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tilmanteK_: omg, how do you deal?00:36
pitillogood morning01:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: pidgin: version bump03:10
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budzigniewteK_: Are you the contrib/tcc maintainer?06:59
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jaegergod damn, I hate lighttpd sometimes08:19
jaegeradding 2 entries to alias.url fucks it up every time, 1 entry is fine... with or without commas08:20
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aoni hate my bank09:25
aoni need to open a support ticket every time i need to make an international payment09:25
rehabdollsounds simple09:37
aoneven their own help page says that bic codes are 8 or 11 characters long09:39
aonbut they don't accept all of them for some reason09:39
aonapparently the ones that end in X's09:39
aoni guess they'll tell me to leave something out of it again09:40
aonwhich is a bit scary09:40
aonbut worked the last time09:40
teK_tilman: deal with what?09:49
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tilmanteK_: the goddamn kids10:27
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teK_what are you alluding to? :)10:28
tilmanyelling kids at the busstop / you said something about a school next door10:29
teK_I did a pgup. Doing it again.10:29
teK_well I do live next to a school (which my son attends, too)10:30
teK_but you are right: goddamn kids!~!110:30
pedjahm, gd-2.0.36RC1 builds without problems, and 2.0.35 does not.wth is b0rken on my system...10:57
tilmanrehabdoll: inte flash! i'll just image a guy soaking kids ;)10:58
aonoh, now that there are swedes10:59
aoncan someone help me locate the (roligt)10:59
thrice`haha, that one is worth installing flash for ;)11:00
rehabdollhaha wtf aon11:01
tilmanthrice`: the soaking one or the roligt one?11:05
thrice`soaking :)  the latter confuses me11:05
tilmanswedish sounds so stupid :D11:06
tilmani hope that's swedish and not finnish :D11:07
rehabdollits not really either11:07
rehabdollbut more finish than swedish i think11:08
aonmore swedish than finnish :D11:08
aonthere is like one finnish word there11:08
tilmanoh :(11:08
rehabdollmostly mumbo then11:08
rehabdolli basically understood 10 words11:08
tilmani only understood the doping part?11:08
tilmanrehabdoll: huh? :D11:08
aonoh, maybe 511:09
tilmanso, explain11:10
aoni guess it's supposed to sound like finnish11:11
aonor something11:11
rehabdolli guess its just mumbo jumbo with a finnish accent11:11
rehabdolland some random swedish words thrown in11:11
rehabdolli dont know why, but i found it funny :D11:11
aonthose malax tv clips are better11:11
aonalthough they're in an actual language :(11:12
rehabdollhaha yeah11:12
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SiFuh how high is the international hotel in Datong China?11:38
rehabdoll325 metres11:38
SiFuhjust kidding, actually  'HaoHai is the international hotel in Datong China!'11:38
SiFuh46 Xinjian South Road11:39
SiFuhDatong, China11:39
SiFuh:-( i thought it was cool11:42
tilmanah, now i get it11:42
SiFuhalright alright, i give you a better one11:43
SiFuhWhat do you do if your wife gets fat?11:43
tilmanput her on a diet?11:44
tilmanget a divorce?11:44
SiFuhtell her to walk 10km every morning and 10km every afternoon.11:44
thrice`beat her?11:44
tilmanthrice`: oh, of course11:44
SiFuhby the end of the week she will be 140km away11:44
SiFuhI always loved the husband asking the wife where she would like to go on holidays "Bermuda or Paris?" She replies "Paris!" "Great he says, I'm going to Bermuda then"11:46
tilmanare you married? :P11:46
Rotwangit seems so11:46
thrice`not for long11:46
SiFuhWas that a joke?11:49
rehabdollyou are wierd11:52
tilmanweird, too11:53
SiFuhI was kind of curious how a guy who chooses rehabdoll as a nick can accuse another of weird11:54
SiFuh'spose it's better than blowupdoll11:54
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tilman# Your branch is ahead of 'origin/2.6' by 69 commits.12:37
jaegerxorg work?12:43
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tilmannp: bloodbath - like fire12:58
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budzigniewteK_: I've alredy asked, but left before response: are you contrib/tcc maintainer?13:20
Rotwangbudzigniew: yes, he is13:22
Rotwangat least thats what Maintainer line says ;p13:22
budzigniewteK_: Could you update the port to 0.9.25?13:22
budzigniewRotwang: well, I wasn't sure if tek is the same as teK_ ;)13:22
RyoSOH YEAH13:30
tilman# Your branch is ahead of 'origin/2.6' by 81 commits.13:32
tilmanso, will cruxbot survive things?13:33
tilmani'm taking your bets13:33
budzigniewwill kick itself for flooding13:33
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budzigniewyou own me a beer13:34
RyoSi win.13:34
tilmanwhat cruxbot wanted to say is: new xorg portsavailable13:34
rehabdollany known gotchas?13:39
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budzigniewgeez, I have a friend studying some electronic stuff, they are teaching him seeples. What a brainwash13:55
budzigniewQuestion from him: „If I want my calculator to display a message when typed HELP, do I need OOP for that or can I handle with procedural”?13:56
budzigniewwhat did they told him about this C? :(13:56
thrice`poor cruxbot13:56
thrice`will new xorg break my laptop before $important_business_trip ?13:57
thrice`good, it's a long plane ride :)13:57
tilmanthrice`: tell them "ich kann nix dafur"13:57
thrice`tilman has it kaputt macht :(13:58
tilmani doubt they know me, but you can try that one, too13:58
* treach gets the sinking feeling "Linux for Desktops" should be refered to "Kapputtnix"14:00
budzigniewwhy so?14:03
treachbecause things continously are more or less broken.14:03
budzigniewIt usually breaks about updates or something, then if you don't want crashes, do not update ;)-14:03
budzigniewtreach: name a desktop system which isn't broken in any part14:04
treachwell, they are all bad in different ways. But at least some of them are working superficially.14:04
thrice`things can only get better for xorg :)14:05
treachand while I hate windows with a vengeance, audio/video usually works, at least 200 000 times better than the current state of linux.14:05
thrice`I thought you ditched pulse? ;)14:06
treachsure, but that's not the point14:06
budzigniewwell, never had any problems with audio/video on linux, but maybe I'm the Other one14:06
treachthe point is that such broken crap can even enter the picture to begin with.14:06
budzigniewwhat is more, I never needed any drivers crap on linux14:06
tilmanaccording to the pa author, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread14:06
rehabdolli enjoyed the pulseaudio article on slashdot14:07
rehabdollhaha yeah14:07
rehabdollwhat a douche14:07
rehabdollin the league of schilling14:07
tilmanrehabdoll: url?14:07
budzigniewwhat is this whole yelling about PA?14:07
rehabdollwell not really, but :>14:07
treachtilman: pötterling is an arrogant idiot, perfect match with the drepper et al.14:08
thrice`budzigniew, that, for being "the solution," it's pretty half-assed14:08
budzigniewthe solution for what?14:08
treachI mean, the "solution" for stuttering audio is to set your kernel ticks to 1kHz.. is this guy for real?14:08
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budzigniewstuterring, hm14:08
thrice`haha, "it's not my fault, it's everyone elses"  <314:08
treach"Too bad it worked before you came along, sucker!"14:09
thrice`thankfully it's pretty easy to avoid14:09
treachnot really, unless you're prepaired to spend some time with it.14:10
thrice`I mean, PA in general can be avoided14:10
treachand, in general it' a pain in the ass to accomplish.14:11
treachnear impossible if you're using gnome, I've gathered.14:11
thrice`well, gnome and PA come out of the same building, no?14:13
budzigniewcan be avoided? I haven't even see it besides this yelling about it on the web14:13
tilmantoday i tried to run apt-get remove rhythmbox14:13
tilman->then apt wanted to remove gnome14:13
treachbudzigniew: depends on what other distributions you use :P14:13
treachtilman: hahaha14:14
treachdebian is insane14:14
budzigniewha, maybe14:14
treachiirc they even put mono in the base install recently...14:14
thrice`I don't think so.  mono can be stripped from ubuntu pretty easily14:15
thrice`the only apps you lose is fspot and some sticky-note14:15
rehabdollobviously mono is required for all gnu utils. we should include it in core14:15
treachwith some heavy gnome logic, going like "there is now a c++ equivalent of $stupid_mono_note_taking_application", thus there is no reason not to include it.14:15
budzigniewrehabdoll :)14:16
thrice`I thought we had a mono repo for awhile? :D14:16
budzigniew:D whyyy, why did we lost it!14:16
treachthrice`: that's ubuntu, I'm not sure this particular retardedness has spread from debian yet.14:16
budzigniewgee, we still have it!14:17
rehabdollmono is BASICS14:17
budzigniewwell, that's even good14:17
treachmono is a disease.14:17
treachnever heard of such aptly named software. ;>14:17
budzigniewwhy? in which way is it worse than Java?14:17
rehabdollid rather have a cup of java than mononucleosis14:18
budzigniewI'd say it's rather equally bad, and mono is even open-source. And both are feeding some programmers, or "programmers", so it's rather a good thing. As long as we can simply don't give a shit14:18
thrice`ha ha14:19
budzigniewso, as long as no one sticks this shit up my throat, I don't14:19
treachI really don't care to repeat that tired old discussion. Suffice to say that if there's anything *everyone* should have learned by now, it's to walk a mile wide of anything M$.14:19
thrice`but didn't they promise this time?14:20
budzigniewthey always promise14:20
treachMicrosoft promises are worth about as much a s Hitlers. :>14:20
thrice`novell is a pretty heavy mono user, no?14:20
budzigniew"windows 7 will be better/faster/morestable"14:20
budzigniewtreach: :D14:21
budzigniewtrue though14:21
budzigniewthrice`: didn't they even write it?14:21
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RyoStreach: wo wo wo, stop. he DID built highways!14:21
thrice`oh, maybe14:22
treachso? He also said about the "Pact of non-agression" that it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, and could be revoked at any time he found convinient.14:22
rehabdollX.Org X Server 1.7.0 \o/14:22
treachand guess what... he was right. :>14:22
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budzigniewwell, aren't we at the Godwin point atm? :D14:23
treachgodwin doesn't apply, and is usully just brought forth by people who can't argue their point.14:24
thrice`rehabdoll, and?  omg-fast?14:25
rehabdollyes, the text scrolls REALLY fast in irssi now14:26
thrice`ugh, and here I am stuck at work for 2 more hours14:26
treachthrice`: btw, about novell; I'm not familiar with SLES and friends, but it's way easier to cure your opensuse of mono than debian IME.14:26
budzigniewopensuse is horrible imho14:28
treachworks just fine for me.14:28
budzigniewas for the system to do evetything itself14:28
budzigniewmaybe I was expecting a wrong thing to happen, but I remembered it as a distro which configures everything itself and just works14:28
treach... how horrible. :D14:29
budzigniewwell, it didn't fit my expectations14:29
budzigniewas I say, maybe I have wrong approach14:29
thrice`ugh, treach jumped ship again14:29
treachdepends on what you're looking for.14:29
treachthrice`: I just *might* have more than one computer. ;)14:30
budzigniewI was looking for a distro for my family, so I'll install it and it will just work for them14:30
Rotwangif you go to poland, avoid city named poznań, lol14:31
tilmantreach: you killed off your crux installation again? :D14:31
treachas a matter of fact yeah. I didn't have time for all the compiling. :/14:32
treachI'll try to put it back in a vm.14:32
budzigniewRotwang: why?14:32
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Rotwangbudzigniew: some bad guy tried to rob me ;O14:33
Rotwangin poznan14:33
Rotwangduring the day14:33
Rotwangit was like 3-4 pm14:33
Rotwangsick motherfuckers14:33
budzigniewwhat happened?14:33
RyoSso you actually DID give him a round-house kick?14:33
Rotwangi guess they were too drunk, lol14:34
Rotwangi escaped ;D14:34
Rotwangim not going to poznań anymore ;f14:34
Rotwangshitty city14:34
treacharen't all polish citys like that?14:35
* treach fans away the sooth.14:35
budzigniewWarsaw is alike14:35
Rotwangtreach: in general most of them, yes14:35
Rotwangbut still, such situation didn't happen to me in a long time14:36
Rotwangwarsaw is shitty too14:36
budzigniewnever happened to me though14:36
budzigniewoh, once some guy wanted to beat me for showing him my middle finger14:36
budzigniewhe was so drunk that he was running slower than I was walking14:37
Rotwangin poland we call such people "tempe chuje"14:38
* aon is going to gdansk next month14:54
RyoS(yeah, im bored)14:54
Rotwangpeople usually go to gdansk during summer time ;D14:54
aoni don't14:55
Rotwangaon: what are you going to do there, if i might ask14:55
treachseems like a true shithole place to go in the winter. :/14:55
aoni don't know14:55
treach"Be cold"14:56
aonyes, it's probably a lot colder there than in finland14:56
Rotwanggdańsk is a nice place14:56
tilmanthey'll probably have vodka though14:56
RotwangWrocław is better tho [;14:56
tilmanRotwang: ascii please :[14:56
Rotwangsorry [;14:56
tilmanyou're messing up my irssi14:56
treachaon: that might depend a bit on where in finland you are.14:57
treachmine too!14:57
aonwell, it's a lot souther anyway14:57
budzigniewtilman: you'll learn to use utf-8 :> ĄŚÐĆŻŹ :>14:57
tilmanin the icy north or in the icy south? ;)14:57
treachaon: well, it's also at the coast.14:57
aonyeah, well, so is pori14:57
aonand i'm used to that14:57
tilmanoh well, night14:58
treachthat's why I said it depends. :>14:58
treachnight tilman14:58
aonand it's a very cheap trip (surprisingly)14:58
aonand i haven't been to poland14:58
Rotwangaon: but remember not to go to poznan and warsaw [;14:58
Rotwangstay in gdansk ;d14:58
aongood idea :)14:58
treachthe winds from the baltic sea at winter.. *brr*14:59
aonaverage low temp in gdansk for october is 4degC14:59
treachnever been at the polish side though, ours was bad enough.14:59
aonit's -1.6 here atm14:59
treachit's a matter of humidity too.14:59
treachnot saying that pori is any better though ;)15:00
aonshould be pretty much the same15:00
aoni spent a week on the coast of gulf of finland in early spring last year15:00
treachwho knows, you might even think it's slightly tropical. ;p15:00
aoncoast as in you could see the sea and listen to estonian radio15:00
aonthat was quite shitty15:00
treachI can imagine.15:00
rehabdollutf8 ftw15:06
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budzigniewyeah, demonoid's back15:42
budzigniewar, it isn't15:42
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budzigniewyeah, bittorent tracker15:51
rehabdolli use a more private site15:56
rehabdollofcourse i'd never download anything that15:56
rehabdoll's copyrighted15:56
thrice`I get all my $h1t from obra.se15:57
thrice`or "borkbork" as tilman once called it, I think ;)15:57
treachno encryption needed. :p15:58
rehabdolloh why did i start playing utopia? its so addictive16:13
treachamazing, someone not hooked on wow. :>16:16
rehabdollive never dared to even try wow16:17
budzigniewrpg are paper-made16:18
* treach wouldn't touch it with a 10ft pole.16:18
treachoh? that doesn't sound too effective. :>16:18
treachseriously, a game where you need/benefit from a spredsheet is too much for me. :p16:20
budzigniewshould try some board games, like Tide of Iron16:22
budzigniewor wargaming if you're brave enough16:22
treachmeh, I have trouble finding anyone to play chess with even. :/16:23
aonplay with yourself!16:23
treachno thanks.:>16:23
budzigniewstupid mars likers16:28
* rehabdoll voted mars16:28
budzigniewoh, you!16:29
aon /me voted death star defense network16:31
aonwtf space16:31
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nipuLwtf, apparently the documentation for an assignment i did was too complicated17:50
nipuLsimply because my app requires editing configuration files before deploying17:51
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nipuLi know, especially since i tested it on the CS server (which is where he is running it), and he just can't get it to work18:38
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nipuLlol, turns out i accidentally sent him an old build21:52
nipuLnow i am the lame one21:52

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