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pitillogood morning01:08
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budzigniew - any ideas what is going on here?04:42
aondoes your /lib/modules/<version>/source point to the kernel source?04:44
aonhmm, dunno then04:45
budzignieweven vesa does not work, this new xserver...04:53
Rotwangworks for me (tm)04:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nvidia: update to 190.4005:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: python: update to 2.6.4rc205:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: vsftpd: update to 2.2.105:05
budzigniewoh, high time :)05:06
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jueFYI, I've pushed nvidia to 190.40, a release candidate, because current 185.18.36 is not compatible with xorg 1.705:16
budzigniewwell, mine is still not installing05:18
juebuilding/installing was not to problem with 185.18.36 but the undefined symbol 'resVgaShared'05:20
budzigniewjue:, could you take a look?05:21
juekernel version?05:22
jueand /lib/modules/ is a sysmlink to your kernel sources?05:27
budzigniewyep, to /usr/src/linux05:27
budzigniew"symbolic link to /usr/src/linux"05:28
jueare you able to compile any other kernel module? you can try e.g. opt/madwifi or opt/kqemu05:30
budzigniewwill see05:30
aonis /usr/src/linux either the real source tree or a symlink to it? :)05:32
budzigniewsymlink, to /usr/src/linux-
budzigniewshouldn't I have build dir pointing to kernel tree?05:33
budzigniewsee /usr/ports/opt/madwifi/README05:33
jueoops, your /lib/modules/ is not a sysmlink to your kernel sources?05:35
budzigniewI don't have such dir I'm afraid, but will check one again05:35
budzigniewno, it points directly to the kernel source05:35
budzigniewjue: kqemu compiles well05:43
budzigniewoh, it does not05:44
budzigniewbut it start compilation05:44
budzigniewsome source errors, but it did found the kernel tree05:44
juebudzigniew: show us the output of ls -l /lib/modules/ | grep -- '->'05:45
budzigniewbuild points to /usr/src/linux- and source to /usr/src/linux05:47
budzigniewwill brb05:49
juebudzigniew: I don't see a reason for the additional sysmlink, try to link source direct to the real kernel directory05:52
jueeven though this will not solve the problem ;)05:55
budzigniewjue: it didn't ;) I'm now recompiling the kernel, installing the modules, rebooting, and trying the driver; it won't solve the problem but it sometimes works ;)05:59
budzigniewaw, why don't we have nouveau driver in ports tree? When I finally pick them up, I'll write a Pkgfile06:10
budzigniewbrb, desperate reboot06:18
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budzigniew"A reboot a day keeps the crashes away"06:23
budzigniewstill, now I have no mouse and no keyboard, guess it's time to switch to evdev06:23
Ditzihi, is there a image to install crux from a pendrive?06:26
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jueDitzi: you can use unetbootin together with jaeger's updated iso to create one07:18
thrice`   should work OK too07:22
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: exo: updated to 0.5.007:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: inadyn-mt: updated to 02.14.0808:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: tcc: 0.9.24 -> 0.9.2512:19
SiFuh_Oct 13 17:21:28 www apcupsd[1576]: Attempting to kill the UPS power!12:19
SiFuh_Oct 13 17:21:39 www syslogd: exiting on signal 1512:19
SiFuh_Bloody power company12:19
teK_thx budzigniew12:19
budzigniewteK_: thank You :)12:21
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tilmanrecompile your x drivers (input, video)12:23
Rotwanglol, i guessed tcc stands for the c compiler, i wasnt far from truth12:23
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budzigniewOne day I'll try to build the linux distro with it, no gcc, no gnu sh*t at all12:23
budzigniewone day..,12:23
Rotwanggnu is not shit ;O12:24
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aongnu is shit12:24
budzigniewyeah, like cat taking up to... 9 parametres?12:24
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budzigniewwhy the hell would you need 9 parametres for cat?12:24
Rotwangit certainly is not!12:24
SiFuhgnu .. guano ?12:24
budzigniewand... oh my god, 5 for echo!12:24
aonplan 9 is the only true path12:25
tilmantcc doesn't optimize12:25
tilmanso have fun12:25
budzigniewhow handy! bloating from the very beggining12:25
aonoptimizing is for wussies12:25
aonif you need optimization, you write in assembler12:25
tilmanare you from the 80s?12:25
aonyes, as a matter of fact i am12:25
SiFuhbirth or techy ?12:26
SiFuhyou were a techy at birth :-)12:26
budzigniewhmm, teK_, how about tcc recompiling itself in Pkgfile? :>12:26
Rotwangwhats the point?12:27
thrice`how about git rm contrib/tcc ?12:27
SiFuhi just had to resolder dry solder joints on a DFI Lanparty MB only 8 months old12:27
SiFuhnever needed to that since the 80s :-)12:27
aoni think treach once said something about me getting regexp in breastmilk12:27
aonbut that's humbug, i don't know anything about them12:28
aonand dfi lanparties didn't exist in 80's12:28
SiFuhi meant soldering dry solder joints on motherboards12:28
aoni think dry joints are more of a problem now than in the 80's12:29
aonbecause of crappy PRC manufacturing12:29
SiFuhbut most decent hardware manufactures (PC RELATED) tend to add extra tin in the solder to make this problem go away.12:29
aon60/40 SnPb ftw12:30
aonRoHS ftl12:30
aoni'll go watch tv now ->12:30
SiFuhi had an uptime of 471 days then power failure. I bet the computer cooled rapidly and cracked the joint12:30
SiFuhaon be a real techy listen to TV on a Radio Scanner :-)12:31
SiFuhcmos clock is wrong12:35
thrice`hwclock  might help :)12:36
SiFuhI don't think OpenBSD has anything like that12:37
fashaany of you have experience with loading crux ppc on IBM pSeries?  I'm unclear what goes into the Prep partition12:39
aonSiFuh: we migrated to DVB12:40
aonhard to listen to it on a scanner12:40
SiFuhgood point :-(12:44
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: exo: downgraded to 0.3.10512:46
jaegerfasha: not I, sorry. don't have any PPC hardware anymore12:57
jaegerwell, I guess there's the playstation 3 but I've never bothered with linux on that12:57
* Rotwang is still playing ol' ps2 :<13:05
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ulughbeghRotwang, good old ps213:08
SiFuhaon, wei is hello in chinese13:14
SiFuhalso have ni hao13:14
SiFuhbut wei is common like slang i guess13:15
aona chinese buddy of mine seems to use "wei" as "yes" often13:15
aonalso, another friend of mine who worked in china told me that if a chinese person calls a wrong number they just keep saying "wei" indefinitely unless you hang up13:16
Rotwangdian wei was hardcore asian some time ago13:16
SiFuhlike Japanese using hai (yes) as really13:16
SiFuhRotwang ...13:16
Rotwangi liked him very much in dw series13:17
* Rotwang shuts up13:17
SiFuhaon? hahaha i never heard that before, usually i answer  wei, ni hao! and they ask for a name, and i say there is no, and they hang up before i finish sentence13:17
aoni see13:17
SiFuhbut i wouldn't put it past them.  they got different customs all over the place13:18
SiFuhdefinately sounds like chinese style though13:18
jaegerRotwang: ironically I use my PS3 mostly to play PS2 games13:19
SiFuhI got bitten by a lady in china (long story) but because i slapped her i was in the wrong.13:19
SiFuhyou can kick, shoot, punch, bite and so on...  but slapping means they are weak and you treated them like immature child.13:19
SiFuhthat was in Chengdu though.  Shanghai people culdn't understand why.13:20
Rotwangjaeger: ive heard once a gossip that you cant play ps2 games on ps313:21
SiFuhunless you get the firmware and kernel and eboot and so on....13:22
SiFuhbut thats with PSP13:22
tilmananyone got a ghc package for i686? *cough*13:22
SiFuhps2 works fine in PS313:22
jaegerRotwang: depends on which model PS3 you have13:22
jaegerthey don't have PS2 emulation anymore13:22
jaegerthere's a matrix of which ones support it somewhere, perhaps wikipedia13:22
SiFuhjaeger tried Colin Mcrae Rally Dirt yet for PS3?13:22
jaegerthe first gen had hardware ps2 emulation, the second gen had sorta software emulation13:24
jaegerthe ones after that don't have it at all13:24
jaegerSiFuh: not yet13:24
SiFuhwell worth it :)13:25
SiFuhif you like car racing and high quality13:25
jaegerI'll check it out13:25
SiFuhwouldn't mind getting mini nijas and creeds assasin or whatever it called13:25
SiFuhbut so far CMR Dirt seems best13:25
tilmanLength: 8290920 (7.9M), -9735216 remaining (unauthoritative)13:25
tilmanand it really is downloading more :)13:26
SiFuhjaeger: how about that game where you catapult the guy into buildings?13:26
SiFuhstupidest game ever but classic idea :-)13:26
jaegernot familiar with that one13:27
SiFuhI remember the name    PAIM13:27
jaegerohhh, right13:27
jaegerI have that one, just haven't played it in ages13:27
Rotwanglo, never heard of it13:27
SiFuhi didn't like it13:27
jaegerI liked it but it gets old fast13:27
SiFuhbut it was a classic13:27
SiFuhi think the only game that gets old slow  is GTA13:28
jaegermost recently I played Shadow Complex on the 360, that was a lot of fun... reminded me a lot of old metroid games13:28
SiFuhnever heard of it.. i only have a PSP  i might look into getting a PS3 least my brother will like it13:28
SiFuhi personally beleive computers are for communication and work13:29
SiFuhgame consoles are for games13:29
* Rotwang too13:29
SiFuhi always tell anyone who talks about computers as shit... "they are the best multimedia communication device ever created."13:30
Zaba_they're the most advanced teletype clones ever created.  Even with unicode support!13:31
SiFuhi love that13:32
SiFuhi think i woke the whole house laughing13:32
Zaba_what's multimedia? Ah, right, i have this program fbi(1) that renders images onto my console13:32
Zaba_and I think mplayer does likewise for video13:32
SiFuhi got webcam to work in OpenBSD13:33
SiFuhthats multimedia13:33
Zaba_but communication, being IRC, doesn't fit with 'multimedia' well---did you miss an 'and' between 'multimedia' and 'communication'? :P13:33
SiFuhask rotwang about porn :-)13:33
Zaba_besides, I have this box here running happily without a network card.. aside from morse over pc speaker it's not much of a communication device :/13:34
SiFuhif you have anyway of transferring data13:34
Zaba_hm, and well, multimedia... I honestly try to avoid this X thing, they're pretty much going downhill after dbus first appeared.13:34
SiFuhEMP feilds (bit technical), Floppy, USB, CD Burner, and so on.. its a can communicate data between 2 points.13:35
tilmanZaba_: bullshit13:35
Zaba_SiFuh, I have a buffer of about 512 bytes in my memory, I can use that to read data on one computer and type it into another13:35
SiFuhtilman i agree with Zaba_13:35
Zaba_SiFuh, unfortunately it suffers from heavy corruption over short time spans13:36
tilmanyou liked ye olde xfree86 days better? ROFL!!1113:36
SiFuhhaha so you are the transfer link Zaba_ ?13:36
Zaba_tilman, no13:36
Zaba_SiFuh, for some boxes, yes13:36
Zaba_tilman, ok, I guess that description of xorg was rather grotesque.. You can disable the crap on compile-time after all...13:36
Zaba_SiFuh, for others I use scp13:37
SiFuhyeah SCP is ok, i still use FTP and HTTP for transfer most things.13:37
SiFuhSCP seems slow when i transfer to asian zones13:37
Zaba_ah, I meant over lan13:38
SiFuhlan yes :-) always13:38
SiFuhi am so happy my house is underground and i have a paranoid father :-)13:38
SiFuhhe laced the walls with steel rods13:38
SiFuhnothing enters or exists13:38
SiFuhcan't even use mobile in here13:39
Zaba_I wonder whether my memory is more stable as a link than morse over pc speaker13:39
tilmantinfoil hats?13:39
SiFuhwireless only works on 1 floor13:39
Zaba_SiFuh, that's nice13:39
SiFuhfather is ex-US Navy  built a house like a bomb shelter13:39
SiFuh2 years stock of food13:39
SiFuhbut everyone can laugh   i actually like it13:39
Zaba_SiFuh, well at least you won't die13:39
Zaba_and that's good13:39
SiFuhwe have 1 cyclone (hurricane) several bush fires and 1 flood13:40
SiFuhhouse is the only to survive.... waiting for a nuclear bomb now13:40
Zaba_what, all at once?13:40
tilmanyou're in australia, right?13:40
SiFuhno house is over 20 years old13:40
SiFuhyeah sometimes13:40
SiFuh3 or 4 months a year i am in australia13:41
Zaba_hm, sleeping13:41
SiFuhhouse never moves though13:41
Zaba_would be creepy if it did13:41
SiFuhfather made sure all of us were trained in survival and electronics13:41
SiFuhdont know why electronics is important13:41
SiFuhi don't fancy making a taser out of sand in the desert13:42
SiFuh Zaba_ would be awesome if it did :-)13:42
SiFuhcops rock up, its a vacant lot!13:42
SiFuhwho else here is from Australia?13:43
tilmannipuL is13:43
SiFuhyeah but he is a strate away13:44
SiFuhsame as rxi13:44
SiFuhanyone from Rhode Island ?13:45
SiFuhhaha asking bit much13:45
SiFuhi'm originally from Manville RI13:46
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treachlol. 965 E for a computer with a 2.53 GHz C2D, 4GB ram, two 500GB HDD's and no card or optical reader. Jobs has totaly lost the plot. :>14:30
teK_a long time ago14:31
* treach notices that he actually *can* type "€", but questions wether anyone would be able to interpret it. :p14:31
aoni don't know what kind of assmonkey chose that symbol14:32
aoninstead of just, for example, a single lowercase e14:32
treach€uro-dollar. :>14:32
teK_we have plenty o' them in Brussels :>14:32
aonwhich would serve the same purpose14:32
budzigniewaon: this € is funny. Rotate it 90° counterclockwise to see the mystery…14:34
aoncan't see it14:34
thrice`treach, that's for a mac?14:34
treachthe "top" model.14:34
treachand, yeah, I bet you don't get the same prices. :>14:35
budzigniewaon: it's the quake logo14:35
thrice`one of the mini's?14:35
aonah, right14:35
aonthe quake 2 logo14:35
thrice`ah, ok :)14:35
aonbut did you know that finland and sweden on the euro coins look like a penis :)14:35
budzigniewyeah, they do even on normal maps ;)14:36
jaegerbut the mini is soooo cute! squeeee!!!14:36
jaegerat least I imagine a lot of their target market is like this14:37
treachand italy, with its fascist roots, still looks as much as a boot as ever. :>14:37
treachjaeger: I'd like one, but not at that price. :>14:37
* treach is heartily tired of big, bulky boxes.14:38
jaegeryeah... they're neat but I agree on the price14:39
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thrice`can't a similar form factor be built for ~ $400 maybe?14:44
*** DarkNekros_ is now known as DarkNekros14:45
treachI don't know, but I don't think so.14:45
treachat least not here.14:45
jsetreach: watch out for those goose-steppin' Italian boots stomping their way through the streets. :D14:46
treachthrice`: not sure, but that looks a bit bulkier. Anyway, I'm not sure they are even available here.14:47
treachalso, it's an atom, btw..14:48
thrice`for $600, have a CCACHE server then :)14:50
thrice`their new mouse looks the most intriguing14:51
rehabdollnvidia :(14:51
treachwow, now you can get am3 mini-itx boards.14:52
treachstill nvidia based though :/14:52
rehabdollwhat would be the point? you still need a miditower to house the cpu-cooler :D14:53
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jseYeah, that would be a bummer. Thinking you could get a small and quiet machine only to find out you need serious cooling power.15:26
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rehabdolli found my old socket-a cooler (alpha pal8045) a few months back. i remember it being huuuuge when i bought it but complare do my current socket 775 cooler its perhaps 1/3 in size15:33
treachheh, trying to use a high end cpu in such a chassis would probably bring a (in the context considered) new meaning to "tethering" :>15:42
jseIndeed. :D15:44
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acidtripperguys someone there?23:59

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