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nipuLguess he didn't look very hard00:01
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tilmanor he found it and was embarassed01:47
pitillogood morning02:06
tilmanmorning pitiillo02:06
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jkramerDoes anyone else have problems with rdesktop killing X?08:30
jaegerhrmm, not so far. I use it fairly regularly08:38
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jkramerI can run it without arguments, which prints a help text, but when I want to connect somewhere it crashes X :(08:45
jkramerIt worked fine when I tried it a few weeks ago, so I think some of the X updates must have broken it08:45
Zaba_is it possible to somehow tell prt-get to fetch all the files needed for building a port?08:45
Zaba_so then I can later tell it to build and it won't refetch things08:45
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jkramerrdesktop didn't have an update since some time 200808:46
jkramerIs there an alternativ to rdesktop? :(08:47
jaegernone that I'm aware of, at least not for RDP08:48
jaegeryou could install vnc or something but it's not the same, obviously08:48
jaegerZaba_: pkgmk -do or prt-get --margs="-do" I think (from memory, check the man page)08:51
Zaba_ok, thanks08:52
* jaeger fires up the laptop to update it08:53
Zaba_I wonder how long it will take for my laptop to update gcc.08:54
jaegermine's pretty out of date, should be a while for me, heh08:54
Zaba_well, my laptop's a pIII08:54
Zaba_everything takes a while on it :>08:54
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jaegerah :)08:57
jaegerdual core amd64 here, so at least it's pretty reasonable08:57
Zaba_my workstation's running gentoo and it's a single-core old amd64 from hell^w200508:58
Zaba_I'll let the lappy have a break between compiling glib & bash and compiling gcc, I guess08:59
Zaba_I don't want to set things alight just yet.08:59
jaegerI've got a gentoo server sitting in my office while I work on it, heh... it's a 1U rack server and quite loud08:59
jaegeryou could set up distcc between the 2 machines to speed things up, perhaps09:00
Zaba_speed isn't a problem, I'm rather patient09:00
jaegerfair enough09:00
Zaba_what is the problem is that the lappy operates on >70 degrees celsius when compiling, its fan desperately trying to cool things down..09:00
RotwangZaba_: put it out the window09:02
Rotwangmight help09:02
Zaba_Rotwang, I don't feel that good about that, the reason being, I'm on the ground floor09:03
jaegerbuild packages in a CRUX chroot on your gentoo workstation and copy them over?09:03
Zaba_yeah, I might consider something like that in the future09:04
Rotwangi sometimes use cooling fan for my ps209:04
jaegerI used to build CRUX ISOs in a chroot on an ubuntu machine09:05
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jkramerAh, it was a problem with my WM of course09:06
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sepenthats awsome
Rotwangsepen: yours? ;D10:01
sepenI whish I have this one10:01
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Zabamy laptop is 80 degrees celsius10:43
ZabaI should've build my system with pcc!10:56
sepenteK_, ping10:56
Zabaactually I wonder, how does pcc compare to gcc.11:00
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Zaba_wow, gcc compile finished.14:09
Zaba_in 5 hours14:09
Zaba_hm, I wonder whether I should put it in cold water so it cools down14:10
jsePoor laptop.14:13
Zaba_ok, 50 degrees now, I guess cold water can wait14:13
Rotwangget some liquid nitrous14:14
Zaba_jse, I have no better use for it, its battery is dead and it's not that I have many use cases for a mobile system..14:14
Zaba_at least now I know how long it takes to compile gcc with a pIII and an ancient PATA drive14:14
Zaba_slightly more than 5 hours it is... not that bad14:15
* treach ponders torturing the ancient celeron 2.1 in the basement with a full blown suse/kde install. :D14:18
jaegerput oracle on it as well14:18
treachhah, *that* would probably be to push it. :p14:19
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