IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-10-24

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mernilhi all..! :)03:15
mernili was going to say something rude in english... but coulndt!03:15
mernilit was about "cameltoes" .. that thing with girls some of us like!03:16
mernilnot any woman here??03:21
jaegerWhy would you want to come in here and say random rude things?03:21
merniljaeger: againt whom? random rude thing .. stop being silly!03:22
jaeger03:15 < mernil> i was going to say something rude in english... but coulndt!03:22
merniljaeger: yeah.. but i did not ^03:23
mernilso.. now you are screwed as a moderator you fuck! :-)03:24
mernilyou can of course ban me .. but you are fucked nevertheless :-P03:24
mernilbut you seem like a nice guy .. so dont ban me!03:25
mernili have had problems with a compressor buzzing outeside my house for one week. Very annoying!03:25
merniljaeger: sorry! You seem like a nice bloke!03:27
mernilit's that enormous hiss from that compressor who has been outside my house the last week who keeps ringing my ears.03:29
mernilthat makes me somewhat grumpy! :-/03:30
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mernilcan i speak frealy hear?03:57
mernilhere me then. I think im falling in love with a girl who is twise my age.03:58
mernilher name is anna and she always wish me a happy goodby when i leave her in the store she works in.03:59
mernilnormally, noone wishes me a happy hello, or goodbye :-)04:00
mernili think its due to reaktions to my oversized geneitalia.04:01
mernili dont get it .. when i scratch it.. they seem offended :-(04:02
mernilffor me it a gesture of welcomnes!04:02
merniljaeger: hi btw! :-)04:03
mernili sort of missed you04:03
mernilim on my way out..  hate it.. have to go.. not taking the bus due to not having enuff money.04:04
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mrksfunny guy..04:12
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jaegerI don't even know04:23
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budzigniewgeez, anyone using ncftp?04:30
treachprobably lots :p04:30
budzigniewI'm logging in, as ncftp -u user -p xxxx04:32
budzigniewand it logs me in as anonymous, restricted access only, blah blah04:32
budzignieweven chromium logs me on well04:33
treachput the switches before the adress04:33
budzigniewah, I see04:33
budzigniewwill try04:33
treachIt's been a while since I used it, but I rememeber it being a bit picky about which order you put stuff in.04:33
budzigniewworks well, thank you04:33
budzigniewweid though04:33
treachyeah, annoying as hell04:34
budzigniewcome on, getopt is not SO heavyweight04:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: airmix: Initial commit05:04
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mernilHi all! :-)05:36
mernilbudzigniew: hi there!05:37
merniltodays event .. i allmost got an ackordion playing gypsy banned. I'm afraid not but i tried.05:38
mernilhate romanian   gypsys begging in the streets!05:38
mernilthis is sweden, we hava a welfare system.05:39
mernilnot for gypzies tho!!!05:39
mernilgo to the circus and play you stupid accordion!05:40
mernilim sur her suger daddy is fucking her as we speak .. 13 year and all.05:40
mernilwith her thing no hair  and all.05:42
merniljust plain fresh from the trailor! :-)05:43
mernilwhy no girls here? I seem to miss them05:44
mernilmernil aint a manly name expliticly05:44
mernilwe can share a lot!05:44
mernillike .. hm funny stuff we did in the shower!05:45
mernilgah.. crux is a manly distro.. :-P05:46
mernilnot like a care but.. some girls whould be nice! :-)05:46
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nipuLdamn, we need more people like that here05:48
tilmanthank god he went on its own05:49
tilmanif i had kicked him, he'd pestered us for hours ;D05:49
teK_he will return!105:52
treachmore a case of "I'll be back." than "I shall return." though. :/06:00
budzigniewor even "Oh, my back!"06:00
treachIgnoramus. :>06:01
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budzigniewhmm, how can I substitute a larger amount of text in one file? sed only goes line-by-line, but there are like 20 lines to change07:08
budzigniewdiffing would be nice, but I need to apply it to like 50 files07:08
Rotwangpurl purl07:17
Rotwangor patch + bash07:17
budzigniewpatch would be nice, but how to generate proper diff? It uses filenames, and the line numbers are not exactly the same07:19
tilmanperl :)07:23
Zaba_it'd be cool to have a bashless system07:23
tilmanbudzigniew: line numbers don't have to match 100% to be able to apply a patch07:23
Zaba_I understand that /etc/rc in crux uses bash, though...07:24
Zaba_I believe there is no specific reason for it to do that, though, aside from rc.conf using arrays and maybe some rc.d scripts using bashisms07:25
budzigniewtilman: yeah, but there are this filenames07:25
budzigniewtilman: could you give me a hand here? I'm not really fluent in diffs07:25
budzigniewZaba_: they can use sh as well07:25
Zaba_budzigniew, /etc/rc has #!/bin/bash on top07:25
budzigniewwhy to have bashfree system anyway?07:25
Zaba_budzigniew, because bash sucks07:25
budzigniewZaba_: well, can symlink it07:25
budzigniewZaba_: any better argument than 'sucks'?07:26
Zaba_budzigniew, well, bourne shell doesn't really allow for a lot more syntax07:27
Zaba_budzigniew, but things like bash and zsh jam it into it nevertheless07:27
budzigniewmore than?07:27
Zaba_more than a most basic sh(1)07:28
Zaba_hell, even those are messy because thompson shell was never designed as a _language_07:28
budzigniewjust wait for bashers yelling...07:28
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Zaba_then bourne shell introduced built-in commands and there it went downhill, because the syntax remained07:28
mernilhello fellow linux black belts! :-)07:28
Zaba_which is why rc from plan 9 is superiour---simple syntax for simple things07:29
merniland jaeger07:29
Zaba_you can actually code in rc without going insane quickly07:29
budzigniewwell, I even had a plan to substitute coreutils with 9base07:29
Zaba_or getting headaches07:29
budzigniewbut I guess that'll make pretty compatibility problems07:29
Zaba_I coded quite an amount of things in POSIX sh before giving up on it as on a language.  It's good for binding things together, nothing more.07:30
Zaba_And things like bash/zsh/whatever try to make it more of a full-blown language.07:30
Rotwang Zaba_: so?07:30
Zaba_Without much success.07:31
Zaba_not that they fail to deliver the features, but they fail to deliver them in a way a well designed language would, because it's impossible while staying "compatible" with sh07:31
budzigniewwell, that's quite a nice question: so? Some use it, you don't have to07:32
Zaba_so it's just an overloaded shell with the _same_ fundamental problems _still_ sitting there07:32
Rotwangim with bash07:32
budzigniewI don't like seeples, but some people do write nice apps in it, so it's not bad to have the compiler07:32
treachremoval of bash and bashisms have already been discussed in the past07:32
Zaba_example: Quoting.  Nobody fixed it, no variant of sh, no matter how many useful thingies they added.07:33
Rotwangquoting works07:33
Zaba_just until you hit an eval07:33
Rotwangif you know how to use it07:33
Zaba_or want to universally pass around a string with 's in it07:33
budzigniewwell, rc's '' is quite fine as I see07:33
* budzigniew reads rc's manpage07:34
Zaba_Rotwang, I know very well how to use it, and proper use leads to pretty scary constructs07:35
Rotwangbash gives you some nice features07:35
Rotwangbut you dont have to programm complex things in it07:36
Rotwangbash just gluess stuff together07:36
Zaba_nobody has to, but some people do07:36
Rotwangsome people code in haskell07:36
Rotwangand i respect it ;D07:36
Zaba_at least haskell doesn't "just glue things together"07:37
budzigniewI hate when people code big things in bash07:37
budzigniewin any shell anywayu07:37
Rotwangbudzigniew: what do you care if it works?07:37
budzigniewand big apps in scripting languages07:37
budzigniewRotwang: en(wydajność), forget the word07:38
Zaba_the biggest mistake in history of shells was making the interactive thingy and a script interpreter the same program07:38
Rotwangjust another thing i csant agree with07:38
budzigniewwhat's wydajność in english, I forgot07:39
budzigniewefficiency, not exactly what I mean07:39
budzigniewPerformance, that's it07:39
budzigniewI think people writing huge apps in python have no respect upon me07:40
Zaba_it would make more sense for the interactive thing to be a separate program, that'd also make it reusable for other purposes07:40
Zaba_as it is now, the interactive bit is usually available but as a library which doesn't help as much as it could07:40
treachbudzigniew: IMO, people who write small applications in python isn't much better. :P07:40
Rotwangpeople writing in python07:40
Rotwangare all the same07:40
Zaba_well, python was at least designed as a programming language from the beginning, so that's reasonable07:41
budzigniewtreach: well, I didn't want to start the flamewar ;>07:41
Zaba_it didn't suddenly become a programming language with no design on its 25th birthday07:41
mernilwhy hasent the talk not being of me .. now when i was out in the kitchen? :-P07:41
Zaba_budzigniew, it's not a flamewar, there were no personal attacks yet :>07:41
treachbudzigniew: hah, well, I can agree with it being used for more advanced scripts etc, but it's a bad idea for application programming IMO07:41
budzigniewZaba_: It still can cause one ;)07:42
Zaba_budzigniew, I'm not really in a mood for that right now07:42
* Rotwang is going back to his uni07:42
budzigniewZaba_: for defending the idea of writing big apps in python?07:42
mernilRotwang: you were in the army? Like me then!07:42
Zaba_I'm not really a fan of python myself, frankly I hate it, but it makes sense ti write programs in it provided you know and like it07:42
mernilback in the days.. when i still were a man!07:43
budzigniewZaba_: well, I don't mind some small apps written in not bad python07:43
budzigniewbut this gajim e.g.07:44
mernilbest thing with the army was the good food! People dont realise how good food they serve!07:44
budzigniewah, whatever07:44
Zaba_I like programs the most when they're in good quality C or excellent quality perl07:44
mernilI think it has something with the moral, and keeping it up!07:44
Zaba_consider that my personality disorder :P07:44
budzigniewhah, perl is nice too07:45
mernilyou cant go into battle on a empty stomache!07:45
mernili know that for a fact, back in the days during my service in the naval forces.07:46
mernili know i may sound like an elite .. I AM, but im also like you, a linux buff! :-)07:48
mernilbut that doesnt stop me from saying im elite! :-D07:48
mernilsorry! i'm not.. i was a paramedic in the army. Not so cool i suppose.07:49
mernilnevertheless i have some funny historys from that time.07:50
mernillike when a guy came up an wanted to shoot on a pig .. of course out of order.. but funny07:51
mernilpigs has a man-like skin.07:53
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budzigniewin which package does mkisofs lie?08:04
treachbudzigniew: fsearch ftw08:05
budzigniewwell, looks like no package has it :/08:07
budzigniewmaybe ignoring footprints have something to do with it08:07
treachit shouldn't afaik.08:08
treachignore footprint is just during building08:08
budzigniewyeah, fsearch gtk works08:09
budzigniewbut mkisofs finds nothing08:10
treachprt-get fsearch \*isofs\*08:10
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budzigniewthere is growisofs, but in dvd package, as it would be dvd-only or something. Weird08:14
tilmancdrkit; /usr/bin/geniosimage08:14
budzigniewlooks good08:16
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budzigniewRotwang: avoid_getline_namespace_clashes.patch, won't it be the same as "sed -i s,getline(),x_getline(),g"?10:57
budzigniewbtw, about include_stdio.patch, if it's written in seeples (and it probably is if they're including <iostream>) then <cstdio> is more appropriate than stdio.h10:59
Rotwangad 1 isnt it the same as patch with substituted getline() to x_getline()?11:02
Rotwangad 2 probably11:02
budzigniewRotwang: well, I don't know why do you have to patches doing the same then ;)11:02
Rotwangand why should i use sed?11:03
Rotwangand not awk ie?11:03
budzigniewwhy awk? sed will do it's job11:03
Rotwangand awk wont?11:04
budzigniewand I think it's better than patching all of these, if the only thing you're doing is substituting getline with x_getline11:04
budzigniewwhy on earth do you want awk for that?11:04
Rotwangwhy on earth do you want sed for that?11:04
budzigniewfor it will do exactly the same as this patch in one line of 'code'11:04
Rotwangpatch is one line of code too11:05
budzigniew20 K/usr/ports/local/texlive/avoid_getline_namespace_clashes.patch11:05
budzigniewyeah, right11:05
Rotwangpatch -p1 -i ../something.patch ;F11:05
Rotwangbudzigniew: i think patch is better11:05
Rotwangmaintainers decision11:05
budzigniewwell, your choice11:05
Rotwangbudzigniew: youre free to make your own though [;11:14
budzigniewwell, I looked at Arch PKGBUILD and gentoo ebuild and they are surviving withouout such practics, so I guess there is something we don't know11:15
Rotwangbudzigniew: if in arch PKGBUILD maintainer would use rm -rf /11:16
Rotwangyou also would complain how bad i am not doing the same?11:16
budzigniewI handled this getline() shit in ratpoison by `sed -i 's/#ifndef HAVE_GETLINE/#if 0/' src/history.c`11:17
budzigniewRotwang: no, but I think there is a better way of getting rid of this getline shit11:17
budzigniewlook at this sed line, stupid, eh?11:17
budzigniewIt should be possible to pass -DHAVE_GETLINE to the compiler11:17
budzigniewbut I didn't know how11:17
Rotwangwhats the fscking difference?11:18
budzigniewand why is this patch named bad_bad_bad?11:18
Rotwangbecause its ugly11:18
budzigniewI'm thinking about avoidin being ugly11:18
Rotwangyou do not need to use this port11:18
Rotwangyou may also mail me a better solution11:19
Rotwangor make your own port11:19
budzigniewI'm not blaming you11:19
budzigniewI'm just looking for some pretty way11:19
Rotwangi doesnt really care, it does its job11:20
budzigniewI see11:21
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Rotwangbudzigniew: there are other things that needs more focus than that issue11:23
budzigniewin example?11:23
budzigniewwell, if I had serious problem in life I wouldn't care about texlive port ;)11:24
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mernillhi all!11:35
Rotwanghi mernil11:35
mernillis it possible for for me to add a youtube video i like?'11:36
budzigniewRotwang: gosh, how big is this whole texlive distribution?11:37
mernillfor  you to see.. it rocks11:37
Rotwangfor you11:37
Rotwangbudzigniew: its huge11:37
jseEverything but the kitchen sink...11:37
mernillRotwang: btw hi there!11:37
Rotwangbudzigniew: i stripped it down by half11:38
mernilli like ist so much.. cant you see between you eyes... i wnt t show it!  and it a 70 video!11:39
mernilltilman: :-)11:40
mernilloki i hope no one minds.. you dont have to watch it!
mernillkick ass blues in my mind!11:42
mernilllock at that milf..11:43
mernillwhere are the ladies? I need someone who can c carre my .. forget it :-P11:46
budzigniewRotwang: geez11:47
budzigniewis it worth it? only the binaries are over 270 MB11:47
budzigniewRotwang: got pkgsize?11:47
budzigniewtetex is discontinued afaik11:49
jsebudzigniew: yep, it's been unmaintained for a number of years now.11:49
budzigniewfrom 2006 iirc11:49
Rotwangyes, hence the bug11:50
tilmanRotwang: did you finish porting texlive?11:51
Rotwangtilman: sure, port is ready and works11:51
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tilman :D11:52
Rotwangthx [;11:52
Rotwangi have recently invented a way how to get a better job11:57
Rotwangjust spam my future employers with my cvs and cover letters ;D11:57
Rotwangi need to write simple crawler that will crawl in search of email addresses ;D11:58
Rotwangmaybe at last i will be able to afford better car11:58
mernillRotwang: where do you job?11:58
Rotwangone that doesn burn while drive11:58
mernillpersonally you seem like an asshole11:59
Rotwangmernill: in real estate valuation bureau11:59
Rotwangmernill: thank you very much11:59
Rotwangmernill: you seem like mentally unstable asshole11:59
mernillwhat the hell is that anyway?12:00
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*** mernill was kicked by tilman (tilman)12:00
budzigniewone does not simply walk into #crux12:00
tilmanlots of people simply walk into #crux12:01
jsebudzigniew: he's been here before. Same result.12:01
tilmannot sure i want to hear more of his bullshit though12:01
tilmanhis rant this morning would have been reason enough to kick his ass :x12:01
jaegerwon't see me complain, he was a dick12:01
budzigniewjse: he's been here like twice today, trolling also. Is he some seasoned disease?12:01
jsebudzigniew: he had been here a year ago too, also got the big boot back then for stupid behavior.12:02
teK_mernil rocks :p12:02
jseSome just can't get enough attention. ;)12:02
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tilmanjue: hey. that new gcc works nicely so far here12:14
jueyeah, looks good for me too12:15
jueI'd suggest to do the update, objections?12:18
budzignieware there neat new features?12:18
budzigniews,there,there any,12:19
jueno, it's a pure bugfix release12:19
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juetilman: ?12:26
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: xfsprogs: update to 3.0.512:28
jseHaha. Checked through the channel's log, that mernil is a hoot.12:29
jseAbsolutely no filter between the brain and the mouth.12:30
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budzigniewjse: probably there's even no connection12:32
tilmanjue: nope, go ahead12:33
jsebudzigniew: lots of udp packets buzzing and arriving in no particular order. :p12:34
juetilman: ok12:34
budzigniewjse: ;)12:35
tilmanwhat kind of audio codec is usually used with mp4?12:44
treachdoes anyone know a tool like "indent" that works with latex sources?12:53
tilmanw t f12:54
treachtilman: what? It's not that fun to try to fix it manually..12:55
tilmani don't get what you're trying to indent... or why12:56
treach\begin {center}12:58
treach\begin{minipage}[t]{14 cm} \footnotesize12:58
treach\end {center}12:58
treachstuff like that looks really ugly after a while12:58
tilmanoh, sorry12:58
treachno need to apolgize.13:01
tilmani was thinking of plain \section{this} *lotsoftext* \para{that} *moretext*13:01
treachah, well, that's not quite so messy. :>13:02
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: bash: update to 4.0.3513:15
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