IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-09-26

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pedjaif svn depends on sqlite3, why it wants to link to too?08:33
pedjai get a bunch of ' not found' in ldd output.08:34
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thrice`hm, I get a handful of MISSING's with contrib/gegl10:21
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teK-thrice`: what are those mismatches?11:45
mike_kgoddamn I need autoconf 2.63!11:46
thrice`  is what I get11:48
thrice`it could be a 64-bit mistmatch, I suppose11:51
teK-dunno, tbh11:52
thrice`no big deal, gimp still works :)11:53
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rehabdolli think i remember having that on my 32bit notebook yesterday12:27
rehabdollill rebuild and check12:27
rehabdollyep, same missmatch for me12:33
joacimno missmatch for me12:38
thrice`joacim: what does "finddeps gegl | wc -l" return ?12:40
thrice`21 here :)  I'm guessing that's why12:44
joacimdidnt know about finddeps. time finally go over my ports and fix their dependencies =)12:47
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rehabdollis there a usb-image of 2.6 somewhere? im unable to make my own at the moment13:06
thrice`that works for me on 32-bit, but I couldn't with the 64-bit13:08
rehabdollyeah, but someone should have a ready-made image somewhere?13:09
thrice`  show sthe changes needed for the init image13:09
thrice`oh, sorry; I don't think so13:09
rehabdolldoh.. i need a 32bit image D;13:09
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jarspanish es muy dificil16:31
jari guess i should say espanol or castayano16:32
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jartoo many verb conjugations16:36
RedShiftbest way to learn a language is to move to somewhere where it's the main language16:38
jarthis may sound insensitive, especially to spanish speaking folk16:39
jarbut i dont really care to know it16:39
jari just need a B in the class16:39
aonnow why would that sound insensitive16:40
aoni don't think anyone expects an english-speaker to learn any other languages :)16:41
jarwell i don't want to sound like im insulting their culture16:41
thrice`why should we, don't we run the planet?16:41
jari didn't mean it like _that_16:41
jari just wouldn't bother to learn spanish on my own16:41
jarim more interested in other languages16:41
aonthere's a "bare chested male bondage" plot keyword on imdb16:42
jarmustve been drunk when they made that one16:42
RedShiftevery time somebody says something like that, my belief in humanity dies along with it...16:42
aonand >500 titles16:43
aon watched that today16:45
aona real gem, i must say16:45
treachif you're into bare chested male bondage? :>16:46
aonno, none of that there16:46
treachj/k :p16:46
aonbut i somehow got to "bare chested male bondage" by clicking on links from that page16:46
treachah, yes, the wonders of automatic associations. :>16:47
RedShiftkde 4.3, opinions?16:48
thrice`I'm not too thrilled with kde4, personally16:49
RedShiftme neither16:49
RedShiftstill running kde 3.5 on most pc's16:49
thrice`treach likes it, I think, though might have recently been converted back to fvwm ;)16:49
RedShiftnumerous problems, like not being able to assign a shortcut key to "show desktop", assign a shortcut to a random program doesn't work, powerdevil loses its settings at times, double clicking the system menu button doesn't always close the window, konqueror in kde 4 is the castrated version of the one in 3.5, etc...16:50
RedShiftthe list goes on16:50
treach4.3.1 is pretty cool imo.16:50
thrice`treach: try it on crux yet? curious of how easy it is16:51
treachthrice`: I played too much with crux, so I broke it. :(16:51
treachand then I had no time to get it back in working condition again, so I had to go back to suse. :/16:52
thrice`that was short-lived16:52
treachI got too enthusiastic I guess. :P16:52
thrice`oh well, maybe next year16:53
treachI hope it won't take that long, but I need something working now.16:54
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jarmexican wrestling is intense17:02
jartons of blood17:02
jarthis guy just threw another guy into a bunch of light bulbs17:10
jarhis face looks like spawn's17:10
treachsounds like a great sport, you should try it. :>17:10
jarive always wondered why its so popular for wrestlers to have long hair17:17
jari wonder if it has anything to do with sampson17:17
teK-there's someone in my company that has exactly the hair cut from Mr. Perfect17:19
teK-up until today./17:19
teK-the hair always look wet17:19
teK-it's quite funny17:19
jari got my gf an early christmas present17:26
jarmainly because i wanted it too17:26
jarit's a 26" HDTV17:28
jaronly $30017:28
jarwe get free cable tv out here and we had no tv17:28
teK- ?17:29
teK-yeah, nice17:29
aonhow about that17:29
* treach would probably get killed if he gave away a keyboard like that. :D17:30
teK-what about those ears on her head17:30
teK-should this be sexy?17:30
teK-I don't get it17:30
thrice`yeah, the winxp kills the mood17:31
treachteK-:  nekkonome, I think the japanse calls it, yeah it's supposed to be cute.17:31
jaryeah, someone needs to photoshop in openbox3 + urxvt17:31
teK-dwm + dzen217:31
jarwtf is dzen217:31
teK-and vim with the opened 'config' file17:32
jarvim ftw17:32
teK-it let's you display wars (text/graphical) and stuff17:32
treachit can't be that bad. :p17:32
jari might go to a bar later17:33
treachheh, iirc, there's a vim plugin for mpd too. :>17:33
treachit's getting as much an OS as emacs.17:33
aoni think 'neko' is written with one k17:34
treachok, hard to say with transcriptions. :/17:34
teK-let's agree on it's queer.17:34
thrice`fair ;)17:34
treachthere's no accounting for japanese tastes.17:35
jari like certain animes but i abstain from japanese culture17:40
jari wish comics were bi monthly instead of monthly17:41
jari could use a beer .. or 517:47
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aoni could use one too17:57
aonor 1817:57
aonwell, maybe not at this hour17:58
jarive got 2 leads on jobs18:23
thrice`anything good?18:23
jarfor a college student, yes18:23
jarpart-time work sucks, though18:23
jari wish i could find a part-time help desk job18:24
thrice`all work sucks ;)18:24
teK-I will do 17h/Month from October18:29
thrice`actually, I don't mind my job too much.  I do miss the college days, though18:30
teK-I'm curious wether I will be able to manage my studies and the part job :]18:30
thrice`and, most importantly, crux ports18:31
teK-of course. The maintainer-job is not subject of discussion18:32
aonhelpdesk sucks :(18:35
teK-I will keep my current job just with less hours and payment and no responsibilities. I guess. :P18:36
rehabdollmy old job wants me back :/18:40
teK-havin a plan b is always a good thing?18:40
rehabdolli guess, but i find it distracting18:40
rehabdolli was let go when the economy went down the tubes so i went back to school18:41
jaraon: help desk > retail18:41
rehabdoll<- retail18:42
teK-rehabdoll: that sucks18:42
teK-33% (80 ppl) got laid off at my company18:42
jarthe two places im hoping to get hired at are Target or Petco18:42
rehabdollworst part was that i didnt actually have to leave18:42
jarI'd rather work at Petco18:42
rehabdollbut by that time i was already enrolled and i thought "if i dont do this now ill spend the rest of my life in this store" :)18:43
teK-rehabdoll: my decision went the same way18:43
rehabdollthe only problem is i will be like 35 when im finished with school18:44
jarim a full-time college student and a lot of places refuse to hire someone who asks for 20 hours or less a week18:44
rehabdollwhich is something of a downer18:44
jarrehabdoll: i started a couple years late too18:45
jardont worry about it18:45
teK-rehabdoll: but you will already have work experince, too18:45
teK-or was your work not related to your current studies?18:45
rehabdollyeah but its completely unrelated18:45
aonyeah, i guess18:45
rehabdoll"hi, id like to manage your severfarm. i used to sell paint, floors and wallpaper. please hire me" :D18:45
aonfor me, the whole point of studying is to reduce human interaction to a minimum18:46
teK-I will be 27 when I hold my B.Sc. (hopefully)... so wha..18:46
rehabdolli turned twenty fucking nine this week18:46
rehabdollone year off my first midlife chrisis18:46
teK-I don't think age does matter that much18:47
thrice`29!  omg18:47
teK-if you have a good reason  for acting like you did18:47
rehabdollhaha stfu thrice`18:47
teK-yeah thrice` he's a grandpa18:47
thrice`no kidding18:47
aonevery year brings more mistakes to regret :|18:51
teK-nothing's perfect and that's ok18:53
teK-I did an apprenticeship because my girlfriend got pregnant at the age of 1618:54
teK-only because.18:54
thrice`I think our german plant is still one "short work"18:55
thrice`which is something we don't have here in the states18:55
thrice`it was described that they work 20 hours / week, but the government pays them for some high % of those missing 20 hours18:58
jaegerrehabdoll: here's a secret: you don't have to have one of those :)18:58
jaegerI'm 31 one now and just skipped it, hehe18:58
teK-thrice`: 67% of the missing paycheck, 60% if you have no children18:58
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jarim getting hungry19:09
jarim out of beer :(19:10
aoni've only had two beers this week19:12
aonthink i'll go to bed now ->19:12
thrice`:)  later aon19:12
jarlater aon19:13
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jaegerAnyone use webkit enough to put it into contrib?22:50

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