IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2009-10-15

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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: mplayerplug-in: fixed compilation (#505)01:29
pitillogood morning01:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tmw: updated download link03:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: openvpn: initial import04:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: xmms2: removed outdated comment04:26
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Rotwangi need to leave my country :D07:02
thrice`uh oh07:03
thrice`trouble in paradise? :)07:03
Rotwangi have no future here D:07:05
Rotwangno gf, shitty job, can't afford to pay for my education07:06
Rotwanghaha, in google maps choose directions by *car* from poland, wroclaw to england, boston07:07
RotwangTake the Dover Folkestone - Calais Frethun train to Folkstone07:07
Rotwanghow the heck my car is going to fit in?07:07
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teK_Rotwang: there *are* car trains :)07:12
Rotwangi didnt know :x07:16
teK_you forgot to mention that your contry is really ("shitty") catholic..07:17
teK_even though I know polish people who belive that pope johann paul II helped and encouraged the people to form solidarnocz07:18
joacimthe polish police is looking for pedophiles on facebook07:19
Rotwangcatholicysm is slowly fading away :(:07:19
teK_it is everywhere07:19
teK_at least in europe.07:20
Rotwangsome people say socialism was better compared to what is happening today :O07:21
aonhaha :D07:22
aon@ that belief of pope, that is07:22
teK_aon: I was not born and not living in Poland ;)07:23
aonyeah, i didn't say so07:23
aonpic from 1975 :)07:25
RotwangI never knew such things exists07:26
aonthe newer ones are all boring,
Rotwangthe old ones are awesome ;D07:26
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aonoh, he left07:27
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aonRotwang: military-style :)07:28
teK_we went by car train during vacation in italy when I was a child. it was awesome 8)07:28
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pedjaanyone else have problems compiling libgd?09:43
Rotwangcompiles for me on x86_64 cpu09:45
pedjaRotwang: on 2.6?09:45
pedjaclean install or update from 2.5?09:45
pedjathat might be the problem here, mine is updated from 2.5, and something must have gone wrong..09:46
pedjaalthough libgd is the only one I can not build.09:47
pedjaand iirc, I couldn't build it on 2.5, too.09:47
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Rotwanglemme try to compile it again09:49
pedjathat is the error.09:50
pitillopedja: do you have libtool installed?09:51
pedjapitillo: yes.09:52
pitilloyes, sorry, I saw it09:52
pedjait is in core, so...09:52
pitilloand deptree doesn't shown anything missed?09:53
pedjawhen libtool is created, it gets contaminated with semi-random X's all over the place09:53
pitillohere I have 2.5->2.6 and libgd installed (without custom flags)09:53
pedjaall deps are installed.09:54
pedjano custom flags here, either, apart from --march=native09:54
pitillosystem rejmerged and checked out revdep before the update?09:55
pitilloummm strange09:56
pedjarevdep shows the ususla suspects, adobe reader, google earth...09:56
pitilloyou didn't avoid md5sum I belive09:56
pitillonothing related to gd09:56
pedjaI'll try with unset flags.09:57
pedjano, it does not work.10:02
pitillohave you tried to rebuild libtool?10:04
pedjayes, still the same.10:04
aidenn <- this is my mc strace. any daring people want to see and tell my why the hell mc won't create a pts for the user? (as a root it works fine). each and every other app I've tried that uses pts creates them fine, devpts is mounted as it should, user has acces, everything works, but not mc (its subshell that is). any ideas10:09
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Rotwangaidenn: maybe try to trace only open's10:13
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aidennRotwang: the part with the pts is short anyway, just search for pts. i've included everything so that nothing gets missed. but the relevant info is only a couple of lines down the middle ;)10:15
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sepenplease don't type $ xrandr -x (you'll be arabian)10:18
aidenni've did root strace too. it's weird, it doesn't do open("/dev/ptmx", O_RDWR)10:18
aidennthat is user doesn't, at all10:18
aidennonly root10:18
Rotwangi had to check 8D10:18
sepenRotwang, did you typed it?10:19
pitillopedja: seems something directly related to libtool, but I have no clue about, sorry10:19
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aidenn(yes, i've recompiled mc a couple of times with different versions and patches, i've even recompiled the kernel cause i thought maybe it was because multiple ptys weren't enabled. it wasn't, only unix98_ptys are relevant, which were compiled from the beginning)10:20
aidennI hate mc ;]10:20
budzigniewthen why to use it? :)10:21
aidennbecause it's great when it works10:21
budzigniewlike tcc10:21
aidennespecially when it has a working subshell10:21
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budzigniewit was acting silly with my 2-line prompt, so it lasted like 2 minutes on my arch few weeks ago10:22
budzigniewdidn't liek it10:22
Rotwanglol, i had to kill X10:22
pedjapitillo: it is ok :).I'll figure it out eventually...10:22
aidennwell, you can change the prompt especially for mc ;]10:22
budzigniewaidenn: I did, it was still taking this .zshrc one. Screw him, I don't need it anyway ;)10:22
Rotwangsepen: but scrot doesn't catch it :<10:23
budzigniewRotwang: wassup?10:23
Rotwangbudzigniew: sup?10:23
aidennanyway, any ideas about that pts thing? how's your mcs by the way? got a working subshell? (ctrl+o to check if you don't use it)10:23
sepenlol, don't do that10:23
budzigniewRotwang: I mean what's not working? :>10:23
Rotwangbudzigniew: see backlog10:24
budzigniew16:49:27    Rotwang | lemme try to compile it again10:24
budzigniewfirst thing I saw10:24
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Rotwangbudzigniew: libgd issues10:25
budzigniewhmm, I think I had it installed some time ago as a dep, lemme try10:26
budzigniewha, I even have the package10:26
aidennnow this is the weirdest thing10:28
budzigniewtetex likes it10:28
aidennthis is the relevant loop from subshell.c10:28
budzigniewbut tetex does not work anyway ;)10:28
aidennit clearly states to do open("/dev/ptmx", O_RDWR)10:28
aidennthere is no if that forbids it from it10:29
aidennbut it still doesn't10:29
budzigniewand what are the -D's in Makefile?10:29
aidennin mc? -DHAVE_CONFIG_H only10:33
budzigniewso it's this last else that likes you10:34
aidennand most everyone else in linux world10:36
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budzigniewI'd like to interject for a moment. What you're reffering to as Linux, is actually GNU/Linux...10:36
aidennbut of course!10:37
budzigniewhurr durr, is git in some parts Perlish?10:37
Zaba_it's C, Perl and sh, I think10:37
aidennok, got the culprit10:41
aidennnow why the hell does it detect the shell as root at doesn't as user ;]10:41
Rotwanggoddamn pastebin spams10:41
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aidenngot it working10:44
aidennfor some reason user was having env var SHELL=/bin/sh instead of proper shell path. root has it fine.10:45
aidennchanged it in ~/.profile10:45
aidenninvestigation over ;]10:46
Rotwangaidenn: you can do chsh -s /bin/bash user10:46
Rotwangwhich is be better soolution imo10:47
pedjabudzigniew: do not even go there :) there was a flamefest on Crux ml, in 2004, when ncrfgs posted a message with subject "Could you please call it Gnu/Linux?".it was a fun read :)10:47
budzigniewoh gosh10:47
Rotwang++ for GNU/Linux10:47
pedjafew people left because of all that, iirc10:48
budzigniewno, it's just some copypasta on some internet board10:48
aidennRotwang: it still doesn't set SHELL=/bin/shell, i still get /bin/sh10:48
aidennpedja: who won?10:48
budzigniewso when everyone said "Linux" someone else immidiately posted "I'd like to interject for a moment..."10:48
budzigniewaidenn: the ones who didn't give a shit bout a discussion probably10:48
aidennyeah, retarded olympics and all that ;]10:49
Rotwangaidenn: you need to relog10:49
aidennRotwang: oh, thanks ;]10:49
aidennRotwang: i've gotten used to adduser script too much I think10:50
pedjaaidenn: no one, really.we have occasional trolls wondering in sometimes, but they don't stay long ;)10:50
aidennthey're not very epic trolls then10:50
pedjaarnuld 'THEBASICS' is one of my favorites :)10:51
aidennwe have a very famous troll in poland named Arnold. it must be a popular troll name.10:52
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aidennArnold "I'll Sue You" Buzdygan10:52
Rotwangaidenn: i dont know him10:52
aidennRotwang: he has his own wiki page, check it10:52
Rotwangpedja: i have a t-shirt with his motto ;D10:53
aidennhe's an old usenet troll10:53
Rotwang\(BASICS\) software10:53
budzigniewaidenn: you from poland too?10:53
budzigniewneat ;)10:54
pedjaRotwang: awesome :)10:54
budzigniewgosh, my printer driver requires gtk1 :S10:54
budzigniew I lol'd, famous guy10:57
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aidennbudzigniew: he even started in a presidency run, but failed to net the required number of votes ;]10:58
budzigniewYeah, just read it10:59
budzigniewOh gosh, I sense some funny coincidence11:00
budzigniewPrzędsięborca – najpodlejszy i śmierdzący gatunek człowieka w Polsce - from his blog11:01
budzigniewArnold Buzdygan (ur. 9 września 1968) – polski przedsiębiorca - from wikipedia11:01
aidennthere's a you know ;]11:02
budzigniewyeah, I've even been there once11:02
budzigniewany neat non-DE-dependant cd burning soft in ports?11:10
thrice`contrib/recorder :)11:11
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aidennok, back to figuring out why inkscape won't compile11:14
budzigniewRotwang: yeah, right, one day I'll learn it :) I need to burn an audiocd from mp3's. Maybe I'll just boot tu suse, I won't have to think then.11:14
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aidennbrasero is quite good if you look past gnome dependence11:15
Rotwangbudzigniew: mentioned by thrice recorder is nice11:15
budzigniewthrice`: seen it, used it?11:15
Rotwangit needs only cdrkit and gtk11:15
budzigniewhmm, will take a look at deps11:15
budzigniewRotwang: and lots of python stuff11:15
Rotwangand pygtk, yes11:15
thrice`well, pygtk and it's stuff11:15
aidennpython is good for your skin11:15
rehabdollbashburn is quite nifty11:16
budzigniewwat :)11:16
rehabdollif youre lazy11:16
budzigniewI even created a port for cdw, looks neat, but does not support creating audiocd's11:16
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mike_k_aidenn: I have a working port for current inkscape snapshot11:21
aidennyeah, I know current compiles. it's an include thing which needs to be fixed in a couple of files for 4.411:22
aidennbut the problem is I want 0.4611:22
aidenncurrent snapshot is too slow for my old p4 1,5ghz11:22
aidenni use the snapshot on a c2d11:22
aidennsooo, on to patching ;]11:23
aidennmike_k_: unless they fixed the slowness lately?11:23
mike_k_aidenn: don't know really11:24
aidennlast I checked was a month ago or so11:24
aidennmike_k_: what processor do you have?11:24
mike_k_1.7 pentium4m /2Mb cache11:24
aidennhm... do you get like 5-10s of laggy unrsponsiveness after you start inkscape snapshot?11:25
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aidennmike_k_: anyway, might as well try. do you have your repo?11:28
mike_k_aidenn: no such lags11:28
mike_k_the port is not in the repo. one moment11:29
aidennthat's great. last time I checked on a p4 2,4 (which should be equivalent to 1,7m or a little behind it) it was unbearable ;)11:29
aidennbtw private ports - anyone wants a working goat tracker port? ;]11:30
mike_k_.footprint is there too11:32
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aidennok, it's compiling11:33
aidenn.footprint will regenerate anyway ;]11:33
aidennwhat's that for btw?11:35
aidenni've seen it in aur PKGBUILD too11:37
thrice`it's commented, appears as though it won't do anything ;)11:37
aidennbut there it wasn't commented11:37
aidennTo be able to use the latest Poppler and this fix, compile with >>>> -DPOPPLER_NEW_GFXFONT11:39
aidennmike_k_: so, the bug's not there anymore and the hack's not needed, ya?11:41
mike_k_and the pdf support won't be enabled unless you build poppler with --enable-xpdf-headers11:43
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aidennoh. so by default there's no poppler support?11:44
thrice`hello acidtripper11:44
acidtripperguys im having some problems in order to set up Xorg11:44
acidtripperwhen i make my xorg.conf and do X -config /xorg.conf.new11:45
acidtripperit gives  error: cant load DRM module and i915 module11:45
acidtripperim using compilled intel 2.9.0 drivers11:45
aidennacidtripper: did you compile drm and intel drivers in the kernel?11:46
acidtripperi think not, is kernel compiled by distro developer11:46
aidennin crux? no, it isn't11:46
acidtripperin what part of kernel11:47
acidtripperis drm found?11:47
acidtripperand intel drivers, your saying intel chipset drivers?11:47
aidennno, intel drm drivers11:47
aidennnot xorg-sid11:47
thrice`I'd guess kernel configuration too.  can you pastebin "zgrep -i drm /proc/config.gz"  ?11:48
aidennthrice`: if he compiled /proc/config.gz11:49
thrice`here's hoping ;)11:49
acidtrippermake menuconfig kernel11:50
acidtripperin what section of the kernel is intel drm drivers?11:50
thrice`mm, device drivers, graphics  or something11:51
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aidennacidtripper: just remember to compile them as modules, it's more flexible that way11:54
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aidennmike_k_: ok, recompiling poppler with xpdf headers. it should work if I uncomment that hack, yes?11:56
mike_k_I did not try really =)11:56
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acidtripperand the module name is?11:57
acidtripperto load it then11:57
acidtrippermodprobe drm_intel? or11:58
aidennidk, check it ;]11:58
thrice` will load it on its own11:58
thrice`acidtripper, you are on crux, but did not compile the kernel yourself?11:59
aidennthrice`: unless he didn't compile autoload ;]11:59
aidennmike_k_: pdf support is kinda important for me, so i'll just have to try ;]12:01
acidtripperim using kwort12:13
acidtripperwhich is a fork of crux12:13
aidennso, if you were using arch you'd come here too?12:16
tilmani'm using windows xp and i'm here all the time ;)12:16
acidtripperim using arch :P12:17
acidtripperbut i have crux and kwort12:17
sepeni'm using psp and i'm here too ;D12:17
acidtripperbut kwort is a crux with some apps12:17
acidtripperso the base system is the same12:17
sepenmaybe crux + kwort repository collection?12:17
sepenso it's not a fork12:18
acidtripperand there aren't so many users in order to help me in kwort12:18
acidtrippersepen is what you said a crux with kwort repository12:18
acidtripperand the idea is to compile some packages for kwort, which have a very small amount of packages12:19
sepenwhat's kwort? the same base system + kwort's ports no?12:19 take a look12:19
acidtripper3.0 is the version coming12:19
sepenits seems crux + kpkg + ports12:20
sepenyou don't need to create a fork for that, I'm using npkg on small systems which is similar to kpkg12:21
sepenI can't see more differences between kwort and crux12:21
acidtripperim downloading kernel source12:22
acidtripperyes, im using kwort becouse is from my country12:22
acidtripperand i was compiling some packages in virtualbox, but now i wanna make it natively12:22
acidtripperxfce, and some other Xapps12:22
sepenkpkg seems based on the pkg_add idea by openbsd, my npkg too12:22
acidtripperyes, is based on slackware package system12:23
aidennit was based on slackware awhile ago, no?12:23
acidtripper2.4.1 was based on slack12:24
acidtripperand now in crux, and have openbox as wm12:24
acidtripperso i will make xfce packages12:24
acidtrippervlc, and toher stuff12:24
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sepenwell, kwort, .... I can't understand why people tries to fork everything12:24
acidtripperjaja, tell that to developer12:24
sepenacidtripper, can't you ?12:24
aidenn_19:25 < aidenn> it was based on slackware awhile ago, no?12:24
sepenwhat about xfce ports?12:25
tilmanaidenn_: yes, according to google :)12:25
aidenn_tilman: that's what i saw too ;]12:25
acidtripperi compiled xfce but had some errors12:25
sepentilman, but sounds similar to pkg_add too12:25
acidtripperso i wanna recompile it12:25
tilmanthe name kwort reminds me of that simpsons episode...12:25
acidtripperbut i have to make x work :S12:25
aidenn_mike_k_: how long does it take to compile inkscape on your proc?12:25
tilmanin which they are visiting itchy and scratychy land12:26
sepenacidtripper, try it by using a fresh environment, I'll glad to know about issues12:26
acidtripperi have a c2d 2ghz with 3gb ram12:26
mike_k_aidenn: some time. I use ccache, so I am not sure.12:26
acidtripperwhat are you refering with fresh?12:26
sepentilman, I like the episode with aerosmith12:27
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*** aidenn_ is now known as aidenn12:27
sepenacidtripper, a safe environment where compile ports12:27
sepenwell see the wiki12:27
acidtripperbut the idea is to compile it for kwort12:27
acidtrippernot for other distro12:27
sepenah sorry then12:27
sepenand where is the problem?12:28
acidtripperi cant set up xorg :P12:28
acidtripperim  downloading kernel in order to compile it and then see if drm works12:28
sepenit worked here12:29
sepenI had some issues about this intel card but now I'm working without xorg.conf12:29
acidtripperhow do did?12:30
sepenyou mean intel_drv from xorg?12:30
acidtripperno intel drm module from kernel12:30
acidtripperi compiled intel driver 2.9.012:30
acidtripperthat is working okey, as i see12:30
sepennow I'm using intel framebuffer (for now)12:31
acidtripperso, my kernel doesn't have drm module compiled12:31
acidtrippercouse i did modprobe drm and said it doesn't exist12:32
sepenacidtripper, but why you need to install crux if you want to compile xfce apps for kwort?12:32
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux12:32
sepen*why do12:32
acidtripperi dont need to install crux12:32
acidtripperkwort is based in crux and i want xorg to work in kwort12:33
acidtripperthats all12:33
acidtripperfolks :P12:33
tilmanyo ulughbegh12:34
ulughbegh s`up tilman12:35
acidtripperim chatting with david who is the developer12:35
acidtripperbut thing is that he's working and havent much time12:35
aidenndamn, four g++s are grinding my p4 to a halt12:39
aidennalmost. but even irssi lags ;]12:39
aidenni seriously have to invest in ccach12:40
tilmanor run fewer g++ processes at a time12:41
aidenni'm runing -j2, it's really fine for one compilation. but if that one compilation takes like 6h and i want to compile something smaller in teh meantime i won't stop the bigger one to do it ;)12:42
aidennboost was giving me a headache, 28M of almost pure code ;)12:44
budzigniewboost is scary to me12:45
budzigniewnot only it is c++, but it is also boost12:45
budzigniewI was like staring at the screen, hoping that footprint is good and everything will be fine12:45
thrice`tilman uses XP?? :(12:53
* aidenn uses w712:54
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC12:54
aidennbesides crux and arch that is12:54
tilmanthrice`: nah12:56
thrice`phew, I almost switched in those 5 minutes12:57
tilman"tilman recommends Windows XP"12:57
aidennyay, pygtk compiled. back to normal performance.12:58
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*** ulughbegh has joined #crux13:04
tilmannp: hypocrisy - hang him high \o/13:04
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC13:05
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux13:14
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j^2anyone got a wave invite yet?13:50
Rotwangw whot?13:50
budzigniewgoogle something13:50
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* aidenn has a wave invite14:12
aidennie. a friend sent me one14:12
aidennbut i haven't been accepted yet14:12
aidennthey accept in waves14:12
aidenn--2009-10-15 21:16:03-- => `/usr/ports/sepen/cowsay/cowsay-3.03.tar.gz.partial'14:14
aidenndamn ;/14:14
aidennConnecting to||:21... failed: Connection refused.14:14
aidenncowsay is such an important app14:14
aidennhm... inkscape compilation stopped using cpu power. there's no error or anything, but it just waits for sth. i bet it's a bad thing ;/14:17
aidennah well, might as well compile ccache in the meantime14:18
aidennit's high time for that14:18
aidennwhat is the crux way of using ccache?14:19
aidennln ccache gccbins?14:22
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux14:23
aidennoh, it's already set14:26
aidenni just have to set a path in pkgmk14:27
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ulughbeghwhat it is wave14:32
aidennsome new collaboration tool14:32
Rotwangfamily guy s08e01 extra 110% funny! [;14:33
aidennyeah, ccache works. now, back to inkscape, sigh14:40
aidennis distcc feasible via internet? ;]14:40
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*** ulughbegh has joined #crux15:02
ulughbeghkinda different package manager nix,  it says himself as pure functional package manager like  haskell language15:38
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windcaskI'm trying to install Crux on VirtualBox to no avail. Can someone help me choose kernel options?19:35
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