IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-10-03

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rehabdollwierd, .xdefaults is gone05:26
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tilmanrehabdoll: ~/.Xdefaults ?06:35
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pedjagreat, my dvd drive takes so much time to spin the disk, that i can't boot 2.6 iso.07:31
pedjaunetbootin time :)07:31
pedjaI made a big mistake and updated libjpeg to v7, so almost everything is b0rken,silly me...07:32
thrice`yes, that is a dangerous one; I tried too ;)07:32
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pedjaunetbootin can not find it full moon already?07:55
pedjajaeger: are your usb notes still around?07:57
pedjano GUI for me :)07:57
pedjanm, I found them.08:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xterm: updated to 24909:40
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spaceninjais it possible to record sdl games and blender with recordmydesktop? Those windows are black in the video output.10:52
Rotwangspaceninja: i tried once to record composite kwin with it, no avail10:53
spaceninjaok, I'll try to see if mplayer can record10:57
spaceninjaffmpeg, hmm :)11:01
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sirmacikhi \o11:40
jsehi sirmacik11:41
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spaceninjarecordmydesktop --full-shots can record opengl, but it gets slow12:05
tilmanopengl is usually done with direct rendering12:06
tilmanin that case, the x server doesn't know (afaik) what's being drawn12:06
tilmanso you have to copy the drawn image back out of the framebuffer of the card12:07
tilmanwhich is S L O W12:07
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spaceninjaoh I see12:10
spaceninjabut there has to be a way12:11
tilmani thought you found it (--full-shots)?12:12
spaceninjayes, but a faster way12:12
tilmani just gave valid technical reasons why it's slow :D12:13
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spaceninjayes, but  :p12:13
spaceninjaI'll figure something out :)12:14
spaceninjaI want to record my teeworlds sessions :)12:14
tilmandoes teeworlds have no ingame demo-recording support or something?12:14
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spaceninjahm maybe, I'll check it out, thx12:15
Rotwangspaceninja: go to #teeworlds at quakenet12:15
Rotwangand ask people there how do they record their teeworlds sessions12:16
Rotwangspaceninja: if you'll finally succeed, you can tell me how ;D12:17
tilmanteeworlds looks cute12:17
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spaceninjaRotwang: I will12:20
Rotwangnice ;D, thx12:21
spaceninjanp :)12:21
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spaceninjaah, irc info leaching, it's addictive ;)12:30
spaceninjagtg, I'm on a irc cold turkey12:32
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jseOff, not on.12:33
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treachwtf..? + moc-qt3 pinentrydialog.h12:56
treachPkgfile: line 24: moc-qt3: command not found12:56
treach=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/pinentry#0.7.5-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed12:56
treachpinentry depends on qt3??12:57
treachand viper quit too. :/12:57
thrice`looks like --enable-pinentry-qt4  is valid12:58
treachnot nice to make your port depend on a "nice to have" :/12:59
thrice`kind of an ugly port in general :)13:01
thrice`giving kde4 a whirl?13:03
treachnot there yet. :P13:03
treachFigured I'd make an attempt at a later point. I'd like to get "teh BASICS" going first. :>13:04
teK_Perl 5.11.0 released13:04
thrice`is .11 stable or unstable?13:05
Rotwangperl is always stable ;f13:05
treachbtw, is jw still maintaining qt?13:05
teK_Perl 5.11.0 is a DEVELOPMENT release. We're making it available to13:05
teK_you today to make it easy for you to test your software on what13:05
teK_will eventually become Perl 5.12.13:05
thrice`treach: he retired iirc13:06
treachmeh, qt4 is unmaintained iow.13:06
thrice`maybe you can con tilman into it :>13:06
treachhaha fat chance. :P13:06
treachsepen would seem more appropriate :>13:07
* aon waits for a highlight so he can start shouting profanities..13:09
* treach points a flashligth at aon 13:10
* treach shakes the flashlight. "Damn batteries!"13:11
jarim playing w/ ubuntu 9.10 on the lappy13:12
jar(don't judge me, it's for school)13:12
Rotwangoh-a noes113:12
treachjar: wanna spend the rest of eternity in hell?13:12
jarfor school stuff i don't give a feck about the OS, just so i can do work13:12
thrice`what does "it's for school" mean ?13:12
jarthrice`: it's my school laptop that must always work right no matter what13:12
jarno time to compile/config/etc13:12
* thrice` rolls eyes13:13
jartreach: in comparison to heaven? yes13:13
jarthrice`: I SAID DON'T JUDGE ME13:13
jarcrux is still my main OS13:13
thrice`yeah right13:13
jarwhat? my laptop isn't my main machine13:13
treachI see, that explains it. If you wanted to play a harpsicord you'd get suse. :p13:13
* treach hides13:13
jarim trying out all the new gnome stuff13:14
jarid never take the time to compile gnome13:14
jarempathy is actually pretty gosh darn impressive13:14
jarif you guys use gnome, give it a try13:14
jarhad a nice video/voice chat with it13:15
jarsince skype wouldn't work13:15
treachI'm not impressed by anything that doesn't support otr. :>13:15
jaroff the record?13:16
jarapparently it came back in january13:16
treachyay. :>13:17
jarim far far far from a GNOME-ZOMGFANBOY13:17
jarbut i really do like empathy13:17
jarit even supports adium themes13:17
jarwhich i thought was very neat13:17
jari might compile gnome for my crux install..13:19
jari really like it now13:19
thrice`14:14 < jar> id never take the time to compile gnome13:19
thrice`seriously, 5 minutes? :D13:19
treachI always thought it was weird that they didn't support it right away, since it's the closes thing to a standard for encrypting your chatts there is.13:19
jartreach: i think its because they were more focused on getting video/voice working since that was always the #1 thing pidgin DIDN'T do13:20
thrice`and then!13:20
jarthey worked on what pidgin DIDN'T do first13:21
treachencryption >> video-bling :>13:21
jartreach: yes but pidgin already did that13:21
jarthey wanted video working FIRST13:21
jarbasically it started as a way to let people FINALLY video chat w/o skype13:21
jarthen worked its way to a full pidgin replacement13:21
thrice`pidgin supports video these days, though13:22
jarw/ google talk?13:23
thrice`2.6 added video and voice support for XMPP13:23
jari can only find a beta plugin13:23
jarprobably from the pressure of empathy13:24
jarbut that ship has already sailed away13:24
jarubuntu ships w/ empathy default13:24
thrice`it came out before empathy :>13:24
jarempathy im has been around since gnome's 2.24 release13:26
jarand this is 2.2813:26
thrice`you are sure audio/video stuff worked that long?13:26
jarempathy seems to also have replaced ekiga for gnome13:26
jarthrice`: im almost positive, that was the entire point of empathy in the beginning13:26
jaroh crap13:31
jari think i lost my thumb drive13:31
jargrr, gnome's sftp support is broken atm13:46
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jaegerekiga is still around14:06
jaegerempathy may eventually replace it but not yet14:06
jarjaeger: i meant it's replaced in ubuntu sorry14:06
jarshould've clarified14:07
ulughbeghthere is gtalk with audio and video support anybody checked if it is working14:08
ulughbeghin browser14:08
jarmac users don't have a way of using talk w/ video or audio14:08
jarnot gonna lie14:09
jari think that's ghilarious14:09
treachteK_: you migth want to add qt as a dependency to scribus. :>14:12
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Rotwangcontrib/OOo users around?14:41
RotwangI need confirmation that port actually works14:42
thrice`me, but I slightly tweak for 64-bit14:42
Rotwangnice, what tweaks do you do?14:42
thrice`   not much :>14:43
Rotwangwhy do you dl version with java? and then remove java crap?14:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: scribus: add qt4 dependency14:45
thrice`for 3.1.1, they only offered the tarball with JRE14:46
thrice`(for 64-bit)14:47
Rotwangthats what i thought14:47
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thrice`yes. their 64-bit releases are kind of strange :(14:54
thrice`for some 3.0.x, they only release .deb versions, then back to rpm too, and now only with JRE14:54
thrice`released *14:54
teK_treach: done.14:54
treachok. figured it could be good to have. ;)14:55
jari seem to be the only person perfectly apathetic about google wave14:57
jari guess i shouldn't say that.. i think it's kinda stupid14:57
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treachrehabdoll: opt-x86_64/mplayer needs CFLAGS+=' -fno-strict-aliasing' otherwise it'll crash and burn on .mkv files.15:09
rehabdolla s d f15:09
rehabdollit doesnt set that during configure?15:09
rehabdolldoesnt crash for me though15:10
rehabdollill add it to mondays list15:10
treachI guess it depends on what codecs are actually used15:10
treachit died on a h264/faad file here.15:11
rehabdolldont think ive tested playing a faad-file15:36
rehabdollbut lots o' x26415:36
rehabdoll*ahem* :)15:36
* thrice` uses x264+aac15:37
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tilmandon't hilight me with silly stuff like this16:03
tilmanscrolling in irssi takes over gprs16:03
thrice`lol, sorry :>16:04
tilmanlol, laugh at the idiot16:05
thrice`who, me?16:06
jarno, he meant himself16:06
tilmanthis place is cold16:07
tilmani meant my apt, not #crux16:08
tilman#crux is cold on occasion too though16:08
tilmanjar: fwiw i don't really care about google wave either16:09
jartilman: i got a few upvoted on reddit for saying they answered a question nobody was asking16:10
tilmanyou got a few whatfor saying they what?16:10
jarer, upvotes16:10
jarlike "points"16:10
jarpeople agreeing16:10
tilmanah, they=google16:10
jarOh! Yes.16:10
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jaryeah my exact comment was16:13
jar"Google Wave: Answering the questions nobody is asking..16:13
thrice`jaeger: what was that git source you recently found?16:17 ?16:18
thrice`ah, looks good :)  thanks16:18
tilmani'm sure that's the one jaeger was enjoying16:21
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jaegerthrice`: yes, that was it17:27
thrice`ok, cool - thanks.  seems like a great resource :)17:27
jaegerI've learned a lot from it17:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: spamassassin: fix building with newer makemaker18:38
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