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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Revert "xfsprogs: update to 3.0.5"05:29
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: xfsprogs: new source url05:29
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: gcc: update to 4.4.205:29
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nipuLanyone using virtualbox on amd64 here?06:48
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budzigniewhm, has anyone ever used any highly-OOP language, Java, C# etc?06:58
namenlosjava, here06:59
nipuLeverything except c#06:59
budzigniewhmm. How would you compare Vala to this languages? Is it rather like "Hey, at least it's not seeples!" or is it almost complete OOP language?07:01
budzigniew if you're not familiar07:01
nipuLjust another c-like oop07:04
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budzigniewbut how can you compare it to this "real" oop, like in java and c#? How much ersatz is that?07:06
nipuLit all depends what you want out of your "real" oop07:07
budzigniewwell, I'm just curious. Is it rather like "Oh lawd, I has OOP as a C preprocessor!" or does it really look like a real OOP language?07:08
tilmanit looks like a real oop language07:08
nipuLbesides, all the cool kids do functional programming these days07:08
budzigniewyeah, haskell and stuff07:09
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povikplease help, i have installed CRUX on i486 notebook, where is'nt configured good time.07:34
nipuLcrux won't run on a 48607:35
povikwhen i set it with date and reboot, date is same as before07:35
poviknipuL: yes, but i586 iso works (magic?) :D07:36
budzigniewcoicidence ;)07:36
nipuL  exit 107:36
poviknipuL: haha :D07:38
povikbut thanks :D07:38
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nipuLugh lame, it appears virtualbox needs vt/svm extensions to just run a 64bit guest, even if this host is 64bit09:20
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hazelIs there a way of knowing when you have to rebuild something?10:14
jaegerDepends on what you have to rebuild, I guess. if you're seeing missing symbols or something, that would be one sign10:16
jaegeror segfaults, perhaps10:16
jaegerhard to say10:16
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hazelWell twice now something broke and I fixed it by rebuilding but I had to guess.10:19
hazelIt would be nice to be told before something breaks10:23
jaegerIf it's a linking problem the 'revdep' program from the 'prt-utils' port will tell you10:26
hazelThat's like revdep in Gentoo, right?10:30
jaegerrevdep-rebuild in gentoo but yes10:33
hazelGreat! I'll install it. Then I can run it as part of my monthly update.10:33
hazelThanks jaeger.10:33
jaegerthere are some other useful things in prt-utils, have a look at the rest10:33
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* rehabdoll just ordered a sheevaplug14:48
rehabdollexpect a port of crux to arm soon :>14:48
treachwhere did you get that?14:49
rehabdoll$51 shipping though14:49
rehabdolllucky me, the dollar is basically free :)14:49
rehabdollended up at just over 1000:-14:49
tilman1000 sek?14:50
rehabdolli have no idea what im going to do with it though14:52
treachtoo bad it just has one ethernet port. :/14:52
tilmanrehabdoll: HAHA :D14:52
Rotwangsilly question15:01
Rotwangdoes it make difference if i will burn bootable iso image to a cd or dvd?15:02
jaegeras long as your drive reads both, no15:03
jaegerboth support iso9660 filesystems and el torito15:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: lighttpd: 1.4.23 -> 1.4.2417:52
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jaegerAnyone have a working mirror for the fetchmail source? seems broken21:38
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jaegernever mind22:11
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