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tilmanpython 2.6.4rc1 fixed #503 according to opt.git's log00:26
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: exo: updated to 0.3.10407:09
Rotwangsourceforge craziness07:26
RyoSone question remains: who wants to use mldonkey? O_o07:28
* Rotwang 07:29
thrice`1000!  lol07:30
Rotwangmldonkey is teh best torrent, donkey client EVAR!07:30
RyoSbut who wants still to use the donkey network?07:32
RyoSand: rtorrent > *07:32
RyoSwell, gotta go, laters07:32
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* Rotwang looks for some web space for tex packages :<08:53
thrice`got 'em working?08:53
Rotwangim thinking about splitting texmf stuff08:54
Rotwangso if someone wants to install texlive doesnt have to dl whole 800MB08:54
mrksso is to mirror it on an option?08:55
mrksRotwang: did you port texlive 2009 or 2008?08:56
Rotwangdont think so, since sum of these packages is going to be around 800MB [;08:56
Rotwangmrks: 200808:56
rehabdolli can host if needed09:35
Rotwangnice :}09:36
rehabdollwhere do i find it?09:37
Rotwangrehabdoll: it is not finished yet09:38
rehabdollah, well let me know09:38
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aidenn_can anyone tell me what's the last install cd (for i586) with ide-generic module? i've just tried to install 2.6 after a looong break and I can't, cause there's no ide-generic module on the cd ;)10:03
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aidennnvm, I've wrote jue. maybe he'll react faster than I'll get access to a machine where I can compile my own image.10:27
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rehabdoll <- lol12:15
jaegerThat sure sounds safe!12:17
tilmani got that sent to :)12:18
tilmanactually my mail was a little bit different12:18
tilmanit linked to an aspx-page instead to an exe12:19
rehabdollits too bad natural selection in the internet-world affects even the non-dumb :(12:20
rehabdollotherwise i'd celebrate it12:20
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thrice`hello :)14:17
budzigniewoh, gtk has broken footprint14:17
budzigniewit made me disable footprint checking in pkgmk config file14:18
budzigniewlol, I finally know what yes program is really for14:21
budzigniewfrom perl-lwp Pkgfile:14:21
budzigniewyes | perl Makefile.PL -n14:21
budzigniewmakes sense14:21
budzigniewnice utility for shut-up-I-accept-everything-just-do-what-I-want14:22
budzigniewthough, I think yes should have some gui, be able to click all "Next" till it finds "Finish" button14:26
budzigniewwould be useful for wine-related apps14:26
sirmacikznowu laaaag :<14:27
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sirmacikwrong channel :/14:29
budzigniewhow is the contrib repo working? I mean, is it like if your ports tree is neat enough you are given access to contrib, or how does it work?14:34
Rotwangyou need to apply for contrib membership14:35
Rotwangif contrib members accept you, you get git access14:35
Rotwangbudzigniew: you need to maintain your personal repo for some time tho [;14:35
budzigniewah, I see14:36
jsebudzigniew: gtk's footprint usually seems broken because everyone's system has different packages which affect what features gtk autodetects and compiles in.14:36
Rotwangthats what usually happens if compiling bigger projects14:40
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budzigniewhmm, any witty way to add user to group? I was always using gpasswd, and now it's deleted in shadow Pkgfile14:46
Rotwangusermod -a -G foo,bar budzigniew14:47
budzigniewoh, broken my fun! I was to read man! ;P14:47
budzigniew...thanks ;)14:47
* thrice` likes gpasswd too :(14:48
budzigniewI won't say I like it, I just got used to use it, in gh-ghr-gentoo and arch and others14:48
budzigniewis '-c' used as default wget option?14:50
budzigniewin pkgmk -d14:51
budzigniewit uses, thanks14:53
budzigniew(grep is a wonderful tool)14:54
budzigniewdamn this skype. Anyone has qt4 compiled and packaged?15:08
budzigniewhmm, there should be some static release15:09
Rotwangqt4 == bad bad bad [;15:11
budzigniewyep, I think exactly the same, buddy15:21
* thrice` too15:21
budzigniewwhat is more, I even tried to actually use it. Damn, I even hate the whole C++ after these experiences15:21
RyoSenough talk, lets burn that qt fucker down!15:21
thrice`    :(15:23
thrice`I guess KMS only from here on out?15:25
aidennbudzigniew: my friend works as qt4 gui programmer. he shares your pain.15:26
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budzigniewaidenn: but is he alredy aware of how cruel is job really is?15:28
aidennhe curses it every day15:29
budzigniewpoor him then15:29
budzigniewHah, I know remember how funny it was when I was choosing between GTK and Qt. The procedure of drawing a window was what finally convinced me15:30
Rotwangis anyone aware of some nice script that checks if certain port doesnt conflict with another one?15:31
Rotwangconflict == the same files in the same dir15:32
thrice`I thought prtverify did it15:32
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aidennhm. does jue come here often?15:33
budzigniewyou can just `cut -f 3 .footprint` and grep the result in another .footprint15:33
thrice`aidenn, yeah, usually :)15:34
aidenncause I want to nag him to fix his i586 install image ;)15:34
teK_!seen jue15:34
teK_@seen jue15:34
clbteK_: jue was last seen in #crux 4 days, 3 hours, 26 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <jue> hello15:34
thrice`aidenn, you could always do a 2.5 install, and upgrade :)15:34
Rotwangthrice`: indeed15:34
aidennthrice`: yeah, but I might as well wait a bit. I don't have a burner anyway. If I had I'd fix it myself.15:35
budzigniewhmm, any funny alternative to skype? I mean some voice chatting, but without this closed standards15:41
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* budzigniew mumbles "and without qt"15:41
RyoSjabber talk15:42
RyoSwhat was it called?15:42
thrice`I think pidgin can these days, with the appropriate libs15:42
Rotwangyou need gstreamer afaik15:42
Rotwangnever tried it tho15:42
Rotwang(pidgin voice chats)15:43
aidennisn't empathy supposed to be THE voice chat solution?15:44
budzigniewdunno, that's why asking15:44
aidennoh, I've heard good things about empathy, but afaicr it's dependant on a couple of Gnome libs, so if that's a problem, then I don't know ;)15:46
budzigniewany experiences with eeepc's anyone?16:00
Rotwangbudzigniew: jaeger shoul be knowlegable16:01
budzigniewjaeger: ?16:02
budzigniewhmm, I'm afraid opt/tetex is broken16:04
Rotwangprtverify acuses my Pkgfile of nonascii chars16:05
budzigniewanyone noticed some gmail certs changes?16:14
Rotwangsomeone with prt-utils installed is needed16:17
Rotwangjust a minute16:17
teK_of course16:18
Rotwangprtverify /usr/ports/core/bash/16:18
teK_[tek@basra][~]% prtverify /usr/ports/core/bash/16:18
Rotwangwhat happens?16:18
RotwangteK_: do you have any LC_* variables set?16:19
budzigniewanyone using LaTeX here?16:21
Rotwangbudzigniew: im working on texlive atm16:21
budzigniewRotwang: have some port?16:21
Rotwangbut if youre impatient you can use texlive iso ;D16:21
Rotwangbudzigniew: work in progress16:21
budzigniewah, you're now creating it?16:21
budzigniewI see, that's good16:21
budzigniewI was just about to do the same, but you're probably more experienced16:22
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budzigniewvim port is broken16:33
thrice`awesome description ;)16:33
Rotwangwhat is broken exactly?16:33
budzigniewwrong ftp path16:34
budzigniewthrice`: well, you're right, my bad ;)16:34
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thrice`looks like vim's ftp is just down :(16:38
thrice`oh wait16:38
thrice`   works.  O.o16:39
budzigniewhmm, maybe it was temporarily down16:41
budzigniewI've installed it from cd, but I don't think I'll ever switch to it anyway ;)16:41
budzigniewjust trying, the compilation of emacs scares me16:41
rehabdollwhy, dont you need a second operating system?16:45
budzigniewnot exactly ;) You see, I really like using emacs. But I have a feeling that someone who creates an editor that takes 100 MB of disk space is not really sane16:48
rehabdollthe church of emacs disagrees16:49
rehabdollvi vi vi is the editor of the beast16:49
budzigniewyeah, I know that16:50
budzigniewI really like emacs bindings, but on the other hand, as I'm trying this vim tutorial, this modes don't looks not that bad either16:52
budzigniewhmm, I'll maybe shut up before I start some flamewar16:52
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rehabdollyeah, the risk is real :)16:55
Rotwangand im using mostly gtk based text editors ;D16:55
Rotwang(not gvim)16:55
budzigniewlike geany?16:57
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Rotwangi know how to use basic vim, but never could bother to get deeper into vim nor emax17:01
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budzigniewRotwang: built wesnoth recently?17:15
budzigniew1.6.5 maybe?17:18
budzigniew./configure is complaining about too old sdl_ttf, I'll try building 2.0.9 and trying wesnoth once again, but it says it needs >=2.0.817:19
Rotwangso it should be ok ;D17:20
Rotwangcontrib/sdl_ttf is 2.0.817:20
budzigniewyeah I know, but wesnoth is still complaining17:20
budzigniewthat's the reason of my trial of building with 2.0.917:20
budzigniewaaaand, works17:24
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budzigniewanyway, Rotwang, how's your texlive going? you have your porttree somewhere?17:34
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Rotwangbudzigniew: it is not available yet17:37
aidennoh, that reminded me that I wanted to ask if there are any binary package repos for crux17:37
budzigniewI was thinking about opening bittorrent tracker with'em17:37
Rotwangbudzigniew: if you need texlive now, download iso ormake your own port 8D17:37
budzigniewRotwang: no hurry, I'm just curious17:38
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Rotwangi need few more days to finish ;f17:43
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