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teK_tilman: yeah that's what it is. schwarz-geld.00:18
tilmanteK_: ... but the fact that the fdp guy got it wrong accidentally :D00:19
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teK_Freudsch'er I think.00:48
pitillogood morning01:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: airoscript: updated to 2.202:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: aircrack-ng: updated to 1.002:26
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thrice`tilman, I forgot they do lib64 too, suppose I should have started there06:24
RyoSlittle question: getting a core2duo soon, how do you use crux?07:00
RyoSnever paid attention, just noticed there are some 64bit users, but most use the normal install with 32bit kernel?07:01
RotwangRyoS: i suggest sticking to 32 bit crux07:01
Rotwangbut c64 works well tho07:02
RyoSwill there be anything special i need to pay attention? maybe i can read in some stuff before i run into troubles07:02
RotwangRyoS: why using crux on c2d should differ from using crux on any other?07:02
RyoSRotwang: i never trust my luck ;)07:04
Rotwangjust use sane CFLAGS and everything'll be ok07:04
RyoSwell then, everything should be fine with that i guess07:05
RyoSthen i can finally upgrade to 2.6 too :307:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: leafpad: Updated to 0.8.1708:31
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jkramerRyoS: I'm running CRUX on C2D, it works just fine12:14
jkramerMake sure you add export MAKEFLAGS="-j{2 or more}" to your pkgmk.conf so you use all cores12:15
jkramerAnd i think you have to build smp into your kernel, but I'm not sure about that12:15
jkramerThat's pretty much everything you need to know ;)12:15
Rotwangim using -j 3 with my 2 cores12:16
jkramerMaybe I should try that too, I'm currently using -j212:17
jkramerDo you know if SMP is required for utilizing both cores, or is it only for "real" cpus, not cores?12:17
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thrice`use smp12:19
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tadzikput in on your desk instead of your display13:29
jdolanPhenom X4 9950 2.6@3.2GHz, Asus Crosshair, Asus GTX 295, 4GB Corsair XMS2 cas-4.13:30
jdolani know, i kind of want to put it on the desk.13:30
jdolanit's so prrty.13:30
treachwhat's that case?13:30
jdolanthe CPU cooler is a Xigmatech Thor's Hammer with two CoolerMaster LED silent fans.13:31
jdolancase is a CoolerMaster HAF 932.13:31
tilmanThor's Hammer! epic :]13:31
jdolanhas a 9" fan and large window on the side that's not assembled in that pic.13:31
treachtilman: too bad he can never drop it now. :P13:31
jdolanin total the case has 3x 9" fans and 1x 5" fan.13:31
thrice`and, runs crux64 of course?13:32
treachlooks like you could fit looooots of harddrives though. ;)13:32
jdolanUbuntu and Win7.13:32
treachaha, that explains it.13:32
treachwin7 takes at least 5 drives alone :p13:32
* tilman used windows 7 today13:32
jdolanwhat, win7 = resource pig?13:32
jdolanhaha :)13:32
tilmani wasn't impressed13:32
jdolanreally?  so far i've liked it a lot, if you just use your PC as an appliance.13:33
tadzikjdolan: how much space does it take after plain installation?13:33
jdolani don't try to solve any problems on Windows, heh.13:33
jdolani turn it on, play video games, and turn it off.13:33
thrice`my GF downloaded it over the weekend, I think but I haven't tried it either13:33
treachsame soup, new recipe.13:33
jdolantadzik: no idea, i gave win7 and Ubuntu each 256GB, and i gave /home 500GB.13:33
tilmanjdolan: ah, i tried to do actual work on it :D13:33
tadzikjdolan: how about using df?13:33
jdolantilman: what a horrible idea ;)13:33
jdolantilman: it's far better than XP tho.13:34
tilmansomehow windows explorer doesn't have a menu bar anymore13:34
tadziknot a big deal13:34
jdolanmore stable, less prone to just up and breaking one day, more intuitive.13:34
tilmanwhich means i don't know how to make it show file extensions13:34
tadzikhaven't seen something really worse than experimental13:34
treachjdolan: I seriously disagree with that intuitive thing.13:34
tilmanand then the context menu didn't have a 'copy' item. only 'paste' and other crap13:34
thrice`they had to trim the fat13:35
thrice`copy, cut, paste, something had to go13:35
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treachvista and now w7 has been huge steps into usability confusion.13:35
tilmanalso, when you try to copy a filed 'foo' into a directory that already contains 'foo'13:35
tilmanwhat's with that huge dialog asking me whether i want to overwrite?13:35
tadzikthat's for you own good/suckurity/blah-blah13:36
tilmaneven better: when i copy both foo and bar, i get that craptastic dialog twice13:36
tilmanthough i assume i didn't see 'shut up and do it' button13:36
thrice`I can't comment much, as I've not tried yet13:36
thrice`i'm sure it'll be pushed at work eventually13:37
treachthrice`: not missing much. :>13:37
jdolani've had no trouble picking up on Win7's UX.13:37
treachthe good is better smp, memory management and handling of widescreens.13:37
jdolani think they've rethought things and made it more streamlined.13:37
jdolani think people might have to un-learn some of the less-efficient usability patterns that previous versions all had.13:38
jdolanthat's all.13:38
treachthe bad is the idiotic maximize function and the general lack of usability.13:38
thrice`I still don't think the OS should make any decision on what "streamline" to me is13:38
tilmanuser experience?13:38
jdolananyway, i wasn't expecting to find w7 fans here ;)13:38
jdolantilman: yes13:38
tilmanjdolan: that 'shake' feature is fun (for 2 minutes)13:38
tilmanshake un-focused off the desktop13:39
jdolanas i said, i only use it to play one particular video game.13:39
jdolani don't attempt to do my daily work on it.13:39
tilmanthough i guess compiz was doing that 3 years ago ;)13:39
* treach really wants the retard that came up with the bright idea to maximize your window if you pull it to the top of the screen up against a wall13:39
jdolanif i did, i would probably hate it just as i've hated all it's predecessors.13:39
jaegerI like win7 pretty well, but then again I don't have problems with vista either13:39
jaegermaybe I'm unusual13:39
thrice`I've never used vista either13:39
tilmani did. if you count 'boot it and shut it down' as using13:40
jdolan7 feels a bit lighter and, again, more streamlined than Vista.13:40
jdolanas far as the UI goes.13:40
thrice`well, I have for about 10 minutes, when my aunt had a virus or something13:40
jaegerI had some odd issues with 32bit vista but I've been running 64bit vista home premium on my main desktop and it works great13:40
jaegerjdolan: my only complaint so far is that the panel is huge :)13:40
tilmanthrice`: i recommend AntiVir :D13:40
treachjaeger: that can be fixed13:40
thrice`you can't resize the panel?13:40
treach"use small icons"13:40
thrice`how fucking retarded is that13:41
jaegerI'm sure it can, I haven't tried yet since I don't run it at home13:41
tilmanjaeger: huge? i thought it was much smaller than in previous OSs13:41
jaegerI just think it's impressive that the only complaint I have is an aesthetic one13:41
jdolanbtw this is the game i've been playing on w7:
jaegertilman: it's twice as big as vista's13:41
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treachjaeger: ok, just thought you maybe hadn't found it in the mess :>13:41
jdolanthat entire video, yes even the clouds, are realtime.13:41
tilmanmaybe we aren't thinking of the same panel13:41
tilmani think i'm referring to the task bar/tray area13:42
jaegerjdolan: looks pretty nice13:42
jaegertilman: the bar across the bottom with your tasks and whatnot13:42
tilmanwhat pissed me off immensely is that current visual crapstudio still doesn't support c9913:42
tilmanjaeger: maybe my coworker configured it to be smaller or something13:42
jaegertreach: I was running the RC at work but haven't bought it for home yet since I no longer have a job13:43
jdolanjaeger: you should get it and we can fly together :>13:43
jaegertilman: could be13:43
jdolanbeware, tho, i've upgraded my entire system for the game.13:43
jdolanit's really addictive.13:43
treachjaeger: aw, schucks. sad to hear. :(13:43
tilmanjaeger: crap. sorry man :|13:43
jaegerjdolan: is it free? :) that's about my priceline right now, hehe13:43
jdolanah, hehe.  no.  it's $40 and comes with 4 flyables.  additional aircraft run $8/ea.13:44
jaegertilman: <-- ok, so "twice as big" is an exaggeration, but somewhat bigger13:45
jaegerjdolan: might revisit it later when I have a new job13:45
thrice`don't come to michigan, I think we're over 15% unemployment this month13:46
jaegerI heard an interview on NPR recently about how bad it is in Michigan =/13:46
tilmani like the name Action Center13:46
treachwell, they are a marketing company after all. :>13:47
thrice`jaeger, well, it's mostly in Detroit (obviously), so the numbers are a little skewed.  but, regardless, i'd be f'ed to lose my job, I think13:47
tilmanjaeger: looks about as large as mine. well, i hardly saw vista in action :D13:48
treachhasta la vista, we never knew ya anyway. :>13:48
thrice`win7: more basics13:49
treachthe basics!13:49
treachronny approved. :p13:49
thrice`arnuld endorsed :D13:50
jaegertilman: I can take a screenshot of my vista desktop if you want to see it but it's probably 60% of the size, I estimate13:51
tilmannah, don't bother. i'll just believe you :P13:51
jaegerhehe, ok13:51
tilmanwonder whether we'll ever have lcd-optimized font rendering in a default freetype build :x13:52
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tilmanvista's/windows 7's font rendering is seriously much nicer than what i'm seeing on my linux systems ;)13:53
thrice`don't some patch freetype as a result?13:54
tilmanenabling the lcd filter stuff in freetype helps make qt look ziomg-nice13:55
tilmanbut not gtk. iirc.13:55
thrice`oh, who cares about that13:56
thrice`I'm surprised a gnome-shop like fedora hasn't pushed for it13:57
tilmanpatent crap13:57
tilmanor maybe-patent-omg-we-MIGHT_get-sued13:57
treachconsidering they are a US company they probably would.14:00
treachI have a hard time seeing some ambulance chaser passing up on such an oppertunity.14:01
tilmanambulance chaser?14:01
thrice`sued from MS?  are good-looking fonts their patent or so?14:01
tilmanms or apple, don't remember14:02
treachessentially a lawyer chasing abulances in case they get an oppertunity to offer their services at the scene. :>14:02
treachheck, look at SCO, they didn't even *need* a case. :|14:03
treachit's taken years and costed god knows how much, and they never had a case to begin with.14:03
joacimI believe it is apple that have the patent for nice font rendering14:04
treachevery one has a patent on that.14:04
treachapple has some, ms have some, I bet even Xerox has some. :/14:04
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rehabdollhas anyone experienced any issues with adobe flash as of late?16:12
jkramerJust the occosianal freeze-firefox-and-eat-99%-cpu problems, nothing serious :)16:14
rehabdollk.. i have some issues on both x86 and x86_6416:15
rehabdollie, mouseklicks not working etc16:16
jkramerWell, sometimes I have to click twice, the first time to give it focus or something, but usually it "works"16:18
rehabdollyoure on 2.6?16:19
Rotwangrehabdoll: besides jkramers issues everythings normal16:20
Rotwangon x86_64 here16:20
jkramerYup, 2.616:21
jkramerBut I had the same problems with all previous versions, nothing new16:21
rehabdollwierd since its on two different boxen16:23
thrice`seems just as crappy here lately as ever :)16:34
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rehabdolla recent example is
thrice`sorry for not responding, but i've been playing that game for the last 5 minutes :D16:53
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straw(belated) grats to 2.6 :]16:56
thrice`hi straw16:56
strawhey thrice`16:57
rehabdollnevermind, seems to be related to my firefox profile16:57
strawthrice`: there's something that I always wanted to ask you.. did you choose your nick in regard to the band?16:58
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thrice`straw, yep :)17:15
strawAh, cool!17:16
strawEven if they changed drastically17:16
thrice`a few years back, when I couldn't think of anything else I suppose.  too lazy to change it to anything else17:16
strawnah, it's a good one :>17:16
jkramerWe could help you find a new one :)17:16
thrice`yes, I recently listened to their last CD, and it kind of grew on me :)  not too bad17:16
jkramerSometime ago I was too lazy to think of good nicks, so I started generating them with pwgen :)17:18
jkramerWorked great, but I kept forgetting them17:19
straw$(pwgen 20 1) would be a weird nick ;]17:19
jkramerWith digits, of course17:20
jkramerreezohboroophakahdaa :D17:20
jkramerThe problem with good nicks is that they're already taken at at least one service you use :(17:20
strawthe cruel, cruel internet :>17:21
strawthat wouldn't happen with SILC! ;p17:21
jkramerStress Induced Leakage Current? :)17:22
jkramerOh, thrice` is on tour17:24
thrice`yep :)17:27
thrice`did you listen to their latest?17:27
thrice`"beggars" or something17:27
* straw nods17:28
* straw has them all17:28
jkramerI listened to them a few years ago, I think it was the ambulance album17:28
jkramerBut I got older and now I prefer slower, less-screaming hardcore :)17:29
strawwhich was still quite different from their music nowadays17:29
strawexactly :]17:29
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jkramerOne of my favorites nowadays17:30
jkramerWisdom in Chains, Have Heart, Dead Hearts, bands like that17:31
Anilupusjkramer, nice one, I like your style :P17:31
jkramerWisdom in Chains is currently my favorite though17:33
jkramerEvery single track is just genious (except for that whiny love song hidden track on one album)17:33
jkramer - this one rocks too17:36
jkramerGotta sleep now, see you tomorrow or so17:36
jkramerGood night17:36
AnilupusGoodnight mate :)17:36
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rehabdollhere's hoping for an invasion18:07
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nipuLI for one welcome our chinese babe overlords19:36
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nipuLsweet,just got a new tv, it has pc input21:15
nipuL32" lcd sony bravia. almost got a 42" plasma, but glad i didnt now21:18
jaegerI like to hook up my 37" westinghouse to the computer sometimes, pretty fun to game in 1080p over DVI or HDMI21:19
jaegerI get a kick out of playing old snes or psx games emulated on it for some weird reason21:20
nipuLive got the file server hooked up to it now21:20
nipuLfor movies and such21:20
nipuLfits nicely behind it, but it's kinda noisy21:20
nipuLif i have anything left over after car rego, i might invest in a better case21:21
nipuLthat or a 1st gen ps3 so i can home brew it21:22
nipuLanyhoo, back to playing GH5 rather than doing my assignment21:24
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acruxhi all23:54

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