IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-10-13

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pitillogood morning01:14
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: libburn: updated to 0.7.202:02
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: gtk-xfce-engine: fixed source url02:02
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: thunar-archive-plugin: fixed source url02:02
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: thunar-svn-plugin: fixed source url02:02
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: thunar-thumbnailers: fixed source url02:24
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: thunar-volman: fixed source url02:24
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: fixed source urls02:24
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pitillofaq wds-repeater02:30
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mike_k_jaeger: faac build fails at installing man outside of PKG, using --mandir=$PKG/usr/man solves that05:58
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aidenni'm finally installing crux again after like 2 years. compiling the kernel atm ;)07:37
rehabdollwhat kept you away?07:46
aidenni was using arch07:47
aidennyep, i know ;p07:47
thrice`cool :)  what made you come back?07:49
aidennwell, i'm using crux on my laptop anyway (old p233 mmx), so i thought why the hell won't i build a cross-compilation base on my desktop.07:50
aidenncrux on the laptop is like 2.2 or something, but i'll be upgrading it as soon as I get the desktop up and running07:50
rehabdollsounds like doing a sysup with that cpu would be fun07:51
aidennp233? i never tried that ;]07:51
aidenni only compiled what i needed most07:51
aidennmplayer was the longest compilation07:52
aidenn6h or so07:52
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thrice`O_o  awesome07:53
aidennit was even better when the cpu overheated and hung up during the compilation07:54
aidennbut it does it rarely07:55
aidenn(yes, i have a normal rig too ;)07:55
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Rotwanghi sepen08:00
sepenteK_, thanks for the report08:00
thrice`hey sepen :)08:00
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: exo: fixed dependencies and removed extra documentation08:01
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sepenrehabdoll, ping08:07
sependid you see my changes to #505?08:09
rehabdollyes, just now08:09
sepenI think that I'll have sometime at night for playing with it08:10
rehabdoll/bin/sh: gconftool-2: command not found08:10
sepenstill not tested here, I'm at office ;D08:10
rehabdollill try and play around a bit08:10
sepenhmm, gconf is installed here, try with --without-gconf08:10
sepeniirc its only required for store configuration files08:10
thrice`for gnome-mplayer ?08:11
sepennot exactly08:11
Rotwangpymp ftw!08:11
sepengnomeplayer == gtkfronted-mplayer08:11
thrice`well, gecko-mplayer needs gnome-mmplayer, right? :D08:11
sepenthrice`, iirc it's only required as a gtkfrontend08:12
sepenbut well, as I said I'm still working on it, sorry for making some noise08:12
thrice`there is a --disable-schemas-install and --without-gconf  flag :)08:12
sepenthanks I'll try08:13
thrice`ok, i'll wait :)  I've used it in the past, but seems my port is gone08:13
sepenoh! you had a port?08:13
thrice`I tried it awhile back, after mplayerplug-in quit building08:15
thrice`I thought it just needed gnome-mplayer as a dep08:16
rehabdollyeah, using thrice's options allowed it to compile atleast08:16
sepenhmm, so I'll try to write a patch whenever be possible08:16
sepenat least the plugin is listed on my firefox's browser08:17
rehabdollhmm, i dont have a gtk-frontend for mplayer.. only smplayer which is qt08:20
rehabdollmaybe thats why no gui launches :>08:20
sepenanyways thanks08:21
rehabdollseems to work just fine with gnome-mplayer which didnt require any additional deps08:26
rehabdollyep, works08:26
rehabdollgnome-mplayer seems kind of sweet also btw08:27
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* Rotwang installs08:30
rehabdollgermany ftw:
rehabdollalthough its not really germany but..08:30
Rotwangrehabdoll: youve forgotten to strip teh locales :<08:32
rehabdollwell it was a *quick* port :)08:34
budzigniewanyone using geeqie maybe?08:35
rehabdollyeah, already updated it08:39
rehabdollhmm, depends on dbus?08:41
aidennI'm getting a stage1 not found error when trying to install grub if /boot is ext4. is there a workaround other than "install on ext2/xfs/whatever, then convert and dabble"? ;]08:48
Rotwangi guess there is no point in texlive-doc packages in crux08:51
aidenni guess it's because under chroot /dev/hda1 is listed ad "type unknown"08:51
ZabaRotwang, why not?08:52
thrice`docs are bad!08:52
RotwangZaba: because pr0 crux users does not read docs!08:52
ZabaRotwang, docs are useful.08:52
thrice`BASICS, etc08:52
budzigniewdisabling documentation by default isn't so stupid, but cutting off access to them at all is stupid08:52
Zabaalthough, the only doc for TeX is the TeXbook!!1108:52
RotwangZaba: yes but they take a lot of place08:52
ZabaRotwang, so provide them as an optional package08:53
Rotwangrehabdoll: will you be able to spare ~300 megs for texlive archieves? [;08:53
budzigniew, any idea for this fucker?08:53
RotwangZaba: ive got no web space08:53
ZabaRotwang, compress it?08:53
budzigniewline 708:53
RotwangZaba: theyre huge, believe me08:54
ZabaRotwang, get more web space? :P08:54
rehabdollRotwang: sure08:56
rehabdoll386gb free :>08:57
Rotwangbudzigniew: you need to hack makefile or pass approperiate option to configure08:57
Rotwangrehabdoll: nice [;08:57
rehabdoll10mbit up also, so should work08:57
budzigniewRotwang: this Makefile is broken as hell, it even installs translations after passing --disable-nls08:57
Rotwangnothing new08:58
rehabdoll--disable-nls is not always supported as i just noticed with gnome-mplayer :)08:58
thrice`nothing a nice rm can't fix ;)08:58
budzigniewsometimes there's no other way than build from root and then clean up after it :/08:58
Rotwangthere is08:59
Rotwangalways ;D08:59
budzigniewblah blah blah ;)08:59
budzigniewI don't feel like playing with this silly Makefile08:59
budzigniewwell, I can always sed out this line somehow09:00
rehabdollRotwang: it will end up here:
teK_sepen: you're weolcome09:15
dxtrThe install cd hangs at boot09:19
dxtrat "io scheduler cfq registered (default)"09:19
dxtrIs it supposed to do that? :P09:19
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rehabdollbad media?09:21
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dxtrTried burning it twice09:21
dxtrOn two different cds ofcourse :P09:22
rehabdollis the md5sum correct? no kernel panics etc?09:23
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dxtrDidn't really check the md5sum so I'm downloading it again - through bittorrent this time09:24
dxtrAnd no, no kernel panics09:27
dxtrIt just hangs09:27
rehabdolli was thinking of checking the cd.. "md5sum /dev/cdrom" and comparing it to the image09:28
dxtrSounds easy. Any idea how to do that under Windows?09:29
rehabdolloh, haha no09:30
dxtrWEll, downloading it with bittorrent now09:30
dxtrIt should be right then09:31
dxtrThen I'll burn it on a new CD and try - I'll come back and shout if it doesn't work then09:31
pitillodxtr: not sure if this can help you, check SF project wxChecksums09:33
dxtrwill do09:35
dxtrpitillo: I love you! Been looking for something just like that!09:37
dxtrBut it didn't help me much right now :P09:46
dxtrShouldn't matter if I burn it to a dvd or a cd right?09:48
dxtrAs long as my computer can boot it09:48
dxtrBecause I'll have to go upstairs to get a cd09:48
dxtrBut I've got DVDs here09:48
dxtrDOwnloaded now (Bittorrent was slow)09:52
dxtrmd5sum okay (You can never be too sure! ;))09:52
dxtrGonna burn it now09:52
dxtrI'll go get a cd09:52
dxtrI'll burn it real slow - just to be sure10:00
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Rotwangdxtr: you may install crux without burning cd10:02
dxtrRotwang: I would like to use my usb stick :P10:02
Rotwangdxtr: there is also a way to boot from usb10:03
dxtrIt is?10:03
dxtrMay I ask for a link? Checked on the website but didn't find any10:03
dxtr(But maybe I didn't check hard enough=)10:03
Rotwangi dont remember, lol10:03
Rotwanghere is a script10:05
dxtrI would like a windows script for it to be honest :P10:06
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rehabdollyeah, i dont understand why there is no image available10:10
dxtrOkay.. Downloaded it with bittorrent, verified with the md5 file, burned it real slow, imgburn verified the cd (Don't know what that means to be honest - but I would assume it has something to do with verifying)10:13
dxtrI don't see how this could go wrong10:13
dxtrBut it did :)10:13
dxtrStill hangs when booting10:13
dxtrThat sucks10:14
Rotwangdxtr: you may boot another livecd and install crux from it ;D10:16
dxtrRotwang: True :)10:17
jaegerdxtr: you could try unetbootin and the updated disc but that would require downloading another ISO10:18
dxtrjaeger: Hey, downloading isos isn't the problem :P10:19
dxtrWhat ISO would I have to download?10:19
dxtrI'll go for it10:20
dxtrWhatever it takes!10:20
dxtrMay I ask what iso that is?10:20
jaeger <-- here is an md5sum.exe for dos/windows10:20
jaegerIt's an updated version of the crux 2.6 iso - newer ports, and it supports booting from usb, cf, sd, that sort of thing10:21
jaegerso if you use unetbootin with that iso to make it into a usb disk, it might work for you10:21
jaegerit won't work with the default crux 2.6 iso without modification because the default init script isn't smart enough to look in the right places for the crux media10:22
dxtrWIll unetbootin format the usb drive and stuff?10:25
jaegerI don't remember for sure10:25
dxtrHrm, I guess not10:25
dxtrFAT32 - correct?10:25
jaegershould be fine10:26
dxtrBtw, is /opt used?10:28
dxtrI always forget that partition :P10:28
dxtrIt hangs at the same place10:31
dxtrWhat is this!? :(10:31
dxtrjaeger: Why? :(10:31
dxtr"io scheduler cfq registered (default)"10:31
dxtrAnd then it hangs10:31
dxtrIt even ceased all activity on the usb stick10:32
dxtrSo it seriously hangs :P10:33
jaegerno idea :(10:33
jaegerI haven't run into that, myself10:33
jaegerbut at least you know the CD isn't the problem10:34
dxtrHaha - after two cds and a dvd :P10:34
thrice`could try some kernel flags10:34
jaegertry booting with noapic?10:34
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dxtrJust adding "noapic nofirewire" when I press tab on default?10:35
dxtrIn the menu10:35
dxtr(I don't need firewire so :P)10:35
dxtrDIdn't help10:36
pitillodxtr: and with noacpi?10:36
jaegerno idea, then, sorry :(10:36
dxtrpitillo: nothing10:36
dxtrstill hangs10:36
thrice`they are different :)  acpi vs. apic10:37
dxtrCan I diagnose this error somehow?10:37
thrice`it's probably not that scheduler that's the issue, but what is coming after it10:38
dxtrWould be kinda helpful to know what it is :P10:38
dxtrHow would I do if I would boot another livecd and install crux from there? Boot, partition, ???, crux setup?10:39
pitillodxtr: have you tried with both? noapic noacpi?10:41
thrice`you can try things like "noide" too10:41
dxtrAlready did :10:41
pitillodxtr: do you have any kind of conversor plugged in? (usb-ps2?)10:41
dxtrpitillo: Nope10:42
dxtrThe only thing I plugged in was a network cable, the power cable and the usb stick10:42
dxtrWell, the keyboard (But it's attached to the laptop10:42
pitillodxtr: sorry then, this last tip was the first search I got10:42
dxtrI even tried "nofirewire noapic noacpi noide noscsi"10:42
dxtrI'd like some pointers on installing it with some other livecd10:49
dxtrWas a long time since I did something like that10:50
Rotwangdxtrsearch for chroottesting10:50
Rotwangon crux wiki10:50
Rotwangdxtr: search for chroottesting on crux wiki*10:51
dxtrWill try it out10:55
dxtrYou think damn small linux livecd will do it? :P10:55
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dxtr50 megabytes download10:55
aidennhello from my new crux install10:55
dxtrBut slow as hell10:55
dxtraidenn: hello10:55
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thrice`I installed crux from a ubuntu CD I had once, when I was short on CD's :)10:56
dxtrthrice`: Hehe10:57
thrice`   is a cheap how-to10:58
dxtrawesome :)10:59
ZabaI installed crux off the livecd kernel and livecd initrd, which was modified to contain the squashfs image from the livecd10:59
dxtrWhat's setup-chroot?11:01
aidennit mounts /dev and other things11:01
aidennto your /mnt11:01
aidennand then chroots you automatically11:01
Zabahm, there's such a script?11:01
aidennyep. i was shocked too11:02
* Zaba didn't know...11:02
ZabaI did my chroot myself.. meh, I like wasting time.11:02
Zaba(not that it took a lot of it anyway, but still)11:02
dxtrDoesn't seem like damn small find my hard drive :P11:07
thrice`you are very fast at downloading and burning images :)11:07
dxtrI'm not burning11:08
dxtrUSB stick11:08
dxtrAnd, thanks to jaeger, I use unetbootin11:08
dxtr(And I thank my 100 megabit connection)11:08
thrice`yeah, that's a neat tool.  I can't wait for jaeger's changes to go into the next release, and maybe just spitting out .img install media direct :)11:09
aidenndoes anyone have a recent nvidia-legacy (96xx) pkgbuild that works with 2.6.3x kernels, or do I have to make one myself?11:13
thrice`aah, no pkgbuild speak allowed :)11:14
aidennoh ;)11:14
RotwangPKGBUILD'S are nich nich topic here11:17
aidennah well, i've made my own anyway. i just hate reinventing the wheel if there's a way not to ;)11:18
aidennnow to check if it works...11:18
Zabaheh, what's unetbootin?11:20
aidennimpossible, it works!11:21
ZabaI always hacked netboot images together!11:21
dxtrmount -o loop /media/usb/crux/crux-2.6-updated.iso /media/cdrom/ - mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on /media/cdrom failed: Invalid argument11:28
dxtrDebian livecd :P11:28
dxtrAt least I partitioned the disk11:28
Zabahm, try specifying a fileystem type?11:29
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Rotwangdxtr: youve got failday today [;11:41
dxtrRotwang: Yeah :P11:52
dxtrWhen I do the unsquashfs thingy I get: FATAL: kernel too old11:52
dxtrsegmentation fault :(11:52
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dxtrHow come?11:53
Rotwangdxtr: if you are installing crux from mounted iso you dont have to unsquashfs anything11:53
dxtrRotwang: right11:53
dxtr :P11:54
thrice`which kernel does that debian CD ship with?  CRUX's toolchain will need at least 2.6.25 iirc11:54
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dxtrSwitched to Gentoo11:54
dxtrI hate life at the moment11:55
budzigniewha, I sense some perl here11:55
Zabathere's another 'i' in there!11:55
budzigniewthere's more than one way to do it11:55
Rotwangdxtr: ^ i always use this method11:55
Rotwangbudzigniew: up for texlive port?11:56
budzigniewRotwang: sure11:56
Zabadxtr, why not fetch sources and build a kernel yourself?11:56
budzigniewhey, anyone familiar with some ncurses login manager? I don't remember the name11:57
Rotwangbudzigniew: im uploading stuff to server it should be ready in hour or so11:58
budzigniewcould you poke me when it'll be done?11:58
dxtrZaba: laziness :P11:58
dxtrthrice`: What toolchain are we talking about here? The setup process?11:59
thrice`no, when you try to enter the crux environment11:59
budzigniewit's easy m'kay...12:00
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aidenn1000fps glxgears power!12:15
budzigniewhurr durr12:16
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dxtrOKay, now I've chrooted and installed every core package12:43
dxtrBut that's not a kernel right?12:43
dxtrDo I have to compile that myself?12:43
aidennit's all in the handbook btw12:43
dxtrYeah, I figured :)12:44
dxtrWhat's setup for anyway?12:44
aidennfor copying packages12:44
dxtrBut I did that manually12:44
aidennwell, in case you didn't want to, it does it automatically12:44
dxtrFollowing the chroottesting thingy :P12:44
dxtrBut did I break anything?12:44
aidennjust check while chrooted if, for example, lsmod works12:45
dxtrI haven't compiled the kernel yet12:46
aidennit should work either way, while you're chrooted you're using the kernel from the cd12:46
dxtrYeah, lsmod works12:47
budzigniewhmm, opt/ratpoison is not compiling12:50
dxtrA good console font when using unicode?12:50
aidenndsm is good too12:51
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dxtraidenn: No, I mean outside X :P12:54
aidennterminus has a pure console variation12:55
aidenni use lat2-14 though, i have no need for unicode outside of X12:55
dxtrhehe, okay12:55
budzigniewhmm, any idea how to smuggle my own CFLAGS to make?12:59
aidennCFLAGS+="-flag" make?13:00
budzigniewnot working13:00
budzigniewgentoo bugzilla says it should build fine with -DHAVE_GETLINE13:01
aidennobvious suggestion: CXXFLAGS? ;)13:03
budzigniewthat's in C ;)13:03
aidennthen dunno13:03
aidennother than editing Makefile that is ;)13:03
budzigniewI guess I'll have to edit makefile then13:04
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dxtrWhat processor family do I have if I've got an Intel Pentium Dual-core?13:07
dxtrPentium 4=13:07
budzigniewin kernel?13:08
budzigniewthere is some entry with p413:08
dxtrYeah, in kernel13:08
dxtrShould I pick P4?13:08
budzigniewif you have p4? guess.13:09
dxtrI've got a Pentium Dual-core13:09
dxtrHonestly don't know what that would be counted as :P13:09
aidennwhat dual core?13:09
aidennthere's three obvious choices13:09
aidennpentium d13:09
aidennpentium core duo13:10
aidennand pentium core 2 duo13:10
dxtrIntel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T320013:10
dxtrAnd the sticker says "Intel Pentium Dual-Core inside(TM)"13:10
dxtrdmesg says nothing13:11
dxtrIs that a pentium d perhaps?13:11
budzigniew/proc/cpuinfo should say more13:11
aidennthat's a core duo13:11
dxtraidenn: it is?13:11
dxtrcpu family: 613:11
dxtrmodel: 1513:11
dxtrmodel name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz13:12
dxtraidenn: So what should I pick? P4?13:12
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aidennhonestly? i don't know. wikipedia says that core duos are dual Pentium Ms13:14
aidennso maybe you should go with Pentium M13:14
aidennalthough it will work if you choose P413:15
dxtrHehe, okay13:15
Rotwangdxtr -march=native13:15
dxtrSymmetric multi-processing is only used for several CPUs right? Not several cores?13:16
dxtrAnd I should enable... hrm.. i had the option right here13:17
budzigniewbut the time you are considering this you would be able to compile kernel 3 times and even benchmark it13:18
budzigniew*by the time13:18
dxtrI'm not in a hurry13:18
dxtrAnd I like to experiment :)13:18
Rotwangdxtr: ohh i thought you asking about cflags13:19
Rotwangdxtr: core/xeon13:19
dxtrRotwang: NOt pentium M?13:19
dxtrHOnsetly it says Core 2/newer Xeon13:20
dxtrAnd I'm not sure about that Core 2 part13:20
Rotwangive got cd 218013:21
budzigniewnice domain13:22
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Rotwangtest it in your spare tim plx13:31
budzigniewmy spare time is now, thanks13:31
budzigniewRotwang: anyways, you're the maintainer of lxdm maybe?13:31
Rotwangit is beta of this port so .footprint may differ ;f13:31
Rotwangbudzigniew: yep13:31
Rotwangand no all deps are listed13:31
budzigniewLOL, this patches are fucking awesome13:32
budzigniewthough, same problem occurs in ratpoison13:32
budzigniewRotwang: about this lxdm, though about using svn or sth?13:33
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Rotwangwas lxdm merged to official lxde project?13:35
Rotwangtakes a look13:35
budzigniewthey say it's on their svn13:35
budzigniewoh, here it is:
budzigniewI'll make some Pkgfile13:38
budzigniewalright, testing it atm, brb13:45
*** budzigniew has quit IRC13:45
*** budzigniew has joined #crux13:46
budzigniewaw, that's a bad thing I must say13:47
budzigniewI have a working Pkgfile though13:47
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Rotwang(21:33:38) Gabron: a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.14:35
budzigniewif today's world is normal, being crazy is the most obvious thing to me14:50
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dxtris prt-get recommended? :)15:18
thrice`absolutely :)15:18
dxtrI'm actually starting to like crux :P15:19
dxtrBeen using it for a couple of minutes now15:19
dxtrInstallation was... well, it was easier and quicker than I thought15:19
dxtrAnd prt-get is awesome15:20
thrice`indeed :)15:20
aidenndxtr: and you didn't even use setup ;p15:20
dxtraidenn: Exactly :D15:20
dxtrI had to reboot once - but that was totally my error15:20
dxtrForgot to setup /etc/fstab :)15:21
budzigniewthe most irritating thing is probably the state of some ports, and lacking everything in tree ;)15:21
budzigniewwhich is probably the result of lacking devs15:22
aidenngood thing though that fixing most of them is just a matter of changing version number in Pkgbuild and recreating .md5sums and .footprint15:23
aidennand/or applying a patch15:23
budzigniewwell, I personally stopped caring about .md5sums and turned of .footprints in pkgmk.conf. The worst thing is actually "hmm, I'm gonna need this app. Aw, no port, will have to create one. Aw, and for its deps"15:25
budzigniewwhich is surely pushing distro forward, if we have the place to publish our ports15:25
aidennwell, the listing at kinda-works ;)15:26
aidennthough i agree that something like aur would be less taxing15:26
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dxtrEhm.. I got a server and bandwidth to spare if someone wants to create a database like that :)15:27
Rotwangsetting up personal repo is even easier and better than aur15:28
budzigniewdxtr: want to take few mine? Some of them probably need some small fixes but they all work fine for me15:28
budzigniewRotwang: if you have webspace15:28
Rotwangyou need very little amount of space15:28
aidennyes, but there's no The Personal Repo[TM], to which most people contribute. if you want a lot of exotic packages you need to manage a lot of personal repos15:28
budzigniewdxtr: I have recent cdw, chromium, rtorrent, ncmpcpp, newsbeuter, pmount, sdl_ttf and, ta-da-dah, wesnoth ;)15:29
* aidenn wants chromium15:29
dxtrbudzigniew: We haven't started anything yet :P15:29
budzigniewI know, just mentioning15:30
budzigniewaidenn: need a paste?15:30
dxtrbtw, rtorrent would be nice15:30
aidenni've tried to compile webkit today, but it seems that the most recent nightly is broken ;)15:30
dxtrHrm, are there any good systems for anonymous browsing of files?15:31
aidennso I need a light browser badly15:31
budzigniewaidenn: you don't need webkit. At least I have this static version15:31
dxtrLike, svn-ish15:31
dxtrBut without the project part15:31
*** tnut has left #crux15:31
budzigniewhg, git?15:31
aidennbudzigniew: I know, I know, I was talking about light browsers in general15:31
budzigniewYou will need to fix a typo though15:31
dxtrbudzigniew: I mean a system that would fit the packages :)15:31
budzigniewaidenn: tried surf?15:31
budzigniewdxtr: why wouldn't vcs fit for packages?15:32
budzigniewit would be even funnier than rsync15:32
aidennbudzigniew: sure, i love surf (and dwm for that matter), but since webkit today is broken i'll have to wait (i don't like to downgrade ;p)15:32
budzigniewaidenn: btw, seen my antiflash patch? :>15:32
aidennthe one on the mailing list?15:32
budzigniewyup, but it's been upgraded since then, saving another 1 LOC :>15:33
aidennyeah, but i don't have flash on my laptop anyway, so i don't need it ;]15:33
budzigniewgood choice. I also haven't installed it on crux yet15:34
aidenni'll test chromium as soon as wine compiles15:36
budzigniewgeez, avoiding flash yet using wine? weirdo.15:37
aidenni play progress quest and diablo 2 ;p15:37
budzigniewI see15:37
aidennand i'm not avoiding flash per se. i like flashblock and the sort, but not having it at all on the laptop has more to do with it being p233 mmx15:38
aidennthough .flv downloaded from youtube plays fine on mplayer ;p15:39
budzigniewyeah, that's true15:40
* thrice` avoids flash15:40
budzigniewflash isn't really THAT bad. It's just overused15:40
budzigniew(and the implementation is shitty)15:40
aidennand it's slo-o-o-ow.15:40
budzigniewsee my last point15:41
aidennalthough on my gaming rig (e7400, 4gb ram) i don't notice it at all ;p15:41
budzigniewhmm, does setting up microphone require some kernel configuration?16:10
budzigniewin case sound output works16:10
aidennjust pump it up in alsamixer16:10
aidennfirst test feedback, unmute and push it to the max in alsamixer along with mic boost to see if you hear anything16:11
aidennthen mute it and go to the recording pane16:12
aidennto select input16:12
budzignieweverything is maxed16:14
aidenndid you unmute in output? (M key)16:14
aidennthen, do you hear cracking and popping in speakers as you push and pull the mic jack out?16:15
aidennalso, do you use the front mic in or rear mic in? my front mic in works only in windows for example ;)16:18
budzigniewnope. And tried all jacks16:19
budzigniewbut someone on skype hears my mpd. Weird.16:20
aidennwhat do you have selected in the recording pane in alsamixer?16:20
budzigniewfor some reason mic started working when I plugged in a webcam16:25
aidennhell yeah, wine compiled in just under 3h16:25
aidenndamn, i miss my c2d16:25
*** budzigniew has quit IRC16:28
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:35
aidennis there an equivalent to apt-get's pinning in prt-get?16:47
aidennoh, it is. put the directory higher in .conf :D16:48
aidennhow simple16:48
aidenn*there is16:48
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:56
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan16:56
rehabdollRotwang: added16:59
dxtrFor some reason I can't load i915 kernel module :/17:03
dxtr"Invalig argument"?17:03
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:19
*** spaceninja has joined #crux17:23
spaceninjahey what if I hear lots of activity on my server, which should be silent, how can I see the activity?17:24
spaceninjait sounds as if someone is copying lots of stuff17:24
spaceninjawhats the command to see all the users17:25
thrice`maybe "ps aux"  will show something17:26
thrice`"who" ?17:26
thrice`or "w"17:26
spaceninjacan't really tell, might be php17:29
dxtrthrice`: Any idea why I'm not allowed to load drm and i950?17:29
dxtrSomehow it says drm is already loaded (wtf?)17:30
thrice`not allowed?  that doesn't sound right ;)  what makes you think that?17:30
dxtrand 2) It says "Error inserting drm (/path/to/the/module): Invalid argument"17:30
thrice`well, zgrep CONFIG_DRM /proc/config.gz   shows what?17:30
dxtrHum, that it's compiled in i think :P17:32
dxtrHaha, silly me17:32
dxtrOh well17:33
dxtrKernel is at /boot/vmlinuz - but I forgot to move the newly compiled stuff there :P17:33
thrice`if you run "grep DRI2 /var/log/Xorg.0.log" , that should tell you if the intel stuff is doing OK17:34
thrice`(II) intel(0): [DRI2] Setup complete17:34
thrice`(II) intel(0): direct rendering: DRI2 Enabled17:34
dxtrIt did :)17:34
dxtrDRI2 enabled, Initialized DRI2 GL provider, yadda yadda17:35
dxtrBut X won't let me do anything unless I fix this :P17:35
dxtrit seems17:35
dxtrDoesn't work :/18:05
dxtrI only get a black screen18:07
*** lennart has quit IRC18:09
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:25
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan18:25
spaceninjawhat's the easiest way to turn off the black screen "screensaver"?18:32
spaceninjaI heard you have to manually setterm -powersave off -blank 0 for each tty18:33
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:36
*** prodromos has quit IRC18:41
*** maro has joined #crux18:51
*** spaceninja has quit IRC19:16
*** lennart has joined #crux23:13

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