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jarYeah, my server's HDD is on the fritz.13:51
rehabdollits fsck13:53
jartru dat13:53
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rehabdolldoes mplayerplug-in build for you guys?14:11
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thrice`hi budzigniew15:51
budzigniewanyone installing mpd lately? from contrib15:51
budzigniewI'm quite sure one of its deps cleaned my whole /usr/share15:51
budzigniewTwice. The same day.15:51
thrice`as in, removed its contents?15:52
budzigniewsounds mad, isn't it?15:53
thrice`well, the mpd Pkgfile  certainly doesn't15:53
thrice`I'm trying to see some of its deps, for perhaps a typo in a Pkgfile15:54
budzigniewIt happened to me twice today. At the first time, I though it's some critical disk stuff, as everything started to crash. Did few fsck's, no errors. Reinstalled CRUX, and in the same moment, during prt-get depinst mpd, everything started to fall down15:54
budzigniewoh, it might be something else, let me check something15:55
thrice`all of the mpd + dep ports seem OK (eg, no "rm -rf /usr/share/ instead of rm -rf $PKG/usr/share")15:56
budzigniewyou see, I was trying to make my chromium Pkgfile, rewriting the arch PKGBUILD, I might have done some serious crap there, will paste it in a sec15:56
budzigniew, could you take a look?15:58
thrice`well, it's not pretty!  but it also shouldn't touch your /usr/share/16:09
budzigniewI know, pathing exec with sed is not really perfect, but I was just rewriting arch PKGBUILD. And where does it mess with my own /usr/share?16:10
thrice`nothing in there does at all16:11
budzigniewso what can be the issue?16:11
budzigniewthrice`: got any ideas?16:46
thrice`sorry, it's very tough to say.  you can check your .bash_history in your ~ and /root/, if you use bash16:48
thrice`I've not run into any ports in the years I've run CRUX, from core/opt/contrib/xorg, that have un-willingly removed files from /16:49
budzigniewis there some possibility to chroot pkgmk somehow?16:56
thrice`  is a good guide :)16:57
budzigniewI guess there is no possibility for pkgadd to wipe out /usr/share ?16:59
thrice`nope.  the only thing that would do it, is if a port's Pkgfile did "rm -rf /usr/share/" instead of "rm -rf $PKG/usr/share" or something17:00
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jsepkgadd only handles what is inside a built port, in other words it only installs or removes a package. pkgmk, on the other hand can do damage if you run it as root and have a misformed command in a Pkgfile.17:01
budzigniew, here's the bash history17:02
budzigniewI don't see anything dangerous, the mpd installation is the only mysterious thing here17:02
budzigniewso it should be all fine after fakerooting pkgmk. It's still strange imo17:06
jaegervery strange, I don't see anything harmful there either17:06
budzigniewlibmad, libvorbis and libid3tag, if they are fine as you say, I should maybe start going to some therapist17:07
jaegerI'll clone one of my CRUX VMs and try building mpd if you like17:08
budzigniewI'd be glad, thank you.17:09
thrice`jaeger: worried to do it live? ;)17:10
budzigniewthrice`: it's like summoning candyman ;)17:10
jaegerthrice`: nah, just booted into ubuntu at the moment17:11
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jaegerok, started the build17:22
budzigniewIt'll better crash, otherwise I will look stupid :>17:24
jaegerjust finished, /usr/share is still intact =/17:26
thrice`did you check your /root/.bash_history   as well?17:27
jaegerdid you mount /usr/share on a different partition?17:27
budzigniewoh, by the way, what's the neat way to have my very own build of mutt, with different configure options? Changing the in-ports Pkgfile and having it lost on nearest ports -u, or creating another package like mutt-mine?17:27
budzigniewjaeger: nope17:28
jaegercreate your own directory in /usr/ports and add it to prt-get.conf17:28
jaegerput your custom ports in there17:28
budzigniewjaeger: could you as well try this chromium Pkgfile? If it's also good, I'm out of clues17:28
thrice`I put /usr/ports/mine/  on top of core and opt in prt-get.conf17:28
budzigniewjaeger: I'm doing so17:28
budzigniewah, that's the thing17:28
budzigniewI tried prt-get install local/mutt, but no effect17:29
jaegeryeah, I suppose I can give it a shot17:29
budzigniewgot link?17:30
jaegerthe paste expired17:30
budzigniewgimme a sec then17:30
budzigniewsorry for different paste service, but I have no script for paste.lisp.org17:32
budzigniewwow, typo in my own name :S17:32
jaegerwhich gconf package are you using?17:33
budzigniewfrom gnome porttree17:33
budzigniewrsynced the single one, as well as orbit217:33
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budzigniewoh, by the way, the enchant port has broken footprint afair17:37
budzigniewjaeger: how's this chromium going?17:38
jaegerhad to go AFK for a bit, just back now17:39
budzigniewand just to be sure - you don't have this pkgmk fakerooting enabled?17:40
jaegernot in this vm17:42
jaegerit's started now17:42
jaegerok, it built. it doesn't run properly but it did build17:52
budzigniewah, looks as I am the stupid one17:52
jaegerdon't know what to tell you, pretty strange17:52
budzigniewstill find it strange though17:52
budzigniewmy mistake probably, though I don't see anything helping in bash history17:53
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budzigniewwell, maybe some good sleep will bring the answers. See you, and thanks for tips18:12
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rehabdoll <- awesome ;D18:37
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thrice`did you actually watch it?19:26
rehabdollquite entertaining20:35
rehabdolljust dont expect too much :)20:35
thrice`ha ha, awesome ;)20:35
NomiusNice! a chromium port! :-D21:22
thrice`doesn't sound like it works21:23
NomiusDoes chromium really depends on gconf?21:23
thrice`I think so21:23
NomiusCrap :-(21:24
NomiusI don't see gconf here:
NomiusOh, yes I do :-(21:28
NomiusSorry for the noise then21:28
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