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pitillogood morning00:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dosfstools: updated to 3.0.601:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: arora: updated to 0.10.101:36
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Rotwangthrice` | treach05:20
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pitillopues alguno pondria los huevecillos i por eso te han salido05:44
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thrice`hi sepen :)08:35
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Rotwangthrice`: ive highlighted you earlier10:40
thrice`Rotwang: oh, sorry :)10:50
thrice`I thought I had some time earlier, but got pulled away10:50
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thrice`silly work :(11:09
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wxgtk: fixed build with current glib11:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gkrellm: fix for getline name-clash11:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: apache: update to 2.2.1411:18
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Rotwangthrice`: ping12:31
thrice`pong :>12:37
Rotwangthrice`: openoffice does not work!12:40
Rotwangwhat the hell am i doing wrong?12:40
thrice`using my port?12:40
thrice`hm, strange.  on my machine, it just pops up a box that says "Be sure to install JRE if you want java!"12:42
thrice`what about calling soffice -calc  ?12:43
Rotwangsame result12:43
thrice`and, you used the 64-bit tarball ?12:45
thrice`tilman: I got evdev working, but had some strange issues with the version in xorg.git; bumping the version seemed to help12:46
Rotwangthrice`: yes12:47
thrice`Rotwang: very strange; I'12:48
thrice`i'll mess with it slightly more at home, but have never seen such errors12:48
thrice`I think I will update it to be in line with contrib, too, and add icons, etc12:49
Rotwangthrice`: ive found this
Rotwangbut it gives me the same error12:50
thrice`I don't think that will work, since it's a different arch12:52
thrice`does using the contrib port work, only changing to the source tarball I use (and removing the java stuff regardless) ?12:53
Rotwangthrice`: thats weird no matter which arch i get teh same error D:12:54
Rotwangthrice`: i dont know12:54
Rotwangx86 x86_64 IA6412:54
rehabdollia64 is itanium12:56
Rotwangi know12:56
Rotwangwhat im trying to say is no maater what arch i get exactly the same error12:57
Rotwangmaybe i messed up kernel?12:57
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rehabdollwho reported on -fPIC issues with ghostscript?14:48
rehabdolli cant replicate it: CFLAGS='-march=native -O2 -pipe -fPIC' is what my port builds with..14:49
thrice`it builds OK for me with -fPIC14:49
thrice`but, make -j114:49
rehabdollyeah, but the port does feed -fPIC to gcc?14:50
thrice`oh, oops, I use my own port14:50
thrice`(to kill the cups dep)14:51
* rehabdoll slaps thrice` 14:51
thrice`there is a patch that exists to remove the -fPIC requirement14:51
thrice`I thought treach mentioned that it was due to passing multiple jobs to gcc, though14:51
* joacim rebuilds ghostscript14:51
joacimI tried the patch once, all it did was give me a whole new set of errors. I gave up after that..14:52
rehabdollk.. im a bit reluctant in general to add patches to the x86_64 ports, without it being in the regular x86 branches14:53
rehabdollalso, our mplayer is fucked up in general with regards to cflags14:54
rehabdollnoticed yesterday crashes with x264/faad on my 32bit box14:54
rehabdollbut not on my 64bit one..14:55
joacimghostscript built fine14:56
thrice`I don't know why predatorfreak added that cflags hack14:56
thrice`it worked just fine with unset'ing the cflags14:56
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rehabdollyeah, i did that with the 64bit port.. but treach reported crashes *without* some flag, cant remember what it was14:57
rehabdollthrice`: does ghostscript always fail without -j1 for you?15:04
rehabdolli think make -j1 install... is enough15:05
thrice`hm, good question - I can try it later :)15:07
rehabdollpushed it.. seems to do it for me i think15:07
thrice`it never crossed my mind to try15:08
thrice`ah, jue does the same in opt.git15:09
thrice`well, he removed the -j1 from "make so" too15:09
thrice`me and my archaic ports :>15:10
thrice`tilman: have you seen this before using evdev?
rehabdolli've had similar issues. dont ask me how i solved it though15:22
thrice`how'd you15:23
thrice`are you with or without hal?15:24
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