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nipuLgrr@ java + tiling window managers01:58
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budzigniewMeasuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.03:54
budzigniewGuess who said that03:54
treachReportedly Billy boy. Considering Vista and friends, I doubt it. :>03:57
budzigniewFunny, isn't it?03:58
treachreminds me of michael meeks trying to enter a pissing game with aseigo about which project has more LOC, and thus is more valueable. :>03:58
teK_sometimes the LOC you do NOT write are more valueably thant those you actually wrote04:13
treachindeed. that's why it's a silly comparision to do. (And why gnome will have more LOC :o) )04:17
budzigniew, looka at the "Alternatives" section04:23
teK_if you continue to argue about LOC you might get punched in your face.
* treach fails to see what java has to do with LOC.04:30
budzigniewnothing, it was another thread04:46
budzigniewI just saw something funny04:47
treachI guess if you see C as an alternative to java, you could probaly see asm as an alterntive to C. :>04:48
budzigniewgeez, I'm not even saying if I agree with this content or not04:48
budzigniewjust it looks funny for me as comparing chewing glass to programming language04:48
treachI didn't say you did, I was using "you" in a general sense.04:48
budzigniewI see04:49
treachdamn, I hate that "feature" of the english language..04:49
budzigniewwell, that's not dependant on the language I guess04:49
treachwe've got a separate word for third person.04:49
budzigniewwhen not talking face to face, it's generally easier to misunderstand, that's why there're so many flamewars on irc/mailing lists. What is more, it's easier to call someone an asshole if not seeing his face04:50
treach"man kan s├Ąga" -> means "you could say" in the sense that *anyone* could say that.04:51
treachwhile "you" as a person would be "du", rather than "man"04:51
treachso I guess it springs from me not having enlish as my native language.04:52
budzigniewwhat language is that?04:52
budzigniewwell, I won't say anything about Polish as it's completely uncomparable to english04:52
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budzigniewanyway, thinking about packaging philosophy: wouldn't it be nice to make Pkgfiles remove all locales but the system set? So english users will not have any translations as they have now, while other nationalities will have only their. It won't be really hard to implement I think04:57
treachheh, I'd rather not have the translations.04:58
budzigniewwell, and do you have sw locale set?04:58
treachwhat do you mean? Of course there are swedish "translations" for at least the majority of things.04:59
budzigniewwell, I mean I generally like to have e.g Polish wesnoth, web browser, mail client or something04:59
budzigniewand crux packaging standards deny it for some reason05:00
treachwell, that's because if you're using crux, you're considered to be well enough versed in english to prefer it to your native language, at least as far as computers go.05:01
budzigniewha, something like "If you're smart enough to go CRUX, you alredy know english better than your native lang"? :)05:01
treach"translated" computer lingo usually just sucks, and sometimes when done by amatures it crosses the line to "horror show". :>05:01
budzigniewwell, I remember gentoo times when I was compiling man-pages without "nls" flag...05:02
budzigniewBut generally it's right, there are only few things I'd like to have in my lang05:04
treachalso, another problem with translations is that they are rarely consistent, considerably less so than what they are in english. So sometimes you're left with a guessing game wtf the functionality you're after was called by the guy who translated it _this_ time.05:04
budzigniewyeah, that's right05:05
budzigniewwell, I must admit it's generally goo05:05
treachI *hate* the kind of broken applications (prevalently in gnome) which thinks "Oooh, you have a swedish keyboard, you *MUST* want the sucky swedish translations" :/05:11
budzigniewanyway, any idea how to easily remove everything in $PKG/usr/share/locale BUT the pl05:12
budzigniewar.. but the 'pl' directory?05:12
budzigniewon the Pkgbuild level05:13
budzigniewyeah, some rm, echo $LC_ALL, and sed magic I guess05:13
budzigniewI'm just not really fluent in shell scripting and I think there is probably some smarter way05:13
treachI'm sure there are some smarter way, but you could probably just loop through the dirs or something05:14
budzigniewwell, the not-so-witty way is to move the desired dir to tmp, remove $PKG/usr/share/locale/* and move that from /tmp back to $PKG05:15
treachwhy would you do that?05:15
budzigniewmore disk operations but less thinking for cpu I guess05:15
budzigniewI just want to keep my mutt/wesnoth/whatever translation while kicking away all provided05:16
budzigniewlike `rm -r $PKG/usr/share/locale && keep my translation as it is`05:16
treachwhy not loop through $PKG/usr/share/locale/* and remove anything not "pl"?05:16
budzigniewand how to loop through?05:17
budzigniewI'm not into shell scripting I must say05:17
treachI've never tried it, but a simple for-loop would do it, I guess.05:17
budzigniewthe most sophisticated scripts I write are `while true; do; pgrep prt-get || halt; done;` :)05:18
aonfind(1) would probably work too :)05:18
treachah, aon. the man for scripts. :P05:19
aoni don't dare to attempt to say how, though05:19
budzigniewjust the man I need then :)05:19
aoni'm not on *nix :)05:19
budzigniewfind /usr/share/locale -maxdepth 105:19
budzigniewha, first step05:19
aonoh, it's formed like that05:20
aonfind /usr/share/locale -maxdepth 1 ! -name "pl"05:20
treach-delete :p05:20
aonadd -delete if it does the right thing05:20
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budzigniewbut it outputs /usr/share/locale too :/05:21
treachwell, find should refuse to kill that05:21
treachsince it's not empty05:21
budzigniewwell, the other translation folders won't be empty too05:21
budzigniewstill they'll have to be deleted05:21
budzigniewI might grep -v the first entry, and then just xargs the rest to rm -r05:22
treachman find then :p05:22
aon-mindepth 105:22
budzigniewhaha, just found it05:22
budzigniewyou're faster than man though :)05:23
budzigniewit's ready then05:23
treachdidn't I tell you? He IS the man. :p05:23
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budzigniewfind /usr/share/locale -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 ! -name 'pl' -exec rm -r {} \;05:24
budzigniewlooks good05:24
treacheh, shouldn't you add a $PKG there?05:25
budzigniewof course I should05:25
budzigniewit's just a raw-version05:25
treachk, just making sure.05:25
budzigniewit also should be checking system-wide locale not just supplying 'pl'05:25
budzigniewno problem, I'm fakerooting pkgmk anyway05:25
treachsome people do really nasty stuff in their ports, so..05:26
budzigniewwell, you know about my missing parenthese experiences?05:28
treachno. should I?05:28
budzigniewwell, I'll tell you anyway. I was missing the ending parenthese in source() var, and from this reason, somehow, $PKG var went empty. That's when rm -r $PKG/usr/share removed my /usr/share at all05:29
treachah, right.05:29
treachI had forgotten about that05:29
budzigniewit happened twice, at the first time I thought I have some disk problems05:29
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budzigniewstill, there are some ports that can't be built with fakerooting, like geeqie, which operates on /usr/share while install. Stupid, eh? But it is like this05:30
treachI've actually never used fakeroot.05:31
budzigniewbbs, rebuilding weechat05:32
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: dhcpcd: update to 5.1.206:36
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silversensHi all09:07
silversensI have a few questions about how contributing with ports... I've been doing this for a while and my company using our own rsync repositories, but there a few ports that could help everyone such as... shorewall, htb (QoS script), vlc, etc...09:09
silversensthing is I don't want to offer those ports through our repositories09:10
tilmannipuL: huh. strange :D09:10
Rotwangsilversens: why?09:10
silversens'cause their hosted on slow upload connections, I don't want those IPs to be public, etc...09:10
silversensso my question is how could I propose package for the contrib repo ?09:11
Rotwangsilversens: you need to apply for contrib membership09:11
silversensthanx Rotwang how do I do that ?09:11
Rotwangthere is no other way09:12
tilmananother way would be to set up a separate httpup repo09:12
silversensok thx09:12
tilmanSubject: [SPAM] I'mma let you finish: but09:13
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silversensAnything else... could I suggest to switch any sourceforge downloads links to instead of ? See the thing is downloads keeps beeing stuck sometimes, but with prdownloads, if download is not starting within 5 seconds, it automatically switch to another mirror09:15
silversens(I mean in ports Pkgfiles)09:15
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rehabdollright, so i sorted out the ext4-corruption and here's a tip09:23
rehabdollSTAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM 2.6.32-rc509:23
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RyoSrehabdoll: *thumbs up*09:25
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thrice`how can they still be making such violant kernel changes to a FS?  that's scary09:31
treach"violant" ? It smells like viols?09:33
aonperhaps violants are drugs that make your skin turn violet09:34
thrice`eek, ent*09:34
aontoo late09:34
Rotwangsoylent violant?09:34
treachI'd guess ext4 would smell like cabbage. :>09:34
treach(patch on patch, but no seam)09:35
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rehabdollthey havent touched ext4 in the latest rc09:44
rehabdollmust be something else09:44
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RotwangDO WANT10:11
SiFuhmake it10:13
SiFuhi made mini one, and ran it in the house10:14
SiFuhit sparks off all metal and electrical points10:14
SiFuhnot when it surges and my dad and brother are pissed off their computers shut down :-)10:17
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Rotwangabout/goats 0_-o10:18
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SiFuhthere use to be a guy on SuSE who always talked about sheep10:18
SiFuhcould be kiwi  but i think maybe UK or Germany10:19
SiFuhHAHA illegal?  road _RULES_ not road laws.10:23
treachlol "You should have an easy time talking to your taxi driver because 99% of passengers understood their driver when they spoke"10:25
treachnow, that's great for the one percent stuck in a speeding cab, with the driver on the cell phone and who does not understand what you say. :>10:26
treachoh, all while "swerving on the highway" too.10:27
SiFuhhaha :-)10:28
SiFuhi wonder if they tested me10:28
SiFuhi might have been the one swerving all over the road on the phone10:28
SiFuhHowever, there's no excuse for any driver to speed as it would be endangering the passenger/s life.10:29
SiFuhwell if the government jacked the speed limit up 20% we wouldn't be speeding :-)10:29
SiFuhand it would strip life endagerment off10:29
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treachgah, people talking on the phone while driving should be pulled out of their cars and beaten.10:30
treachpeople texting, should fare the same fate, and be shot dead afterwards.10:30
treach*talking, ie, without handsfree10:31
SiFuhhow about at road construction waiting 20 minutes for the traffic contrl to turn the sign ?10:31
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treachblocks traffic and is environmental-unfriendly.10:33
SiFuhi don't like phone talkers, slow drivers, tailgating drivers and those who stop randomly in awkward positions on roads or deciding where to park10:33
SiFuhspeeding? i never care about.. as long as it does not become a tailgating episode10:34
treachtexters, talkers and tailgaters are the worst, in that order.10:34
SiFuhand blind people10:34
treachI can't imagine what kind of retard it takes to come up with the idea that you should pick up your phone and start texting while driving..10:35
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SiFuhwell if it was in south africa in the kalahari i am pretty sure it would fit in. while he gets up out of the drivers seat while the car is driving to walk to the back to poor a whiskey10:36
SiFuhgods must be crazy10:36
SiFuhtreach Transport department road regulations. It is an offence to step out of a moving vehicle over 5kph10:37
treachoh, sounds like that place where it's illegal to walk backwards after sunset...10:38
treachor like in New York, iirc, where it's specifically forbidden to shot at rabbits through your rear window on a specific street.10:39
SiFuhhaha i like the comment under the photo10:40
treach"Finally", indeed10:40
treachlooks a lot like "Terminally" too.10:41
SiFuhKeith 64, explains why i haven't seen him for a few days10:41
SiFuhi did not know this happened10:41
SiFuhTerry 52 his a matress on a highway. Next thing you know the taxi was in flames :-)10:41
treachjezus, people in au are such bad drunks they have to meter the alcoholic content in their blood in *percent*?10:42
treach0.08% O_O10:43
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thrice`we do that in the US too :)10:43
treachand they say we live in the "vodka belt" :/10:43
SiFuhMr Williams was sentenced to three years jail with parole after a year. He was disqualified from driving for two years.10:45
SiFuhi agree treach Aussies are bad drunks.10:46
SiFuhhowever, i don't like the measuring of alcohol straight away to fine someone. I'd rather have police wait until after the tap dance, tight rope walk and balancing tricks they have in the US before the check10:47
treachdrinking and driving doesn't mix, period.10:49
SiFuhi was just thinking, seems DOT had most of the fake customers go from home to airport and airport to home10:50
SiFuhi did pick up a dude in a suit to go from home to airport  and he got in another cab and went back home.10:51
SiFuhi thought that was curious  plus he paid on coorperate card and said he worked for ANZ bank and wanted a receipt10:51
SiFuhHaha  1 Sunshine coast driver was considered sleazy  HAHA10:53
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SiFuhwas charged 3.37 for using eftpos driver even very nicely said was unfair11:01
SiFuhthat's got to be me!!11:01
SiFuhhaha i always say "you have now funded the banks $ do you feel lucky?" then i tell them it is a rip off.11:02
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thrice`argh, i'm so fed up with my intel video card.  what a piece of shit the mesa/intel driver is12:00
aoni should get a new video card12:04
aonto get more fps on audiosurf :)12:04
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tilmanthrice`: huh12:14
thrice`I just want a tiny amount of 3D12:15
thrice`without killing x.org12:15
treachwhat's a "tiny amount of 3d"?12:18
tilmana single triangle, solid color12:19
treachcan we have 2.5D?12:19
tilman? ;)12:19
thrice`nexuiz is a recent attempt12:19
thrice`what's that, quake3-ish?12:19
aonlike, things can have only positive z coordinates? :)12:20
treachthe only way is forward. :p12:20
thrice`"s" key *crash*12:20
treachheh, "NO RETREAT SOLDIER!!"12:21
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Rotwangthat explains everything ;D16:33
rehabdollyeah, obvious16:34
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