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rehabdolloh just wonderful01:49
rehabdollext4_lookup: deleted inode referenced01:49
rehabdollkernel panic ftw01:49
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tilmani just bought a paper that calls itself "paper for christian culture and politics"03:15
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tilmanumm. my firefox cookie settings disappeared06:06
tilmanoh. "use custom settings" blabla06:10
eintopfhey tilman :)06:22
nipuLcold enough for you in germania?07:30
pedjacool :)07:46
budzigniewhah, nice07:47
budzigniewaidenn_: you were compiling webkit, right?07:54
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tilmannipuL: mmh?08:16
thrice`is it cold in Germany these days?08:18
budzigniewPoland's cold08:18
rehabdollsweden too08:19
rehabdolli saw snow two days ago D;08:19
tilmanwe've got both coldness and rain \o/08:19
rehabdollext4 ftw08:20
budzigniewSnow here too, fell on wendesday, killing communication and electricity08:20
rehabdollrootfs is hosed08:20
rehabdolli really did some drastic stuff to make it corrupt too.. behold: I BOOTED MY FUCKING COMPUTER08:20
tilmanbudzigniew: wow08:21
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budzigniewtilman: funny, eh? For the first time I witnessed subway standing in traffic jams08:21
budzigniewhave rode 40 mins instead of 2008:22
budzigniewyeah, stable webkit Pkgfile working \o/08:22
thrice`rehabdoll, I got that a couple weeks back too08:23
thrice`KMS crapped out on resume, kernel oops, reboot = eaten /08:23
rehabdolli never had a crash even08:24
thrice`was it running a fsck?  I think e2fsprogs is actually the culrprit08:25
rehabdollseems fsck fixed most of it, but random files are broken08:25
thrice`scary :D08:25
tilmankernel magic stff08:26
ZabaI had my /usr partition (ext4) OOPS out occasionally, but no noticeable corruptions yet :P08:26
thrice`intel recently dropped UMS from their driver O_o  that kinda worries me08:26
budzigniewnever had a crash08:26
Zabayeah, I hadn't had crashes either08:26
Zabasystem kept running after OOPS08:26
Zabaoh wait no it was BUG08:27
Zabali'l different08:27
budzigniewbtw, anyone playing with nouveau?08:27
Zabawell, /usr was unusable so I had to reboot anyway08:27
Zababudzigniew, its current status doesn't look very promising..08:27
thrice`rehabdoll, tried /lost+found?08:27
budzigniewZaba: had it on arch some time ago, it was sometimes working sometimes crashing08:27
rehabdollsweet the pkg-db is broken08:28
tilmanZaba: seriously, it's kernel mode setting08:28
Zabarehabdoll, do you have backups? :p08:28
budzigniewis it?08:28
Zabatilman, oh08:28
budzigniewthat's the hope in nouveau I guess08:29
budzigniewfor there are witnesses that it alredy works08:29
rehabdollim senile, how do i pkgadd lots of files?08:30
rehabdoll* does not seem to work08:30
tilmanit doesn't work08:31
tilmanuse your bash scripting powers08:31
rehabdollreplacing glibc seems to do the trick08:32
thrice`lol, scary :)08:33
tilmanthat's what you get from using unstable, unreleased filesystems08:33
tilmanoh, this wasn't btrfs ;D08:34
rehabdollno thats the other crazy swede08:34
rehabdollsweet, the kernel modules are busted08:35
Zabathat's what you get from using a filesystem that's still too new for your / :P08:38
* budzigniew had / on ext4 for sime time08:38
budzigniewnever had a crash, even after suprise poweroffs08:38
thrice`your time will come08:39
budzigniewoh, I even have my / now08:39
budzigniew*on ext4. Maybe it will maybe it won't I personally have never encountered any problems with it08:39
thrice`I've had two issues, actually.  one was minimal, and had a few missing files after booting; the second was catastrophic08:41
budzigniewwhich kernel?08:42
thrice` was the "catastrophic"08:42
budzigniewhmm, anyone pulling kernel tree from git?08:43
budzigniewI don't mean the latest version, just not to download the whole kernel on every version08:43
tilmanthat's what patches are for ;)08:43
budzigniewyeah, there are, but after missing few version patches might be frustrating08:44
tilmannot really08:44
thrice`blablah/patch-2.6.31.{1,2,3,4}  or so08:45
budzigniewbut I'd like to use git :) will experiment08:45
tilmanit's kind of pointless imnsho08:46
tilmanthe kernel tree is huge... i don't get why you'd want to deal with that if you're not a developer08:46
budzigniewwell, what's the different between downloading it via git or via wget? I mean about this being a developer08:48
budzigniewah, too much thinking for such a simple task08:50
budzigniewwill play with patches08:50
tilmandeveloper as in 'linux kernel developer'08:51
budzigniewyeah I know, but... ah, whatever08:52
teK_budzigniew: wget won't give a zillion revisions08:52
budzigniewso less diskspace08:53
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budzigniewdoes prt-get use some kind of cache?09:32
budzigniew - any ideas?09:37
aidenn_budzigniew: yeah09:37
budzigniewaidenn_: webkit or ideas?09:38
budzigniewyeah I'm now compiling mine, 1.1.something09:38
aidenn_i'm using nightly09:38
thrice`budzigniew, prt-get searches your prtdir's in /etc/prt-get.conf09:38
budzigniewah, right, thanks09:39
thrice`(it'll find /usr/ports/gnome if you rhave prtdir /usr/ports/gnome in /etc/prt-get.conf) :)09:39
budzigniewyeah, forgot about it, thanks09:39
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rehabdollrelocation error: /usr/lib/ symbol clock_gettime, version GLIBC_2.2.5 not defined in file with link time reference14:59
rehabdollwierdness, rebuilding qt4 doesnt solve it15:04
RyoSthere is only one sane thing left you can do15:05
RyoSremove qt415:05
rehabdollyeah i know15:05
rehabdollbut smplayer kicks ass15:05
RyoSwhat, a mplayer front-end?15:06
RyoSassuming from the name15:06
RyoSgoogling right now :p15:06
RyoSwow, well, you need that? ;o15:06
rehabdollyeah, i use the mouse as a remote :>15:08
RyoSbeats me ;)15:09
RyoSi use my ps2 to play divx with a wireless controller to turn of remotely ;D15:10
RyoSim lazy15:10
rehabdolllazyness > *15:11
rehabdollhmm, more libraries complain about the same thing15:12
rehabdollglibc has been rebuilt btw15:12
rehabdolllost+found in / is 45mb \o/15:13
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rehabdollholy fuck my system is hosed16:19
RyoSwhat did you do? or what happend?16:24
rehabdolli dont know :D16:26
rehabdollbut i did install the new gcc last night16:26
rehabdollbasically / is trashed on every boot16:27
rehabdoll+ wierd glibc errors16:27
thrice`reinstall with stable FS16:31
rehabdollbah :)16:33
rehabdollrc.multi has become a header-file \o/16:37
thrice`is your /home safe, at least?16:38
rehabdolland usr16:38
rehabdollonly /16:39
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nipuLtilman: we've been getting news here about the lovely weather you're getting there17:16
rehabdollatleast were not sweaty.. so, uhm, TAKE THAT17:17
nipuLyeah, real hot here17:18
rehabdolloh, still no summer weather?17:19
nipuLnot in armidale anyway17:19
nipuLwe only get about 2 weeks of actual summer17:19
nipuLotherwise cold and windy all year17:19
joacimbeen raining since august17:21
joacimstarted to snow for a bit at the beginning of october17:21
nipuLa few years ago, it snowed in november here17:23
nipuLwelcome to summers in armidale17:23
rehabdoll \o/17:24
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