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sirmacikhi \o03:06
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nipuLsneezing with a torn stomach muscle sucks so bad03:57
nipuLactually, doing just about anything (except not moving) sucks03:59
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aonexcept maybe if you're in the wrong position and not moving04:03
aonthen that might suck too04:03
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thrice`nipuL: so, obvious question, how did you tear it? :)  never heard of such an injury08:15
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RyoS\o/ new 1,5tb seagate died08:36
Rotwangoh-a noes!08:40
* treach never uses disks in less quantities than 2. :>08:41
RyoSi should learn to do the same08:41
RyoSi guess..08:41
treachthey are just too damn unreliable these days. :/08:41
RyoSsmart says the hdd is fine08:42
RyoSsounds like a head crash though08:42
Zaba_RyoS, open it and look? *hides*08:51
joacimeverything can be fixed with an hammer09:06
RyoSjoacim: i should fix the computer store i was buying that shit09:11
jsebackups backup and backups.09:39
jseApplies to both hw and software. ;)09:40
treacha bad hd was manageble in the past. But 1.5 TB isn't that easy to back up in the first place. :/09:42
treach(with consumer grade equipment at least)09:43
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tilmanwrong terminal :)10:03
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aonwhy would you need to type that into a terminal ?10:08
thrice`some strange alias maybe :>10:08
tilmans/strange/very useful/10:11
tilmanalias ..='cd ..'10:11
tilmanalias ...='cd ../..'10:11
thrice`ah, ok10:12
Rotwangarazy alias ;D10:13
aon alias cd='rm -rf'10:16
thrice`set "...." to an rm function to test yourself10:17
aonit'd be interesting to secretly alias every common command to 'true' in someone's profile and watch what happens10:18
rehabdolllet me guess, "nothing"? :)10:21
thrice`nothing, but successfully10:21
treachmight just as well set your shell to it rigth away, and get it over with. :>10:22
* treach never got the point of /bin/true10:23
Rotwangtreach: it is actually useful ;D10:24
treachwell, I'm not questioning wether testing stuff for true or false are useful, it just seems strange that it's a separate binary.10:25
Rotwangit is also a shell builtin10:26
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treachyeah, that's where I'd expect it.10:26
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thrice`mm, I need to finish my wicd port, in case my (sub-par) CLI networking skills fail, while ich auf Deutschland go10:41
treachhaha, "auf".10:41
treachnot that I'm any good with german, but I'd want to hear where that came from..10:43
thrice`I guess nach is more appropriate10:43
treachyou hardly travel on the US, right? :>10:43
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* treach looks around for "zweitöpf" :>10:45
treach+e, I guess.10:45
rehabdolli have a port of wicd if you need it10:47
thrice`oh, cool :)  I have one too, up to 1.5.9, but 1.6.x gave a little trouble10:48
thrice`the can take flags, to ease moving stuff around :>10:49
thrice`eg, --dbus=/usr/etc/dbus-1/system.d, --mandir=/usr/man, --etc=/usr/etc/wicd10:51
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RotwangteK_: supp?11:37
teK_what lib did we talk about?11:37
Rotwangyes, I believe so11:38
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thrice`Rotwang: awesome, new patch seemed to compile :)  thanks11:42
thrice`(for crux-logo) ;)11:42
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Rotwangsure it did! [;11:47
thrice`boots too!  thanks ;)11:58
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treachyikes. qt4, (111M) this could take a while..13:09
treachJavaScriptCore/wtf/unicode .... hm...13:25
treachfaster than firefox..13:39
treachprobably not, thinking about it, but it was quicker than I feared.13:41
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thrice`I need to figure out how to use evdev with xorg.conf13:43
treachworks for me (tm) :p13:43
treach(with some help from tilman)13:43
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thrice`I always thought it was just 's/{keyboard,mouse}/evdev/g'  for drivers, but that doesn't seem sufficient here13:44
treachnot quite13:45
treachOption      "XkbModel"          "evdev" was needed too.13:45
thrice`and Keyboard0 / Mouse0  are OK?13:46
treachthat's just identifiers13:46
treachno need to change those13:46
thrice`right, but evdev sees them the same?13:46
thrice`mm, ok13:46
treachjust make sure you point your device paths to the rigth devices. :P13:47
treachhm. arora apparently doesn't like if you turn off javascript. :/13:53
treachteK_: I'm sorry, but scribus needs cups too. :)13:56
teK_dammit :P13:56
teK_will you shutup anytime? :P13:56
teK_sorry. Fixing. -_-13:56
treachno problem13:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: scribus: add crups dependency13:57
treachshit happens. :)13:58
Rotwangit should be craps13:59
thrice`ok,  does not work14:06
thrice`where as using Drive "kbd" and "mouse" does14:07
eintopftreach: hey :)14:07
treachthrice`: you need to tell the path to your keyboard too..14:08
thrice`neither my keyboard nor mouse worked with that config14:09
treachthrice`:  works for me14:11
treachI guess you won't need the swedish keyboard though. ;)14:12
thrice`hm, ok.  however, my /dev/input/ has event1 through event7, and also mouse{0,1,2}14:12
treachthrice`: look in /dev/input/by-id then.14:13
treachyou could probably use those paths directly, but I thought that was too messy, so I just looked up which event the devices corresponded to. :>14:14
thrice`ah, ok.  I was worried about losing my eraser-head and trackpad too :)14:15
treachI guess something like Option "Device" "/dev/input/by-id/usb-046a_0001-event-kbd" should work too.14:17
treach /dev/input/event1 won out on that for me though. ;)14:18
thrice`ah, success, for keyboard + USB mouse14:20
thrice`now to mimic it for think-nipple + pad14:21
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treach@seen sepen14:49
clbtreach: sepen was last seen in #crux 1 week, 4 days, 12 hours, 42 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <sepen> morning all14:49
tilmanthrice`: mesa 7.6 good or bad?14:55
Rotwangyou should ask "in oder aus"14:56
thrice`bad :(14:56
thrice`was your experience better? :)14:57
tilmanall i experienced was glxgears14:58
tilmani guess i should get openarena14:58
thrice`tilman: I only avoided it, as the gentoo xorg-dude said it was very unstable15:03
thrice`I just built + updated it here, though :>15:05
* treach is *extremely* tempted...15:20
thrice`for mesa? :)15:21
treachI have no real idea what's new, but I guess there's got to be something good for radeon users there. :>15:22
thrice`which radeon?15:23
treachhd 320015:23
thrice`  a few radeon notes, actually15:23
* treach takes a shuftie15:23
treachmh. r300, that's old stuff.15:29
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treachbtw, wonder why the x264 port in contrib is so old.15:31
Rotwangit is port from Danny's farm15:32
treachyou mean the lag to .au countryside is that bad? :>15:33
thrice`   snapshots tarballs very conveniently; that's what I've been using15:33
treachI noticed. ;)15:33
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rehabdollif any of you wants to learn swedish, this is a good intro course:20:14
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jaegerheh, this guy is amusing20:55
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