprints19:44
thrice`[ajb@thinkpad ~]$ grep 5.10.0 /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint | cut -d / -f 5 | sort | uniq | wc -l19:46
teK-nobody noticed until now?19:47
thrice`sed might work, but hacking .footprints can be messy19:47
teK-Do all of you have ingore_footprint set to yes?19:47
thrice`well, there's only 4 in opt/ ; I guess I don't use much from contrib19:47
thrice`and, those in opt/ appear to not have an active maintainer19:48
teK-yeah :\19:48
teK-that should be discussed in the near future, too19:49
thrice`i'm sure you / someone could update the footprints without anyone caring :)19:49
teK-will look into it tomorrow19:49
thrice`getting late there, I guess :)  where abouts are you, in Germany, no?19:51
thrice`I think I'm heading to Europe next month, for the first time, to Nuremburg19:52
teK-what are you doing there?19:52
thrice`our corporate headquarters is located there19:53
teK-SuSE? :P19:53
thrice`haha, thankfully not ;)19:53
teK-we've got a mole in here!119:53
teK-nice. That's about one and a half hour from here19:53
thrice`:D  I'm trying to steal the ports system, and convert it to RPM :>19:53
teK-good look19:54
thrice`it's actually Altdorf, I think19:54
thrice`but nobody knows where Altdorf is19:54
teK-Its name sounds familiar19:54
teK-what's the company's name?19:54
thrice`actually, "Altdorf bei Nuermburg"  might be the actual name19:55
teK-I think their a customer of my  (yet) emplyer19:55
thrice`:)  possibly19:56
teK-hopefully our ERP has finnished the backup already19:57
teK-I'll have a look.19:57
thrice`imagemagick is the only non p5* port in opt/ with a perl mismatch20:00
teK-Muehlweg 3320:04
teK-90518 Muehldorf20:04
teK-last Invoice was from Sep 1st20:05
teK-hmhm :)20:05
thrice`for Suspa?20:05
thrice`ah, small world :)  what does the company do?20:06
teK-but your company made more volume on our mechanical departments20:09
teK-(we do laserbeam-cutting, stamping, bending etc., too)20:10
thrice`aah, ok :)20:10
* teK- is tempted to peek if there are any open invoices :P20:10
thrice`:O  /me hides20:11
teK-it's really a small world we're dwelling on20:11
teK-heading to bed now20:13
teK-see you anytime soon20:13
thrice`later teK- :)20:14
thrice`   is an imagemagick diff, if anyone from opt wants to update for the perl footprint :>20:21
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