IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-10-02

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pitillogood morning01:17
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zkv_good morning01:30
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zkv_is it some tool that diffs all files with the same name in two folders?01:58
mrksfor I in foo/*; do diff $I bar/`basename $I`; done02:05
mrksprobably ugly02:05
zkvmrks, thank you02:15
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jkrI upgraded to CRUX 2.6 yesterday and xorg stopped working again just like every time I update :)04:27
jkrI'm getting this error, maybe someone can help04:27
jkrmodule ABI major version (1) doesn't match the server's version (2)04:27
pitillojkr: check the module which doesn't match and rebuild the port04:28
jkrIt's the "dri" module, which is included in the port xorg-server (searched for it with prt-get fsearch)04:30
jkrAnd I already did a "prt-get listinst | grep xorg | xargs prt-get -fr update"04:30
pitillojkr: can you upload the Xorg.log?04:31
pitilloI haven't updated yet to 2.6 a computer with X installed04:32
jkrX is partially running now, except for the errors04:32
jkrHowever for some reason in awesome the keyboard doesn't work at all04:33
pitillojkr: I have no idea, but seems your are loading dri2. About the keyboard if you have hal installed, check it, may be you need to check the policy04:36
jkrI don't use hal04:36
pitillocan you upload the xorg.conf too to take a look at it?04:36
jkrAnd it works in fluxbox, so probably it's just awesome04:36
jkrAh, I guess those awesome-bastards changed the LUA-API again and I have to spend a few hours to fix my configuration again04:39
jkrOr maybe not :(04:42
jkrI hate all computers04:42
jkr - xorg.conf04:43
pitilloif kbd works with flux, can it be related to the actual wm which you are using?04:47
pitillothe conf seems fine (or I can't see anything strage overthere)04:47
jkrYup, as I said its probably awesome04:49
jkrOr even very likely04:49
pitillowhich wm are you using?04:49
pitillono idea about it sorry (I didn't understood the sentence above, sorry)04:50
jkrI'm trying to compile a newer version now04:51
jkrThanks for helping04:51
pitillohave you looked at the ML about the libxcb stuff?04:52
pitillofirst look at awesome seems to use it04:52
jkrYup, I'm trying to upgrade xcb now as the latest stable of awesome doesn't compile with the version that comes with 2.604:53
pitillocheck it, there's a good post from mike, but it's strange you haven't notice it before04:53
teK_what's the CRUX homepage's URL?04:53
pitillojkr: check the ML, it will explain you about xcb04:53
teK_(it's a test :))04:53
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jkrThe post didn't really help05:37
pitillojkr: may be it can be usefull to know about awosome (which is based in xcb instead of xlib) and crux 2.605:44
pitillo10 years of openssh and a little bump, not so much differences05:48
jkrpitillo: Which post do you mean exactly?05:57
jkrThe one with the sed-oneliner?05:57
pitillojkr: yes, that post talk about the xcb support in 2.6 (libxcb-xlib isn't in 2.6) "Some gotchas after upgrading.... "06:01
jkrWell, I did executed the sed-oneliner and did a revdep-rebuild, no changes06:02
jkrSo I don't think it's xcb06:02
jkrAlso I think that awesome wouldn't even start when the problem was a missing/broken lib06:02
pitillojkr: sorry then, I can't help. I hope you can fix the kbd problem06:05
jkrMaybe it's time for me to switch to another distribution :)06:07
jkrI really like CRUX, but every single time I upgrade half of the system is broken and I'm spending days to fix everything06:07
pitillowell, that's your decision. I can't help in this case (like in most of cases). Like one told says: for tastes, colors :)06:10
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juejkr: you've installed xcb-utils and rebuilt cairo after that?06:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: samhain: update to 2.5.9c06:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: python: update to 2.6.306:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: openssh: update to 5.3p106:37
jkrjue: Yup, multiple times06:48
jkrAnd revdep doesn't show cairo or cairomm too06:48
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jkrI'm still trying to compile the latest stable version of awesome, maybe it fixes the problem06:52
jkrHrm, the newer version seems to fix at least the keyboard problem07:02
pitillojkr: you can fill a bug and add a patch on FS or directly talk with the maintainer07:06
thrice`there should have been a few problems from xcb (and removing xlib) from update to 2.6, but the ML post shows how to clean it up07:11
jkrI don't think xcb was the problem07:18
jkrHowever, any ideas regarding the X errors?07:19
thrice`oh, sorry, let me scroll up.  I must have missed them before07:26
jkrAnd the xorg.conf:
jkrBut I guess those errors can't be so bad as long as X starts and awesome works07:27
thrice`nope, I see a couple warnings, but nothing that X doesn't resolve :)07:29
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thrice`   :D07:37
jkrI don't get it :)07:38
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rehabdolltheres a pointrelease for 1.6 too08:13
rehabdollbut that release made my screen all black D;08:13
thrice`1.6.4 broke for radeon + intel08:22
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jaeger@seen romster10:51
clbjaeger: romster was last seen in #crux 40 weeks, 0 days, 4 hours, 6 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <Romster> out of habbit.10:51
jar@seen boobies10:51
clbjar: I have not seen boobies.10:51
jar@seen hermit10:52
clbjar: hermit was last seen in #crux 3 years, 16 weeks, 1 day, 0 hours, 58 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <hermit> That was the business10:52
thrice`romster has his own IRC channel (#hvlinux) that I typically go to for complain ^C suggestions10:52
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jaegerdoes he still use crux?11:14
mike_kwho cares as long as he maintains his contrib ports =)11:26
jaegerThat's why I wondered11:26
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thrice`not sure if he's still trying to fork or not11:45
Rotwangany ff users around?11:58
Rotwangcrux ports search bar does not work or is it just me?11:58
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tilmanRotwang: just use keyword search :D12:35
thrice`mm, I thought nipuL had done something special for that12:37
thrice`oh, on, clicking the down arrow in search yields "add cruxdb!!!!1"  awesome :>12:38
thrice`seems to work as expected my work (win xp) box12:38
Rotwangdoes not work here :<<<<12:39
Rotwangnow it worked12:40
joacimeverything works after complaining on irc =)12:44
Rotwangtrue ;D12:44
rehabdollno ports for pdftk? D;12:44
* Rotwang googles12:45
rehabdolloh, seems you can merge multiple pdf-files with imagemagick12:45
* Rotwang is looking for lightweight pdfviewer (not xpdf)12:46
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rehabdollepdfview ?12:48
Rotwangill take a look12:50
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teK_Rotwang:  The latest version is 0.8.1 . You can obtain it freely in two forms:13:22
teK_ Oo13:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: htop: 0.8.1 -> 0.8.313:27
teK_unfair ;)13:27
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mike_kwhat mirrors for sourceforge to use in /etc/hosts these days?13:54
* Rotwang is curious too13:55
mike_kcore/db seems to have md5 mismatch for the patch again13:55
tilman193.1.193.66 works for me13:55
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Rotwangrehabdoll: is nice thx14:07
Rotwangrehabdoll: i had troubles building ghostscript14:08
thrice`evince should build without any gnome deps since 2.28, but I haven't gotten a working port yet :(  needed docs and crap14:08
Rotwangrehabdoll: i had to add -fPIC to my cflags and disable makeflags14:08
rehabdoll-fPIC is added iirc14:08
treachrehabdoll: thanks for the btrfs stuff btw, but it had a small catch. :P14:10
Rotwangyes but it failed and then i added -fPIC to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS14:10
Rotwangand it failed again but somewhere else14:10
Rotwangso i disabled makeflags14:11
thrice`I had an ext4 failure last night :\14:11
Rotwangyou may want to check that14:11
rehabdollwell, cant look into it this weekend. please remind me on monday14:11
tilmanthe f in extfour is for failure14:11
tilmanwhat, that didn't make that much sense :)14:11
thrice`failure = completely eating /14:11
treachheh, that's what you get from extending things for all eternety. :/14:11
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thrice`I have no clue what happened, but resuming from hibernate, KMS b0rked something; xorg died / kernel panic, hard-reboot caused / to not exist any longer :(14:12
jseOuch :s14:12
rehabdollext3 did that for me once14:13
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treachand ext2 for me, once. :P14:13
treachdo I sense a trend? :D14:13
jseGenius observation. ;)14:14
thrice`somehow my /home survived it (ext4 too), so I just backed up and reinstalled :(14:15
tilmantreach: ext4 is pretty different from the old block-list things in ext2/3, isn't it?14:15
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treachnetsplits ftl14:21
tilmanwoo, ne x server14:22
tilmanand nobody bitched about it yet14:22
tilmanyes thrice, i'm thikning of you!14:22
thrice`08:37 < thrice`>   :D14:22
thrice`nice try14:22
thrice`mesa 7.6 was a poor experience for me :(14:23
treachintel still in the shitter?14:23
thrice`it's stable at least14:24
treachthat's not much help if it's stable in broken state. :>14:24
thrice`and I can play teeworlds again14:24
jsetreach: indeed. That kind of stability is usually not desirable.14:25
thrice`well, I just booked a flight to Frankfurt :)14:27
thrice`My first experience auf Europa14:27
tilmanprepare for awesomeness!14:27
thrice`I hope so :)14:27
tilmani haev no idea what i'm saying14:28
treach"mir ist es alles wurst" :p14:28
tilmantreach: when is 's' pronounced like 'sh' in swedish?14:28
tilmani just learned that eg 'larsson' is apparently pronounced 'larshson' or something14:29
treachthat's not right.14:29
tilmangreat, my source is a lie14:29
treachyea. :P14:29
jsesj*, sk* tends to give sh.14:29
FXand sch*?14:30
treachlet's not go there..14:30
FXlike in German, no?14:30
* aon tries to think of a swedish word with "sch"14:30
jseSwedish isn't German. ;)14:30
* FX confused14:30
treachFX: we've got a whole bunch of different ways of spelling that sound.14:31
FXvery specific language :)14:31
treachsj, sk, skj, tj etc..14:31
aonoh, right14:31
aonand isn't "usch" something like "eww" or something14:32
aonflashbacks of 7th grade swedish14:32
treachsju sjösjuka sjömän på ett sjunkande skepp etc. :>14:32
tilmanif i had moved down here one week earlier i would be taking a swedish course now14:33
FXyou can take a russian course, if you would ;-)14:35
* aon would like to study some russian14:36
* tilman doesn't14:36
aonbut the problem is that language courses are way too interactive14:36
aoni don't like that kind of stuff14:36
treachthat's a bit funny. Ofc we get a lot of german tourists here, but I always found the number of germans that found the swedish language intresting a bit.. strange.14:36
tilmanfine, then i'm strange!14:36
rehabdollsex laxar i en laxask14:36
tilmanyou're strange too, you know!14:36
* tilman is in an INSANELY good mood14:36
treachyeah I know.14:36
* aon needs to take a swedish course sooner or later in uni :(14:37
FXпревед медвед ;-)14:37
aonprobably should start reading expressen or something14:37
treachbut one or another oddball is pretty normal. but apparently there are quite a few germans how learn swedish14:37
treachaon: please don't..14:37
rehabdollhahaq yeah14:37
rehabdollthe same goes for aftonbladet too14:38
treachit's like reading the Sun, or something. :/14:38
aoni know14:38
rehabdolli read dn.se14:38
treachDN, SvD, or Sydsvenskan.14:38
tilmanisn't there a website that has news in easy language?14:38
tilman(for various languages)14:38
aonalso can't read hbl, it's bullshit14:38
aonYLE radio has news in easy finnish :)14:39
treachError: Input doesn't compute14:39
FXbtw, people. How many CPU should be visible in /proc/cpuinfo for Core2 Duo with HyperThreading enabled ?14:40
aonhmm, and in web too14:40
tilmansome x for which x % 2 == 014:40
jseEver so conveniently titled 'Selkouutiset'.14:40
FXboth are enabled in the kernel, of course.14:40
tilmani have a core1 udo and /proc/cpuinfo shows 2 cpus14:42
tilmannfc about HT14:42
tilmanFX: i guess you're seeing two, too? if it were four you'd probably not be asking?14:42
treachtilman: I don't think there really is something like easy/hard swedish, unless you start reading stuff like laws or other büro-crap. :>14:42
RedShiftFX: 414:42
FXtilman, yep)14:42
thrice`I would have thought only 2 also14:42
thrice`for all core2duos14:43
tilmanthrice`: FAIL14:43
RedShiftcore 2 duo's don't have hyperthreading14:43
FXand I would see 4 cores :D14:43
treachht looks/smells like a virtual cpu, right?14:43
thrice`yes, I don't think they have HT14:43
RedShifttreach: yes14:43
tilmanRedShift: then why would it show four cpus?14:43
tilmantwo cores = two cpus, right?14:43
FXbut flags contains ht flag14:43
RedShiftshow me your proc/cpuinfo14:43
thrice`RedShift: don't you mean 2, then?14:44
tilmanmy cpuinfo also has teh ht flag14:44
tilmandoesn't mean much apparently ;)14:44
RedShiftthrice`: if you have 2 cores with hyperthreading, it would show up as 4 cpu's in cpuinfo14:44
treachtilman: single core ht = one cpu + one virtul cpu, at least in the p4 days.14:44
tilmanyes, but he just said that core2duo doesn't have ht14:44
RedShiftFX: that CPU doesn't have hyperthreading14:45
treachhaha, "coma bug". I like that one. :D14:45
RedShifttreach: that is still true14:46
RedShifthyperthreading was dropped since the introduction of the core2 architecture14:46
RedShiftbut in the new core i5/i7 it has returned14:46
RedShiftyour core2 duo, FX, doesn't have hyperthreading though14:46
treachok. haven't touched anything like that for years14:46
RedShiftit isn't that advantegous, certainly not for server workloads14:47
treachI remember we had a dual cpu server with ht, but we had to disable ht because it caused such a performance hit.14:48
RedShiftyeah it's only usefull when the information from the caches can be re-used for the next thread14:49
RedShiftand since in server workloads that hardly happens :-)14:49
* FX crying14:49
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RedShiftcry bitch, cry14:50
RedShifton your kneeeeeeeeeeeeees14:50
jseIs that a whip I hear cracking somewhere in the background? scary.14:52
RedShiftjse: get back in the kitchen you!14:52
jseWant a sandwich with that?14:53
RedShifthell yeah14:53
RedShiftno sudo needed when I ask it ^_^14:54
* treach feels like he's watching half a conversation..14:55
FXtime to make upgrade to core i7 ^_^14:55
RedShiftI don't know if all i7's have hyperthreading14:56
treachbut, it's got TURBO!14:56
thrice`they are all quad-core anyway, no?14:56
RedShiftanyway, if you want real performance go for more cores or higher clockspeed14:56
treachOMG, TURBO, you gotta have that! :p14:56
* treach gets a flashback to the 80's14:56
FXI have to run a lot of guest OS on my tiny notebook, so 4 cores should run it better ;-)14:57
RedShiftread the 3rd post14:59
jsetreach: hah, "back in my day *waves cane*..."15:00
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RedShift"get of my lawn"15:02
FX"Intel's Trusted Execution Technology" what the hell is that?15:03
thrice`clearly you can't know that15:04
thrice`secret stuff15:04
FX"can be abused to achieve vendor lock-in"...15:09
RedShiftFX: yes, only some guy named "richard" can free you15:10
treachofc, what did you expect? That intel and friends would cater for their buyers?15:10
Rotwangdamn vlc :<15:13
treachyou should know better than trying it..15:13
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tilmanthrice`: why does my udev not create /dev/ppp?15:15
thrice`hm, I've never used ppp before.  isn't there a module for it in the kernel?15:17
tilmanyes there is15:18
RedShift108, 015:19
mike_kRotwang: btw, new libev is available15:21
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jaegerpedja: I'm uploading the new ISO right now15:27
tilmani miss my speakers :(15:30
thrice`did you move already?15:31
tilmansomewhat ;)15:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: recorder: new port15:41
thrice`recorder is an awesome app :)15:42
* treach thinks the most awesome thing about a recorder is that you can actually *play* it. :>15:43
aonthere's a recorder for you15:44
rehabdollsweet jaeger15:50
jaegerI'm gonna look into rewriting the Makefile a bit this weekend to produce ISO and IMG style images side by side15:51
thrice`awesome :D15:52
jaegeras it is, this new ISO can already be used with unetbootin or easily converted to USB/CF/SD15:52
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:54
thrice`true, but it's pretty neat to not require any additional tools :)15:54
Rotwangbrilliant ad16:06
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jarvico :D16:11
jarthe man, the myth, the legend16:11
vicojar: well i'm still alive16:12
jarwhich is good lol16:12
jarvico: been using your fonts for many years, even before i switched to crux. good job ;)16:13
vicojar: thanks ;-)16:13
vicooh , thanks nice to hear :-)16:14
jarstill on larswm?16:15
vicojar: no not at the moment its plain xfce16:15
vicoI'm getting older and lazy ;-)16:16
jari hear that.16:16
*** FX has quit IRC16:16
jarim only 21, but ive configured my system to be a lot more automated these days.16:16
jartoo much time @ university16:16
vicotoo much time for anything else.16:17
vicobut thats live16:17
jarthis geology midterm is going to be brutal16:22
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jarim tired of everyone trying to make all these flashy, transparent interfaces.16:33
jarit's unusuable garbage16:33
jsePretty but dumb sells.16:44
jse"does it work? Somtimes, but it's visually stunning!"16:45
jarthat's one of the many unfortunate donwsides of the "personal computer"16:45
jseIndeed. Oh well, if all else fails, there's always emacs. :D16:49
jari left my pabst blue ribbon at my gf's dorm :(16:51
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thrice`ouch.  what's that, $3 ?17:50
*** lennart has quit IRC17:52
pedjajaeger: thanks :) d/l now17:56
jarthrice`: you gotta admit, pbr is the best cheap beer17:58
treachpartition boot record beer?17:59
jar(17:51) <       jar> i left my pabst blue ribbon at my gf's dorm :(17:59
thrice`I do not admit that :)17:59
treach"pabst" means fans to me. :P18:00
jarif i need cheap beer, i go for pabst every time18:00
thrice`can you get old milwaukee by you?18:00
thrice`that's what we used to drink in college18:00
thrice`24 bottles for $9.99 :D18:01
jarthat's about what pabst runs18:01
jar"Old Milwaukee is an American lager-style beer currently brewed and owned by Pabst Brewing Company."18:01
jarthat explains it18:02
thrice`so you KNOW it's good18:02
jarpabst also brews Colt 4518:02
*** vico has quit IRC18:03
aonyou should start drinking thunderbird18:04
jarhow can you drink software?18:04
aonwas that a joke?18:04
aonit's a shame it's not available here18:05
aoni'd actually like to try that18:05
jarmy current beer lineup is Pabst, Sam Adams Octoberfest and Red Stripe18:06
jaegerpedja: are you getting the one in updated-crux-iso/ ?18:42
jaegerI sense another fight about Red Stripe in the near future18:47
jaegerok, good18:48
*** aon has quit IRC18:49
*** RyoS has quit IRC18:49
pedja <---my favorite beer :) (if that is what discussion is about...)18:50
*** aon has joined #crux18:51
*** RyoS has joined #crux18:51
thrice`hehe, later pedja18:55
*** medum has joined #crux19:44
jarim done studying for tonight, or at least right now..20:07
treachman, studying geology gotta rock. :>20:17
* jaeger groans20:22
* jar moans20:22
jaroh wait20:22
jarwrong channel20:22
* jar zips away20:22
jartreach: i was talking to my geology professor and she said she's had a long and difficult battle with her husband's health but things are good now20:23
jarso i said20:23
jar"so you'd say things were rocky for a few years?"20:23
jarand she busted out laughing20:23
treachthis is 3AM humor.20:24
jarluckily the professor loves me or i'd fail that class so hard20:24
treach3:30 even20:24
jar9:30pm here20:24
treachI guess I should just go to sleep.20:24
jari always suck up to my professors20:25
treachwe can imagine.20:25
* treach heads for the exit.20:25
thrice`heh, was waiting for that20:25
thrice`later treach20:25
*** treach has quit IRC20:25
* jar smacks thrice` 20:29
jaryou sonofabitch20:30
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