IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-10-23

pitillogood morning00:57
tilmanbuenos dias pitillo00:57
pitillobuenos dias sean tilman :)00:58
tilmannew hypocrisy album out today :D01:04
pitilloseems hard music01:07
tilmanmmh, i should go to work01:11
pitillohave a good day, there are others who are at work atm :P01:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mldonkey: updated to 3.0.102:18
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namenlosthrice`: about my problem yesterday: maybe the new xorg-server solves the problem04:17
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sepensomeone here using zsh as a login shell?06:06
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budzigniewsepen: meh06:08
sepenwell. I added a new user to test a non-standart port of zsh, I added zsh to /etc/shells buy I can't login into the box, any idea?06:09
budzigniewdefine: can't login06:10
budzigniewbtw: I never knew of an existance of /etc/shells06:11
sepenssh user@host06:11
budzigniewI still don't know shit about what disturbs your logging in06:12
sepenI'll try tty login when arrived to home06:12
budzigniewdo you have another user on that machine?06:12
sepenyep, running bash06:12
budzigniewsepen: I don't have zsh in my /etc/shells, but neither root nor user have no problems with logging in06:12
budzigniewsepen: can you try logging in to that user and then running 'su another-user'?06:13
sepen$ su zsh-user -06:14
sepensu: Authentication failure06:14
budzignieware you in the wheel group?06:15
budzigniewand, have you tried just running zsh from this bash user?06:15
sepenI think its related how I crosscompiled zsh for this box06:15
budzigniewwhy not using the opt version?06:16
sepenARM architecture06:16
budzigniewI see06:16
sepenyou can use the opt version only for x86 boxes06:16
budzigniew13:15 < budzigniew> and, have you tried just running zsh from this bash  user?06:16
sepenyes I can06:17
budzigniewand works well?06:17
sepenit worked fine, but I don't know specific commands for zsh to test the environment06:17
sepenany specific zsh PS1 line? or command?06:17
sepenheheh, more advanced?06:17
sepenI typed PS1='>> ', and it worked too ;D06:18
budzigniewI don't know any specific zsh features, I'm just using it06:18
sepenbudzigniew, many thanks06:18
sepenbudzigniew, maybe some builtin functions?06:18
sepenwell. anyways thanks, for now I have what I was looking for :D06:20
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mernilBehold! Thy master, holter of 8th dan in linux expertise has arrived!06:27
budzigniewoh my master. Why does cups 1.4 suck so hard?06:27
mernilim not familiar with that technology im afraid06:28
budzigniewme neither, that's the sad thing06:29
mernilcya laters!06:30
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sepenbudzigniew, it was my fault, I tried to use /bin/zsh instead of /usr/bin/zsh, my bad! :P06:33
budzigniewyeah, I'm quite familiar with that06:33
sepenbut I can't login from a remote box without adding /usr/bin/zsh to /etc/shells06:34
budzigniewmaybe, I'm not using ssh or any of a kind06:34
sepenssh says, permission denied, and after add the line to shells I can login directly without problems06:34
budzigniewcruxbot: help06:35
budzigniewis there any way to access crux's git repo webui?06:36
budzigniewthat's what I was looking for, thanks06:37
sepenthanks to you too for the zsh stuff :D06:37
budzigniewbut I didn't do a thing! :>06:37
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namenlosso, posted the xorg problem to the list - maybe someone can help.09:18
*** eintopf_ is now known as eintopf09:18
jaegernamenlos: does it work with the vesa driver?09:21
namenloshm, you mean deinstall the nv driver...09:21
namenlosmom, i will try it09:21
namenlosnow it starts09:24
namenlosso it is the nv driver...09:24
jaegerI just meant try "vesa" instead of "nv", you can have both installed09:27
jaegerdid you already rebuild the xorg-xf86-video-nv port or whatever it's called?09:27
treachfunny that nobody has a nouveau driver port :/09:29
jaegeris nouvea actually useful these days? I haven't looked at it recently09:30
treachafter all there are at least some distros who default to it rather than nv.09:30
jaegerer... +u09:30
treachI think fedora has defaulted to it since 8 or so.09:30
namenlosjaeger: it is used in fedora.09:31
* namenlos is too slow...09:31
jaegerbeen a while since I've used fedora, too :)09:31
namenlosthe problem is, that i try to use my xserver without any config file09:31
namenlosand i have rebuilt all xorg-* packages until now, without a use09:32
treachwell, I'm not a fedora user either, but it's interesting to look at what they use, since they like to live on the bleeding edge. :>09:32
jaegerI'm updating the xorg stuff in one of my VMs, will see if I have any problems09:32
jaegerthough it doesn't use nv09:32
namenlosthe problem with the vesa driver: the resolution is pretty ugly, and some how it hangs when trying to exit dwm09:33
treachnamenlos: maybe you could try creating a port for the "french-named-driver-nobody-can-spell-to" :p09:33
jaegeryeah, I just wanted to know if it was specific to the nv driver or xorg itself09:33
namenloslol, i will try09:34
jaegeryou might force rebuild the driver port09:34
namenlosjaeger: i rebuilt everything09:34
jaegerah, ok09:34
namenlosjust filed a bug:
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jaegerhopefully you'll get a better answer there10:06
namenlosfirst i will try this nou* driver, maybe this helps10:06
namenlosmaybe they're able to fix it10:07
jaegerhope so10:16
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rehabdollstupid jet-like fans10:28
rehabdollstupid randr, why does it set DVI-1 as primary instead of the obvious choice: DVI-0 ?10:31
treachadd a hose, and you have a central-vaccum cleaner, or wth you call a "centraldamsugare" in english. :P10:32
treach+m to fix typo. :/10:33
rehabdolldamsuger sounds accurate anyways :D10:35
rehabdollasdf, damsugare10:35
rehabdolland no, that was not a freudian slip10:36
jaegerthat's not even a word I'm familiar with10:36
treachjaeger: litterally "dustsucker", or atleast it would have been if I had managed to fully press "m" the second time.10:36
treachyou'd probably call it a hoover. :>10:37
rehabdolldam = woman, lady10:37
rehabdolldamm = dust10:37
jaegerI'd call it a vacuum :)10:37
jaegerhoover is a brand name, though I thought when I was young that a vacuum was a hoover10:37
treachok, I thougth that was what the brits called it10:38
rehabdollyeah, i think they do10:38
treachI thought "Hoover" was like "Kleenex" or "Ketchup"10:38
jaegerdepends on where you are, I suppose... Hoover is definitely a brand, though10:38
treachie, a brandname that have become synonymous with the product10:38
rehabdollwtf, heroin was developed as a "non addictive" substitute for morphine to treat cough?10:55
rehabdollwikipedia is addictive10:55
treachhaha, now, *that's* an EPIC fail..10:55
jaegernamenlos: I get a segfault when I exit twm in the VM but the vesa driver does work while it's up11:02
jaegercan't test nv in that, though, sorry11:02
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namenlosjaeger: thanks for your investigation11:22
namenlosi will check the xorg.log after reboot of the crash11:22
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budzigniewhmm, is there a way to pull the ports tree from git?11:55
Rotwangbudzigniew: there was git driver for ports, somewhere11:58
jseClone the repository, make sure the appropriate branch is checked out and point that to prt-get.conf.11:59
budzigniewyeah, found it on ML12:00
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namenlosjaeger: the xorg log doesn't tell me anything about a segfault when exiting dwm using the vesa driver12:31
namenlosit just hangs12:31
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jaegernamenlos: ah, ok12:38
namenlosthis is starting to annoy me12:39
acidtripperwhat's starting to annoy you?12:39
namenlosmy xserver problem12:40
tilmandid you recompile your input and video drivers?12:40
acidtripperwhats the problem? any error log>?12:40
namenlosif using the nv driver it segfaults on startup, if i use the vesa driver, it hangs on shutdown12:40
namenlosi recompiled everything12:40
EmoSpiceI can see how that would be annoying.12:40
jaegermine segfaulted on shutdown but no hang12:40
jaegerwith vesa12:40
namenlosprt-get listinst | grep xorg-* | sudo xargs prt-get update -fr12:41
tilmanwrong term ;D13:00
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namenlosjust recompiled everything again - no use13:13
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* treach groans13:34
treachwhat kind of perverted person comes up with the idea to define the rgb values as numbers between 0 and 1...?13:35
namenlos0 and 1?13:35
tilmanthat's much more natural than 0..255 :>13:36
namenlosyou menan red, or not red? :D13:36
treachnamenlos: x.yy13:36
treachso, rather than use something like you use everywhere else you have to come up with crap like "\definecolor{666} {rgb} {0.75,0.85,0.3}"13:37
tilmanah, latex?13:38
treachwhere else. *sigh*13:38
namenlosanyone knows a good groff manual?13:38
namenlosor book?13:38
tilmanman groff? *hoho*13:38
treachafaik, there is none13:38
namenlosthere was once a discussion about text processing tools on dev@suckless.org13:39
treachgroff is for people who really hate themselves13:39
namenlosi don't like latex, too13:39
Rotwanglatex ftw!13:39
treachwell, it's fine for text as done in the 60's.13:40
namenlosi mean, you can do a lot of things with it, but the sourcecode is barely readable13:40
jseNot to jump on the bandwagon but LaTeX is neat when you learn the BASICS. :p13:40
treachit starts to fall apart when it comes to tables, colors and graphics.13:40
Rotwangtexlive has some pascal code 8D13:40
tilmani find (found) my latex docs *very* readable in vim13:40
namenlosmaybe it's just me ;)13:41
treachI like the idea a lot. But as I said above, I find the implementation of the stuff above quite painful.13:42
tilmanhypocrisy's current tour is titled "long time no death"13:42
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juethrice`: IIRC you are using xorg/intel?13:59
sepenhi jue , I'm using it but I had problems with drm in kernel13:59
juebut it's running with server 1.7?14:00
sepenif drm is enabled then intel and intelfb are built and seems that intelfb crashes my X system14:00
sepenjue, xorg-server 1.7.0-114:01
juewell, seems I have the same/similar problem14:02
sepenit helps
sepen*if  . brrrr!14:02
jueit crashes in a way that even my network doesn't work after it :)14:03
jueand nothing in the logs14:03
sepennetwork worked here14:03
sepennow I'm running without drm but it works really slow :|14:05
jueI'm happy again with 1.6.3 ;)14:06
jueafter some hours and around 10 hard resets14:06
sepenonly some hours? heheh, here after some days and a lot of prt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep xorg-server) ;D14:07
sepenthen updating the kernel, recompiling, many times, more many times, ...14:07
sepenI though that the problem was broken links after the upgrade to 2.6 but now seems I was wrong14:08
juenamenlos: tried opt/nvidia?14:11
namenlosjue: not yet14:12
jueworks for me14:12
namenlosuntil now i wanted to get around of the recompiles everytime you update the kernel14:12
namenlosi will try tomorrow.14:13
juewell, that's a small issue if it works ;)14:13
namenlosnow a friend of mine wants to meet in a pub :)14:13
namenlosjue: true14:13
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sepenjue, when I enabled drm in kernel appeared this message  it switched to the dirty framebuffer14:17
*** EmoSpice has joined #crux14:20
EmoSpiceAlright- I've searched everywhere and gotten nothing. At the risk of looking stupid, how could I determine which package owns the xorgconfig binary?14:21
teK_pkgpkginfo -o xorgconfig14:22
Rotwangprt-get fsearch14:22
juesepen: I saw the same, switching to fb, here on my desktop if I use the nv driver instead of nvidia14:22
EmoSpiceRotwang - tried prt-get fsearch, but it didn't report anything (I'm not sure if I'm not using it right or if it's because I don't have the file)14:22
EmoSpiceteK_: I'll look at that14:23
EmoSpicewell, pkginfo doesn't look like it'll work because I don't have the file installed. (Again - unless I'm an idiot, that is.)14:24
Rotwangmaybe there is no xorgconfig binary ;D14:24
EmoSpiceRotwang - I used it yesterday, before I rebuilt X14:24
teK_if it's not installed you always can find it with: find /usr/ports -name .footprint -exec grep -H xorgconfig '{}' \;14:25
EmoSpiceteK_: Thanks. looking again/14:25
EmoSpicetreach: used prt-get fsearch, didn't turn anything up14:25
treachok, then it's not there I guess.14:26
EmoSpicetreach: my problem is that I don't have it and that I want to grab the package that installs it. I realize it's not present on disk14:26
treachwell, is it still part of xorg? It shouldn't be needed anymore14:27
teK_oh well, :p didn't know about fsearch :>14:27
* treach throws the manual at teK_14:27
teK_exotic use-case!!1114:28
EmoSpicenope. Apparently it isn't provided any longer.14:29
teK_well.. X was supposed to run without a real xorg.conf, wasn't it?14:29
EmoSpiceI wanted to generate a new one, since I can't seem to get X working without one14:30
treach"X -configure"14:30
EmoSpicegenerates a non-working config, for some reason14:30
EmoSpicegonna sift through it to find the culprit14:31
teK_btw: what happened to xcalc?14:35
*** EmoSpice has quit IRC14:35
tilmanthe tooth fairy took it14:35
teK_I want it - the fuck - back -,-14:36
budzigniewuse dc :>14:36
Rotwanguse perl or python ;D14:37
jkramerOr just echo $[...] :)14:38
jkramerzmodload zsh/math14:38
teK_I did this, jkramer, yes..14:38
teK_zsh \o/14:38
Rotwangjkramer: $[ .. ] is old, deprecated14:38
Rotwangand doesn't do floating math14:38
teK_my "Programming I" lecture at university forces me to convert 765 octal to decimal and hexadecimal14:38
jkramerAnd what's not deprecated? $(())?14:38
Rotwangdonno how it is with zsh [;14:38
tilmantilman@centaur [~] > echo $[1/4.0]14:38
teK_q.e.d. :P14:39
tilmanseems to do fp stuff just fine14:39
teK_Programming I also teaches Java WITHOUT the OOP stuff (!)14:39
Rotwangi was talking about bash/sh14:39
budzigniewI'd like to see Java without oop14:39
tilmanecho $[2 ^ 32] -> 3414:39
teK_tilman: echo $[2**32]14:40
budzigniewbtw, sage, anyone knows sth about it?14:40
tilmani didn't expect it to do xor :p14:40
teK_budzigniew: you have one class, 1xmain() and some functions.. that's it. we use eclipse for this :P14:40
teK_tilman: I dind't recognize it to have done xor :)14:41
tilmanteK_: with powers of two, xor is the same as addition14:44
teK_flipping those neat bits :)14:45
tilmanx is power of 2 -> only one bit is set in x14:45
jkramerx ^ x = 014:45
jkramerSo 2 ^ 2 != 4 :)14:45
jkramerteK_: ghci is a nice calculator too, btw14:47
teK_in ports?14:47
jkramerLook for ghc14:47
jkramerBut compiling isn't fun :)14:48
jkramerAnd it's huge14:48
teK_glasgow haskell compiler?14:48
teK_I will learn haskell this semester14:48
teK_\o/ \o/14:48
jkramerWise choice14:48
jkramerGreat language14:48
teK_functional programming language14:49
jkramerThe neat thing about using ghci as calculator is infinity and laziness :)14:49
budzigniewwhat's so awesome about it? I hear many people yelling at how awesome it is14:49
teK_later.. maybe.14:49
teK_budzigniew: my professor thinks it's great. <EOD>14:49
treachisn't that C#? :>14:49
tilmanwhat is?14:50
jkramerbudzigniew: Laziness, super-cool type system including type inference, speed, implicit parallelism (and therefor optimal resource usage), ...14:50
budzigniewfap fap fap14:51
treachtilman: gods gift to programmers. :>14:51
jkramerThe really nice thing with Haskell is that it is suuuuper strict. When your program compiles, you can be 99% sure that it has no bugs :)14:52
tilmanyou got that frmo miguel's blog?14:52
treachtilman: no, I was just questioning budzigniew's evangelism a bit. :p14:52
jkramerOr maybe 80%14:53
treachjkramer: you're making me think of pat robertson. :p14:54
jkramerOr 100%, but logical errors excluded from that :)14:54
jkramerAnd errors that come from unexpected influences from the environment :)14:54
budzigniewtreach: my evangelism?14:54
budzigniewI haven't even seen this haskell14:55
treachah, sorry, I mixed you up with jkramer14:55
tilmanthis haskell has super-cow powers14:55
Rotwangif it has14:56
Rotwangthen im going to make hat out of it14:56
jkramerAt least if you know it :)14:56
treachis there actually anything substantial out there done with haskell?14:57
jkramerIt's hard to learn, and I think ~90% of Haskell programmers will never really understand the basic concepts of the language, while using it anyway :)14:57
budzigniewtreach: xmonad14:57
budzigniewjkramer: sounds like perl to me ;)14:57
Rotwangperl the language in which the world was created14:57
treachbudzigniew: not to be an ass, but a window manager is hardly substantial IMO14:57
budzigniewtreach: that's the only thing I've ever seen done in haskell14:57
jkramerNah, Perl has a syntax hard to learn (at least for some people), but with Haskell, the concepts are just very hard to learn (IMO)14:58
budzigniewwhich is, taking under consideration that I don't understand the world "substantial", the best I could say ;)14:58
jkramerLike monads or functors or monoids and all that stuff14:58
tilmantreach: ghc is written in haskell :D14:58
treachwell, at least they eat their own dogfood then.14:58
tilmansome guy reimplemented quake3 in haskell iirc15:00
treachhah, that at least sounds cool. :p15:01
jkramerHrhr, I could think of some funny game behavior coming from laziness :)15:02
jkramerLike not computing the position of your enemy until you fire your gun and it has to check if it's hit or something like that15:02
teK_ultimate lazyness would be an aimbot in haskell15:05
teK_Darcs is the standard revision control system of the Haskell community.15:05
teK_zomg I can see the haskell nazis coming!15:05
jkramerteK_: And it's written in Haskell :)15:05
teK_of course.15:06
treachit's starting to sound like the emacs people. :>15:07
treachisn't there a quake plugin for that? :p15:08
teK_I use an english keyboard+layout but had the german one switched on. : = Ö then15:10
budzigniewhmm, anyone with experiences with mailcap?15:13
jkramerbudzigniew: ~/.mailcap?15:13
budzigniewI mean, I created the sed expression for text/html, and it works under shell, and erros in mutt15:13
treachthat wasn't yesterday..15:13
budzigniewjkramer: yup15:13
jkramerWhy sed?15:14
budzigniewtext/html; sed -e 's|<[^>]*>||g;s|&nbsp\;| |g' %s; copiousoutput15:14
budzigniewwhy not?15:14
jkramerUse this: text/html; elinks -force-html -dump %s; copiousoutput15:14
budzigniewsed works15:14
jkramerObviously not :)15:14
budzigniewI don't like elinks15:14
jkramerThen use links or w3my or lynx15:14
budzigniewand links handles encoding in a crappy way15:14
budzigniewsed does not affect encoding, so I like it15:14
Rotwangparsing html mit sed15:15
Rotwangnot always good idea15:15
budzigniewnot parsing15:15
treachRotwang: GMY15:15
jkramerWhat do you do when there's a linebreak in a tag? :)15:15
budzigniewallegro sends html email15:15
tilmanteK_: btw.
jkramerOr with any-other-entity-but-nbsp15:15
budzigniewjkramer: hmm, nice point15:15
* Rotwang googles for "GMY"15:16
jkramerteK_: Yup, great tutorial for beginners, very simple and funny drawings :)15:16
RotwangGood Morning Yahoo! ?15:16
budzigniewjkramer: hasn't yet prepared it for nbsp, as /&[^;]*;/ was not working, I tried simply &nbsp;15:16
treachRotwang: forget about it, just a weak joke about your typo15:17
treach"Gott Mit You"15:17
Rotwangoh [;, lol15:17
teK_tilman: you had to do haskell, too?15:18
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-server: updated to
*** jue has quit IRC15:44
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jaegerhrmm... xorg-server 1.7.1 still segfaults on exit for me16:07
tilman[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x8483280]moov atom not found16:07
tilmanwhat does tahat mean?16:07
jaegerbad file header?16:08
treachhaha, no cows included. :p16:08
tilmanjaeger: doubt it. file(1) detects the type just fine16:08
tilmanISO Media, MPEG v4 system, version 116:08
jaegerhrmm, no idea then16:08
tilmandid you build all the updated proto ports, library ports before you built the server?16:09
tilmanevery's fine here with intel 2.9.0 on my i94516:10
jaegerI just did a sysup, but rebuilt xorg-server and xorg-xf86-(video|input)-* afterwards16:10
jaegeroh, I bet I have the vboxvideo driver installed there... sec, will check again16:12
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:14
tilmanffplay -formats|grep MP4 says16:15
tilmanE mp4 MP4 format16:15
tilmanseems it only knows how to encode that, but not decode it16:16
jaegerhrmm, ok, I guess vboxvideo isn't installed16:18
tilmandoes it print a backtrace before it's dying?16:20
jaegerlooks like it16:20
tilmanbut i guess it ontains mostly question marks? ;)16:20
jaegerweird, wgetpaste won't paste Xorg.0.log to either dpaste or rafb16:23
jaegerno question marks16:23
jaegerif you want to look at it,
jaegerbut I'm not sure it's useful16:25
jaegerIt still mentions the vboxvideo driver even though that's not installed16:25
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:26
jkramerNeat, with xorg-server 1.7.1 vmware/x doesn't seg. fault anymore16:34
tilmanjaeger: okay, there's no question marks, but there's meaningless addresses instead of nice function names ;D16:35
tilmanjaeger:! you're using the vesa driver?16:35
tilmanjaeger: maybe they 'stole' a generic vesa video bios from vbox and put it in the vesa driver...16:36
jaegeryeah, just the generic vesa since the vbox guest additions don't work16:36
tilmanif you can do a debug build of xorg-server and maybe also the vesa driver you'd get a meaningful backtrace16:38
jaegerI'll give it a try16:38
tilmanmmh, glx also shows up in the backtrace16:38
tilmanyou could try disabling glx16:38
tilmanexport CFLAGS="-O0 -g" in the pkgfile, then fakeroot pkgmk -ns -kw16:39
tilmanzzz, night16:39
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*** mernill has joined #crux18:50
mernillBehold! Maestro chef in linux cooking has arrived!18:50
mernillBow your sorry heads in awe as i speak!18:51
mernillanyhoo.. anyone awake? :-)18:52
mernilli do run windows at the moment im afraid. I cant watch youtube in linux .. witch is a shame.18:54
mernilland porno flicks :-D18:54
*** mernill has left #crux18:56
jaegerer... that was odd18:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: cpufrequtils: Updated to 00520:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: exiv2: Updated to 0.18.220:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: smplayer: Updated version 0.6.7 -> 0.6.820:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asterisk: Updated version ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asterisk-core-sounds-en-ulaw: Updated version 1.4.13 -> 1.4.1520:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asterisk-core-sounds-en-alaw: Updated version 1.4.13 -> 1.4.1520:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asterisk-addons: Initial commit (version 1.4.9)20:49
mernilli dont have any good hello frases"20:49
mernillI think you should fuck foff with you respekt to me!20:51
mernillyou disrespect towards me is despictable!20:52
mernilland should be punished20:52
mernillnow .. i think crux must be cruched! :-)20:54
mernilli dont know fuck off assholes :-P20:55
mernilland sorry for that last remark20:56
mernillim just in a bad mood.20:57
mernillyou crux guys seem to be alright!20:57
mernilland wimon .. with your big asses..20:58
*** acrux has joined #crux20:58
mernillacrux: greetings!20:59
*** mernill has quit IRC21:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: smplayer: Updated version 0.6.7 -> 0.6.821:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: exiv2: Updated version 0.17.1 -> 0.18.221:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cpufrequtils: Updated version 0.4 -> 00521:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: asterisk: Updated version ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: asterisk-core-sounds: Updated version 1.4.13 -> 1.4.1521:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: asterisk-addons: Initial commit (version 1.4.9)21:08
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