IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-11-04

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brndgood morning00:03
brndanyone here for a quick question? :s00:08
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tilmanbrnd: if it's really quick ;)00:12
brndguess so :P trying to get crux 2.6 on my root-server (no local access for me) but the rescue-disc i have is unable to handle the squashfs. so i tried to install 2.3, upgrade the kernel, boot into the system unsquash the files and then upgrading the 2.3 to 2.6. without any success for 2 days now. any suggestions?00:14
tilmanthere's a rescue system you can boot, right?00:15
tilmanyou can boot into that, mount -o loop the iso, and pkgadd -r /target the packages manually00:15
tilmandid you use crux before? ;)00:16
tilmanbasically you'd do the stuff /crux/bin/setup does manually00:16
brnd2.6.26y kernel (whatever that is, i guess a debian or a gentoo, since these are those provided by my hoster)00:16
brndoh yeah, but i am a bit rusty on this stuff ;D i played around with it two years ago00:16
brndwell, i have the unsquashed files on a partition right now and i edited the "setup"-script so that it works without any errors. the problems i have, is that it messes up my libs and stuff and i don't have a "revdep" for unknown reasons00:17
tilmanyou mounted the target filesystem in /somewhere and then run pkgadd -r /somewhere ?00:18
tilmandid you also mount the /usr-fs-to-be in /somewhere/usr etc?00:19
brndyep, i mounted all my partitions (/, /boot, /tmp, /usr, /var, /home) and got all in place00:19
tilmanwell, what does 'messes up my libs' mean then?00:20
brndthe problem is, that i can't install 2.6 directly through the rescue system, because i get a "FATAL! kernel to old" something00:20
tilmaninstalling 2.5 should work then :D00:21
brnduhm, when i try to recompile the kernel after the somewhat messy upgrade, it complains that some libs are missing. i pkgadd them from the 2.6 core-directory manually, the kernel compiles flawlessly but it won't boot.00:21
tilmanthe kernel doesn't tlink to any libs ;)00:22
brnduhm, yeah... :D don't forget, 2 years ago :P00:22
brndso, you say 2.5 should work?00:23
tilman2.5 shipped with an older kernel00:23
tilmanso presumably you won't get the "kernel too old" error00:23
brndwell, "work". i have to install 2.3 with the squashfs ( currently) beforehand, because the rescue-system doesn't have the squashfs. so i can not unsquash the files00:24
brndso i guess installing 2.5 won't solve my problem, right?00:24
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.6]: xorg-libxtst: depends on xorg-libxi.00:26
brndwhen i manage to install 2.5 on my box, is there a clean way to update it to 2.6?00:29
tilmanpretty clean at least00:31
brndand how should i do this? like this? <--00:32
brndbecause that method didn't work with 2.3 -> 2.600:32
tilmanupgrade only works from 2.x -> 2.x(x+1)00:32
tilmani'd boot into the rescue system to do the upgrade00:33
tilmani'm afraid of updating libc on a live system00:33
brndthe rescue system can not handle squashfs. how should i unpack the files?00:34
tilmanyou can do it on the live system...00:34
brndso this is the big point i am missing? how that (updating libc) on the live system?00:34
brndi guess my brutal hammer method wasn't that good then :)00:35
brndignore my typing. haven't slept the whole night because of this stuff ^^00:35
tilmangotta run to work00:35
tilmangoot luck00:35
brndhave a nice day, thanks for your suggestions :)00:36
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pitillogood morning01:26
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pitillotilman: I understand that adding that font to xorg isn't possible01:27
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fakerootIs there a problem with fontconfig or fonts? My CRUX doesnt seem to see fonts. F.e. urxvt and opera cannot load xft...02:00
fakerootFont paths are correct of corse.02:01
sepenfakeroot, did you execute post-install scripts?02:15
fakerootYou mean mkfontscale and mkfontdir? Yes.02:17
sepenI'm talking about 'runscripts yes' in prt-get.conf or --install-scripts option for the prt-get command every time you install/update a font's port02:18
fakerootsepen: No, I have runscripts disabled, but I'm doing this manually. Those scripts just run mkfontdir/mkfontscale.02:20
fakerootsepen: And of corse I remember to do it after update.02:21
fakeroot(btw it's me - f1y)02:21
fakerootSo it's weird I guess. Ah, and there is another question.02:23
sepenfakeroot, I experienced some similar issues in the past
sepenthat did the trick for me $ sudo prt-get update fontconfig; sudo rejmerge02:23
fakerootLol, I haven't /usr/lib/X11/fonts in fonts.conf02:25
fakerootsepen: Hell yeah, works fine now - thank you.02:26
fakerootI thought that maybe linker fucked up something. I used it with -Wl,--as-needed for a while.02:27
fakerootBtw wouldn't be wise to unify font paths for CRUX?02:27
sepenwell a rejmerge it's also a good practice ;D02:28
fakerootI mean f.e. x11-fonts-dejavu package, it installs fonts in /usr/share/fonts/dejavu, wouldn't be better if it would install them in /usr/lib/X11/fonts? And there might be name change too, xorg-font-dejavu, like other fonts.02:29
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pitillofakeroot: that's a question I asked yesterday to tilman, about adding that port to xorg repo (this will make that path fix) atm contrib port follow what you say. I will remake the port to see if I can add them to the propper path and I will add it to e17 repo02:38
fakerootpitillo: I duggest sth like that:
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pitillofakeroot: yeah, something like that, but my request yesterday was to put that port in xorg repo instead of keep it in contrib02:45
fakerootTrue. Would be better imo.02:45
pitilloimho too, I can't see an objection atm, may be tilman can tell something about this. Btw if it's not moved to xorg, I will duplicate in e17 repo too (I don't like the idea about duplicating ports, but may be one day e17 repo will be cleaned and will be a bit more stable, and I hope it can not depend on contrib)02:48
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fakerootAnd what about files in /usr/etc? F.e. irssi, dbus, gtk, pango put some confs there.03:13
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pitilloapps which aren't related to daemons/system? (not sure about dbus)03:30
sepenwell the one in the 'f1y' depends on: x11 which is not fine, x11 is not a port ATM03:45
pitilloyep, it can  be reviewed, but the point is to put them in the fonts directory, deps must be adjusted too03:47
sepenit should depend on xorg-mkfontdir and xorg-mkfontscale03:47
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sepenfakeroot, as pitillo said, /etc its only for system software like daemons, etc.
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sepennow joined won!04:31
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rehabdollawesome, my 1TB /home disk seems to have died10:38
rehabdollno worries, it was only 90% full10:38
rehabdollnothing lost there10:38
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rehabdollf u c k10:43
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tilmanaaaaah, hilighting terror ;)10:51
tilmanpitillo: i think dejavu can be added to xorg or opt10:51
rehabdollive tested different ports, controllers, cables10:55
rehabdollany more ideas? D;10:55
thrice`"use your backups?" :)10:56
rehabdollthis will actually be my first hd hardware failure10:56
rehabdolli guess ive been lucky10:57
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Rotwangi had hd hardware failure once, too11:04
Rotwangall my pr0n was lost :c11:04
jaegerI've got most of my important stuff on a 3ware raid now, lost stuff too many times11:04
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Rotwangdoes crux grub support ext4?11:14
tadzikI think so11:14
thrice`hm, I didn't think so11:15
tadzikaw, don't listen to me, I use another distro's grub11:15
Rotwangi use reiserfs like ... forever11:15
joacimI'm using ext411:15
tadzikmurderfs :>11:15
rehabdolli think ive posted a patch for ext4 on flyspray11:15
thrice`oh my, sorry11:16
Rotwangso does stock grub from 2.6 official iso support ext4?11:16
thrice`grub2 is out now, though?11:16
thrice`I saw 1.97 was released as final, anyway11:17
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rehabdolleven compiles on 64bit11:19
rehabdollutilizing witchcraft no doubt11:19
thrice`without anything 32-bit installed?11:19
thrice`ok.  witchcraft sounds good then :)11:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libgphoto2: update to 2.4.711:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gphoto2: update to 2.4.711:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: samhain: update to 2.6.011:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: lvm2: update to 2.02.5411:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.3911:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libpcre: update to 8.0011:33
tadzikwow wow11:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: [notify] jre: update to 1.6.0_1711:35
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tadzikis lvm2 used only for this multiple-hdd stuff?11:45
teK_managing less than two disks is quite boring11:47
thrice`it's used for lvm, too :)11:47
teK_lvm has some 'target' capabilities.. have a look into the kernel config file11:48
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* tilman is updating firefox finally11:52
tadzikI mean, if I can't just remove it and forget about it?11:53
thrice`I haven't opened FF in a week, because of the security risks11:53
thrice`just waiting until opt is up2date11:53
thrice`just kidding.  anyway, I've been using xmms2 solid for a couple days, and starting to like it quite a bit :)11:56
tilmancool :)11:56
tilmanugh, neighbour shrieking in the stairway11:57
thrice`though, probably not using it "properly."  just adding an album at a time, and playing :)11:57
tilmanthat's how i'm using it mostly11:58
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pitillotilman: anything to worri about to put those fonts in xorg?12:05
tilmani'll put them in opt12:10
thrice`can they be used outside of x?12:12
thrice`mm, guess that doesn't matter much12:12
tadzikthere are some xorg-font in opt12:12
tilmanmmh. where's vera?12:12
thrice`they really aren't an project12:12
pitilloperfect then tilman, thank you12:13
tilmanvera is in xorg/ hmpf.12:13
thrice`those are done by the xorg folks though, no?12:14
tilmanbitstream created vera12:14
tilmanthey were published through gnome12:14
joacimalread ylots of other applications in opt that require xorg, so adding a few fonts wont matter much, i think12:14
tilmanthe xorg ports are a mess12:15
thrice`yeah, I realized that shortly after typing it12:15
tilmanoriginally i intended to only use the xorg- prefix for projects12:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libjpeg: fixed source URL.12:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: firefox: updated to
*** Rotwang has joined #crux12:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: x11-fonts-dejavu: imported into opt.12:30
tilmanpitillo: dejavu's original maintainer (contrib) retired, right? ;)12:31
RotwangtilmanL i believe he is not active contrib member12:35
RotwangI've asked him if I can take xmms2 though ;D12:35
Rotwangand You told me I should ask him too ;D12:35
tilmani just took dejavu from him, on pitillo's suggestion12:36
tilmanlet's hope pitillo talked to rugek first :D12:36
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pitillotilman: I don't know if he retired or not, but if that port is moved to opt can be a problem for him? I can mail him and tell about to see if he has any problem about12:41
*** Zaba has joined #crux12:42
tilmanthat would be much appreciated :)12:42
tilmantell him i said hi12:42
pitillowithout problem tilman :)12:42
Rotwangpitillo: well, I think maintainer always should be consulted _before_ moving his port12:46
Rotwangon the other hand, rugek should send email regarding his inactivity12:46
pitilloRotwang: true, I did it backwards. Sorry about. I'm writting a mail to ask and tell about this.12:48
thrice`psh, font ports or boring12:48
jdolanhm, it's not valid to span multiple lines in /etc/hosts for a single list of aliases, is it?13:01
jdolaneven if you \ escape the newlines.13:02
tadzikhmm, any known script that shows deps of some package that are not needed by any other package?13:08
Rotwangtadzik: never heard of, but it should be doable in few lines13:12
tadzikyeah, I think so13:13
tadzikI'm just curious if it's done alredy13:13
Rotwangsth like for i in $(prt-get quickdep tmw);do if [[ ! $(prt-get dependent $i | grep -v tmw) ]]; then echo $i;fi;done13:17
jkrameri think I had one sometime ago13:17
Rotwangnothing depends on sdl_* ports except tmw ;x13:17
jkramerIsn't tmw the thing without chair throing freaks?13:18
Rotwangive forgotten about --all switch [;13:18
jkramerAh, right13:18
Rotwangjkramer: no, tibia is13:18
jkramerAlways wanted to check it out just because of the cool description :)13:18
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jkramerDo you guys play that?13:19
Rotwangi played it, but got bored :c13:19
jkramerBecause they removed the chair-throing? :)13:19
tadzikLibrary for writing single instance applications13:19
tadzikwhat the…13:20
Rotwangtadzik: ?13:20
Rotwangtadzik: yes, that may be usefull13:21
tadzikwhat a fancy description. I wait for the "library for writing applicationis"13:21
jkramerI could eat some strping rolls with peanut sauce now13:21
jkramerI think the "single instance" is the impotant part :)13:21
jkramerDamn I lag13:22
tadzikwhat's so weird about having a single instance? :/13:22
tadzikMy curiosity obliges me to take a look at this13:22
tadzikas I finish porting devhelp13:22
jkramerI think the same could be archieved with flock or similar13:22
jkramerOh, it's a gnome project :)13:23
jkramerExpains a lot13:23
jkramer"Unique aims to replace the BaconMessageConnection code that has been copied by many projects and the code using Bonobo and D-Bus."13:23
Rotwangtadzik: it is useful, so you start ./myapp --some_switch13:24
tadziksounds a bit funny13:24
jkramer"Features: [...] * fully documented "13:24
Rotwangand then if you do that second time13:24
Rotwang./myapp --some_other_switch13:24
Rotwangnew instance is not spawned but the option is passed to existing instance13:25
jkramertadzik: Like when you start firefox a second time and it opens another tab instead of a complete new instance13:25
Rotwangits just an example13:25
tadzikwell, that is something13:26
tadzikanyway, what's the CRUX policy against $PKG/usr/share/{icons,applications}, are they kept for DE users or removed as unneeded?13:27
jkramerCan't register a tmw account :(13:27
Rotwangtadzik: kept13:27
thrice`tadzik, yeah, keep 'em13:28
Rotwangtadzik: if someone doesnt want them he can add a hook to pkgadd.conf13:28
Rotwangim going to sound like a heretic heretic13:28
tadzikalright, thanks13:28
Rotwangbut im in favour of keeping language files as well ;D13:29
tadzikI'd stick to removing all but LC_ALL13:30
tadzikif someone wishes13:30
tadzikbut I don't insist, actually I only want wesnoth to keep'em ;)13:30
tadzikwhat are 'gconf schemas', anyone?13:30
thrice`schemas used by gconf13:31
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tilmanthrice`++ even13:32
tadzikdunno thing about gconf, I'm only annoyed at apps using it13:32
tadzikand wonder if they can be removed unpainfully13:32
thrice`well, I think they are the goodies gconf uses for configuration settings13:32
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tadzikRotwang, remember this script you posted?13:43
tadzikwhere was this --all supposed to go?13:44
Rotwangtadzik: it depends whether you want to scan your installed packages or whole ports tree13:44
tadzikdoes not work for zsh I guess13:46
tadzikbut works well in bash13:47
Rotwangtadzik: donno, use bash13:47
Rotwangbash -c '.....'13:47
tadzikI tried to put this as a function in .zshrc, but even bash -c does not work there I guess. I'll keep it as a shellscript13:48
tadzikah, needed to be in "". Nevermind ;)13:50
Rotwangor ''13:50
tadzikI'd like to have my $1's there13:51
tadzikahh, I'll keep it where it works13:51
jkramerWho can watch the full 7 minutes? :)14:03
Rotwangjkramer: haha, nice :D14:04
jkramerYou obviously didn't watch it completely or even to the first chorus :D14:05
Rotwangim watching it now14:05
Rotwangas they say in my country "rycie beretu"14:05
Rotwangok, i couldnt watch it for more than two minutes14:06
jkramerI think it's even worse when you understand german14:08
Rotwangi liked that girl and her pants :p14:09
Rotwangthats why i lasted whole 2 minutes14:09
jkramerI liked the police man with elf ears, claws, light sabre and jesus as police-daddy :D14:10
jkramerSicher? Mir haben sie 'n Extra-Key per Post geschickt14:11
aoni wonder if the guy replying 'Ja' had much trouble learning his line14:13
jkramerI think I couldn't have done it :)14:13
jkramerI would just be rofling all the time14:13
Rotwangyou'd get used to that after some time :D14:14
Rotwangbet bet thats how they made this clip14:14
Rotwang8 hours of preparation one hour making actual video14:15
aonthat was the best 7'04" of my life14:16
jkramerWhere "preparation" means non-stop "pappen"-essen :)14:17
tadziksounds really interesting I must say14:18
aonif you take speed and acid, is that referred to as 'rennpappe'? :)14:19
*** abursuk has quit IRC14:19
jkramerMaybe that's the hidden message of that clip14:21
jkramerspeed + acid is like sitting on scooter that doesn't move, talking to elf-cops14:21
aonalthough that's not a scooter14:22
jkramerI don't know, I just translated "motorroller" :)14:22
*** cjg has quit IRC14:23
*** thrice` has quit IRC14:23
aoni was thinking of "motorfahrrad" :)14:23
jkramerNah, that's something completely different :)14:23
jkramer :D14:23
jkramer vs
*** thrice` has joined #crux14:35
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tadzikhmm, any idea of some not-DE-dependant image viewer, preferably with raw files support?14:49
tadzikThis geeqie Makefile is so dumb I can't even still14:50
tadziks/still/sit still/14:50
Rotwangno idea if it supports what you want tho14:50
Rotwangpart of lxde project14:51
tadzikhmm, will take a look14:51
thrice`or, for cli, imagemagick's "display" can probably support everything14:51
rehabdollgpicview \o/14:52
thrice`I think gqview is a dead project :(14:53
thrice`geeqie is the fork someone made, iirc14:53
tilmanlatest released version works14:53
tadzikgqview is abandoned afaik. Geeqie is a fork of this, but I'm sick of it wanting to play with my real /usr. And gqview couldn't read raw files14:53
tadzikpornview, sounds good14:55
rehabdollooh, just found an old classic14:56
thrice`I'd look into that, but maybe our IT wouldn't like me searching "porn view" :)14:56
Rotwangrehabdoll: nice :D14:57
tadzikhmm, looks like gthumb can view raws, and is not gnome dependant14:57
tadzikI hate people writing "is an XXX for gnome", while the only gnome-related thing is gtk14:57
Rotwangrehabdoll: looks like great theme for a t-shirt ;D14:57
Rotwangtadzik: ?14:57
tadzikRotwang: gthumb description in ports, e.g.14:58
tadzik# Description: An Image Viewer and Browser for the GNOME Desktop14:58
tadzik# Depends on: libtiff libexif libjpeg libgphoto214:58
tadzikoh yeah, so GNOME14:58
tadziklet's see this gpicview though14:59
Rotwangtadzik: but uhm, its described as such on its main page :x14:59
thrice`hey, don't knock people for being lazy :)  copy/paste from the website :)14:59
Rotwangtadzik: ie, in lxde project every app can be used as standalone14:59
Rotwangbut it is still a part of lxde14:59
tadzikthat's good14:59
rehabdollyeah, i like lxde15:00
tadzikwell, I'll see this gthumb15:01
thrice`lxde has a pretty nice randr tool I used the other day :)15:02
thrice`ah, yeah - very nice :)15:02
jkramerrehabdoll: Nice paper :)15:03
jkramerI just don't really get it15:04
thrice`the basics joke?15:04
Rotwangjkramer: its an in-joke15:04
tilmandamn newfags15:04
jkramerAnd I'm not in? :(15:05
thrice`arnuld <315:05
tadzikwhat are those basics then? Removing with deps maybe ;)15:05
tilmanthrice`: actually ronny15:05
thrice`didn't arnuld preach it too?15:05
rehabdollno, that wasnt arnuld15:06
rehabdollthat was some german dude15:06
rehabdollyeah \o/15:06
thrice`oh..hmph.  i'm a newfagg too, I guess15:06
thrice`what was his nick?15:06
tilmanhe wasn't on irc15:06
rehabdolli just started using crux when that infamous post appeared on the ml15:06
thrice`just the blog?15:06
tilmanmailing list terror only15:06
tilmanhe doesn't blog either15:07
thrice` /close15:07
tilman /epicfail15:07
tadzikcan you point me to the archive? I want to laugh too :>15:07
Rotwangfollow this ;D15:07
Rotwang"WITHOUT LYNX, WITHOUT BASICS.... Sorry, makes no fun.  "15:08
tadzikI'll read from the beggining, looks like fun15:08
tilmanbettter link:
tadzikI like this one :D15:09
rehabdollSorry for the trouble, i like crux \( WITH BASICS SOFTWARE \).15:10
thrice`for some reason I thought it was arnuld who just ranted on and on about the complexity of every distro, except crux15:10
tadzikI find the way he escapes ('s… hilarous15:10
jkramerWhy is he escaping parens?15:10
tilmanthrice`: arnuld was a year later or something15:11
jkramerHe's probably send mail with BASIC echo \(foo\) | mail .. :)15:11
tadzikjkramer: he probably wanted to show how much of a shellscripter he is ;)15:11
tilmanor maybe he's just batshit insane15:11
Rotwangjkramer: if he did that bash would turn\( into (15:12
jkramerI think I'll have to subscribe to that list again :)15:12
thrice`I think I am off the list too15:12
Rotwangso he had to do sth like  echo \\\(foo\\\) | mail15:12
rehabdollit will hardly fill your inbox :)15:13
tilmanthe f in spamassassin is for fail, i'm sure15:13
jkramerI haven't used it personally, but from what I've seen it must be pure evil :)15:14
jkramerDuring my apprenticeship (?) my training supervisor forwarded all his outlook mail to a spamassassin instance on our devel server had the ham-mails forwarded back to a "ham-inbox"15:16
jkramerDon't ask me how he was doing it, but spamassassin killed our devel server on a regular base, preventing everone from working :)15:17
* tilman yawns15:17
tilmanafter reading that exciting story i'm really tired15:18
aonthe backlog being tl;dr, we should have some kind of esr of crux15:18
aonto gather the folklore15:18
aontoo long; didn't read15:18
tadzikI keep seeing it on some internet board I shouldn't mention…15:18
aonthat's where i got it from15:18
tilmangoddamn 4chan15:18
tadzikglad I now know15:18
strawit's not 4chan :>15:19
Rotwangits cruxchan!15:19
tilmanaon: esr summarizes irc logs ...?15:19
tilmanstraw: facebook?15:19
aonno, but gathers "hacker" folklore15:19
tilmanoh, i forgot your 2nd line15:19
tilmansrsly, zz15:19
strawgnight, tilman ;]15:20
jaegeror SA15:20
strawtilman: BTW, you can remove from the mirror list, fully takes over15:21
aonor in some extreme cases, gn815:21
strawThat's something I never really understood.. gn8? good neight? good nate? hmm?15:22
tadziki prefer g_nite()15:22
aon8 = acht in german15:22
aonso gnacht = gute nacht = good night15:23
strawoh, German.. I failed to recognize that since everyone seems to use it15:23
tadzikaw, I guess gthumb is for gnome15:23
aonthat's because everyone is german15:23
tadzikit has dozens of gnome-deps, they're just ommited in Pkgfile15:24
tadzikI'd stick to feh then ;)15:26
Rotwangtadzik: what about gpicview?15:26
tadzikRotwang: not displaying raw's not remembering zooming15:27
tadzikcrap. This geeqie would be good, but why is it messing with my /usr when given prefix :F I'd maybe post this to their ML15:29
thrice`you mean, you specify something outside of --prefix=/usr , but it doesn't work?15:31
tadzikI mean when I do make DESTDIR=$PKG install, it still checks my /usr/share/something and mkdir's and installs there its files15:32
strawtadzik: didn't you search for something with few deps?15:32
straw$ ldd $(which geeqie) | wc -l15:32
tadzikstraw: └─[%]─> grep Depends /usr/ports/local/geeqie/Pkgfile15:32
tadzik# Depends on: gtk libexif lcms15:32
tadziknot that bad for me15:33
thrice`yeah, I'd say most of those libraries are from xorg, no?15:33
tadzikthey are15:33
tadzikA good programmer is someone who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. - Doug Linder15:34
tadzik↑ nice15:34
Rotwangi always do that15:34
tadzikI don't thing I differ one-way streets15:35
Rotwangbecause who knows15:35
tadzikI'm not a driver, don't worry ;)15:35
Rotwangpolish roads are full of drunk drivers :D15:35
Rotwangim not one of them though15:35
rehabdollbut are polish roads full of these?:
tadzik"I'm not a driver", huh? :>15:35
tadzikrehabdoll: what the…15:37
tadzikthat's uhm, weird15:38
jkramer"fuck you internet" - that comment on youtube says it all :)15:38
rehabdollyeah, it left me speechless15:38
tadzikcheck this out:
tadzikoh, that mysterios 7'04" you mentioned, where is it…15:42
jkramerHere's another one from germany:
tadzikgot it15:43
jkramer ?15:43
Rotwangahh, it is first time when i regreat i doesnt know german ;D15:44
jkramerOh, and another classic:
*** jue has quit IRC15:50
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Rotwang<3 hamsters15:55
jkramerIs there a server with binary packages for pkg-get?16:15
Rotwangim not aware of such repository16:20
thrice`wtf o_O16:24
thrice`that pizza rolls video is terrible16:25
jkramerThere's also a version in normal speed without music, it's even worse16:25
jkramerYou hear the fat kid gasp and sweat while eating16:26
thrice`ok, the final countdown one is good :)16:29
jkramerHere's a really good one: :D16:31
jkramerPretty short too16:31
jkramerUsed it for the nerd millenium :)16:32
jkramerHere's a demo: :D16:33
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nipuLyay, more tex refunds!23:51

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