IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-10-09

jarHow's everyone tonight?00:03
tilmanit's morning, you infidel00:33
jarmy bad ;]00:34
tilmanthere's a bus stop across the street. damn kids yelling00:38
jarim still kinda drunk00:38
joacimI want to go back to bed01:57
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teK_tilman: I'm living next to a school. Ask me about yelling kids :>02:50
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teK_does anybody remember what's the current policy on .la files?05:57
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nipuLthere isn't one06:42
teK_have you had a chance to have a look at my patch for cmus?06:56
thrice`wow, hvlinux looks awesome06:57
thrice`oh, that's not romster's site I guess?06:58
Rotwangthrice`: it is not afaik06:59
Rotwangit's Hugo Villeneuve's07:00
rehabdollevery name imagineable for linuxdistributions is pretty much taken :)07:01
teK_I suppose it lacks the basics :\07:01
thrice`good thing you grabbed crux64 nice and early ;)07:02
Rotwangim going to check teh oil level in my cars engine07:04
Rotwanglast time weird dark smoke was comming from engine D:07:05
RotwangI felt like in this movie series "LOST"07:05
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teK_nipuL: i'm asking because I stubled over libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/' or unhandled argument `/usr/lib/'07:37
thrice` xlib should be gone on your system with 2.6; sounds like that's an upgraded box from 2.5?07:38
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nipuLteK_: did you upgrade from iso or ports, because i did it from ports and had to rebuild pretty much everything trying to find the offending ports07:58
thrice`teK_: the .la files report a few false-positives; there's a nice little sed hack you can run to remove the xlib call:
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teK_will look into it, thanks :)08:10
teK_nipuL: same here, but I'm trying to build Terminal from xfce08:12
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teK_I hate Xorg08:15
thrice`that sed fix will reduce the amount of rebuilds quite a bit08:15
teK_too late *g*08:15
teK_I just want xfce/terminal to work again08:16
thrice`I've noticed a few distros exporting --as-needed for LDFLAGS to help with these issues; wonder if that is something to be considered08:16
teK_worked. Great08:17
thrice`though, I don't think everything builds perfectly with it08:17
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: hdparm: md5sum update, new source tarball10:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: p5-lwp: 5.813 -> 5.83210:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: libsoup: 2.27.2 -> 2.27.9210:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lvm2: removed is in core now10:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lzma: removed is in core now as xz10:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: fftw: 3.2.1 -> 3.2.210:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xscreensaver: 5.08 -> 5.1010:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ntfs-3g: 2009.2.1 -> 2009.4.410:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fakeroot: update to 1.1410:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mpg123: update to 1.9.110:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: tgif: update to 4.2.110:36
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aonteK_: i tried building it and it was fine11:35
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jargedit is too...14:08
jarill stick w/ gvim14:08
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jarwtf is medit14:08
jarlooks kinda lame14:09
Rotwangmedit is better gedit14:09
jarso is gvim14:09
Rotwangmedit > gedit > gvim14:09
jaryou son of a bitch14:09
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jarill give it a try14:10
Rotwangthrice`: why your cloak is so weird? :O14:11
jari lost my old .gvimrc14:11
* jar slaps Rotwang 14:12
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jarRotwang: medit doesn't save my preferences when i click apply or ok14:19
jarim trying to enable autoindentation w/ it with absolutely no luck14:19
Rotwangworks for me (tm)14:20
* jar kicks it14:20
jarthis qt gtk engine is amazing14:47
jarI can't tell VLC is a QT app anymore14:47
jaryou can take a look there14:52
teK_warez \o/14:53
teK_and even worse: ubuntu14:53
jarlol, it's just a temp setup14:53
Rotwangfu.. i hatetexlive14:56
Rotwangs/et/e t/14:57
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jarthis ubuntu one thing is really cool15:31
thrice` /topic plz15:32
* Rotwang gives thrice` a /topic15:32
teK_22:32 -!- Topic for #crux: CRUX 2.6 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | xorg mouse/keyboard problems?
spaceninjajar: are you running chrome?15:37
jarits my new default browser15:38
jartons faster than firefox here15:38
spaceninjamaybe on ubuntu, firefox is fast on my crux desktop15:39
spaceninjabut I have to try chrome someday15:39
jarI use Firefox on my Crux desktop also.15:39
jarStill faster.15:39
jarI'm not saying Firefox is dog slow.15:39
spaceninjaI also have to try haiku when it gets released, but I really dont like the window bar15:39
jarChrome is just faster.15:39
jarspaceninja: You mean the window decoration?15:40
spaceninjayes, what's up with that?15:40
jarDid you never use BeOS?15:40
spaceninjanope, does it have a functionality?15:40
jaryou tell me15:41
jarHaiku is meant to be an open source continuation of the Be system15:41
spaceninjahehe, I really don't like it, I prefer squares15:41
jarit can be configured that way15:42
jarbut nobody does15:42
spaceninjaculture never makes sense I guess15:42
jarI used BeOS for a while.15:43
jarI really liked it.15:43
spaceninjawhy didn't they open source it?15:43
spaceninjadoes it cost money?15:43
jarIt did, yes.15:44
jarIt was created by former Apple employees./15:44
jarAs for why they didn't open source it.15:44
jarWho knows.15:44
jarHaiku has binary compatibility w/ their last release.15:45
jarSo it's almost moot at this point.15:45
aonbleeding thumbs :(15:45
jarI told you to use lube.15:45
aonteaches me to peel and cut wires with just a knife15:46
spaceninjaI want to get one of those "only remove the plastic from the cable" tool thingy15:47
spaceninjaalso aon needs one aswell15:47
aoni have one15:48
aonnot like that, but for the same purpose15:49
Rotwangi need front grill for my vw15:49
aonbut it's in the "garage", too lazy to get it15:49
spaceninjaRotwang: My friend and I went to a "scrapheap" and bough a front grill for a bmw 3 days ago15:50
spaceninjaa sorted scrapheap15:50
spaceninjait was really cool15:51
jarDo want.15:51
Rotwangi need to go to such place15:51
jarMan. I got trashed last night.15:51
jarI drank these 8.5% ABV beers15:52
jarbad idea15:52
spaceninjaRotwang: check the internet, they could have collaborated online database in your area15:52
aonhey, they have that here too15:53
aoni find it funny15:53
aonhaving visited junkyards last in the early 90's or something15:53
spaceninjajar: nice but this is all you need (my phone) :)15:54
spaceninjait gots some nice pixel art15:55
* aon has this:
jarthat's my current phone15:55
jari broke my iphone on purpose last year..15:55
aoni'm a bit hesitant of spending many hundreds on a phone15:55
aonalso have one of these:
aonbut it mainly is just buried under other stuff on the table15:57
aonalthough i'd prefer that people called me on that one because it has nicer audio15:57
spaceninjathe simpler the better, I really don't like phones, I rather hand write letters15:59
aoni don't like phones either, but i like to be able to get on irc wherever16:00
aona s60 phone is kinda good for that16:00
spaceninjahow do you pay for the internet?16:01
Rotwang <-- i need this goddamn grill16:01
spaceninjamonthly plan?16:01
spaceninjais the price fixed?16:01
aonalthough i guess i could try midpssh16:01
aoni have 20M for 3.90e/month16:01
Rotwangbut seller wants like 30-40 Euro ;O16:01
aonyou can get 384kbps with unlimited traffic for 9.80 or so16:02
aonbut i never hit the 20M16:02
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jar 17:03:06 up 155 days, 21:08,  2 users,  load average: 0.06, 0.10, 0.1716:03
spaceninjaRotwang: that's alot for a bit plastic16:03
spaceninjaaon: ok nice16:03
spaceninjajar: that new nokia has some good 3d graphics rendering16:05
spaceninjabut I'll wait until phones has a projector inside them and can shoot up holograms and be wrapped around your armwrist16:07
aonthere are wrist phones :)16:08
aonno projectors tho16:08
spaceninjahehe, soon, I think I've seen a really small projector on youtube16:09
aonthey pop up occasionally on the asian tech blogs16:10
spaceninja3d holograms are also cool
spaceninjathis one's real right?16:11
jarthe guy can't actually see him16:11
aoni've used a fuel pump like that16:12
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jarI hate teenagers.16:13
aonwhy do all new phones have touch screens16:13
aonwhere do the designers live16:13
aonthey can't be used with gloves on16:14
jari noticed that last year w/ my iphone16:14
spaceninjahehe, fun during winter :)16:15
jarit kills me how people can listen to the garbage music that's being pushed out these days16:15
jarMiley Cyrus will be doing porn before she turns 2516:17
jaryou heard it here folks16:18
jarmark your calendars16:18
spaceninjajar: what kind of music, like that mtv disco dance music? I don't know what to label it.16:18
jaryeah that garbage16:18
jari miss the 90's when even the crap mtv played was listenable16:19
spaceninjayeah I hate that aswell, it reminds me of vomit16:19
spaceninjaI mostly listen to movie soundtracks16:19
spaceninjaat the moment16:19
jari mean wtf is up with bullshit like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus16:19
aoni can listen to pretty much anything with female singers16:20
spaceninjaI stopped listening to the radio and watching tv 6 months ago, but I can't stop read the newspaper16:21
jarim pretty much the exact opposite16:21
jarif it has a female vocalist16:21
jari typically hate it16:21
aoni've stopped reading newspapers16:21
aonbut i watch tv and listen to the radio16:21
spaceninjaI guess there's I just need to find some balance :)16:22
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jseIt's fun ignoring tv, radio, and print these days. You don't miss a thing.17:03
jari can't wait to get a netbook17:24
jarand throw my laptop against a wall17:24
spaceninjabreak it in two with your knee first, I always wanted to do that17:25
jari think id break my knee first.17:26
jarmy gf is going to give me $300 towards a netbook17:26
jarsince i got her a 27" TV17:27
spaceninjahehe, my tv is a 15"17:27
spaceninjaI want a smaller one17:28
jari was going to get her a 19" but she plays guitar hero and that's kinda small for it17:28
spaceninjayeah maybe17:28
spaceninjathe worse thing you can do is playing golden eye on nintendo 64 with 4 players17:28
jar<3 goldeneye17:29
spaceninjaI don't know how we managed playing goldeneye with 4 players without a 40" fullHD tv17:30
jarfo sho17:30
* aon has a 17" tv17:30
aona bit too small17:30
aonstill a bit hard to see subtitles from the other side of the room17:30
aonbetter than the 14" i had before tho17:31
aonor well, i still have it17:31
spaceninjayou just have to be close, it's like 40 cm between my pillow and my 15" tv, but it's never on17:33
thrice`I wish I could play some n64 games on my ps317:33
jarjust get an emulator for your computer17:33
thrice`but, ps3 is a) booked up to a big-screen TV, and b) has wireless controllers :D17:34
aoni think i'll go nuts and get a 20" or something when i move to a larger flat17:35
thrice`they are getting very inexpensive these dyas17:36
jarflats or tvs?17:37
aontv's, i guess17:37
jarim hungry17:43
rehabdoll1000EUR will get you a pretty nice tv17:46
jardo want17:51
rehabdollya they are nifty17:52
rehabdollmy eeepc has pretty identical specs17:52
jarall netbooks are basically the same spec wise17:52
jarwhat impresses me is how well that one is built17:53
jarfinally someone woke up and realized17:53
jartoo many netbooks use shitty brittle plastic17:53
jardurability ftw17:53
jaralso, rehabdoll17:54
jarthat particular netbook achieves a 6 cell battery with no bulge17:54
jarup to 9 hours17:54
* aon is pretty happy with the hp 214017:55
aonaluminium cover etc :)17:55
jaroverall im very impressed and would love to try it in person17:55
jaraon: i do like those too17:55
jarbut they're more costly than most netbooks17:55
jarwhat gets me is..17:56
jarHP make a stupid red netbook with a fantastic glossy keyboard17:56
jarand its the ONLY model that has it17:56
jarpisses me off so hard17:56
jseYou get what you pay for.17:57
jarjse: I'd be more than happy to pay for it if they offered it in black.17:57
jari like the glossy17:58
aonthat's pretty much the same as on the 214018:02
jarthat's sexy18:03
jarreminds me of the old 12" powerbooks18:03
jarapple is fucking stupid18:03
jarthey had the BEST laptop keyboard PERIOD18:04
jarand now they're the worst18:04
RyoSanybody here uses grub2?18:06
jari do, on my ubuntu install18:06
RyoSmh, ok18:07
RyoSdid they patch the graphical menu?18:07
jarnot sure, its on my laptop and doesnt dual boot18:07
jarso i dont see the menu18:07
RyoSmh ok..18:07
RyoSwell, somehow grub legacy died on me today O_o18:08
RyoSso i chrooted into Crux and installed grub218:08
RyoSwhich works like a charm18:08
RyoSneed to reboot again to see if chainload works18:08
aonlilo ftw18:09
jarlilo's dead18:09
thrice`lilo works18:09
jar(im going to hell for that)18:09
RyoSaon: stoped using lilo since 2.4 i think :S18:09
thrice`it's OK, we've ruled you out since you use ubuntu anyway18:09
RyoSthrice`: agreed, but changed.. ^^18:09
RyoSwell, gonna test the chainload, brb18:09
thrice`the fact that grub needs so much patching makes it shitty to me18:09
jarit does?18:10
thrice`yes; grub doesn't build on 64-bit, doesn't build with gcc4 (wtf?), work with newer ext3 kernels, work at all with ext418:10
jarmaybe thats why i don't know that18:11
jari dont use 64bit18:11
jarmy /boot is ext218:11
thrice`you use it on crux?18:12
RyoSthrice`: grub2 works on x86 with gcc 4.3.3, and works with ext3 /boot just fine18:13
RyoSwithout any patches18:13
thrice`how does it build without the gcc4 patch? :D18:13
jarthrice`: i probably used that, its been a while18:14
thrice`RyoS: oh, sorry, I see you said grub218:14
RyoSworked perfeclty fine here18:14
thrice`I'm talking of grub118:14
RyoSwell, cant say i wouldnt recommend taking a look18:15
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RyoSwould be nice to know it works on 64-bit too18:15
rehabdollit doesnt18:16
rehabdolland never will18:16
RyoSwell, anyhow.. next question :D18:17
RyoSsomebody tried device-kit?18:17
rehabdollatleast not with the good ol' 80's technology known as the BIOS18:17
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thrice`so, grub* failue, or bios failure?18:20
rehabdollthe bios is still not 64bit18:20
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rehabdollyou need to cross-compile it for 32bit if you want to use it18:20
rehabdollor just use lilo :>18:21
thrice`indeed :>18:21
jseI don't understand what the gnu people are doing with grub. grub1 seemed promising and widely used yet didn't it effectively get abandoned in favor of grub2 which is not going anywhere either?18:31
jarjse: You ain't my bitch, nigga. Get your own damn fries.18:35
rehabdollgrub1 was apparently unmaintainable18:36
rehabdolli think grub2 is used by some distributions nowdays18:37
jarWhen is OpenOffice going to do something with their fucking UI?18:37
jarrehabdoll: ubuntu and fedora both use it afaik18:37
rehabdolli dont know, why dont you ask _THEM_?18:37
jarit was RHETORICAL18:37
jaroh i mean18:38
jarit was _RHETORICAL_18:38
aonall the real people use latex anyway18:38
jaraon: You can use latex to open a document your professor emails you in .docx format?18:38
aonno, you stop going to courses with n00b professors18:39
jari love that video18:41
jarholy crap18:42
jari forgot you could see bush18:42
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jargedit doesn't autoindent even if the option is enabled20:47
jarwtf m820:47
*** jdolan has quit IRC20:52
jarthere it goes20:52
NomiusAs anyone checked the firefox+xulrunner package?21:00
NomiusI see a copy of the xulrunner inside firefox and outside...21:01
NomiusThat doesn't seem correct21:01
thrice`Nomius: you mean /usr/lib/firefox/xulrunner  components ?21:02
thrice`that's OK.  there's a little overlap, but the firefox package truly is just the browser, and xulrunner just the back-end21:03
NomiusYes, but see for example the, it is just the same library in /usr/lib/firefox/xulrunner and /usr/lib/xulrunner-version21:04
NomiusIn fact, /usr/lib/firefox/xulrunner and /usr/lib/xulrunner-version is just the same21:05
NomiusYou can check the md5sum of all files in those folders and would be the same...21:06
NomiusI just removed /usr/lib/firefox/xulrunner and made it a symlink to  /usr/lib/xulrunner- and everything seems to work great...21:17
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jaegerok, the latest episode of Supernatural was completely awesome22:30
jarjaeger: you watch that fucking show too?23:08
jarthere's these two girls in my class that love it23:08
jarand won't shut up about it23:08
jaegerI wouldn't have mentioned it if I knew it was gonna piss someone off23:08
jarim not pissed, lol23:09
jarjust been hearing about it a lot23:09
jarand that face confuses your bot23:09
jaegerI don't talk about it constantly but it's entertaining23:10
jaroh i know23:10
jarsorry if i seemed angry in any way23:10
jari throw the F bomb around too liberally23:10
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*** jar has joined #crux23:59
jarSo, my server's hard drive just crashed.23:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: sakura: 2.3.2 -> 2.3.423:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: wavpack: 4.50.1 -> 4.60.023:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pyopengl: 3.0.0b3 -> 3.0.1a323:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: giblib: change source fixes bug #49823:59

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