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pitillogood morning01:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: Fixed identation in leafpad, nut and pymp02:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wvdial: update to 1.6103:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fakeroot: update to 1.13.103:29
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fhomy last crux weekend enthusiasm is over, its too much work to maintain an desktop crux system imho :)06:24
rehabdollreally? i run it on two desktops and one server06:25
rehabdollnot that much work imo06:25
pitillocan you make an explanation about what do you understand by work? :P06:26
rehabdollwhat was it that06:26
rehabdoll.. made it too much?06:26
fhommmh I miss a few ports making ports for some programs is reayls time intensive, ports like xpdf dont work out of the box(missing fonts), also many ports install many deps that I not really need afaik because of the default configure flags06:28
teK_prt-get sysup is NOT much work, imho06:29
pitillofho: well, have you done any package/port in other distro? (or does that another distro fill all your needs always?)06:29
fhoI had few port problems because I've installed the x64 variant, and needed to find out for a few ports other configure flags06:29
* rehabdoll hides06:29
teK_it's inofficial and in a testing phase06:29
fhoteK_: maybe we miss understood? :) i dont talk about updating06:29
pitillofho: I can't help with 64b, atm there are people working on it. Feel free to help.06:30
rehabdollahem, not that many people  :)06:30
fhopitiillo: ie I find much more software i need in gentoo, debian, exherbo that i need06:30
pitillorehabdoll: well, 1 person, 2 people xD06:30
pitillofho: then, move to one of them :)06:31
rehabdolli only count as 0.5 people06:31
fhopitillo: i tried to move from gentoo to crux:P06:31
pitillobut I think you can't talk about what hard can be making a port on CRUX vs debian package, arch ports, ...06:31
pitillorehabdoll: xD06:32
fhono, the pkgs are really minimal and simple, easy to create:)06:32
rehabdollwell in all honesty debian/gentoo probably already have most apps available to them06:32
fhobut its not easy to compile software like gwibber:)06:32
rehabdolland i would never install crux on my dads box for example06:32
pitillofho: I moved from debian some years ago to CRUX... for me, CRUX fills all my needs :) Feel free to select the one which fill yours06:32
rehabdollyep, welcome back once youve seen the light :)06:33
fhopitillo: sure, I also tried a lot of distributions:)06:33
pitillorehabdoll: my sister's and mom's computers runs CRUX (if I am not in wrong since 2.2... E17 with FF, thunar, oo, amsn, ...) and for them, doesn't matter if it was crux, debian, ...06:33
ZabaI use crux on my lappy06:34
ZabaI always kept the list of installed packages low on it and crux is its 6th OS06:34
fhoZaba: but i.e when I install kpdf on crux, I need to install the kdegraphics port that has deps like openldap and other strange ports that I would normally not need when I only work with kpdf:)06:34
rehabdollmy dad uses ubuntu. requires no work for me = win06:34
Zabafho, my laptop doesn't even have X!06:34
fhoZaba: but these "fb mode" where you can execute X applications?:)06:35
Zabano X applications.06:35
rehabdollepdfview is pretty awesome if youre looking for a lightweight pdfviewer06:36
pitillorehabdoll: yeah, but always the same, if you need a new version of 1 program (amsn for example) how do you do? do you pick it from svn resolving deps by hand? or do you wait to a bump in ubuntu?06:36
fhozaba: sureley you never need to create openoffice documents:)06:36
Zabafho, I don't06:36
Zabalucky me, huh?06:36
rehabdollwait for ubuntu. but that has never happened so far06:36
pitillofho: I think you always can create a simplier port which doesn't depend on all that not needed ports, make a repo and publish it (or use it for your own06:37
fhopitillo: its really rare under debian, ubuntu that you really need an newer program versions that isnt in the repositorys:)06:37
fhopitillo: yes sure, but thats too much work in some situations.)06:37
pitillorehabdoll: I got it in that case, amsn (talink about 8.04 if I remember well) I must wait to make a distro update to let a friend use amsn...06:37
fhoI will retry crux:P06:37
rehabdolloh, that sucks06:38
pitillofho: this is why I asked about what do you understand about work... I prefer this kind of work over installing a new distro (in "little" computers) or making new battles with dependencies version06:38
pitillofho: for me work was to read all days dbt to keep my sid up06:39
pitillorehabdoll: +106:39
fhohehe, debian sid also dont makes fun:)06:39
pitilloor may be it makes so much fun for me :P06:39
pitilloatm I am not sure how many computers I have running CRUX... the only I know is that tomorrow will be more :P06:40
fhobut dont it bother you that many ports trash up your system with dependencies that you dont really need?:)06:41
rehabdolli never let that happen :)06:41
pitillofho: if I found something like that, I have the options I told you, I can "bloat" my system (which will be less bloated vs other distros) or review the port and adapt it to my needs06:42
fhopitillo: and some day you maintain an half distribution on your self because of the many pkg changes?:)06:43
Zabathe whole "don't need it, turn it off" thing is why I use gentoo on my workstation.. Not that I like it a lot, but it works okay enough so far.06:43
Zabaand well that's also why I use crux on my laptop06:43
pitillofho: you are missing lot of things while you mix a distro and many pkg changes...06:43
Zabaand it's why I don't like debian06:44
fhoZaba: on an console only pc, crux is maybe a lot less work:)06:44
pitilloI mantain my repos, which have the ports I need, I have local repositories in my little production enterprise server, which I maintain, but from there to maintain half a distro...06:45
ZabaI guess so06:45
pitillothe point of crux is that it keep things simple, and let you put your hands on anywhere, touch, adapt and do whatever you want (letting in one side the knowledge I am getting with this distro and the people around it)06:46
fhopitillo: what do you do when an port is updated that you have changed? manually transfer your changes? Or how do you handle this?06:46
pitilloI check the differences, the most times are version bumps, wich doesn't anything more than that. If there are "hard" changes, I try to expend a bit of time reviewing them, then I move the changes to my local port, build, check and test before install06:47
pitillolike I said, all here are free to use it or another distro. Use the one you understand and the one which makes you feel confortable06:48
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jaegerAnyone know a way to git-clone a remote master into a specific local branch?10:37
jaegerI know I could clone and then branch but I'm curious if it can be done this way10:37
jaegerI suppose another way to word it would be to make a copy of a remote branch into a local branch without it being a tracking branch, just a new branch of its own10:45
jaegerah, merge is what I want10:48
jaegergit can do some cool stuff :)10:48
jaegersetting up a tracking branch and removing the remote might also work10:49
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tilmanjaeger: i think you want 'git remote add`12:54
tilmanjaeger: ... and merge is not. :D12:54
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jaegertilman: I may not have explained what I was doing very well, but both methods worked13:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxvid: fix library link, ticket #49613:39
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jaegertilman: perhaps "is what I want" was the wrong phrase, but it did accomplish what I was curious about, though remotes did as well13:44
tilmanwell, i probably got it wrong, too13:45
jaegerI should have specified that the new local branch was empty, for what that's worth13:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: poppler: update to 0.12.013:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: poppler-data: update to 0.3.014:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: awesome: added missing dependency16:45
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