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thrice`webkit scares me :>06:44
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thrice`  :)09:55
jaegerDoes udev only look for rules in /lib/udev/rules.d now? can /etc/udev/rules.d be removed? I've noticed some ports still put things there10:17
thrice`system stuff should go to /lib/, but user create/special items to /etc/10:19
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thrice`so, so, I think stuff like hal should be going to /lib/10:20
thrice`well, fuse, hal, and sane  from a quick grep :)10:20
jaegerhrmm, ok10:22
thrice`but I think if you wanted to make your own custom rule, /etc is appropriate10:24
jaegerseems reasonable. udev is smart enough to look in both places, I assume10:27
thrice`I think I have an updated hal port for 0.5.13, but I'm a huge user of hal, so i'm unsure :>10:27
thrice`I had a buddy trying CRUX last night, but had issues with 0.5.12 segfaulting10:28
thrice` , I think10:29
jaegerlooks like it was accepted, at least10:30
thrice`I stuck it in my repo, if anyone is super interrested :)
thrice`anyway, out for a bit10:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hicolor-icon-theme: updated to 0.11.12:02
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jaegerput some netsplit on it13:04
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thrice`poor tilman14:12
thrice`who cares about jar, but tilman!  so sad14:13
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sirmacikHi \o15:05
thrice`hello :)15:05
sirmacikPlease, could You tell me what do You think about crux on laptop?15:06
thrice`sure.  I run crux on my laptop very well :)15:07
sirmacik(my machine is ASUS F5GL-AP078)15:08
sirmaciknice, what machine do You have?15:09
thrice`I have a thinkpad r6115:09
thrice`the wifi card can be one of the biggest challenges15:09
sirmacikOn arch I haven't any troubles with that. It could be different on crux?15:10
thrice`nope, probably not then :)15:11
sirmacikthat sounds great [;15:11
sirmacikso I think I'm going to install crux on it in next few days, thanks thrice`15:12
thrice`cool :)15:12
sirmacikIt will be great being back at crux [;15:13
thrice`yep, it's the best distro I've found too :)  never tried arch, do you like it?15:13
sirmacikno I don't, but so far it's the best working distro on my laptop. I miss crux15:15
thrice`i've heard about stability issues with some of their packages, so i stay away :)15:16
sirmacikYes it's true. I also don't like arch way of developing.15:17
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sirmacikbut so far it works and it don't takes so much time to fix satbility troubles15:18
thrice`ah, ok15:18
sirmacikall in all I don't like it ;f I remember crux as so much better distro15:19
sirmacikbut I haven't time to try install it in my new machine15:19
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tilmanwow, freenode is bad today15:20
thrice`ah, sure.  it does take a little more setup time, I suppose15:20
thrice`tilman: it was just you and jar everytime ;)15:20
tilmanwow, there seems to be a connection between jar and me15:21
thrice`yeah :\15:21
sirmacikthrice`: Thing I fear the most of all installation process is kernel configuration15:21
sirmacikI haven't troubles ith that of my old - standard - machine but this is totally new for me15:22
thrice`it can be a good refresher :)15:22
sirmacikI think tomorrow'll be a god day for installation [;15:23
rehabdollcrux run great on my eeepc 1005ha15:25
rehabdollatom powah15:25
thrice`mm, I think that hal footprint issue is from gperf15:29
treachhah, that atom thingy is way over-advertised. Hardy a nuclear power core. :>15:30
thrice`I throttle my cpu to 800 mhz most of the time anyway, suppose I wouldn't notice much difference ;)15:31
treachyay, look mom, idling at 800Mhz!15:32
joacimwish i could do that15:34
joacimmy cpu refuse to go lower than 1600 MHz15:34
jari need a new kickstand for my bicycle15:34
thrice`joacim: using which governor ?15:35
joacimondemand i think15:35
tilmanmine goes to 100015:35
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jartilman: did you have to ban someone or something?15:36
treachapparently not.15:36
treachyou're still here. :>15:36
jaryou son of a bit...15:36
jartilman: you're rarely opped15:36
tilmani'm usually opped i think. cause i'm usually authenticated at nickserv15:37
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jarthe kinds of sushi that people eat disgust me17:16
jari think it's stupid how people add in lots of useless crap like cream cheese or mayo17:19
* jar shakes his head17:20
aonthen again, i've sometimes mixed ham and yoghurt17:20
aonbut at least not in public17:20
jarfo sho17:20
jarfor me, sushi is just meat + rice and the seaweed wrapping17:20
aoni've never had any17:21
aonprobably should sometime17:21
jarmy personal favorite is tuna rolls17:21
jarwith a bit of soy sauce17:21
aonjust don't like fish very much17:21
jari love it17:22
aontuna is ok, and pollock17:22
aoneverything else is torture17:22
jarto me, sushi is meant to be a very simple food, especially given it origins17:23
jarthose kinds of simple rolls are way better than any of that frilly fancy crap17:24
jarif i order a tuna roll and get something like this,, i politely eat that order and leave17:24
ulughbeghwow batterymon, great for any lightwait desk17:25
jarmy laptop just has its battery monitoring in the bash prompt17:25
thrice`tint2 has it built, I just use that :)17:26
aonhmm, new simpsons season starting today17:26
aonwhat's the time there? somethign like 6:25pm eastern?17:26
thrice`yep, perfect aon17:26
jar6:26 yes17:26
thrice`new family guy, more importantly :P17:27
aonyeah, could probably start watching that too17:27
aonnow that there's no king of the hill17:27
jari miss king of the hill17:28
jarme and my gf quote it all the time17:28
jarill watch anything mike judge does17:29
aonthe goode family was mildly amusing17:29
jarespecially ubuntu17:30
jarthat tickled me17:30
jari wish i could get some pulled pork sandwiches17:31
* treach pulls jar's leg. Looks like fine pork. :>17:31
jari work out :P17:31
treachsorry for the bad pun, couldn't resist. :p17:32
jar;) its okm17:32
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nipuLremind me, httpup repo urls for crux?19:14
nipuLnet's down at home and uni proxy only allows www19:14
jaegerno idea here... are the httpup files still at ?19:17
nipuLmy modem died, and my backup doesn't work as a router, so need a pppoe dialer19:20
nipuLmight get a firmware update while i'm here, see if that fixes it19:21
nipuLlol looks like they throttled incoming ftp on the cs server19:28
nipuLi used to use it years ago for ftp bounces to get unlimited internet access at the uni19:29
nipuLftp bounce then pipe through samba to the colleges19:29
nipuLnow all i'm getting is 1Kb/s19:30
nipuLlucky my battery is charged19:30
jaegeroof, that's rough19:33
nipuLcool, cadel evens won the cycling world championships19:36
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