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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: bzr: updated to 2.0.106:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: virtualbox: updated to 3.0.1006:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-xf86-video-intel: updated to
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* Zaba ponders switching his laptop to daemontools or runit06:56
jseI tried runit in the beginning of '09. Couldn't get it to shutdown or reboot properly though. :p06:58
Zabayeah.. I wonder what shutdown/reboot/halt/poweroff one should use with daemontools/runit07:08
Zabasince they're normally provided by sysvinit07:08
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jseThat was what I thought at the time as well. The idea came from browsing through hvlinux and seeing their runit in place.07:13
jseAll in all it was a very interesting experiment. I would think you could even have daemontools straight up instead of runit due to the similarity and overlap in place.07:15
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thrice`    :D08:46
jse"we love free software" :D09:04
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jaegerheyo, jue09:27
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jkramerTrue nerds:
jkramer"Stop it already, I'm trying to play counterstrike here!"09:36
RedShiftholy crap09:40
RedShiftyou wouldn't have to ask me twice to stop playing counterstrike and start playing with those more interesting things09:40
joacimlike medieval total war?09:42
jkramerHere's the full gallery:
jkramerOr Zork II :)09:42
RedShiftto be honest they are not that pretty, I know alot more beautiful women09:44
RedShiftI'd continue playing CS09:44
jkramerFreak ;)09:44
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jkramerBut I don't like CS anyway09:45
jaegerwow, look at those big.... mousepads09:51
jaegerthose are some of the biggest mousepads I've ever seen09:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.1310:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: fltk2: update to r692110:24
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hduvazcan i mount my /home partition on crux, in dual boot?16:06
hduvazthanks, let me install16:07
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treachdepends a bit on how you mean, but generally yes, with a few caveats16:07
* treach wonders if irssi is a window into a goldfishbowl.16:08
jkramerI bet he'll come back soon... :)16:10
treachcrying, probably :>16:11
thrice`"but, treach said!!"16:12
treachirc is no substitute for a brain.16:13
treachyou may qoute me on that. :>16:13
treachlol [...] I've gradually cut down on my FOSS mailing list (and IRC) presence to almost zero, unable care anymore, and tired of fighting with the jerks populating them (with anyone who might agree with me always staying quiet under peer pressure) [...]16:15
treachyep, it's our favourite victim, tuomov16:15
jkramerOh, it's halloween16:22
jkramerGotta turn off the lights16:22
tilmantreach: the mythical silent majority? ;)16:25
treachyeah. :>16:26
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jseEveryone's after tuomov's lucky charms. :>16:50
* thrice` asks the stupid question, of who tuomov is16:50
jsethrice`: the opinionated author of ion and pwm.16:50
thrice`aah, ok :)16:51
treachaka, a paranoid complainer16:51
treachor, as he no doubt would refer to himself, a "misunderstood genious216:53
thrice`"Firefox 3.6 beta is an early release, so only download if you're comfortable running less than completely stable software."16:55
thrice`who is FF to call their stuff stable ?16:55
treachwell, depends on how you define stable. ;)16:56
treach"stable" as in does not crash, or "stable" as in "not changing" :>16:56
jseCan both options be ignored? :>16:57
treachwell, you could also define it as "a place to keep horses", but I doubt you'd like that in your computer. Not to mention it would have to be very small horses at that.16:58
jseMore like very temperamental and 'unstable' horses. :p16:59
thrice`mm, ".bundle"  strange16:59
Rotwangtreach: you are were funny person, sir17:00
Rotwanghave you thought about doing stand up? ;D17:00
treachno, I'm no good for that. :>17:00
Rotwangdont be shy [;17:01
Rotwangi think there is a market for software/computer stuff kind comedy17:02
jkramerYou should try to get a role in IT Crowd :)17:03
Rotwangit crowd ;D17:04
jkramerLike the goth guy behind the red door, they could discovery you behind another door :)17:05
jkramerOr you could be the next boss of Reynholm Industries when the Golden Child dies17:06
jkramer"I think I found your problem. See, this isn't actually a computer. It's a briefcase."17:07
tilman"do you want me to plug in your phone?"17:07
jkramerI love that show17:08
jkramerIIRC season 4 should start this winter17:08
tilmani haven't even watched season 3 eyt17:08
jkramerOr early next year, but I think there's going to be a christmas special or something like that17:09
* Rotwang is dling seasons 1&2 atm17:09
jkramertilman: You have to! "working outing" is the best episode ever :)17:09
jkramerEh, "work outing"17:09
thrice`i've never seen it at all, actually17:09
jkramer /o\17:10
tilmanthrice`: waiting for the US remake?17:10
jkramerOh noes17:10
jkramerI'm not sure if anyone here is from Germany, but the german versions of IT Crowd are extremely bad17:11
jkramerFirst they tried to remake it 1:1, same story, same dialogs, same script, but other actors and in german17:12
Rotwanggermans aren't very good with comedy in my opinion17:12
jkramerThat was an absolutely epic fail17:12
jkramerNow they started synchronizing the UK version, which is slightly better, but all the jokes got lost17:12
jkramerRotwang: ack17:12
treachRotwang: germans and entertainment as a whole rarely mix. :P17:14
tilmani have the same prejudice regarding polish people + comedy17:15
jkramerThey have TV? :)17:16
Rotwangwe have some good comedy movies17:16
treachtilman: I've never seen anything from poland, but you have to admit you guys have kind of an heavy image. :p17:16
Rotwangnot so good stand up artists tho17:16
treach"The sufferings of the young Werter" etc. :p17:17
tilmanjkramer: remember 'switch'? "radio polen. in farbe. und buuunt."17:17
jkramerActually there are some very good german comedians, but they never make it into mainstream/tv17:17
tilmaneastern bloc entertainment ;D17:17
jkramerFor example Olaf Schubert is (IMO) a very good, funny comedian with intelligent jokes17:18
Rotwang"sex misja" was very famous 20-30 years ago afaik17:18
treachwho needs parody, when you have Schauble? :p17:19
jkramerSchäuble feat. von der Leyen in "let's get rid of the internetz" :)17:20
jkramerI can't believe that this guy is going to be Finanzminister, btw17:21
jkramerEpic fail17:21
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treachROFL ->
jkramerThat somehow reminds me of the painted robbers18:13
jkramerI guess the did the robbery so they have money for real black masks :)18:14
treachjkramer: do you know what "Iowa" means? :p18:14
treachI've heard it should be read as "Idiots Out Walking Around" :p18:14
jkramerI hear many jokes about Iowa recently, what is wrong with that state?18:16
treachahem, not being a native, I guess it has something to do with it being mostly an agricultural state18:17
jkramerOr New Jersey? There are thousands of references that suggest that it's pretty crappy there, but I guess you have to be from NY or so to understand it18:18
jkramer :D18:24
jkramerq: why do the seagulls fly upside18:25
jkramerdown in new jersey?18:25
jkramera: because they can't find anything18:25
jkramerworth crapping on18:25
jkramerHrhrhr, those jokes are not bad18:25
treachlooks a lot like the stories we have about norwegians.18:27
joacimwhat stories do you have about norwegians? :p18:27
treachoh, come on, you know those stupid stories, they are a dime a dozen, and not very clever either18:28
joacimI've only heard jokes about swedes and danes :/18:29
treach"how do you sink a norwegian submarine?" "You dive down, knock on the hatch, and then the commander will open and say 'Morn, morn'"18:30
jse"wait, was I supposed to open that hatch? oops" :>18:31
tilmanlol, those norwegian idiots :D18:31
treach"How do you sink the same sub again?" "You dive down, and knock on the hatch, and then the commander opens, and says, 'you're not tricking us again!'"18:31
jkramerI now that joke, but with ostfriesen instead of norwegians I think18:31
jkramerI think I've never heard a joke about norwegians or swedes before18:32
treach,witz-6009.html :D18:34
jkramer23 pages :D18:34
jkramerHrm, I didn't know there was vodka that actually tastes good18:41
jkramerI thought it's just for getting drunk quickly :)18:41
jkramer :D18:43
tilman"infurd", heh18:54
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