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pitillogood morning00:56
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brndgood morning01:29
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dziqI have problem with nvidia driver, I've installed nvidia and generate new xorg.conf03:24
dziqbut startx stops with error Failed to load module "nvidia" ...03:25
dziqok its working now03:29
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jkramerHrm, any ideas how I can set different wallpapers on both screens?03:57
jkramerCan I address specific screens with the DISPLAY variable?03:57
pitillojkramer: doesn't that depend on your wm?04:00
jkramerI don't think so, I use a wallpaper setting in .xinitrc before the wm is started04:01
jkramerfeh --bg-scale to be precise04:02
teK_* suggests that compiz supports setting different Wallpapers04:05
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jkramerFound this one:
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jkramernitrogen works fine, but you have to use the git version, 1.3 and 1.4 (there's a port from romster for 1.3) don't compile with our crux' libpng04:19
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abursukhello. i need help in installation CRUX x86_64. i could not compile my kerbel good, becuse during boot i recive kernel panic: could not mount my root fs. four day ago i start to install crux, and i try to decide my problem so many times, but it is hasno result. so, pls, can someone look at my config kernel..maybe i forget about some little option and have to f*ck my brain so many time useless...05:06
abursuksorry for my bad English, i'm from Ukraine )05:07
abursukand i cant copy my config to becuse it is very big05:08
tadzikdo you have proper fs support configured?05:10
tadzikusing ata/atapi driver or this scsi one?05:10
tadzikand are they built-in (not modules)?05:10
abursukfo all05:11
tadzikyou have both drivers built-in? atapi and scsi?05:12
abursukno atapi, sata, yes scsi and sata are both build-on05:12
tadzikso using sda or hda?05:12
tadzikcould you paste the exact error?05:13
abursukyes, wait a sec pls05:13
abursukKernel panic - Not Syncing VFS: Unable to mount root fs unknown-block(8,2). select right parameter for "root" option from list^ and many undiscrabeble symdols05:15
abursukVFS is built-on kernel too05:16
tadzikCould you show the grub/lilo config?05:16
tadzikand tell us what is the partition label (sdaX)05:17
abursukoh, i can show it, but i cant wtite basic parameter from my mind05:19
abursukand noapic, readonly etc05:20
tadzikis it grub or lilo?05:20
tadziklilo I guess05:20
abursukon my HD i have 3 partitions: sda1 - swap, sda2 - root(reiser), sda3 - /files(jfs)05:20
tadzikwell, I have no idea about it, but looks like the root=/ line is broken somehow05:21
tadzikthis worries me:  unknown-block(8,2)05:21
tadzikI mean, (0,2) ok, but 8? :F05:21
abursukyes, but yesterday i install archlinux, and grub, and try to make kernel, and have similar error05:22
abursukepic fail..05:22, if I may05:23
tadzikespecially epic05:23
tadzikwell, in grub it's hd(0,1) in this case, I don't know much about lilo05:24
abursukyes 0,105:24
tadzikI'm quite confused 'bout this (8,2)05:25 may be because i have flash drive and mp3 player in usb port?)05:26
abursukbut they are sdb and sdc..05:26
abursuknot sda05:26
tadzikI don't think that'd make any difference, but how about removing them for a while, just to be sure?05:27
abursukoke, i'll try that. sorry i've just finished to make my another one kernel, ant have to try boot)05:29
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abursukafter four days i've made it, i compile my kernel, and it booted well06:07
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jkramer"thanks for helping" :)06:15
strawof course he saw that tadzik was already away ;]06:16
jkramerOh, right :)06:17
jkramerAnd he followed him :)06:17
RyoS>abursuk [n=root@06:19
jkramerI probably booted with init=/usr/bin/irssi :)06:20
nipuLseriously, how can you be expected to pass a unit if the lecturer writes buggy code...twice06:53
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rehabdollnipuL: try pointing that out. im sure it would be appreciated :D07:57
rehabdolli set my user_name to root08:04
rehabdollgot all sorts of funny comments on how i was not supposed to irc as root. i was also g-lined from quite a few servers :p08:04
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strawSame question than last year.. 26c3.. who will be there?08:10
thrice`since I don't know what that is, I'll have to decline :)08:11
strawright ;]08:13
straw(I meant that:
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teK_straw: I plan to be there10:05
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strawoh, damn10:54
tilmanstraw: ask me again when they drealized that their data sucks. who the hell wants to go to a conference between christmas and new years? o_O10:55
tilmanrealized*. date*10:55
strawyea, that's true :(10:55
tilman+ i'm not a security geek, so ccc never appealed that much to me10:56
strawI'd like to refer to myself as security-aware, but not a geek either :]10:56
tilman... and traveling to berlin if only a fraction of the talks seems interesting... nah10:57
strawI get those points10:58
strawI'm living just around the corner though, and I think I'd even go there for the atmosphere only10:59
strawI take some pics for you ;]10:59
tilman\o/ ;)11:00
tilmani want you aand tek to waer your crux shirts ;) ;)11:00
strawtilman: tell me where to order one, and I will! ;]11:01
strawRotwang: yup11:01
tilmanno, 28th or so11:01
Rotwangwhat a retarded time11:01
Rotwang27th to 30th11:01
tilmanstraw: 26th can't be right. that's a holiday o____O11:01
straw26-30 or so11:01
Rotwangits 26th time held11:01
strawah, 27-31 for sure then11:01
tilmanconference on zweiter weihnachtsfeiertag o_O11:02
strawDecember 27th to 30th, 200911:02
teK_geekdom. hard.11:02
teK_tilman: I do have CRUX-buttons11:02
thrice`use CRUX! (\basics)\11:03
teK_of course11:04
tilmanteK_: you're in munich, right?11:04
teK_2h south north-east of it11:04
teK_austrian,czech,german border11:05
tilmanso close to cz?11:05
teK_quite, yes11:05
tadzikRemember remember, the 5th of november…11:05
thrice`not far from where I stayed :)11:06
tilmanmaybe in us-terms of 'far'11:06
teK_cozy place :-)11:06
thrice`with $2.50 / gallon gas, sure :)11:06
teK_we have had a quite stable gas price during the course of the last 5-6 weeks in germany11:07
teK_1,13Euro/liter (!)11:07
thrice`our rental car in Germany was retard-edly expensive11:08
tilman1.30 here11:08
teK_tilman: Diesel.11:08
thrice`about 4x what we pay in the states11:08
teK_thrice`: well we are not the fucking country of freedom11:09
tilmanteK_: ah ;)11:09
thrice`still, it was ~ 800euro for 6 days, with an "economy"11:09
teK_BMW M3? :>11:10
thrice`haha, no, ford focus or something11:10
strawwe poor, poor Super users ;p11:10
thrice`american car, obviously11:10
strawhmm, I need a CRUX shirt now11:15
strawor at least a good logo/design11:15
Rotwangstraw: ive got nice crux t-shirt11:16
strawdo you have a pic of it?11:16
Rotwangno :c11:16
Rotwangbut it looks awesome11:16
strawpics or I don't believe you! :P11:17
strawseriously, no cam?11:17
strawelse I'll just take the "CRUX" writing (white on black) and place the blue tux somewhere11:18
Rotwangnext time im putting this: on my t-shirt11:18
Rotwangstraw: ive got big ass blue tux in front with writting below: \(WITH *BASICS* SOFTWARE\)11:19
Rotwangits funny, because no one really gets what this t-shirt is about11:21
teK_I think sepen has some designs, too11:23
RotwangI <3 Pkgfile11:23
teK_I could ask a friend if he'd print some shirts for me (another friend of mine / crux-fan will come with me)11:23
teK_Rotwang: +1 :D11:23
strawCRUX - Sorry, makes no fun11:23
strawyea, let's find a nice design, teK_ ;]11:24
teK_the little pengiun on the left breast-side and I <3 Pkgfile on the back11:24
teK_does anyone have the penguin as .svg file? :-)11:25
strawCRUX - Requires lynx.11:25
teK_thrice`: tell me your Mailaddy and I will alias it on for you :>11:26
thrice`ha ha11:26
thrice`actually, I was searching for the old wallpapers we used to have on the page, but they've seemed to disappear11:26
thrice`haha, nice tilman .  primer was weird11:28
* straw nods11:28
strawlooks rather bad ;p11:33
Rotwangugly :c11:34
Rotwangit would be a good logo for "recycle linux" tho11:35
tilmanthe crux pengiun isn't the crux pengiun btw11:36
tilmanand i thought nobody really liked it11:36
tilmanwe talked about getting a cooler mascot some years ago11:36
rehabdollit looks retared11:37
* thrice` likes it11:37
rehabdollwhich is fitting for the distribution of _my_ choice11:37
tilmanskunk/raven/moose and some other critters were proposed iirc11:37
* teK_ likes the penguin, too11:37
Rotwang <- turkey vulture11:37
tilmanturkey vulture = fugly11:38
straw"projectile vomitting" :P11:38
* tilman vomits a projectile in straw's general direction11:38
strawI'd like a sweet little skunk :>11:38
strawor a sloth, that would be awesome11:39
strawthe guy in the background looks like the Godfather11:40
Rotwangi switch from vulture to ant eater
strawOk, agreed. ;]11:41
Rotwangjust think about, no other distro has ant eater as its logo11:41
Rotwangs/ut/ut it/11:42
tadzikgeez, what's that recycling logo? :D11:42
rehabdoll69 damnit!11:43
straw"CRUX - Hanging around since 2001" *imagines the sloth logo*11:43
rehabdollor is it only my mind that wanders in that direction?11:43
strawno, same here11:43
tadzikwow, how can man be so retarded to put some silly Fn in Ctrl's place in laptops?11:44
strawThinkpads have too, you get used to that11:45
tadzikyeah, I'm talking about lenovo's11:46
* straw nods11:46
Rotwangrehabdoll: dirty mind!11:47
Rotwangmy first thought was recycling11:47
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Rotwangmy third contestant:
Rotwangi have no idea what this is11:50
Rotwangbut its pure awesome11:51
tadzikgeez, for the first time in my life I fell completely confused because of gazilions of products available11:52
strawa catfish11:52
treachA crow, "Crax linux". (sorry, bad pun, probably takes a native to get..)11:52
tadzikCrox would be nic11:53
Rotwangstraw: noo11:53
tadzikand in the logo there will be a tux with gap between his teeth11:53
strawRotwang: not?11:53
strawtadzik: ;p11:53
Rotwangi thought abou crax as crux + slax livecd ;D11:54
tadzikalright, some laptop-making company which is nice. Or better – laptops you have which are nice. Anyone with a helpy hand?11:54
tadzikslax is horrible11:54
tadzikI've been using it for like few months every day, it's stability became legendar in my sorroundance11:55
treachRotwang: it's a really bad pun, in swedish ravens and crows are said to "kraxa" when they make noises.11:56
strawSeriously, is someone in here good with "GFXing"? A cool logo would be awesome.12:03
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brndgood evening12:12
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kallacan i run it from usb as a live system?12:15
Rotwangi think you can!12:17
Rotwangif you have img12:17
kallai got crux-2.6g.iso12:17
tadzik└─[%]─> glxinfo | grep direct12:26
tadzikError: glXCreateContext failed12:26
tadzikwhat can cause this, do you have an idea?12:26
treacha totally screwed up configuration of your prompt would explain the garbage, other than that no idea. ;)12:29
tadzikha ha :>12:29
tilmanxdpyinfo|grep -i glx12:29
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tadzik    GLX12:30
tadzik    NV-GLX12:30
tadzik    SGI-GLX12:30
tadziksorry for the paste, but 3 lines only ;]12:30
tilmannv, eh? it's probably nvidia's fault12:30
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brndis it wrong to install 2.5, change the /etc/ports/<rep>.conf to point to 2.6 and do a prt-get sysup? :)12:37
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treachbrnd: yes12:38
thrice`not wrong, but it sure is the long way12:38
treachwrong, as described12:39
tilmanand what the various inject_package/remove_package etc in
treachsomeone set him up the bomb?12:39
brndis there a howto anywhere? i don't know how to update my 2.5 to 2.6 "the clean" way.12:39
thrice`burn cd, boot cd, select "upgrade"  :)12:40
brndno local access for me :s12:40
thrice`(the handbook has an upgrade section)12:40
* Rotwang sent 2 job applications today \:D/12:40
brndyeah i know, but the upgrade section does not handle "remote boxes with old rescue discs" :s12:41
treachbrnd: there is a howto, someplace, for how to upgrade your toolchain via the ports. You should minimum read it before trying anything funny.12:41
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brnddeal, will do. do you have an idea where i can find it? :)12:41
treachit's somewhere in the wiki irc, nick wrote it.12:41
jseGet the 2.6 release iso, then mount it as a loop and get the packages off it.12:42
brndit's not like i am all whining because it's not working. i am tossing around isos and rescue-requests for nearly a week now :<12:42
treachnobody is calling you a whiner faict.12:43
thrice`we're trying to help :)  the wiki is pretty small, though, and can be browsed in ~30 seconds12:43
brndyeah, i read that. but i can't mount all the stuff and chroot into, because my rescue-discs kernel is too old.12:43
thrice`there's not much you can do; 2.6 needs at least a 2.6.26 kernel (udev)12:44
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thrice`so, if the host kernel is less than that, the upgrade will die12:44
jseThe point about mounting the iso through a loop is to access the packages. You can then upgrade them by issuing something like for i in *; do pkgadd -u $i; done12:45
brndthis is what i've done: installed 2.5 via rescue disc and got a new kernel ( this is what i can repeat all night long, the problem is to upgrade that to 2.6 without breaking it (again).12:45
jseIt's not a guaranteed way, although it has worked for me.12:45
brndupgrading the pkgs is enough?12:45
brndi have the packages unpacked in my /home12:46
jseThen you have to check for broken libs with revdep from prtutils and so forth.12:46
brndrevdep! its part of prtutils, k. now i know where to get that :D12:46
brndthanks! will try that tonight12:46
jseBefore revdep you should probably run rejmerge as well. There are some changes with files in /etc.12:47
brnduh yeah, rejmerge always complains about /etc/ is it save to upgrade that, since i can't look into it? :D12:49
jseI don't know for sure whether or not it's safe to blindly change.12:49
jseldconfig gets executed everytime you install or upgrade a port imho.12:50
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brndalright, thank you. will setup 2.5 then tonight and try it that way you suggested.12:50
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jseGood luck.12:52
brndthanks :)12:52
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*** Zaba_ is now known as Zaba12:54
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jseI probably would settle for a different distribution if I had to run a remote server that wasn't readily accessible.12:57
*** tadzik has quit IRC12:58
jseOf course crux is perfectly suitable for such use, however it is not exactly optimized from an installation perspective to such environments. :p12:58
treachwhat do you mean, isn't -fomg-optimize good enough for you? :p12:59
*** tadzik has joined #crux12:59
jsebut I want my USE flags! :(12:59
Rotwangi always update crux releases without dl'ing additional iso12:59
jseThat's how I upgrade my desktop every time a new release is out.13:00
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tadziksomeone was saying that it is possible to get used to this fn←→ctrl keys swapped?13:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: jdk: updated to 1.6.0_1713:51
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tilmandamnit j^213:58
j^2til you know you miss me :)13:59
tilmanj^2: i do! :D14:00
peleczek___i would like to install crux for the first time. i'm not totally linux newbie but also not very good at it. is there an option of X automatic installation? or do i have to do it from console.14:00
j^2peleczek___: try linuxfromscratch, or ubuntu first14:01
j^2peleczek___: crux might be a little frustrating :(14:01
peleczek___i know ubuntu, debian14:01
tadzikpeleczek___: if you are afraid of console, then CRUX is not for you14:01
tilmani think he runs ubuntu right now ;)14:01
tadzikfurthermore - this is ubuntu livecd :>14:01
Rotwangpeleczek___: go for it!14:02
peleczek___i'm not afraid of console - i use dwm as my primary window manager14:02
Rotwangcrux is for you then114:02
tadzikso why are you afraid of X installation? ;]14:02
Rotwangdont worry, everything will be ok14:02
jaegerYou could try it in a VM first and see what you think14:02
tilmanreassuring Rotwang is reassuring14:03
j^2jaeger: you and your logic!14:03
jaegerI know, crazy talk14:03
j^2that's a sooner for you :P14:03
tilmanwhen i was your age, i had to walk 20 miles to run stuff in a vm!14:03
peleczek___tadzik it's the first time installing x from scratch. my printer is dead. i just don't want to reboot computer every 2-3 minutes to load livecd for web browser14:04
tilmanthe crux handbook is available on the CD14:04
tadzikwhy would you want web browser in X?14:04
tadziklinks is fine, and links -g in framebuffer even shows images14:04
tilmanthen again, the crux handbook doesn't explain how to setup X14:04
peleczek___links :)14:04
peleczek___i was going to tell that i don't like links :)14:05
tilmani think chances are quite good that x will run OOTB, aren't they?14:05
peleczek___i tried few console web browserr and it was very frustrating14:06
Rotwangive got exhaust leakage i think :c14:06
* Rotwang is happy to be alive14:06
peleczek___ok i will try it anyway14:06
Rotwangthe question is14:07
Rotwangwhat should i add to my fuel to enhance it with stronger smell or colour14:07
Rotwangim serious14:07
tadzikmaybe sugar? :>14:08
tadzikWhy would you want a better taste of fuel?14:08
tilmanRotwang: you think your exhaust pipe has a leak and it's leaking *in* your car?14:08
tilmanor wtf are you talking about?14:08
Rotwangtilman: ive got smoke comming from engine into drivers cabin]14:08
tadzikor smell or colour, whatever14:09
Rotwangguys in ##cars told me it may be exhaust leakage14:09
tilmansounds dangerous14:09
Rotwangso i need to be sure wheather it is exhaust or not14:09
Rotwangtilman: but i look incredibly badass with smoke coming uot of windows ;D14:09
*** peleczek___ has quit IRC14:10
Rotwangbut srsly, i need to know how to change smell or colour of exhaustion gases14:10
tilman##cars probably knows better than #crux14:11
Rotwangtheyve told me to use seafoam14:11
Rotwangill try with it i guess :\14:12
*** peleczek__ has joined #crux14:13
thrice`seafoam into your throttle body?14:13
thrice`seafoam is a product that burns carbon debris, I don't think it'll help much14:14
Rotwangthrice`: it produces a lot of white smoke14:15
Rotwangso if it comes into my cabin, i know it is exhaust leak14:15
thrice`if you inject it directly into the throttle body while the engine is running, it will.  this is always a dangerous thing :)14:15
Rotwangthrice`: do you know any better solution?14:16
thrice`that process can damage your oxygen sensors, and also ruin your spark plugs14:16
Rotwangive got old diesel, what do i care? :c14:16
thrice`aah.  well, older cars will be more likely to have their O2 sensors killed in the process14:17
thrice`seafoam rips carbon from the intake, and as it's getting burned / flushed out, the O2 sensors can get destroyed if there is enough carbon14:17
thrice`eg, the car is much older14:17
tilmanRotwang: what kind of car? how old?14:18
Rotwangtilman: vw jetta 2, i think its about my age, 2314:19
thrice`I did "the seafoam treatment" just a couple months ago :)14:19
Rotwangthrice`: ohh ;]14:19
tilmanholy crap :D14:19
thrice`you remove the air intake-hose from your throttle-body, and dump sea-foam in while the engine is running.  you have to go extremely slow, or you'll hydro-lock the enginer :)14:19
thrice`though, as it burns, away, it does produce extremely white smoke for about 2 minutes14:20
strawI have a little problem. My C program filled up my /. No quotas set of course. 20b left. My program created a 540 MiB file which fills up the memory. It should on be like some bytes. Anyway.. what could I do without killing Xorg?14:21
straw'rm' isn't working anymore due to too few space left :P14:21
strawcan't even SIGKILL processes anymore14:22
treachRotwang and his suicidomobile. ;D14:23
treach"I love the smell of carbonmonoxoide in the morning"?14:24
strawuhm, ideas?14:24
Rotwangi need to go to mechanic, have no money atm though14:24
jsetreach: :D14:24
tilmantreach: followed by : *faint*14:24
treachindeed. :p14:24
Rotwanghehe [;14:24
jseSuicide Hotline turned Suicide Mobile Hotline, ask for Rotwang's special pricing.14:25
straw(I really could need some help here ;o)14:26
jseThat should not take you very long to get enough money to have a mechanic check what the problem really is.14:26
Rotwangstraw: youre pretty much fscked right now ;D14:26
Rotwangif you cant rm anything14:26
tilmanstraw: why doesn't killing stuffwork?14:26
strawyes, can't even surf anymore, in fact I can.. chat on IRC, open urxvt, close urxvt14:27
strawrm just hangs then14:27
Rotwangstraw: just stop coding viruses!14:27
strawI'd write them in VB! :p14:27
tilmanstraw: can you truncate the file to 0 or $few bytes?14:28
tilmanFile.truncate("/blah", 0)14:29
tilmanin ruby ;)14:29
tilmanman 2 truncate14:29
strawman pages aren't opening anymore :P14:29
tilmanif you still can compile stuff?14:29
straw/dev/sda3              9757248   9757248         0 100% /14:29
Rotwangstraw: or use shell     > file14:30
tilman#include <unistd.h> #include <sys/types.h> truncate("/crap", 0);14:30
Rotwangif your shell still works this should work too14:30
*** clare has joined #crux14:30
strawecho "a" > file.blubb14:31
strawthat just hangs14:31
straw(file.blubb is the 540 MiB file)14:31
Rotwang> file.blubb14:32
Rotwangthats bad14:32
strawand I fear rebooting since I have no rescue usb stick or anything here14:32
tilmanyou probably cannot log into anymore after rebooting14:33
strawyup, that's what I'm afraid of14:33
strawinit=/bin/sh should work?14:33
strawI'll just try it, (brb!) or (cya in some days!)14:35
tilmangood luck14:36
clarehello Crux.. trying again after flirting with other distros.14:37
tadzikwhat made you run away last time?14:37
clareI am still awayon thismachine, and never got past 2.4 on another. Lack of timeto reallyfix things...14:38
Rotwanghi clare14:38
clareHi Rotwang.14:38
strawhah, I didn't even reboot14:39
clareTrouble is, even when I get something that works n this machine, the packages are out of date,14:40
strawI used SYSRQ+e to kill all processes, logged in on the console and the file size was back to 0 byte14:40
Rotwangthe magick sysrq [;14:40
strawI love it :->14:41
tadziknever works for me, probably I'm not using it well14:41
strawyou need kernel support for it14:41
Rotwangleft alt + sysrq + e14:41
tadzikI'm trying [ctrl][shift][alt]+sysrq+[rk]14:41
Rotwangand kernel support yes14:41
tadzikI have kernel supporting14:41
Rotwangunder kernel hacking14:41
tadzikyep, I have it installed14:41
straw"left alt + print + e" works here14:42
tadziknever tried e14:43
tadzikand I really don't wanna try now ;)14:43
strawdo :P14:43
strawit throws you back on the console14:43
Rotwangskinny elephants is really great technique to harmless reboot you machine even when it hangs14:43
tadzikskinny elephants? :O14:44
Rotwangsysrq + r s e i u b14:44
tadzikhmm, I'll try, I have to reboot anyway14:44
tadzike you say…14:44
thrice`i have never used sysrq, and feel left out14:44
*** tadzik has quit IRC14:44
Rotwangremounts, sends sigterm, sigkill, and does some other stuff14:44
jaegerI love sysrq, though syseq + s u b is usually enough for me14:44
strawremounds read-only, right?14:45
tilmansync, umount, reboot14:45
strawtilman: I remember that one :>14:45
jaegerI occasionally have to remember not to compile syseq into my VM kernels14:45
jaegerer, sysrq14:45
strawcould people break out of it using sysrq?14:46
strawor would sysrq+e on a VM also kill all processes of the host?14:46
jaegerNo idea, I just don't find it as useful in VMs so far14:47
strawagreed :]14:48
tilmanstraw: how would that work? :>14:50
tilmanerr, it would work if the host also interpreted the key sequence of course ;D14:51
clareJaeger: what brand of VM? will anyone comment on virtualbox on WindowsXP?14:51
strawclare: works fine for me14:51
strawtilman: no idea :P14:51
clareI had trouble getting thewindow bigger than 800x60014:52
strawyou need that additional thingy14:52
jaegerI use VirtualBox at home, used vmware esxi at work when I had a job14:53
jaegerI like both of them quite well14:53
jaeger"guest additions"14:53
Rotwangjaeger: are you unemployed?14:53
Rotwanghighfive! ;D14:53
jaegeras of last friday, yes14:53
jaeger /highfive14:53
jaegerclare: once the guest additions are installed you should be able to do a lot more, resolution-wise14:54
jaegerI've got 3 VMs running right now on this machine, 2 CRUX and 1 Ubuntu14:56
thrice`2 crux!  awesome14:57
jaegerone for building ISOs and one for building gnome :)14:57
clarejaeger: Hmm, I may have not pressed the right buttons to get them installed.How will I know they are in?14:57
jaegerclare: when you press the button that says something like "install guest additions" what it does is mount the guest additions ISO to the VM, so from there you'd have to install them like an app14:57
jaegerwith a windows guest I imagine it'll pop up an autorun14:58
jaegerwith a linux guest you run something like VBoxAdditions-Linux-amd64.bin (this isn't the exact name, from memory)14:58
jaegerthrice`: also have a pfSense VM but it's off right now :)14:59
clarejaeger: thank you, It is not here but at work. However I have just got a machine big enough to do it here so will try here15:00
jaegernp, hope it helps :)15:01
jaegerIf you're configuring a linux guest, you'll need to edit or recreate your xorg.conf so the video driver in use is "vboxvideo"15:01
clarejaeger: My immediate problem with X is FATAL ...i910  but no sign of that in the Xorg log15:05
*** lennart has joined #crux15:15
jaegeri910 in a VM or a separate machine?15:16
thrice`jaeger, ah, interesting.  you getting into all of the *kit stuff for gnome?15:16
*** ulughbegh has joined #crux15:17
jaegerthrice`: not much of a choice anymore, some of it is required now. so that takes a long time to sort out and is low on my priority list at the moment, frankly15:17
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:19
*** jdolan has joined #crux15:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan15:20
clarejaeger: an ordinary machine, I have pasted the Xorg log number 89856 (do you need that last bit?)15:23
jaegerhrmm, yeah, I don't see anything that's useful15:24
jaegererrors for i810 and fbdev but not i91015:24
clareI am tempted to simply continue using crux 2.4. that is working well.15:25
jaegerwell, that's a possibility, certainly, but you'd have to keep up with your own updates15:26
clareI am using 2.6 ports in it and kernel
clareThe only reason to want to upgrade was that this laptop would not make new windows in evilwm; (I cheated a bit, made lots and moved them around)15:29
clarePresently using ArchLinuxin it which can do evilwm in a later version but browsers notup-to-date. BUT it can work the Caps Lock indicator15:32
*** tadzik has joined #crux15:32
jaegerIf things like caps lock aren't working you might just need to rebuild the input drivers15:33
clareeh? what do you mean rebuild?which drivers?15:33
jaegerthe xorg-xf86-input-* packages (in crux)15:33
jkramerUsually when the input drivers are broken, the keyboard doesn't work at all, not even ctrl+alt+fn. Happens to me with every xorg update, requires a hard reset :)15:33
jsekeyboard and mouse input.15:33
jaegerJust a guess, though15:34
clareThanks; THe problems with all alternative distros so far are serious and offputting,so I will TRY again.15:34
clareweekend coming- mytravel times are 4hrs 4 days a week which is a big chunk, and an hour each morning doing horseyards-  I get tired by nighttime <sigh>15:36
clarebye for now15:36
*** clare has quit IRC15:36
*** tadzik has quit IRC15:48
*** RedShift has quit IRC15:49
*** tadzik has joined #crux15:49
*** peleczek__ has quit IRC15:53
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:00
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:16
*** cjg has quit IRC16:17
*** tadzik has quit IRC16:18
thrice`psh, juuust when tilman pushes firefox . . .16:39
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:48
*** DarkNekros_ has joined #crux16:48
jkramerSweet - just found an unused 50G partition on sda16:54
treachsounds about as improbable as "finding" a beer in your pocket, but what do I know. :>16:55
jkramerMore like finding 10 bucks in a jacket that I wear the first time since last winter :)16:55
treachEspecially since it should be €'s, right? :p16:56
jkramerI think I wanted to run windows on that partition when I bought the new notebook, but never had the need :)16:56
treachWanted, or needed? ;)16:56
*** ulughbegh has quit IRC16:56
jkramerCan't "bucks" be any currency? :)16:57
jkramerHonestly, I don't remember :) It's about 1.75 years ago16:57
treachafaik, bucks would be slang for USD, but I migth be wrong.. wouldn't be the first time. :/16:57
jkramerIbucks [Am.] [sl.] {pl}16:58
jkramerKohle {f} [ugs.: Geld]16:58
jseIt probably could be any currency in principle, though you won't likely hear it outside US / Canada.16:58
jkramerSo, bucks => money :)16:58
jkramerActually I just wrote bucks because I was to lazy to translate (geld)schein16:59
treach"Kohle"? "Brennt im Tasche"? :>16:59
jkramerAnd it sounds more cool :)16:59
jkramerI think I'd prefer 10EUR over the 50G partition17:01
jkramerI have no idea what to do with it17:01
jseAt least one won't diminish due to inflation :>17:02
treachmount /dev/lost /lost+found :P17:02
jkramerDon't you think that disk space loses value faster than money?17:03
jkramerI mean, 1TB disks are available for <100EUR now17:03
*** abursuk has joined #crux17:03
jkramerWhile 20M disks were about 10k DM a "few" years ago ;)17:04
treachwell, 50G is 50G no matter how you look at it, and it's still a useable amount of space17:04
jkramerBut software, movies, games, ... get bigger, so the use of the space decreases17:05
abursukhello. i have error when try to pkgmk hal. it is footprint missmatch. when i use -if flag hal compile but doesnt start. have any idea?17:05
jkramerBut I guess CRUX users aren't affected of that as much as maybe mac or windows users17:06
treachmissing files or bonus files?  :>17:06
treachjkramer: indeed. :p17:06
thrice`abursuk, which mistmatch ?17:06
treachbut you can still install vista/7 on a 40 GB drive...17:06
treachgranted that you won't fit much else on it. P17:07
thrice`abursuk, which files are missing ?17:07
jkramertreach: I think I'd rather "lose" it again than having vista on it :)17:07
jkramerI wish I could add some of the GB to /17:07
abursukmissing two files: /usr/bin/hal-setup-keymap, /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/10Os../10-keymap.fdi17:08
treachjkramer: lvm :p17:08
jkramerI think it's a little too late for that *g*17:08
treachor maybe md linear, never played with that though.17:08
thrice`abursuk, ok, I think those aren't incredibly crucial, but come if you don't have... mm, I think perf  installed17:08
jkramerWhy is my / only 4G anyway?17:09
thrice`abursuk, after you add it (and the pre-and-post install scripts are ran), what's the error ?17:09
jkramerStupid jkramer17:09
treachwhy would you need more?17:09
* treach has 512M..17:09
jkramerDo you have /usr on an own partition?17:09
jkramerI don't :(17:10
treachI'm one of those old-fashioned types who do separate / /tmp /home /usr and /var.17:11
jkramerI usually have /var on a separate partition on servers where I, but not on my notebook17:11
jkramerBut on servers a 4G / without separate /usr is more than enough :)17:12
treach /usr is always in such a flux, so I want to keep it separate from the more "static" parts.17:13
jkramerI wonder where all the space is gone anyway. Can't believe the system is almost 4G17:15
*** dru1d_ has joined #crux17:19
*** sirmacik has quit IRC17:19
*** sirmacik has joined #crux17:19
*** abursuk has left #crux17:21
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:23
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan17:23
jkramerHrm, according to pkgsize my system should be only ~2.1G instead of almost 4G17:26
thrice` /usr/src/linux/  can be fat17:27
jkramerI know, that's why I don't keep it around :)17:31
*** dru1d has quit IRC17:31
jkramerI usually just unpack the tarball to /tmp :)17:31
thrice`oh, ok.  I always forget about it, and wonder why my / is 500mb larger than normal or w/e :)17:31
thrice`ah, I do it right in /home  so I don't forget to kill it later :)17:32
jkramerThat's why I put it in /tmp - after the next shutdown it's gone :) Plus compiling is much faster there17:32
jkramerOk, freed 350M - still way to much17:33
jdolanhm, is there a filesystem that will support large-ish partitions (500GB) that both Win7 and Linux can read/write well?17:35
thrice`what can win7 read outside of vfat and ntfs?17:36
jkramerI don't know how stable NTFS is nowadays, but I think they make progress17:37
jdolanhm, yea... i'm looking to make /home something i can mount in Win7, too.17:37
jdolanso i can play tunes when i'm in gaming mode, hehe.17:37
jkramerAnd there are ext3 drivers for Windows, but I don't know I stable it is :)17:37
brndthe moment of truth has come!17:38
treach *MEDICS!*17:39
jkramer(that was supposed to sound like an exploding server over in the netdirekt RZ :)17:39
brndit's rebooting to 2.5 i hope17:39
treachhah, I thought of an acrobat falling to the floor. :D17:39
brndhe's making fun of my unsuccessful update-attempts :<17:40
jkramerOr an acrobat falling on brnds server17:40
brndkinda like that17:40
thrice`I just ripped my first movie on 2.6.32, and definitely saw a nice improvement :)17:40
treachbrnd: Don't bother, I make fun of everyone and everything all the time. Nothing personal.17:40
jkramerHa, now I know what I'm going to do with that 50g partition17:40
thrice`did x-men origins (1:47 movie) in under 1 hour :D17:41
brnd*crosses fingers*17:41
jkramerI'll archive binary ports on that partition so my / is clean and I don't need to compile openoffice when I need it once a year or so17:41
brndi have a 2.5 up and running \o/ now the complicated part17:42
treachdid you ever look at the variables in pkgmk.conf? :p17:42
jkramertreach: Which one in particular? :)17:44
treachworking dir, package dir and "distfiles" dir17:44
jkramerI'm already saving backups of the #pkg.tar.gz's in /var, but /var is still on / :)17:44
treachtsk, tsk17:45
thrice`I don't keep any :(17:46
jkramerOr i could just move /usr to that partition17:46
jkramerYou should :)17:46
treachI usually make /var/ports and stuff the porttree there, and add /var/ports/{packages,distfiles}17:46
treachno way I want to keep that crap in /usr17:46
jkramerHappens to me all the time that I see that an upgraded port doesn't work and I want to downgrade17:46
jkramerThis way it's just an pkgadd away17:47
jkramerHmm, not a bad idea17:47
*** jtnl has quit IRC17:50
rehabdollwtf, why is 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda' so slow? 5mb/sec17:51
treachyou forgot bs=1M or something like that17:51
jkramerOr your /dev/zero is a link to a real 50G partition full or 0s17:52
jdolanrehabdoll: DMA?17:56
jdolanif you're in PIO mode..17:56
rehabdollyeah, sata17:56
jdolanotherwise, yea, you should probably get like 20-40MB/s.17:56
rehabdollbs=1M improbed it a bit17:56
rehabdolllol, new firefox again17:57
jseLotsa happy compiling to do in other words. :D18:02
*** treach has quit IRC18:02
rehabdolltilman will love it18:03
thrice`    pretty boring18:05
jdolanso.. would i be insane to make /home ntfs?18:06
jdolanntfs-3g claims to be very solid.18:06
jdolanand apparently my distro uses it.18:06
thrice`ntfs doesn't understand permissions, does it?18:06
jdolani believe it does, in some incarnation.18:06
jdolannot sure what the compatibility is in that regard.18:06
thrice`I don't think it will work18:07
jdolani mean, Wubi even runs the entire OS from ntfs-3g.18:07
jdolan(that's Ubuntu that runs within a bigarse Windows file)18:07
thrice`well, if ubuntu does it, surely it's stable18:08
jdolanbasically, i find that at home i'm spending 50% of my time in Linux and 50% in Win7.18:08
jdolanand it sucks to not have access to my music and documents in Windows.18:08
jseIn these cases it would be nicer to have a separate file server and use nfs or samba as needed.18:08
jdolanbut i don't have one, nor do i really want to :-/18:09
jseWhen it's on the same box, well, that's problematic and it's also an unresolved question for me.18:09
jdolanit'd just be one more device that could fail, and eats up electricity.18:09
rehabdolli spend about 1-2hrs a day in win7.. playing cod4 :p18:10
jdolansame here, a few hours a week playing Rise of Flight.18:10
jdolanthat's it.18:10
jdolanbut .. it'd be nice to be able to play music :-/18:10
jdolanor get at my tax returns and other things that live in /home.18:10
thrice`I dont' think ntfs will work, but go for it18:11
thrice`it can write, sure, but I don't think it does permissions well enough to have applications rely on it18:11
jdolanhm.  well, at the very least, i need to make my external drive accessible to both.18:11
jkramerHrm, "ports -u" fails when /usr/ports isn't there, even when it's not required18:11
jdolanok, back to win7 to format external drive as ntfs, lol.18:12
thrice`so many ex-devs, gone bad18:12
thrice`"I want to access ntfs stuff from ubuntu" :(18:12
brndagain, i need a drumroll and some crossed fingers :>18:13
* jse crosses fingers.18:13
jkramerAh, ports is just a shell script18:14
jsejkramer: moved /usr/ports to a different location or what's going on?18:14
jkramer /var/ports18:14
brndlooks bad :s18:15
jkramerHaahaa! :D18:15
thrice`did you rejmerge ?18:15
brndi don't get it18:15
brndi did18:15
jkramerEeek, 1:14am :(18:15
jkramerGotta sleep, good night18:16
brndrevdep hasn't found any broken libs/pkgs18:16
brndgood night18:16
brndinstall finished nicely18:16
brndi kept /etc/hosts.allow /etc/fstab /etc/rc.conf /etc/rc.d/net, upgraded sshd_config and some exim stuff.18:17
brndhello rescue-system18:17
brndis there anything like "whatever you do, DON'T DO THAT!"?18:18
thrice`hm, nope; setup takes care of new/changed packages18:19
thrice`rejmerge the new configs,18:19
thrice`libxcb had a nasty update in 2.5 -> 2.6, but mostly for graphical programs only18:19
brndi rejmerged my configs :s and on a server i wont need any graphical stuff :)18:20
rehabdollIntel has replicated the issue on 34nm SSDs (X25-M) and is working on a fix.18:21
rehabdollyay, progress18:21
brndit's usually a bad sign when "shutting down for system reboot" is the last entry in messages, right?18:22
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux18:22
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:25
brndhell, this is frustrating18:27
brnddo i need to compile the kernel again after revdep?18:32
brndrunning lilo? other simple things i might have not done?18:34
rehabdolli havent followed your problems18:35
rehabdollbut you only need to run lilo if youve changed the kernel18:35
brndwell, i guess i have to stick to 2.5 then.18:35
rehabdolloh, upgrading to 2.6?18:36
rehabdollwhats the issue?18:36
brndi don't know ^^18:36
rehabdollwhat happens?18:36
* rehabdoll reads the backlog18:36
brndi followed the instructions here:
brndbut my box isn't comming back up18:37
rehabdollwhere does it stop?18:37
brndno clue, it's a remote server :)18:37
brndbut after the reboot, no new messages in /var/log/messages appear, so i guess it's not booting18:37
rehabdollyou didnt rejmerge fstab, right? i did that once :o18:38
brndno, i did not rejmerge fstab :D18:38
brndi upgraded sshd_config, the exim configs (with access perms) skipped /etc/ (upgrading/keeping made no change), kept fstab, resolv.conf, rc.d/net rc.conf18:39
brndit's like "hey, you made everything that way it should be made, but i won't boot just to make you angry!"18:40
brndanyhow, i want to thank anyone who listened to my problems and made suggestions. it's highly appreciated :) i will try again tomorrow. good night :)18:55
*** brnd has quit IRC18:56
thrice`34/win 418:56
*** pitillo has quit IRC19:33
*** jse has quit IRC23:35

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