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tilmanthrice`: yes i did :) i think it's fixed in 1.700:12
tilmanmorning aon00:28
aonseems like i'm going to gdansk next month00:32
* tilman runs off to work00:45
jaraon: lmao00:47
pitillogood morning01:01
jari hate being on AIM with someone and they go silent right as im wanting to go to bed.01:07
jaraon: im trying to wrap up the conversation and head to bed but they just decided it'd be great to go silent for a moment or twop01:08
jaryeah, frustrating.01:09
jarscrew it01:10
* jar closes Empathy01:10
jarshe can IM me tomorrow and whine about it01:10
* aon just opened bitlbee01:13
aonnot that i ever im anyone01:13
jari sometimes ponder not using IM anymore01:14
jarit's too much of a burden01:14
joacimI dont mind IM, nobody ever contacts me about something useless anyways01:35
joacimand nobody leaves me hanging with no responce01:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gstreamer: updated to 0.10.2501:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gst-plugins-base: updated to 0.10.2501:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: qt4: new maintainer and updated to 4.5.301:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: syslinux: updated to 3.8301:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.14.0401:58
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pitillogood morning, does someone use apache with mod_proxy and updated to 2.2.14?05:36
pitilloenabling the module by hand seems to generate it (estrange because all modules are buil... or at least semms so)05:48
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thrice`sepen: have you seen that Terminal is doing more releases, than in the xfce directory?06:55
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thrice`tilman: interresting :\07:22
sepenthrice`, nope I'll take a look07:34
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thrice`sepen: for some reason, it has gotten its own DIR, instead of that for xfce/ :
sepenthrice`, nowadays they're switching from svn to git, and some apps like xarchiver are out of goodies IIRC07:36
thrice`not sure if you were interested, but I found it last night :>07:36
sepensure, I'm interested ;D07:36
sepenthrice`, thanks07:36
thrice`4.6 has grown on me :D07:37
sepennice, 0.4.1 was released on thuesday07:38
sepenthrice`, seems that I need to update my ck4up stuff for xfce ;D07:41
thrice`well, that's why I thought I'd point out Terminal, since they are updating outside of the xfce directory07:43
thrice`and figured your ck4up might just be looking there :)07:43
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sepenor I should pay more attention to #xfce-dev. they have some interesting conversations so often07:45
thrice`interesting :P07:46
thrice`seems like a cool group07:46
sepenthrice`, yeah, see the topic: "...<JPohlmann> Moe: See, only one of us can ever have a girlfriend. Now it's kelnos' turn ;)..."07:53
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thrice`sepen: :O09:17
thrice`  :O09:29
thrice`poor Lennart ;)09:29
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sepenvbox 3.0.8 released ->
sepenteK_, do you know about vboxweb? ->
teK_nope, wait09:38
teK_vmware went that way (with TOMCAT!!!), too09:38
teK_# VirtualBox RDP Web Control (Flash based RDP client)  would be nice, though09:39
sepentomcat seems more overweighted than python imho09:40
teK_I think so, too09:40
thrice`sepen: btw, I think I figured out the hal footprint difference for 0.5.13.  it seems that having gperf installed, or uninstalled, will make the final footprint differ09:44
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sepenhmm, gperf appears as dependency in gentoo portage09:52
sepenbut only as runtimedep09:52
thrice`I have  available for testing.  I kept the old 0.5.12 footprint just to see the changes09:54
thrice`also, I opened up bug 495 on FS :)  my buddy trying CRUX and XFCE was having a very tough time, because hal kept segfaulting (described in the bug)09:55
sepenwell I should update my desktop to 2.6, I'm still running a fresh installation on another box09:56
thrice`and your desktop as 2.5? :D09:57
sepenyes, I've a safe-env for developing ports from a fresh install09:58
thrice`ah, sure09:59
sepenthrice`, ah, now the usbdisk stuff is working again, with jaeger's 2.6-updated and the official one10:00
sepenI'll update the wiki page too10:00
thrice`:> awesome10:06
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sepenthrice`_, "...HAL is in maintenance mode - no new features are added. All future development focuses on Software/DeviceKit-disks, Software/DeviceKit-power, NetworkManager, PulseAudio, udev, ... "10:15
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thrice`that's why I thought an update to the latest hal would be nice, since there probably won't be many more10:17
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thrice`xfce will still use hal afaik for their 4.810:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dovecot: upate to 1.2.611:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fetchmail: upate to 6.3.1211:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: prt-utils: update to 0.9.311:47
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: xfce4-clipman-plugin: updated to 1.1.112:15
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* spaceninja just found out geany > gvim12:16
Rotwangni ni ni ni12:18
Rotwangmedit > *12:18
spaceninjaok, I'm installing medit12:20
joacimspaceninja: eat shit12:21
joacimgvim is superior ;)12:21
Rotwangno texlive ports und stuff around?12:21
sepengeany works fine for what I need, and also if you have vte installed you can run an embeded terminal on it12:28
joacimI used medit back when I bothered to have more than one graphical editor around  :-)12:29
joacimgeany is nice too12:29
tilmanRotwang: unfortunately not. a texlive port would be most welcome12:31
* teK__ will do quite some LaTeX editing in the future.. :>12:33
*** teK__ is now known as teK_12:33
joacimI've been planning on using LaTeX for this semesters homework.12:35
joacimI'm still wrestling with MS Word12:35
thrice`I can't even find texlive source O.o  is this 2 gig ISO it?12:39
Rotwangthrice`: ^12:41
Rotwangive found this12:41
* Rotwang has no texlive knowlege at all unfortunately12:41
spaceninjawow, this sounds very interesting, wrong channel though
thrice`I think the texmf is needed too12:41
Rotwangtexmf is like 800MB12:42
thrice`   that's how a slackware guy does it - nicely documented12:44
Rotwangthrice`: nice12:45
joacimspaceninja: I cant stand the thin clients at my school. They are the reason why I always bring my laptop with me13:04
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spaceninjajoacim: is it the fundamentals version you think?13:33
spaceninjaI came to the conclusion that xp was bloated when I lurked around in the windows dir13:37
joacimI dont know tbh. It is some recent NT. thats all i know13:37
joacimeverything is slow and laggy. + the connection sometimes drops13:38
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thrice`well, I finally tried nexuiz on my intel card, but it just locks up when trying to load :(15:03
spaceninjadid you run ./nexuiz-linux-686-glx?15:05
thrice`mm, no, I had /usr/bin/nexuiz  I think, from sepen's repo15:06
spaceninjaI usually just download it from their website and unzip it and run it15:06
spaceninja2.5.2 is the latest15:07
thrice`I think my issue is related to intel, which doesn't really do 3D too well15:09
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thrice`mm, I think our crux wallpaper section disappeared :(15:40
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sirmacikhi \p15:47
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thrice`hi ulughbegh16:58
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