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pitillogood morning01:13
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sepenmorning all02:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: amsn: updated to 0.98.102:29
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teK_aon: there's pl4 for xpdf fixing some security vulnerabilities05:36
nipuLlmao, first ep of "John Safran's Race Relations" was on tonight06:12
nipuLhe steals celebrities underpants and sniff them to determine which race he is more attracted to, then jacks off to a picture of barack obama to get a donation to a palestinean sperm bank (he is jewish) after getting his palestinean boom mic operator to make a similar offering at a jewish sperm bank06:20
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rehabdollhaha, the trailer looks great nipul07:19
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rehabdolllol nipul!07:46
rehabdollthe israeli sperm-bank..07:46
nipuLthe episode should be available online in a few days, legally or otherwise07:47
rehabdollits already.. :>07:47
rehabdollwatching now07:47
nipuLwell that didn't take long07:50
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rehabdollwindows 7 release-party?09:14
treachheh, the software version of a tupperware-party. :P09:15
treachbut tbh, I guess the plastic utilities are the better quality :>09:15
Zabawhy party on releases?09:16
Zabareleases are sad times, according to Murphy's law.09:16
treachthe reason might depend a bit on what side you're on...09:17
treachif you're a developer, it's party time because the stuff is largely becoming "someone elses problem"(tm)09:18
treachif you're a sales person, you get some new crap to peddle, and if you're one of those "early adopter users" you get a new reason to waste your money. :>09:19
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Rotwangwhere can i find online latex documentation? ~_~09:20
Rotwangim trying to write a letter but cant find much about letter class and package09:20
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treach@google latex writing letters @ Rotwang09:23
treach@google latex writing letters09:24
Rotwangyes, i know there is such ingineous invention like google09:24
Rotwangbut im asking about user docs on letter class09:24
treachlol, there's even "latex for secretaries" :D09:24
Rotwangnot some blogs nor wikis09:25
treachnot sure what's in there though. P09:25
treachRotwang: well, what are you after specifically that stuff like that can't tell you?09:25
Rotwangim specifically after user docs ;f09:26
Rotwanglike i can get with perl on perldoc.perl.org09:27
treachthat's not an answer09:27
Rotwangtreach: repeat your question plx in other words ;D09:29
treachwhat are you *specifically* looking for, that can not be answered by readning the previously spurned "blogs and wikis"?09:30
Rotwangwhen im using specific tool, i like to have original documentation with me, not someone elses notes on it09:33
Rotwangwhich might be usefull, but i preffer to look to the docs first09:33
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treachok. I understand.09:34
* treach always tries to solve the problem, screw how he gets the needed information.09:34
Rotwangfound it in texmf tarball09:40
Rotwangdocumentation for letter class has 20 pages ;O09:40
treachhaha, why am I not surprised? :D09:42
thrice`obviously, the 800mb tarball or w/e is logical :D09:47
treachfor latex, yes. :>09:48
treachI don't think it was ever made with ease of use in mind. :p09:48
Rotwangi managed to strip it down to ~310MB tho09:48
treachwell done.09:48
treachFor more nomal use though, I'd probably recommend scribus.09:49
* Rotwang is looking for a job ;D10:04
treachsounds like you've got one already, if you're trying to do it in latex. :>10:05
Rotwangtrue, ive got one10:07
Rotwangbut it is not very good job10:07
Rotwangit isn't good10:07
treachI was more refering to that learning latex easily takes the proportions of a full time job. :p10:08
thrice`making the ports too :D10:08
Rotwangtrue :D10:10
treachyep, especially if you have to fix up stuff that doesn't work properly b/c 64b issues, etc. :/10:10
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tilmanso i'm working for an AV company now12:16
tilmanand by chance i just got a mail that says $mail_scanner found crap in a mail i allegedly sent12:17
tilmanwhere $mail_scanner is the product i'm working on12:17
joacimit found your top-post signature?12:22
treach.. I first read that as Audio/Video, for some reason. Slightly confusing. :>12:41
tilmanin my new world, AV is antivirus ;)12:41
thrice`like it?12:42
rehabdolltilman: so whats your job description? coding virii so you'll have something to sell? :D12:43
tilmannej, i'm working on one of their unix products12:44
tilmanthe email filter thingy12:44
tilmanthrice`: hell yes. i've worked in a windows environment for 7 years... :>12:46
* treach reads about the tough finnish soldiers who takes an early leave because the mission was too tough...12:52
treachto be replaced by swedish troops. That must hurt. :D12:52
tilmanthe f in finnish is for fail12:53
treachwell, I wouldn't normaly say anything, but with our blue and white friends repeatedly telling us how they consider all swedish people gay etc, it's hard not to laugh a bit. :>12:54
tilmanah, i didn't know that prejudice/whatstheword12:57
treach"little brother complex" is the word used here. :>12:58
rehabdollyeah. though they know deep inside that they are all pussies13:03
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treachtilman: looks like your archnemisis has arived. :p14:20
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jkramerDoes anyone else have problems with VMWare (Player) since $recently?14:42
* treach guesses most use virtualbox instead14:43
jkramerYup, compiling that too right now14:46
jkramerNIce that there's a port in contrib14:46
treachpretty neat stuff14:47
jkramerI don't need much, I just don't want it to seg. fault and kill my WM :)14:47
treachthere's always kvm then :>14:48
jkramerI'm not sure if a kernel panic is proper replacement for a seg. fault :)14:48
treach't have everything14:49
* treach curses the imbecile who put ' almost ontop of <enter> again. :/14:49
jkramerYup, happens to me all the time too14:50
jkramerCan result in evil things when it happens in psql :(14:50
treachI'm sure.14:51
jkramerOh noes14:51
jkramerI wish the port would have told me that I need kernel headers _before_ compiling for ~15min14:51
jkramerOh wait14:52
jkramerNah, everythings fine :)14:52
treachmmh. Esc on ', ' at caps and caps at esc..14:53
treachdude, if you don't have the kernel headers, your crux installation is weird. :p14:53
jkramerI keep the kernel source as bz2 around, but I don't want to have the full 300M source wasting space all the time :)14:54
treachput it in your home. :>14:54
jkramerI usual just unpack to /tmp, compile there and after the next boot it's gone :)14:54
jseGet a kernel git repository. Takes up more space yet it is quicker and easier to have the latest available.14:58
tilmani recently told aguy that's ... nuts :D14:59
jkramerThere last stable is late enough for me :)14:59
treachheh, why do I hear "living on the edge" faintly somewhere in the background..? :>14:59
treachI don't think there is such a release. :>15:00
treachunless you're refering to 2.4 or so. :P15:00
jkramerAnd I got 16MBit/s, so downloading the bz2 doesn't take that long15:00
tilmanthink of the traffic, download patches15:01
jkramerThen I would have to keep the source _and_ the patches around :)15:01
treachtilman: who do you think do the routing?!15:02
jkramerAnd I would have to patch everytime I unpack the source :)15:02
treachIt's small chinese children stuffed into all those cheap routers!15:02
treachthink of the children! Get the patches!15:02
jkramerNot monkeysß15:02
tilmanthere's a script do automate the patching15:02
tilmanscripts/patch-kernel or something15:03
jkramerIt's just 30M or so, downlading the full bz2 is about 10000 times faster than patching that stuff :)15:03
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jkramerHmm, or maybe 6015:05
jseI got the 2.6.30.y repository tracked. It's easy to get the latest release and it's quick going back if there is a need.15:08
tilmanjse: du -sh my-kernel-clone/.git ?15:08
jseThat machine is not on atm. I'll get back to you on that.15:09
* treach prefers .3115:09
tilmani bet your hard disk doesn't like you anymore15:10
treach.31 feels considerably faster for desktop use imo15:11
jsetilman: 336M15:11
tilmani rest my case :P15:11
jkramerjse: After a repack?15:12
treachrock:~/kernel% du -sh linux-
treach509M    linux-
treachwhoops. :p15:12
jkramer399M    /tmp/linux- :)15:13
jsejkramer: I haven't issued git repack and I don't know whether it does it behind my back.15:13
jkramerThe really interesting thing is the time it takes to do du -sh /tmp/linux* :)15:13
jkramerjse: I guess it is only of use if you have many local commits etc15:14
treachdoes "no such file or directory count"? :>15:14
tilmanjse: you want git gc, which also does repacking if necessary15:14
jkramerNope :)15:14
tilmanjse: iirc a rebase or pull will trigger it, so you should be fine15:14
treachbesides it would be stupid since I have my /tmp on tmpfs. :D15:15
jkramer0.072 total :D15:15
jkramerAnd 0.184 for an rm -rf :)15:16
jkramerI love RAM15:16
jkramerCan't get enough of it15:16
treachah. What is the commont trait for Windows and jkramer? :>15:19
jseNeeds more ram.15:20
jseI 'spose its a change from the usual needs more cowbell.15:21
jkramerI don't really need it, I just appreciate having it. :) Half of my RAM idles as ramdisk in /tmp and /usr/ports/work all the time15:21
treachwell, if you don't need it now, you will in due time.15:21
jkramerI wish I could put that WinXP-Image in my ramdisk and run it in vbox from there15:22
jkramerThat'd be really awesome :)15:22
treachIf you think about it's bizarr. I started out with 512k ram, now we're facing 8GB not being uncommon.15:23
jaegerI'm slacking with 4GB15:23
jkramerI've 2G, usually using about ~400M actively15:24
jseMy desktop has a lowly 512M, does a fine job for what I need.15:24
jsetilman: yeah I doubt the disk, if it had feelings, would be too happy about that git repository in use. :>15:26
treachjse: I think we can take that as you're not running vista+abloat{InDesign,Photoshop} on that. :p15:26
jkramerHmm, I'm wondering if - when I put 2G in my 1G ramdisk - the system would swap it on disk15:26
jsetreach: damn you're good. :p15:27
jkramerOr what would happen if I'd put an image in a ramdisk and swapon it, and then fill the ramdisk15:27
treachjse: that's what I use to say. It's the apps that are the killers.15:27
treachwether you use kde or fvwm is pretty uninteresting if your apps use 10x as much ram.15:28
treachand if we're talking about abloates applications + vista, kde vs openbox and friends starts to look like static fuzz. :D15:29
jseFire up failfox with lots of tabs containing flash and images, a number of open office windows you just might be surprised at the memory use.15:29
treachyep, those are other great examples..15:30
treachI just love when I have to have photoshop, indesign, illustrator and word open at the same time at work. :D15:31
jseThe machine is probably not the latest one is it? :p15:31
treachnot really :p15:32
treachC2Duo something, 2GB15:32
treachAwesome amounts of swapping. Especially if it decides to start doing updates or virus checks in the background at the same time. :>15:33
jseAdd all that up, it's a *shocking* realization.15:33
jseWith a bit of luck you probably start seeing the mouse jittering instead of scrolling smoothly.15:34
treachyep, at least it must be for the people who thinks we've got all the computing power we need..15:34
treachjittering? It usually just stops for pretty long periods.15:35
jkramerAnyone using XP in VirtualBox here?15:37
jaegerI have in the past... don't have a license for it anymore15:37
jkramerIsn't it free?15:37
jkramerAt least for private use?15:38
jaegerXP is not15:38
jkramerOh *g*15:38
jaegerVirtualBox is15:38
jkramerSo I guess it worked out for you?15:38
jkramerDid you have any special settings?15:38
jaegernothing unusual that I can recall, it just worked pretty well15:38
jkramerI just get a cursor in the top left and nothing else. Doesn't look like it's booting, no disk activity either15:39
jaegerodd, don't remember having any problems like that :(15:39
jkramerHrm, maybe the image is just broken from all the vmware player seg. faults before15:40
treachjkramer: did you load the kernel module?15:40
jkramertreach: Yup, vbox would even start without it15:40
treachoh right15:40
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jkramerI like VirtualBox15:57
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sirmacikHi, is there any perl master who knows how to force Net::SSH::Expect module to expect exit code of spawned command?16:54
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jkramersirmacik: From looking at the source it seems like the module doesn't give much on exit codes17:22
sirmacikdamn :/17:25
jkramerWoah, VirtualBox rules :)17:28
sirmacikthanks anyway jkramer [;17:28
jkramerYou could wrap the command on the target system17:29
jkramerAnd use the output17:29
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sirmacikI think I'll try another module Net::SSH and if that won't work I'll wrap it as You said17:36
Ditzithis channel have a log?17:49
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