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mike_ktilman: bump libxslt to 1.1.26, when you'll have time, please. I encounter with lxml because of that.04:58
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Rotwangwhat the frack could i mess up in my system, so i cant executes x86_64 precompiled binaries?05:22
mike_kzcat /proc/config.gz | grep 64 ?05:45
mike_kand what exactly the error looks like?05:47
RotwangCan't exec "./tlpkg/installer/lzma/lzmadec.x86_64-linux": No such file or directory05:48
Rotwangobviously file is present at the right place05:49
mike_kldd lzmadec.x86_64-linux ?05:50
Rotwang$ ldd ./tlpkg/installer/lzma/lzmadec.x86_64-linux05:50
Rotwangnot a dynamic executable05:50
mike_kfile lzmadec.x86_64-linux ?05:50
Rotwang./tlpkg/installer/lzma/lzmadec.x86_64-linux: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.9, stripped05:50
Rotwangno idea whats going on here05:52
mike_kreadelf -d lzmadec.x86_64-linux05:56
mike_kno more ideas =(05:57
Rotwangive got these problems w/ precompiled binaries05:57
Rotwangeverything i compile myself works no problem05:58
mike_kmaybe CONFIG_X86_MINIMUM_CPU_FAMILY is set too high or smth like that06:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libxslt: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gdb: updated to 7.0.09:46
tilmanmike_k: there you are09:46
mike_ktilman: thanks09:57
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budzigniewhow does prt-get recognize if package#ver.pkg.tar.gz is good enough? I have lots of alredy build packages, and when I install them with prt-get it sometimes just installs it, but sometimes builds again10:13
mike_kbudzigniew: compares mtime of the pkg and Pkgfile, maybe10:16
budzigniewjaeger: it's mpd package, the black sheep10:22
budzigniewI will paste you prt-get output10:22
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budzigniewjaeger:, was unable to paste the whole output, but will try once again10:25
thrice`mpd is trying to remove your /usr/share ???10:26
jaegerare you using a custom mpd port?10:27
budzigniewno, the contrib one10:27
budzigniewthrice`: it alredy did it. Twice. Yesterday, you remember10:27
thrice`budzigniew: what does "prt-get info mpd"  return ?10:28
budzigniewoh, afair I changed the version in Pkgfile10:29
jaegerpaste the Pkgfile10:29
jaegeryour source line is unterminated10:30
jaegerwell, the second one10:30
jaegeryou shouldn't have 2 anyway10:30
budzigniewhmm, looks like my typo10:30
budzigniewstrange behaviour thogh10:31
thrice`if you "ports -u contrib"  and use the 0.15.3 version, are the results the same ?10:32
thrice`I tried building mpd last night, too, and my /usr/share/  was fine10:32
jaegerI'd guess that $PKG doesn't get defined properly if the build() function isn't usable, which in this case it isn't due to the source line having no ending paren10:32
budzigniewthrice`: looks like this typo in my Pkgfile was affecting the build function10:33
budzigniewoh, anyway, sort-of-bug in prt-get10:34
budzigniew=======> WARNING: Md5sum not found, creating new.10:34
budzigniew/usr/bin/pkgmk: line 243: .md5sum: Permission denied10:34
budzigniewwhile using the fakeroot mode10:34
jaegerThat is pretty dangerous, I wonder what would be the best way to avoid that10:34
thrice`complain to tilman ? :)10:36
tilmans/complain/send patch/10:36
budzigniewhmm, looks like a bug on the wiki10:39
budzigniewmakecommand sudo -H -u pkgmk fakeroot pkgmk, wouldn't pkgmk -d be better here?10:40
budzigniewfor now it's impossible to install something with prt-get without downloading the source before10:40
budzigniewbut it does not work :/10:41
tilmanprt-get adds -d itself10:41
budzigniewoh, nevermind, looks like another typo in my Pkgfile10:41
budzigniewhmm, but there's a bug anyway methinks10:44
budzigniewsource=($version/$name-$version.tar.gz/download), that's how my new line look like10:44
budzigniewpkgmk is downloading it, and saving as 'download', and for some reason it's not uncompressing it10:45
budzigniew/home/pkgmk/distfiles/download: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Sat Oct  3 13:42:19 2009, max compression10:45
jaegerwhy not use the original source line?10:46
budzigniewit's 404 for 0.15.4 for some reason10:46
budzigniewoh, it's not10:47
budzigniewgeez, I'm messing here I guess10:47
jaegeryep, both versions work for me10:48
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budzigniewhi, about installing hal this time. In Pkgfile there's a line chown haldaemon:haldaemon $PKG/var/lib/hal, but nothing's adding haldaemon user. I guess it's the user's job?11:26
jaegeris there a pre-install script in the port's dir?11:26
budzigniewyup, it's there11:27
budzigniewso I guess it's not working because of this pkgmk fakerooting11:27
treachbudzigniew: setting prt-get to automatically run any pre/post install scripts is kind of nice, unless you're paranoid, or enjoy trying the sort out all kinds of messes. :>11:27
budzigniewtreach: ah, so prt-get has to be set to handle them. I see11:28
jaegeryou can run them manually if you prefer that way11:28
treachautomation = bad, in these parts. :p11:28
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budzigniewanyone using terminus font in X's?12:29
budzigniewreport: opt/cups footprint is broken12:30
jaegerI use terminus12:32
budzigniewmy x's don't catch it for some reason, I've added FontPath to xorg.conf, but still dwm does not recognize it12:32
jaegerrun fc-cache -f perhaps?12:33
jaegeradd -v to see the list of directories as it processes them12:34
budzigniew/usr/lib/X11/fonts/local: caching, new cache contents: 28 fonts, 0 dirs12:34
budzigniewbut still said /usr/share/fonts: caching, new cache contents: 0 fonts, 1 dirs12:34
budzigniewthis 0 fonts looks weird12:34
budzigniewI'd have to restart X's to check, eh?12:34
budzigniewand by the way, xfontsel stubs for some reason12:35
jaegerI don't think so but fonts aren't my strong suit12:35
budzigniewbrb anyway12:38
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Rotwangi bet he didnt run post-install scripts12:49
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budzigniewjaeger: for some reason it worked after a reboot. Weird12:50
treachhah, this is great ->
jaegerheh, nice12:54
treachabout as intutive as "how do you make your mac spit out the floppy?" :p12:55
treachbudzigniew: you pull the icon for the floppy to the paperbasket. :>12:56
Zabawhen I installed freebsd on my mac mini, first thing I had to do was figuring how to eject the disk.12:56
Zabaerr, disc.12:56
treach(trashcan, or what ever they call it.)12:56
Zabano handy button!12:56
treachdidn't "eject" work?12:56
Zabatreach, it's not in its base12:56
Zabait was camcontrol eject or something in that sense12:57
Zabait was a while ago12:57
Zabayeah, camcontrol(8) does list 'eject', not sure whether that was what I used back then though12:57
Zabastill though, it was pretty.. fun.12:57
ZabaI almost always use the hardware way of ejecting discs on my workstation.. I think apple shouldn't have ditched it12:58
treachwell, they did it for good reasons.12:58
Zabasuch as what?12:58
treachtime how long time it takes to write to a floppy on a mac or linux machine and compare to a ms-pc.12:59
Zabahm, well, I was talking about CDs12:59
treachI think that's a case of being consistent, but not being a mac person to begin with, I wouldn't know.13:00
Zabawell, that's consistent with the other annoyanes they put in the way of people who know what they are doing.13:01
treachthe mac way, or the high way. :>13:01
treachas always.13:01
Zabathey probably also wanted me to get the mac mini to their support when its HD failed13:01
Zabaexcept there would be absolutely no sense in that.13:01
treachof course there is.13:02
treachhow else could they rip you off?13:02
Zabawell, for me there wouldn't be13:02
treachthat's another issue. ;)13:02
Zabait was thoroughly dead, not sure whether it was a head crash or what, but I later tried accessing it from my workstation13:03
Zabawithout any success of any kind13:04
Zabaanyway, sleeping13:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: docutils: 0.5 -> 0.614:01
budzigniewis this some other repo?14:03
Rotwangcontrib is "half official"14:03
budzigniewand contrib.git?14:03
Rotwangyou need to activate it if you want to use it14:03
budzigniewyep, I know about contrib14:04
Rotwangcontrib repo is managed w/ git [:14:04
budzigniewach, I see ;) so it's just contrib, that was my point14:04
thrice`yep, whenever core/opt/contrib changes, cruxbot reports them in real time :)14:05
treachalso happens when someone does something hilarious with git. ;)14:05
treachat least we don't get any mails about it anymore. :P14:06
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budzigniewhmm, just curious, arch/slackware package files should work all fine in crux, shouldn't they?14:22
Rotwangnot really14:22
budzigniewwhy? Aren't they just alike, directory tree and stuff?14:23
Rotwangbudzigniew: they may be similar but you cant just plain copypaste it14:23
budzigniewwhat are the differences then?14:23
Rotwangbut what exactly are you asking about?14:24
budzigniewI'm looking for binary packages sometimes, e.g. now I'm curious if arch's wesnoth tgz won't fit into crux14:24
budzigniewas compilation is sometimes just too long14:25
Rotwangwesnoth compiles quickly14:25
budzigniewalright, let's say qt. Or boost. I'm just curious, there's quite many distributions using plain tar.*z files with directory tree14:26
treachthe libraries are (most probably) not binary compatible.14:27
budzigniewwell, that's something14:28
treachdifferent versions of compiler, glibc and other libs beteween different distros.14:28
treachthat's why rule number 1 with binary distros are "Don't mix in stuff from other distros. EVER"14:29
Rotwangbudzigniew: besides, you run compilation in the background, it does not need your attention (until something breaks)14:34
budzigniewyeah, I know14:35
Rotwangso time isn't big problem imo14:35
Rotwanguntil you compile openoffice 8D14:36
treachonly Rotwang is crazy enough for that. :p14:36
budzigniewwell, I guess abiword would be a bit less-evil, even with its gnome deps14:36
treachanything is less evil than that. :/14:37
Rotwangbudzigniew: but we use precompiled openoffice in contrib port, so don't worry14:38
budzigniewI guess I'll try abiword anyway, docs are the only thing I really need14:39
treachantiword is all you need!14:40
treachahem, maybe not. ;)14:40
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J4CKis the new version compatible with x86 and x86_64 archs?15:23
J4CKtreach, but, where i can download the x86/64 version?15:25
treachJ4CK: there are no official 64bit version, but the 32 bit version works just fine.15:25
treachs/are/is ..15:26
jaegeryou can find the unofficial one at
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treachunofficial = unsupported and not recommended for people who are not either adventourus, or interested in playing around.15:29
budzigniewmethinks the people who are not interested in playing around won't be interested in CRUX15:30
teK_i.e. it may drive your car, drink all your milk, reappoint george bush or award obama with the nobel peace prize15:30
treachbudzigniew: heard of control-freaks? ;)15:30
budzigniewtreach: you mean gentooers? :>15:31
treachbah, that's kids stuff. :>15:31
budzigniewsame opinion. And I'm addicted to simplicity15:31
budzigniewand arch devs make me rage. Aw, screw it ;)15:32
jseWatch it, now! Don't let them make your blood boil for nothing. ;)15:34
budzigniewhmm, what's the reason for including python rc version in opt?15:35
jseThe arch guys might have been simple in the early days. Seems more like a relic and a catchy marketin slogan than a factual representation.15:36
treachx needs it? :P15:36
budzigniewtreach: the bleeding-edge rc release? :S15:37
treachpython is a dependency of xorg.15:37
treachit's like the modern day perl15:37
budzigniewjse: oh, come on, this 'simlicity does matter' recently means only “we're not gonna include some kickass patches because simplicity blah blah vanilla packages blah blah”15:38
treachbudzigniew: you might just as well give up an accept it, you'll never be able to avoid it in the long run anyway.15:38
budzigniewI see. My question is this rc-release. Does X depend on something not-yet-final?15:38
treach"pyton is teh borg" :>15:38
treachno idea15:39
budzigniewtreach: now talking about arch or python?15:39
treachpython, obviously15:39
treachI have no problem avoiding arch. :>15:39
budzigniewwell, I alredy gave up, and just try to boycott big soft written in it. But I'm just curious about why-do-we-have-rc-in-opt15:39
budzigniewnot like I'm trying to be smarter than maitainers, I'm just curious15:40
treachprobably because it's better than the alternative.15:40
treachin tilman we trust. :>15:40
budzigniewas simple as that; ;)15:40
budzigniewI see, thanks15:42
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jseIt is somewhat weird to encounter when even the web site says that the project strives to have the latest stable version.15:43
treachwell, it is, isn't it? :p15:43
jseOh well, sometimes it takes some unusual ways to fix. ;)15:44
treachor at least, "latest most stable" :D15:44
jkramerIs anyone else having problems with the latest mplayer port?15:44
jkramerCan't playback mkv with it15:44
rehabdollyes, its a turd15:44
jaegerwell, you know what they say: "If you want to save the world you've got to push a few old ladies down the stairs"15:45
rehabdolltreach has some compile-cflag that allows mkv to play15:45
treachthat was just for 64bit if I got it right15:45
rehabdollwhat was it? ill test on my 32bit box15:45
* rehabdoll has terrible memory15:45
* jkramer can test too15:46
jkramerNeed to rebuild anyway15:46
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teK_jkramer: just noticed it, too.15:46
teK_it worked for me before I switched to 2.6 (but using the current mplayer version)15:47
teK_Requested audio codec family [dts] (afm=libdca) not available.15:47
jkramerNow I remember again why I have locked my mplayer port about a year ago :)15:47
treachrehabdoll: -fno-strict-aliasing15:47
budzigniewand remember about -ffast-and-furious ;)15:48
jsejaeger: aye. Come hell or a group of old hags blocking the stairs, sometimes you just gotta do it. :D15:48
treachjust remember, they'll make a lousy omelette.15:49
rehabdollteK_: any reason why we play around with cflags in the mplayer port? i've set the x86_64 port to unset them and allow mplayer to choose15:49
treachman, mplayer sure is fragile.15:52
teK_jkramer: installing libdca resulted in a crashing mplayer for me, so this is not the solution15:53
treachlook at this for instance :p
teK_rehabdoll: I guess other optimization options broke mplayer15:53
teK_mplayer's release 'policy' is a mess15:53
treachapparently according to the above, -O3 is needed.. on freebsd. :>15:54
jkramerteK_: The crash is what I experienced all the time, maybe I've libdca installed already15:54
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treachjesus what a mess.15:54
jkramerOr maybe not15:54
teK_treach: yay, makes sense *weird*15:55
jaegerI pretty much gave up on mplayer, it's such a pain to maintain... I use vlc for pretty much everything now15:55
treachI'm amazed it even works.15:55
teK_I loved mplayer as long as I had not t maintain it :P15:55
jkramerIt's a great player, once it's running :)15:55
jkramerThat's why I locked the port when I got it working15:55
treachI've looked at some of the code their developers sometimes throws around to "prove" how fast it is.15:56
treachlooks an awful lot like writing short code using sideeffects etc, and generally trying to outsmart the compiler...15:56
teK_mplayer homepage states:15:56
teK_There are several ways to speed up the playback of 1080 H.264 files in MPlayer.15:56
teK_no, shit, sherlock! crashing instantly is fast, yes :O15:57
treachand if you try to live by outsmarting the compiler, now, that's a real clever way to write maintainable code. :>15:58
jkramerRecompiled with -fno-strict-aliasing, now it works15:58
budzigniewhah, hasn't Linus said that?15:58
jkramer(on 32bit)15:58
treachbudzigniew: I have no idea.15:58
treachI guess it's just a valid general observation15:58
teK_mplayer: when you see it, you will shit bricks15:58
teK_I recompiled with --enable-debug.. now it's playing the mkv-file15:59
budzigniewthat goto is not that bad, for it messes gcc so much that it generates good executable15:59
budzigniewor something like this15:59
treachgoto is good. In the right places.15:59
budzigniewmaniacal fear of goto is ridicolous15:59
rehabdolli have NEVER gotten vlc to work right, even in windows16:06
jaegerI use it in both windows and linux, works great for me. It has occasional bugs like the cursor disappearing in dvd menus at times but that's a small thing to me16:07
treachjaeger: is it possible to skip without it going bananas yet? :p16:08
treachforward march in a straight line, and no funky subtitles etc, used to be the way for vlc..16:08
jaegeras long as the media isn't screwed up it seems fine to me16:09
jaegerI've had problems skipping in divx files with bad indexes and the like but that's to be expected16:09
treachok. hope springs eternal, I guess . :>16:10
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teK_jkramer: thanks16:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayer: fix replay of certain matroska files16:21
budzigniewmatroska, sound like recurency16:21
jkramerteK_: For what?16:21
teK_for the hint. compiling with -fno-strict-aliasing fixed it.16:23
jkramernp :)16:24
teK_I don't know/feel that just trying a newer 'version' will be the best option16:25
teK_this really is a mess..16:25
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rehabdollteK_: you should probably consider removing all other $CFLAGS stuff16:48
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teK_i.e. user supplied?16:53
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rehabdollstupid connection17:47
budzigniewwon't it be great in irc client to have special buffer just for events like join/part, like in mcabber, not to mess in chat window?17:48
treachyou can do that with irssi17:49
budzigniewI mean in-the-same-window buffer, not showing all events in [1]17:49
treachyeah, I'm sure you can do it with any random scripted irc client, but I've seen it with irssi17:49
budzigniewany screenshots, keywords?17:50
treachnot sure exactly what you mean, but you could try han's irssi theme, it's on irssi.org17:50
budzigniewI was actually thinking about writing my own client for this :>17:50
treachdon't. someone else already did. goes for almost anything you can dream up. :P17:51
budzigniewyeah I know, but, from my own experiences, it's sometimes easier to write your own code than hack sb else's17:52
treachfor my own needs, just ignoring joins is enough.17:52
budzigniewI'd like to see them, in the same window, but not messing in chat17:53
budzigniewlike 2 lines would be enough17:53
treachtry the theme in the link.17:53
treachyou could always just customize it a bit17:53
budzigniewI'd like that in weechat anyway ;)17:53
budzigniewyeah, that theme looks good17:53
* treach uses the ash theme. :p17:54
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rehabdoll-oh fuck, maintinence work all night17:59
* treach hands rehabdoll- the screwdriver. "Get going, Johnny"18:00
rehabdoll-Under natten 2009-10-12 kl. 00.00-06.00 genomför vi underhållsarbete i Västervik vilket kan innebära störningar i vissa av våra tjänster under denna tid.18:00
treachtelia ftw18:01
rehabdoll-bluetooth ftw \o/18:01
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