IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-10-14

pitillogood morning01:01
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sepen$ firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ undefined symbol: _Z14getURLFilenamePKc08:12
aidennhas anyone built gtk-doc recently?08:19
sepenops, sorry for the noise, I'm writing a patch for mplayerplug-in (or at least trying it)08:28
sepenit compiles fine for now08:29
aidenndo I have to run post-install manually? i thought prt-get would take care of that08:36
mike_kaidenn: not by default, you'll have to activate that option08:37
aidennso, on to a new alias!08:38
aidennor is there I reason i shouldn't enable it permanently? (taking into account i check what ports and from where I'm installing ;)08:39
pitilloaidenn: check prt-get.conf08:39
aidennis there something along the lines of depupgr? (ie. upgrade the package and all its dependencies if they need upgrading)08:48
pitilloaidenn: how do you know if deps need upgrading? By your sentence, deps must be upgraded before the package. Is the sysup command big for your needs?08:55
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nilpive upgraded to 2.6 and since then, my systems nuts08:58
nilpafter a while in x, keyboard locks up on some keypress08:59
aidennpitillo: i want something on a smaller scale. something that will. eg. upgrade mplayer, but before that check if its dependencies (recursively) need upgrading.09:00
teK_nilp: repeating the last key press forever?09:00
aidennnilp: tried using evdev?09:00
teK_do you use virtualbox?09:00
nilpnope, evdev needs dbus + hal, right? :(09:01
aidennnope, only dbus09:01
pitilloaidenn: prt-get update `prt-get quickdep mplayer` Check prt-get options, may be you can find a good way to do that09:01
aidennhal is optional09:01
nilpwow, didnt know that, cool09:01
pitillonilp: have you looked at Xorg.log to see if there is any clue there?09:01
teK_well, I do have this problem, too. (had it with 2.5, too). It did not reoccur (only once?) after the upgrade to 2.609:01
teK_pitillo: there's a fix...09:01
aidennpitillo: maybe i'll write a script even. it was just an idea, nothing i need ultrabadly09:01
teK_but it won't have any effect09:02
pitilloteK_: good to know, I haven't tested so much X under 2.609:02
teK_it's really annoying09:02
nilppitillo: nope, my bad09:02
teK_I suspected virtualbox..09:02
aidennnilp: i think it even works without dbus, because i use evdev for my mouse, ran x and it worked, before i got to run dbus. but maybe it runs dbus automatically09:02
nilpi'll give it a try09:04
aidenn# Depends on: xorg-server09:04
aidennseems like it09:04
nilpoh yeah and another thing.. pygtk keeps whining about missing09:04
aidennnilp: anyway, hal is only for hotplugging and the like09:05
aidennwith evdev09:05
nilpi thought it doesnt work without it09:06
nilpbtw maybe libx11 is outdated or something?09:07
pitilloaidenn: check the ML, there is a post about that09:08
aidenntry sysup, though i've no problems with my keyboard with default 2.6 installation so far (i'm saving sysup for when i'm away ;)09:08
aidennnilp: maybe try xorg autodetection09:08
pitillosorry, I meant nilp09:08
aidennnilp: ie remove keyboard section completely from xorgconf09:08
aidenni use that and it works09:08
nilppitillo: crux ML?09:10
aidennthat's for nilp ;)09:11
aidennideally you don't need xorg.conf at all nowadays, but I always do some tweaking anyway09:11
pitillonilp: yes, check the comunity section at crux.nu09:12
nilpaa got it, thanks09:13
nilpaidenn: i use it for keyboard layouts and font directories09:14
aidennyou don't need font directories anymore09:15
aidennyou put ttf in /usr/share/fonts09:15
aidennand it's automatically detected09:15
nilpeven bitmap fonts?09:15
nilpfor no-xft apps09:15
aidennyou need to use mkfontdir for these afaicr, but yes, they work too09:15
aidennextensions are automatically set and keyboard can be set via .xinitrc09:16
nilp\o/ cool09:16
nilpyou guys are great :)09:16
nilpso i guess ill go try it09:24
nilpthanks for help09:24
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budzigniewif it's high time for some package update, I am to ask maintainer personally, right?09:57
budzigniewI wonder how many of'em still use CRUX ;)10:00
thrice`from core/opt?10:01
budzigniewnope, contrib10:03 <- Anyone knows why it doesn't work?10:04
aidenn*cough* nvidia 96xx *cough* ;]10:05
pitillobudzigniew: there's a bug section on where you can fill this kind of "problems" too10:05
dxtrNo errors as far as I can see10:05
aidenndxtr: black screen? return to console?10:05
budzigniewpitillo: well, I'll mail the maintainers first, eventually I'll fill some bug report10:05
dxtrblack screen10:05
thrice`dxtr, your log is perfectly clean; what happens?10:05
thrice`did you try right-clicking on your black screen?10:06
dxtrWell, yeah10:06
dxtrno mouse10:06
aidennthen it's a mouse problem10:06
aidenntry different driver10:06
* aidenn suggests evdev10:06
pitillobudzigniew: I think if you assign it to the maintainer, flyspray sends the advice to the maintainer assigned10:06
dxtrWell, the keyboard doesn't work either :P10:06
dxtrI can't kill X with ctrl-alt-backspace10:06
aidenni had that too10:07
aidennjust try really hard to switch to a vt10:07
aidennit'll cach after a few tries10:07
thrice`well, that doesn't mean that it doesnt' work; the ctl+alt+bkspace is disable by default from the xorg guys10:07
aidenni fixed it with that pastebin10:07
aidennand that too, but switching to a vt didn't work too10:07
dxtrthrice`: It is?10:07
aidennthat is, worked reeeallly sluuuggiiiish10:07
budzigniewpitillo: too late, they're alredy mailed ;)10:07
aidennlike something was preventing it10:07
aidennanyway, try evdev10:08
thrice`budzigniew, out of curiousity, which maintainer?10:08
budzigniewthrice`: Danny Rowlins and Alan Mizrahi10:08
budzigniewin this order, exiv2 and wesnoth10:09
budzigniewor rather reverse orger10:09
aidennholy crap. compiling recent webkit is a major pain in the ass. so many dependencies, sigh...10:09
sepenbudzigniew, Danny maybe is in this channel -> #hvlinux10:09
budzigniewwell, there was some reason why I gave up and took binary chromium, but I don't remember what was that10:10
budzigniewsepen: the mail is alredy sent, there's no need to poke him on irc too methinks10:10
aidennI'm still compiling. it's like 4th or 5th hour an i haven't gotten to actual webkit yet ;]10:10
budzigniewaidenn: I might have a package10:10
aidennwho the hell needs gstreamer in a browsing engine? damn that html510:11
budzigniewoh, that was the reason10:11
budzigniewit wanted some silly gstreamer-plugins, video, blah blah10:11
aidennyeah, that's for html5 i pressume10:11
budzigniewmaybe there's a configure option for disabling this?10:11
budzigniewI'll take a look.10:11
aidennmaybe, haven't checked. i'll need gstreamer anyway, so it's not a big deal, but i'd rather it was optional ;]10:12
budzigniew  --enable-video          enable HTML5 video support default=ye10:12
aidenndamn ;)10:12
aidennah well10:12
aidennmight as well check some html5 goodness10:12
budzigniewit still needs this silly gstreamer-plugins or sth10:12
aidennit's faster than flash anyway10:12
aidennfor sound maybe?10:13
budzigniewafaik jewtube does not work with html5 too well anyway10:13
dxtrjewtube :P10:13
dxtrI'll start muslimtube10:13
aidennwith ff it doesn't10:13
budzigniewaidenn: I have mpd for sound, excuse me ;)10:13
aidennbudzigniew: mpd ftw!10:13
budzigniewI don't want webpages to yell at me10:13
aidennthough i've been using moc lately10:13
budzigniewbut afai can see, there's no option to disable gstreamer10:14
budzigniewmoc is fun too10:14
aidenni'm lazy and i want to listen to my music before sorting it10:14
aidenni hate moc for it not supporting unicode though10:15
aidennmight check that second console player later10:15
aidennforgot what's it called10:15
budzigniewaidenn: btw, how many different gstreamers does this webkit want? And what pkgfile have you got?10:15
aidennnot mp3blaster ;)10:15
budzigniewncmpcpp? :)10:15
dxtrncurses media mplayer made in c++? :P10:16
aidennbudzigniew: sh-4.0$ prt-get info webkit | grep Path10:16
aidennPath:         /usr/ports/predatorfreak10:16
aidennthis one10:16
aidennalthough I edited it10:16
budzigniewI see10:16
budzigniewdxtr: yeah, but it's still better than ncmpc10:16
aidennfor the newest nightly and disabled svg-animation10:16
budzigniews/better/more functional/10:16
budzigniewaidenn: I created mine from arch PKGBUILD, some sorta stable version10:17
aidenni want bleeding edge, for stable I have ff ;)10:17
dxtrTo be honest I don't think it is a mouse problem10:17
budzigniewI'm sorry for your ff10:17
dxtrBecause the screen is still black - and I switched to fluxbox10:17
budzigniewdxtr: any witty mesgs in xorg log?10:18
dxtrbudzigniew: Nope10:18
dxtrThat's the weird part10:18
aidennanyway, it needs (aside from what is written in the Pkgfile) empathy, libsoup, libsexy and all the gstreamer you can find. i'm still compiling gst, so i don't know if there's anything more ;]10:18
budzigniewand what exactly happens? I missed the overture10:18
budzigniewaidenn: I see10:18
budzigniewdxtr: how did you create that xorg.conf? X -configure?10:19
dxtrbudzigniew: Yep10:19
dxtrExcept for the mouse part10:19
dxtrErr, nevermind :P10:19
dxtrDidn't upload the edited one where I changed some in the mouse10:19
dxtrBut it still deosn't work10:19
budzigniewand I suppose startfluxbox is in your .xinitrc? ;)10:19
budzigniewso you have a black screen and no reactions?10:20
aidennbudzigniew: I think it's a mouse problem, I had the same with openbox (black screen, no response at all, even with keyboard) until I changed to evdev10:20
dxtraidenn: Well, I changed to evdev10:21
budzigniewand hal?10:21
budzigniewdo you have hal running?10:21
aidenni've no hal10:21
aidennevdev doesn't require hal10:21
aidennonly for hotplugging10:21
budzigniewdoesn't it?10:21
budzigniewah, I see10:21
budzigniewwell, I don't even know if I use evdev or not, nvidia-xconfig knew10:21
budzigniewnope, kbd and mouse10:22
budzigniewdoesn't matter as long as it works10:22
aidennmouse didn't work with me10:22
aidennso I changed10:22
aidennbut whatever works really10:22
aidenni like evdev and hal in my laptop10:22
aidenncause i can hotplug a real mouse then whenever i want10:23
budzigniewsound good10:23
budzigniewI'll be buying a laptop soon, thinking about this eeepc10:23
aidenni'd recommend lenovo s10 instead10:24
aidennbetter build and nicer keyboard10:24
budzigniewwill google that10:24
aidennpricewise about the same10:24
budzigniewand how about the cost?10:24
budzigniewha, I'm too slow :010:24
budzigniewwell, 1" smaller screen. Yer using that atm?10:25
aidennnope, but i checked it out on a number of occasions and i'm planning to buy it ;)10:25
budzigniewI see10:25
budzigniewwell, I recently asked fellow perl programmer, he's using one of this very firsts eee's, with 7 or 9" screen, I don't remember; but he says he's having quite a good time working on this keyboard10:26
budzigniewthat's the most scary thing to me, getting used to tiny keyboard10:26
aidennthat's the best thing about s10 - it's almost like the real thing. i couldn't work on the early eeepc, keyboard aside, the resolution is too small. i like having a lot of terminals on screen10:28
dxtrHow can I activate ctrl-alt-backspace+10:29
aidenndxtr: why would you need to? just ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+c ;]10:29
budzigniewaidenn: the resolution you say. Well, 1101ha has 1366x768, or sth like this10:30
budzigniewand it's 11" now10:30
aidennthe older eeepc had 800x400 or sth like that10:30
aidenn1366x768 is grea10:30
budzigniewlike gameboy color or something10:30
dxtrHrm, If I only do "startx" without a configuration file it works10:35
dxtrBut with wrong resolution :P10:35
budzigniewnot wrong. Different ;)10:35
aidennso turn off everything in xorg.conf and enable it one at a time10:35
budzigniewhmm, traceroute to anyone? Mine is lost in the middle of the way10:36
dxtrWhere are you guys from btw?10:37
* Rotwang is outraged10:37
aidenndxtr: or just comment everything but the video lines. if it freezes then - it's something there. if not - well, autodetect worked fine, you don't need xorg.conf anyway (aside from video configuration)10:38
aidennPoland too10:38
Rotwangim trying to meet prof. from my uni10:38
Rotwangbut he is fucking unreachable10:38
dxtrRotwang: Are you tracerouting him? ;)10:38
Rotwangi was like 3rd or 4th time at his office10:38
Rotwangand the fucker wasnt there10:39
Rotwangbut he should10:39
dxtrHit him with a shovel10:39
Rotwangdxtr: the pings doesnot reach him ;f10:39
aidennRotwang: same old, same old.10:39
dxtraidenn: EVERYTHING? Even the EMPTY LINES!?10:39
budzigniewRotwang: where do you study?10:40
dxtrNo, but honestly. LIke everything except Section "Screen" and Section "Device"?10:40
Rotwangbut i have to pay 2200 PLN for this semester 8D10:40
Rotwangwhich i dont have10:40
aidenndxtr: yes, why would you need them? leave screen, you need to set the resolution though ;]10:41
dxtrShould I comment device too?10:41
aidenndxtr: xorg doesn't need xorg.conf nowadays. ideally of course, sometimes its autodetection fails for certain things (like old monitors)10:41
dxtraidenn: This monitor isn't old :(10:41
aidennit doesn't have "preferred resolution" in its defaults then10:42
dxtrWhat if I smash it with a shovel?10:42
thrice`Rotwang, I always hated that too.  sometimes professors are so lazy10:42
aidennbudzigniew: gst compiled. let's see if webkit passes configure this time10:43
budzigniewRotwang: I'm at PW, starting at Feb. though10:43
dxtrOKay, now I feel really silly. Forgot how to set the resolution :(10:44
budzigniewRotwang: PW, Warsaw10:45
budzigniewPWr is Wrocławska afaik10:45
aidennDefaultDepth    2410:45
aidennOption         "metamodes" "1280x960_85 +0+0; 1024x768_85 +0+0; 1024x768 +0+0; 800x600 +0+0; 640x480 +0+0"10:45
aidennlike this is the simplest way10:45
dxtrNever done it like that :P10:45
dxtrI usually do Somecoolkeywordhere "res1" "res2" "res4"10:45
aidennnot many people know about it. but it's way shorter than what xorg-configure generates10:45
dxtrBut I forgot the keyword10:45
Rotwangbudzigniew: yes yes10:46
aidennno virtual resolution10:46
dxtrStill a black screen :D10:47
Rotwangbudzigniew: i was visiting warsaw 30 september10:47
Rotwangcrazy city ;D10:47
aidennsooo, it's something with graphics after all ;)10:47
aidenntry vesa?10:47
budzigniewRotwang: well, crazy or not, Korpiklaani is coming 29 Oct ;>10:47
aidennvodka vodka vodka10:47
* Rotwang hates vodka :<10:48
budzigniewFinnish Folk Metal10:48
budzigniewThey're singing about beer too10:48
dxtrFinnish :/10:49
Rotwangi like this structure in front of train station10:49
dxtrI'm half finnish - but I still hate them :P10:49
Rotwanglooks like waves on water10:49
Rotwangand culture palace of course ;f10:49
budzigniewah, this barter centre10:50
budzigniewZłote Kutasy10:50
budzigniewit's a mess, no space, easy to get lost10:50
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telitiHi. Is there a xorgconfig in ports of 2.6?10:51
budzigniewdoes not look like so10:51
telitiHmm, so Xorg -configure?10:52
telitiOh, btw ... Is there an up-to-date xfce somewhere? I couldnt find one in the repo too.10:52
telitithank you10:53
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telitistarting X I see the error:  FATAL: Module i915 not found. the intel driver is installed so ... is there a option in the kernel? Sorry, I'm new to Crux11:02
aidennteliti: kernel intel driver or xf86-video-intel?11:03
aidennyou need both, maybe you have one but not the other11:04
telitiI installed it, but obviously it isnt there11:04
aidenndamn ;l]11:04
aidenncheck /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/11:04
aidennmaybe it's not symplinked11:04
telitithere is an intel_drv.so11:05
telitiand an an intel_drv.la11:06
aidennand you put driver "intel" in the xorg.conf, yes?11:07
aidennnot driver "i915"?11:07
telitiactually I let it configure it automatically - but it uses intel ... its the correct driver it uses11:09
telitiIs there something I have to configure in the kernel in order the i915 is builded into the intel driver of xorg?11:10
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aidennteliti: yes, you should compile dri and intel dri driver there afaik11:16
telitiJaeh, that should be the problem - sorry, but could you please give a hint which section? I think Drivers ... and then?11:17
aidenni'd look, but my ncurses somehow broke while installing a bunch of things :D11:23
teliti:-) Thats a pitty. I only could find DMA engine11:24
aidennin .config it's graphics support under CONFIG_DRM11:24
telitigreat! thx11:25
aidennbudzigniew: fuck yeah, webkit finally passed configure. i installed gst-plugins-* and gst-ffmpeg11:35
budzigniewsome nasty ports required?11:36
aidennnah, everything opt/contrib11:36
budzigniewhm, nice11:38
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telitiHi. I'm here again. What is Module fbcon? Is this kernel-space or xorg?11:56
Rotwangteliti: in kernel options or where?11:59
telitiI already have it if I#m not mistaken fbcon = framebuffer console11:59
aidennteliti: it's for enabling higher resolution in vts11:59
aidennand stuff like links2 -g12:00
telitibeeing a noob to something is quite hard sometimes :-)12:00
telitilinks is cool!12:00
telitiand ... reboot again12:01
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*** aidenn_ is now known as aidenn12:30
aidennwhat's the best way to go about making a repo for my i586 laptop? chroot?12:36
aidennbinary repo that is12:37
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spaceninjaopenoffice needs rpm2targz as a dep13:24
ulughbeghspaceninja, yes true13:26
spaceninjaand jre aswell13:27
spaceninjahm wierd, it runs without jre13:28
Rotwangrpm2targz was in core earlier so it was not mentioned13:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: getmail: 4.12.0 -> 4.13.013:31
spaceninjais impress spreadsheats?13:31
spaceninjaI can't find impress13:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openoffice: added rpm2targz to dependencies13:32
thrice`no, calc is spreadsheets13:33
spaceninjaoh I mean presentation13:33
Rotwangthere is impress in contrib/OOo13:33
spaceninjais it really namded oo?13:36
Rotwangno its named openoffice13:36
Rotwangim to lazy to type that13:36
spaceninjahehe ok13:37
budzigniewwow, new getmail13:40
budzigniewany neat changes?13:40
spaceninja"Java is mainly required to use the new embedded Java technology based HSQLDB database engine, or to make use of accessibility and assistive technologies. " Now I know why openoffice needs java13:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: wine: updated to 1.1.3113:43
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dxtrI don't get why X won't work :/13:48
spaceninjaWhat happens?13:50
Rotwangdxtr: paste xorg log?13:50
dxtrRotwang: I've done it... twice :P13:51
Rotwangi didnt see it ;D13:51
spaceninjamust reboot, something is leaking memory, probably firefox13:51
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tilmanHEAD DESK13:51
dxtrThere you go13:52
Rotwangdxtr: and what seems to be a problem?13:52
*** fho has joined #crux13:52
dxtrRotwang: I get a black screen13:53
dxtrNo mouse, no nothign13:53
aidennRotwang: he gets a black screen if he sets his screen in xorg.conf13:53
Rotwangdxtr: and which de/wm do you use?13:53
aidennif he does autodetect it works, but at a wrong resolution13:53
dxtrRotwang: Tried scortwm and fluxbox13:53
aidennRotwang: nah, it's not a *box issue, we ruled that out ;)13:54
Rotwangdxtr: tried to change resolution w/ xrandr? ;D13:54
dxtrThat's the fun part - when I do xrand -display :0 --verbose13:54
dxtrIt returns NOTHING13:54
dxtrNo verbose messages, no error, no nothing13:54
dxtrDISPLAY=:0 xterm - same thing13:55
dxtrNo xterm window but no error nonetheless13:55
dxtrPerhaps I need to add something to my kernel?13:57
Rotwangeverything works13:58
Rotwangexcept resolution?13:58
Rotwangget used to the new resolution13:59
Rotwangand you are all set13:59
dxtrActually, if I do startx it hangs14:00
dxtrCan't kill it in any way14:00
dxtreven tried kill -914:00
dxtrWich only resulted in the process died - but the pointer and everything was still there (But I couldn't move it ofcourse)14:00
dxtrAnd no console text :/14:00
dxtrDidn't work with vesa either14:05
dxtrSo it's not itnel14:05
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teK_anybody else inable to click on flashbuttons i.e. on youtube with firefox/14:19
tilmanbecause i don't have flash :P14:19
teK_i pity you14:19
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teK_that was helpful :)14:21
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Rotwangups, /me shuts up15:23
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Rotwangim tired15:25
Rotwangtrying to install metacity without too much gnome deps15:25
Rotwangthis is RETARDED!15:26
Rotwangmetacity need zenity for dialogs115:26
aidennhell yeah! webkit compiled15:28
aidennonly 5h15:28
Rotwangand now i need gnome-doc-utils15:28
* Rotwang is in awe DX15:28
aidennRotwang: why would you need metacity without gnome?15:28
aidennit's not a very good wm15:28
Rotwangbecause metacity has composite support15:28
aidennoh. but it doesn't support vsync, so you have to disable it for movies and games. unless you have a crt that is15:29
aidennit's better than compiz though15:29
aidennwon't xcompmgr be a better solution?15:30
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thrice`xfce's window manager would be quicker ;)15:32
Rotwangxcompmgr sucks15:33
Rotwangxfcewm has much xfce deps as well15:33
thrice`kwin ? ;)15:34
Rotwangi like kwin the most15:34
*** rauz_ has joined #crux15:34
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux15:34
*** Zaba has joined #crux15:34
dxtrI officially hate X15:40
aidenndxtr: did you try sysup?15:40
Rotwangi managed to hack zenity \o/15:43
aidennmmm, midori is great15:43
Rotwangnow metacity needs gnome-doc-utils ;O15:44
Rotwangwont they consider metacity xfwm4 could be very good standalone wms?15:45
Rotwangand kwin15:47
aonmetacity is pretty bad :)15:53
Rotwangit is not!15:57
*** tnut has quit IRC15:57
aonit requires everything and does nothing15:59
*** sepen has joined #crux16:00
* Rotwang is getting into new heights of retardation16:03
jaegerRotwang: soon you'll have to take over the gnome ports, it'll be anarchy16:05
rehabdollRotwang: i read your lxde-wiki and lol'ed at the "lxde-lite" note :D16:07
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:28
Rotwangit compiled [;16:30
Rotwangit works16:33
Rotwangnow to grab nice metacity theme16:35
Rotwangjaeger: btw., great work maintaining all these gnome ports, although i dont use gnome as is16:35
jaegerheh, thanks :) ironically the gnome ports need a lot of updates, I just haven't had enough time16:36
*** tnut has joined #crux16:38
*** tnut has quit IRC16:41
*** jdolan has joined #crux16:57
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan16:57
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:18
*** Rotwang has joined #crux17:19
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:23
Rotwangtransparent urxvt <317:27
DaViruzhmm, you actually type out exit? i don't thionk i've done that in 10 years.. :)17:31
*** budzigniew has joined #crux17:32
aidennwhat's the crux way to set locale? /etc/profile?17:32
budzigniewmine is .zshrc ;)17:32
RotwangDaViruz: i press ^d17:32
aidennoh ;017:32
budzigniew;) works so far17:32
DaViruzRotwang: oh, hm, ok17:32
Rotwangthe "exit" magically appears [;17:32
budzigniewanyway, why to set locale if they're always deleted in Pkgfile? :>17:32
DaViruznever does for me, is that some urxvt thingy? :)17:32
RotwangDaViruz: no idea17:33
aidennbudzigniew: cause i want to utfize everything ;]17:33
Rotwangbudzigniew: you may want to use ie polish websites ;f17:33
aidennwebsites work anyway17:33
Rotwangnot always17:33
Rotwangive had flash presentation17:33
aidennin gecko/webkit they do17:33
aidennit's locale-agnostic17:33
budzigniewRotwang: I personally have locales kept in some of my builds. I like to have e.g wesnoth translated17:33
Rotwangwhich didnt work properly w/o setup locales17:34
aidennnah, i don't want to change the language17:34
aidenni want to add .utf-817:34
budzigniewbtw, I think it would be a nice idea to delete all locales besides those set17:34
budzigniewso in my case pl_PL would be kept, rest will be kicked away17:34
aidennso, .rcs or profile, ya?17:34
budzigniewprofile is probably a smarter way17:35
aidennRotwang: btw, what's the proggie that does that uname-like thingie with crux's penguin? ;]17:37
Rotwangavailable in contrib17:37
aidenni always used uname -a && cowsay -b "something stupid"17:37
budzigniewtry xcowsay ;)17:38
*** sepen has quit IRC17:39
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:39
aidennafter inkscape finishes compiling17:39
aidenni estimate that 2-3 days17:39
aidennand i'll have everything compiled17:39
*** Rotwang has joined #crux17:39
aidennit was a mistake not to leave something overnight17:40
Rotwangmetacity just killed X17:40
aidennmetacity = eevil17:40
aidennalthough i like it in gnome17:40
aidennbut only there17:40
*** fho has joined #crux17:40
aidennok, time to move some .Xdefaults and other stuff from my laptop and I have to disconnect the router, 'cause i'm too cheap to buy another cable. brb ;]17:45
*** aidenn has quit IRC17:45
*** lennart has quit IRC17:52
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux17:53
*** JeffJohnson has quit IRC17:55
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:59
*** aidenn has joined #crux18:00
aidennahh, finally, terminus.18:01
*** aidenn has quit IRC18:11
*** aidenn has joined #crux18:11
*** budzigniew has quit IRC18:15
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC18:25
jaegergrrr... STILL can't fucking make xorg work in virtualbox18:50
jaegerat least not with the proper fullscreen resolution and mouse integration18:51
aidenndid you compile guest drivers?18:52
aidennstrange. last i checked if guest drivers compiled fine then it "just worked"18:54
aidennmaybe they changed sth lately18:54
jaeger <-- here's the xorg log if you're bored18:55
jaegerX does start, only 720x400 is available18:56
jaegerexiting causes it to sig11 as in the log but not before18:56
jaegerI could try specifying the names it comes up with, I suppose... such as VBOX118:57
aidennlog looks fine, aside from that unspecified monitor thing, but i doubt that's relevant19:03
jaegercan't tell... nothing I do seems to have much effect on it19:03
aidennsince vbox video should resize bypassing the monitor emulation19:03
aidennyou might try older/newer xorg ;)19:04
jaegeryeah, maybe so19:05
*** Nomius has joined #crux19:19
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:23
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*** aidenn has quit IRC19:25
*** aidenn has joined #crux19:38
aidennhmm, i have a rather strange problem with mc. it runs without subshell when i run it as an user. also, it can't make the ~/.mc directory, i have to make it myself. as a root everything's fine. any ideas?19:43
aidenni have compiled UNIX98_PTYS in the kernel ;)19:46
aidennmaybe it needs multiple ptys19:53
aidenni'll check that19:53
*** aidenn has quit IRC20:26
*** aidenn has joined #crux20:37
nipuLoh wow, ##java is interesting21:42
nipuL figured they could help me with that21:42
nipuL"OMGZ!!1!!! you're using dev/shm!?!"21:42
nipuLand it's more OT than a fox news political debate21:43
aidennthat's so quaint21:47
aidennok, found why mc wasn't creating ~/.mc - mc 4.6.2 sucks. i installed 4.6.1 and it creates ~/.mc just fine, though i still don't have a subshell as a user.21:52
*** Nomius_ has joined #crux21:54
*** Nomius has quit IRC21:55
*** aidenn has quit IRC22:02
*** aidenn has joined #crux22:09
aidennoh curse that mc. it's something to do with pts anyway, if i unmount devpts root loses his subshell too22:10
aidennbut even with mode 666 and access to everything about /dev/pts the user still won't get one22:10
aidennhow the hell is it possible, that each and every application I use creates a pts as a user, but not mc?22:19
aidennaw fuck it, i'll sleep on it.22:38
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:41
*** Nomius__ has joined #crux22:58
*** lennart has joined #crux23:15
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