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pitillogood morning00:57
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thrice`hello :)06:48
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pedjaso, procedure for updating to 2.6 is 1.update from iso fix-xcb-scriptt thingie 3.revdep ?08:24
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pedjajaeger:remind me, where are your notes for converting vanilla Crux iso to usb?08:29
pedjaok, found them.
jaegerpedja: I'm actually building a new ISO right now with the updates, though if you don't want to wait for it, those notes work08:34
jaegerI'm bootstrapping packages now so it'll be a while08:34
rehabdolla usb-image should probably be hosted by crux.nu08:39
rehabdollatleast for 2.708:40
jaegerI plan to add a target for that to the Makefile at some point :)08:40
pedjajaeger: I can wait :)08:40
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jaegerpedja: also, has the changes already made and can be used directly with unetbootin08:41
jaegerit's up to you, the only real difference if you wait is updated packages08:42
pedjaI'll wait, I'm a bit too drunk now to be trusted with something as important as system update:)08:44
pedjajaeger: thanks08:44
jaegerhaha, fair enough08:45
rehabdollhow depressing, i had to turn on the radiators in my bedroom last night08:48
rehabdollfall/winter is here D;08:48
joacimit snows during the night here08:48
joacimit all melts by the morning tho08:48
jaegerI've been leaving windows open at night lately here :)08:48
rehabdolljoacim: where are you located?08:49
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rehabdolloh, a n0rx :)09:04
joacimgot a problem with that? :p09:11
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sirmacikHi \o09:25
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Rotwangwhat time is at Romsters place atm?09:55
treachsomething like that presumeably.10:00
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thrice`hi jue11:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] samba: update to 3.4.211:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: man-pages: update to 3.2311:40
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Rotwangi have updated linux logo patch for 31.111:58
Rotwangif someone is interested11:58
Rotwangrehabdoll: ping11:58
thrice`did it need changing, or do I just suck? :)11:59
Rotwangit needed a little tweak11:59
mrksis the patch on
Rotwangmrks ^11:59
thrice`ok, it seemed to apply, just fail to build :(  I was clueless :>11:59
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jarwell today _sucks_12:06
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thrice`mm, I think contrib/lzma should be punted12:46
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tilmankill it with fire!12:48
tilmanjar: today is awesome12:48
thrice`it conflicts with core/xz (obviously), and is probably worthless12:48
thrice`hm, fire might work12:49
tilmanKILL IT!!!12:50
sirmacikHi, is this ^ a bug or I'm just doing something wrong?12:51
rehabdollare you passing any make -jX flags to pkgmk?12:54
sirmaciknot yet [;12:56
rehabdolldunno what it could be, i guess you could comment out that "rm -r" in the Pkgfile and try again12:56
sirmacikI'll try, thanks [;12:57
sirmacik" succeeded" \o/12:59
treach"..and nothing of value was lost" :>12:59
sirmacikso package footprint has changed I think. Should I report it on flyspray?13:00
thrice`sure, or try to catch jue directly :)13:00
jartilman: lol13:08
jartoday SUCKS13:08
sirmacikespecially when it goes to download something from source forge -.-13:09
treachsirmacik: see the faq about that.   ;)13:12
sirmacikI know, I have that line included in my hosts file. But it still in many (most today) cases can't download anything from sf13:13
sirmacikIt retirns only 404 error13:14
sirmacik* returns13:14
treachmaybe you need to find a better mirror then?13:14
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sirmacikI'm working on that13:15
sirmacikbut so far I've tried over 20 mirrors and still the fasest way is to search for that sources at google ;f13:16
sirmacikand download it manually13:17
treachsucksforge at work. :/13:17
Zabasourceforge is totally working to block all downloads of software hosted at them13:17
Zabathey always give me the crappiest available mirror!13:18
sirmacikmaybe they're working on something new but today downloading from sf sucks => today sucks ;f13:18
treachI wonder if they ever heard of geoip or something. It's not that unusual for them to try offering me stuff from .jp...13:18
Zaba"international routing is not as bad as you think it is!"13:19
treachNo. It's worse.13:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: spamassassin: fix download URL13:22
teK_can someone be so kind and (re)build spamassassin on 2.613:23
teK_I have gotten a report claiming a footprint mismatch13:23
juesirmacik: thanks for the report wrt cups, do you have the two directories /usr/share/{applications,icons}?13:28
sirmacikno I don't
sirmacikThis is link to actual footprint13:31
juesorry no, I mean on your system regardless of cups ;)13:33
sirmacikoh, [;13:35
sirmacikI don't have applications directory13:35
jueok, cups installs that desktop stuff only if those dirs exist13:36
jueI hate such auto-stuff13:39
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juebut well, there's a configure switch to disable the desktop files13:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: cups: use configure switch to disable install of desktop files13:48
teK_no spamassassin user present?13:52
Rotwangnot me, sorry :<13:55
* Rotwang is playing kingdom hearts13:55
Rotwangfunny game13:55
Rotwangsomeone adopt libmad plx plx14:02
teK_I could14:02
Rotwangsf gave me 404 on libmad14:17
Rotwangsuckforge is killing me :\14:20
teK_if you install spamassassin I will maintain libmad14:20
teK_deal? :>14:20
thrice`damn, he drives a hard bargain :D14:20
Rotwangdeal [;14:20
Rotwangp5-* ports gives footprint mismatch14:23
teK_I'm going to correct this for opt14:23
Rotwangp5-lwp is also 40414:27
Rotwangnot good14:27
sirmacikI've spent most of my day at google searching for sources ;s14:27
Rotwangdid you see dupa?14:28
Rotwangok, that was just a test14:29
thrice`teK_: jue already did for opt :>14:29
sirmacikfor Your information it wa a polish vilgarism [;14:30
teK_thrice`: :P14:30
thrice`I think he said "tek is too slow" :|14:31
Rotwangsirmacik: no one cares14:32
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
teK_thrice`: ;O14:33
RotwangteK_: tail from spamassassin build14:33
Rotwanghappy now? [;14:33
sirmacikRotwang: good [; better for us ;x14:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: feh: fix download14:36
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
Rotwangdamn, i have no graphical environment14:37
Rotwangok, i suck14:37
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
thrice`bad :)14:38
teK_doing it myself.14:38
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
Rotwangok im not spamming anymore ;D14:40
Rotwangbash: spamassassin: command not found14:40
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
RotwangYour paste can be seen here:
Rotwangi give up14:41
teK_it's not my fault14:41
Rotwangi tried i failed i give up, /me crys14:41
Rotwangthats motto on my tshirt ;D14:41
treach"cries" :p14:41
treachfail again. :P14:41
Rotwangtreach: thats intentional14:42
treachor so you say. ;)14:42
RotwangteK_ ^14:43
Rotwangno problem ;D14:47
* treach counts the attempts, :>14:48
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tilmandoes this url work for anyone?
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thrice`seems to15:05
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thrice`need it stuck up somewhere?15:08
thrice`<blahblah>  also has it15:09
tilmanah, thanks15:09
teK_is there a policy for foreign distro using gentoo's distfile mirrors?15:10
tilman"you may use our mirrors if your distro is cooler than gentoo"15:10
Rotwanglol15:13 :<15:13
Rotwangit would be grand to have it15:13
teK_this'd be a bandwidth problem I guess :)15:15
tilmanpardon my french15:15
thrice`yeah, wtf?15:16
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teK_any french present?15:19
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treachthe forked us because they couldn't live without nls. :p15:20
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dru1dsirmacik: You told here about Yout problem?15:22
dru1dWhat's about evdev module?15:23
dru1dI got "Module not found"15:23
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dru1dAnd I have xf86-input-evdev.15:24
treachyou don't happen to set the modules path to some odd place in xorg.conf?15:27
dru1dsirmacik: Have similar problem.15:29
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sirmaciktreach: and what is that right place?15:34
thrice`I've never gotten evdev to work without using hal15:34
dru1dThere must be hal added to services, we know.15:35
dru1dThis is werid.15:35
treachdru1d: I don't think it's in the same place for us. for me it's in /usr/lib64/xorg/modules, but iirc, tilman once told me to not put the path in xorg.conf at all in the first place.15:36
dru1dI try Yours strategy.15:37
treachdon't blame me. :P15:38
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zkvCan anyone help me to configure my network in crux?16:55
zkvI have ip address in crux16:55
treachtried the handbook?16:55
zkvand i have ethernet cabel to another computer16:55
zkvin which i have
zkvalso another computer have wifi access and dhcp address16:56
zkvthat computer have internet16:56
zkvtreach, yeah. i have tried it but it do not helped a lot16:56
zkvtreach, i mean i configured my /etc/rc.d/net but it is still do not have internet access16:56
zkvi am able to ping another computer address16:56
treachwell, then you probably missed something, probably setting the dns server or so.16:57
treachor, maybe you haven't enabled ICS/masquerading on the other host.16:57
zkvtreach, i just do not have direct acess from my computer to the internet. I have access to another computer with internet.16:57
treachsee above16:58
zkvtreach, going investigate ICS/masquerading.. i have not used it before16:58
zkvtreach, thank you16:58
treachok, you're welcome16:58
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zkvtreach, another host in windows17:00
zkvtreach, i have computer with internet running under windows xp..17:02
treachah, you mean you have xp on the computer with the internet connection?17:03
zkvtreach, actually i started googling about ICS/masquerading but i have found only VoIP information. I do not think it is linked with my situation17:03
treachthen it's ICS you should investigate.17:03
treachmasquerading is when you're running linux in the same situation, and you weren't specific.17:03
zkvtreach, ok. thank you for the direction17:03
treachICS = Internet Connection Sharing, if that helps with your googling.17:04
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zkvtreach, yeah :) right now i found ICS in wikipedia17:04
treachgreat. :)17:04
RotwangteK_: there is htop 0.8.317:08
Rotwangjust reporting17:08
Rotwangcrux64 working flawlessly so far :D17:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: feh: website is up again. fixed urls again17:23
[2]zkvtreach, well. now i am able to acess all computers from the local network but still i do not have access to the internet. that is strange17:23
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treachzkv: sure you've got dns set up correctly?17:36
zkvtreach, yeah. right now i have tested that i am able to ping internet but i am unable to use domain names17:37
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zkvtreach, you are absolutly right!17:37
treachofc. :p17:37
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zkv_treach: thank you!17:44
zkv_I have done it17:44
zkvtreach, actually you have done it and i just wrong some lines inside conifg17:45
zkv_next task is upgrade to new crux17:45
treachbah. Just a few pointers, that's all.17:45
treachthat was a bad move. :P17:45
zkv_well. that is my new task17:46
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zkv_I have 2.4 version and it was not upgraded for a long time17:46
treachgenerally speaking, upgrading an old installation is a bit painful. Starting over with a newer version is almost always easier.17:46
zkv_treach: so just upgradign my ports would not help?17:47
zkv_treach:  is it some migration guide i can follow?17:48
treachor, you could do that, but you'd either have to a) lock some essential ports, eg glibc et al, or b) be extremely careful with what you upgrade in what order, and you'd need to rebuild pretty much everything.17:49
zkv_treach:  going to think a little about it :) Of course i do not want to loose a lot of time. I hope migration should not be big pain :) I might think about reinstallation..17:50
treachI don't think there is a guide for upgrading though the ports, it's just generally seen as a high risk move that should be avoided.17:51
treachzkv_: as long as you have your /etc backed up and your /home on a separate partition it's not that painful to upgrade.17:52
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zkv_treach: yeah.. that is bad news for me :) I have only one partitaiton. Of course i have /etc backuped but home is not separated.. well. i can move it temporary to another hard drive and then move it back17:53
treachok. then you learned something.17:53
treachseparating your data from your system is a really good idea.17:54
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zkv_treach: i have been separating /boot /home /var /usr and / also i have separate partition for swap.. But last time i have been doing instalation i .. well. it was my mistake17:57
treachI don't quite see the point with a separate boot though, unless you're having your / on a lvm or md.17:59
zkv_treach:  i have been reading some time ago that boot should be separate partition with ext2 and also it should be very small and situation at the start of the disk :)18:01
treachthere's no need for that.18:01
zkv_treach:  i think that really it do not matter in production right now. it might be important years ago18:01
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treachyeah, lilo needed the boot partition to be within the first 1024 cylinders, but that was ages ago.18:02
zkv_treach: what boot loader is used right now? I have grub installed18:03
treachboth lilo and grub are shipped, it's up to you which you chose.18:04
treach<- thinks grub is overcomplicated18:04
zkv_i think grub 2 have been rewritten from scratch to simplify everything18:05
treachbut that's still alpha, right?18:05
zkv_yeah. they do 'incompatible changes from time to time' so i think it cannot be used in the production18:05
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rehabdoll64bit -> lilo20:03
rehabdollor, grub statically compiled on 32bit20:03
thrice`  :D20:04
rehabdollx86 bios suck20:04
rehabdollwhos blog is that?20:21
thrice`dunno, found it on the openbox planet20:21
thrice`but the xz entry is kinda funny20:21
rehabdollrunning crux on a pentium 120mhz looks interesting :)20:22
rehabdollheh, i actually also noticed that on my eeepc. had to mount the iso and install that way :)20:23
jaegersetup-helper injects xz, does it break if lzma was already installed or something?20:27
jaegeroh, nm, he didn't use the CD20:28
thrice`no, on that blog post, he did a s/2.5/2.6/g  :)20:28
jaegeryeah, I see20:28
rehabdollas did i20:29
thrice`on your eee??? maniac!20:29
rehabdollit wasnt that bad actually :)20:29
thrice`actually, his specs seem worse ;)20:30
rehabdollindeed :)20:30
rehabdollUploaded: 17357.2 MB <- crux 2.6 torrent20:31
thrice`just you?  wow20:32
thrice`many secret crux'ers out there20:33
jaegerno idea how much mine uploaded, both computers locked up and rtorrent doesn't keep stats :(20:36
jaegerprobably not that much, though20:36
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