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pitillogood morning01:08
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pitillotilman: can dejavu fonts be added to xorg repo instead of let them in contrib?03:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: mjpegtools: fix for glibc 2.1005:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: opera: 10.00 -> 10.0105:19
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abursukI have a great problem with CRUX instalation07:30
abursukcan you help me?07:30
tadzikit depends.07:30
tadzikYou will have to tell me the problem first07:30
Rotwangabursuk: dont ask to ask07:30
abursukok, at first, sory for my poor English :)07:31
Rotwangtadzik: you didnt run post install script , regarding texlive07:31
tadzikyeah, I know07:31
Rotwangtadzik: so, now it works, I hope [;07:31
abursukafter installation, during boot kernel, i recive a mesage about kernel panic, Not syncing VFS: unable to mount root fs07:32
tadzikRotwang: yep ;)07:32
rehabdollmissing drivers in your kernel07:32
Rotwangtadzik: good {:07:33
abursuki am sure, that i make my kernel with support of reiserfs, vfs, SCIS07:33
rehabdollmake sure you have the right ide/sata drivers compiled in and filesystem druvers07:33
tadzikRotwang: and it's quite a Fun :)07:33
rehabdolland make sure they are not modules07:33
abursukyes, they are not modules07:33
rehabdolland you pass the right root to the kernel during boot?07:34
abursukand i put write /dev/sda in lilo conf07:34
abursukrehabdoll, wait a minute pls, i go to vocabulary )07:35
rehabdollheh. just make sure you have the right root=/dev/xxx in your lilo.conf07:35
abursukhm, as i know in lilo is not like in grub, so if root drive is sda2, so i have to write sda2 in lilo.conf(in grub i have to write sda1), am i right?07:37
tadzikwhat is this -1 in grub you are talking about?07:38
Zabaabursuk, no.  The root= kernel parameter is the same for all bootloaders.07:38
Zabathe reason being, it's passed to the kernel.07:38
abursukso if in fdisk my "/" is on the /dev/sda2, i need to write root=/dev/sda2 in lilo.conf07:39
abursukam i right?07:39
Zaba's right07:40
* straw nods07:40
tadzikI need a more dumb editor07:42
abursukthat was i wrote. i will show you my lilo.conf07:42
tadzikpasting some piece of code to vim makes it indent it all way long, and the indent goes bigger, bigger, bigger, every line07:42
strawtadzik: :set paste07:42
strawbefore pasing ;p07:43
abursuk        label=CRUX07:43
abursuk        root=/dev/sda207:43
abursuk        read-only07:43
tadzikstraw: and if I'm pasting with shift+insert, not with the vim paste?07:43
abursuki have CRUX6407:43
rehabdollplease use a pastebin07:43
tadzikabursuk: see the topic please07:43
abursukok, i'm sory07:43
rehabdollanyway, your lilo.conf looks sane07:44
strawtadzik: uhm, I only get this problem with vim paste07:44
abursuki'll do that next time!07:44
abursukI can understand what is lba32? maybe i need write something else for x86_64?07:45
rehabdollplease post your kernel .config somewhere07:45
strawtadzik: but if it's actualling programming code, you can indent it by typing gg=G07:45
abursukrehabdoll > ok, wait a minute07:45
tadzikstraw: probably set smartindent is too smart for me07:46
tadziklooks like I don't know my vimrc too well07:46
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* Rotwang uses stock vimrc07:56
strawhow painful ;p07:59
tadzikone man's pain is another man's pleasure08:01
tadzikalthough it sounds funny for some reason08:02
strawI suggest 'ed' then :]08:02
strawwhich is pain beyond imagination for me :p08:03
tadzikah, this one08:03
tadzikcan be easily implementen in some sh08:03
tadzikwhile read; do echo "?"; done;08:03
strawit's a bit different08:04
tadzikbut it's not perfect, it should catch ^C too08:04
strawyou can even navigate, but you have to specify the position and so on08:04
tadzikand ^D08:04
tadzikoh come on ;)08:04
tadzikthere is this "typical ed session"08:05
strawEmacs has been replaced by a shell script which 1) Generates a syslog message at level LOG_EMERG; 2) reduces the user's disk quota by 100K; and 3) RUNS ED!!!!!!08:06
abursukthanks for evryone, and good bye!08:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: transcode: 1.1.2 -> 1.1.508:09
strawrehabdoll: you helped him in a query, I guess? :]08:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: iasl: updated to 2009101309:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: ode: fixed md5sum09:32
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tilmanpitillo: you would like to add dejagnu to contrib? or would you like me to add it to xorg?10:41
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pitillohello tilman, is it in contrib atm, I asked if you can add it in xorg11:15
pitillos/is it/it is11:15
pitillos/if you can/if can you11:16
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jkramerWizard needs food, badly. :(12:42
jkramerNom nom nom12:56
rehabdollawesome. the google chromium tarball is almost 800mb12:57
jkramerIs there finally a linux release?12:57
tilmanrehabdoll: so it's google-os? ;)12:58
tadzikrehabdoll: binary is smaller12:58
tadzikthere is even port in my tree12:58
rehabdolltadzik: i should hope so12:58
Zabayeah, compiled executable is just 49MB12:58
tadzikTotal kilobytes for chromium : 4323612:58
tadzikrehabdoll: ↑12:59
rehabdolloh? didnt find it with prtdb12:59
jkramerIsn't google OS the SuSE linux with Chrome pre-installed?12:59
tadzikrehabdoll: contrib-admin does not answer mails12:59
rehabdollwhere is it then?12:59
tilmanbleh. who's the contrib admin?12:59
tadzikchromium is a bit old there though13:00
tadzikbut it's changing the $version case13:00
Rotwangwasnt it nipuL?13:00
rehabdolllatest $version 30832 fyi13:05
jkramerOh noes, it depends on gconf13:05
tadzikit changes like every few minutes, but will update13:05
Rotwanggconf :c13:06
rehabdolltadzik: lots of horrible locale-files in your port fyi13:06
tadzikoh, right13:06
jkramerAnd gconf depends on everything :(13:07
rehabdollyeah, gconf is a dealbreaker13:08
jkramerI never understood what gconf is good for anyway13:09
jkramerAFAIK it's some kind of windows registry for linux?13:09
RyoSi just wanted to say that :)13:10
jkramerSomeone should code a dropin replacement for gconf with no dependencies that uses an .rc file for everything :)13:11
rehabdollsounds like a good idea </irony>13:11
Zabawell, I run chromium with libgconf replaced by an empty C file compiled into a .so file13:11
Zabaworks fine13:11
Zabait's only used for proxy settings in a desktop environments, and I don't run those13:12
jkramerZaba: Can you make a port for that C file and call it gconf? :)13:12
Zabaah, I don't actually compile chromium with that13:12
Rotwangand lets put it to opt [;13:12
ZabaI run precompiled ones from google13:12
tilmanin most cases that won't work13:12
Zabawith LD_PRELOAD13:12
tadziksounds awesome13:12
Zabayeah, in most cases it'd break horribly :> But with a prayer, chromium doesn't13:12
tilmanit might only work if $app uses dlopen + dlsym13:12
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tilman... and if it handles dlsym failures gracefully o_O13:12
Zabatilman, nah.  It works as long as the app doesn't try to access the symbols from the .so file in question13:13
Zabawhen it does, splat13:13
ZabaI just run chromium in conditions when it never tries to use gconf, or so it seems13:13
Rotwangive got a solution13:14
Rotwanguse firefox13:14
Zabaactually, chromium _only_ uses gconf in _one_ source file and one header---should be pretty easy to patch it13:14
tilmanZaba: the linker will always want to make sure that all referencesd symbols are resolved13:14
Zabatilman, I wouldn't know.13:14
Zabaoh well, wait, actually, it was probably compiled with a proper gconf in place13:15
tilmanit would work if the gconf-code (gconf-using code) is in a plugin13:15
tilmanwhich only gets loaded .... whenever13:15
Zabaat google's compile farm somewhere13:15
Zabaas I've mentioned, I use precompiled one13:15
tilmanwhether the code is _called_ isn't the point13:15
tadzikbsdtar -p -o -C /home/pkgmk/work/chromium/src -xf /home/pkgmk/distfiles/chrome-linux.zip13:15
tadzikchrome-linux/ Write request too large13:15
Zaba => ./ (0x00007fa175548000)13:16
Zabalrwxrwxrwx 1 zaba zaba 14 2009-10-13 15:51 -> ../libempty.so13:16
jkramerThat's it, not chrome for me :(13:19
jkramerIt started with the empty c file compiled as .so, but failed at something completely different without a reason13:20
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tadzikrehabdoll: chromium updated in the ports, if you care13:29
jkramerWoah, one glass of that effect stuff makes my heart pump lie a diesel engine13:29
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rehabdolllooks like the ext4-fuckfest was fixed in the latest rc \o/14:06
thrice`which, kernel?14:07
rehabdoll-rc6 is the new and improved one14:07
thrice`ah.  for some reason, I thought the ext4 issues were in fsck / e2fsprogs14:07
* tadzik sees no issue with ext414:07
rehabdollyeah, its stable in .3114:08
rehabdollor.. well, "stable" :D14:08
thrice`"I'm seeing ext4 corruption on a daily basis though."  well, that's where I'd be changing14:09
thrice`my ext4 failure came on or so14:09
rehabdollrandom failure or with a crash?14:12
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thrice`it was with a crash.  resuming from suspend, and the KMS switch didn't go so well, and the kernel panic'd14:13
thrice`did a hard-reboot, and fsck choked14:14
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*** RedShift has quit IRC14:34 you know, i have problems with kernel panic - not syncing VFS: unable to mount root FS. Which mistakes can do that? at first - lilo.conf is right, but after /sbin/lilo i've got: /proc/misc : No entry for device-mapper found.   Second - kernel, kernel, and kernel again! I need put to my config options, which make support for: SATA drives, SCSI, and reiserf(wich i have on my root drive), and fo VFS. i've done it, but it has no resu14:35
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thrice`abursuk, the device-mapper error is OK14:39
thrice`that error means that your root partition cannot be mounted.  that can happen if a) the system can't understand the file system (be sure your root FS is in there statically, and not module), or b) it doesn't understand the partition (be sure you have the chipset for sata/ide stuff in statically as well)14:40
thrice`very small c) includes lilo.conf pointing incorrectly14:40
abursukhm, my friend few minutes ago said, that my problem can be because i have this option in my cconfig: CONFIG_ROOT_NFS=y14:42
abursukcan he be right?14:43
abursuk*support for my SATA scsi, fa is not like module they are in kernel*14:44
abursukok, i'll jast try it)14:44
abursukjust* ..14:44
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thrice`no, nfs shouldn't be involved14:50
tadzikit's so boring it's starting to be interestind15:26
jkramerIt's just boring15:26
jkramerHaste das mit dem Neurodermitis-Krams neulich mitgekriegt?15:27
jkramerDie haben da was "entwickelt" das supergut wirkt, worauf alle die Neurodermitis haben schon ewig warten15:27
jkramerStellt sich raus dass das eine Mischung aus Olivenöl oder so und noch irgendwelchem Krams ist das man für 2EUR im REWE kriegt, und die verkaufen das für 30EUR für 20ml oder sowas15:28
jkramerShit, wrong window :D15:28
* Rotwang google translates15:28
jkramerIt's about the pharma industry exploiting sick people, nothing new ;)15:29
Rotwangdamn ,google translate is useless in this case 8D15:30
tadzikgoogle translate is generally useless15:31
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* Rotwang just watched two first episodef of the it crowd16:26
Rotwangextra funny ;D16:26
thrice`I watched one, where the female takes over as their boss.  I think it's the first, or maybe it was just the pilot16:26
Rotwangyep, its the first one16:27
thrice`ok :)16:27
rehabdollawesome series16:28
rehabdollno heroics is also recommended16:29
thrice`oooooook, i'll start downloading16:29
Rotwang"I wonder why it didnt work..., yep, it's made in britain" :D16:29
rehabdolllove the new emergency number16:30
Rotwang"nice screensaver", "I love how the flames get on top of it"16:31
jkramerI'll just put it to the other burning things, so all the burning things are on one pile. :)16:34
jkramerFire exclamation mark fire16:35
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jkramerGood night16:54
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nipuLMEMORY IS RAM!17:32
thrice`Create a kernel maintained /dev tmpfs (EXPERIMENTAL) (DEVTMPFS) [N/y/?] (NEW)    wtf?17:32
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rehabdollyeah, stupid17:44
rehabdollhey all! lets re-implement devfs again!17:45
jaegerI'm guessing that only means the kernel will put /dev into a tmpfs, not maintain the devices17:46
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DaViruzi actually really liked devfs18:06
DaViruzi modified crux to use it for a long time before finally parting with it :P18:07
thrice`I switched to udev as soon as jaeger figured out how :)18:07
DaViruzi also like the naming conventions suggested by devfs.. :)18:12
strawI like me in control over my device files, so I'm all for udev ;]18:15
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nipuLudev is stupid18:37
nipuLove complicated rubbish18:37
nipuLlinux got burned with devfs because it was a bad implementation18:38
thrice`udev works incredibly well in my experience18:39
nipuLi'm nost saying ti doesn't work, i'm just saying it sucks18:39
joacimnipuL for president18:44
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rehabdolli never used devfs with crux19:00
rehabdollused static files from slackware instead19:01
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nipuLi'm all for bringing back the static /dev19:38
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