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pitillogood morning01:02
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: curl: update to 7.19.703:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: nfs-utils: update to 1.2.103:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: tmux: update to 1.103:48
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strawtilman: do you still work at pkgutils6?08:02
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treachif someone feels bored ->  :p12:01
tilmanomg, new firefox?12:08
treachI *really* wish some other browser could implement stuff like adblock, better privacy, noscript and cookie safe, as easily accessible as firefox. :/12:12
treachother plugins would be nice, but those are the essential ones to me.12:13
thrice`don't worry tilman, this one is reported "stable" in their changelog12:14
tilmanwhen you're done laughing you can volunteer to maintain firefox in crux12:15
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peleczek__hey all12:15
thrice`make pedja do it12:15
treachtilman: not laughing at you, just the thought that firefox actually would stay at any particular number for any prolonged amount of time, stable or not.12:17
peleczek__i'm gonna run crux for the first time. is there any howto or something except handbook?12:19
treachgoogle. :>12:20
jkramerThe handbook is all you need :)12:20
treachthere are some information/howtos in the wiki, but since there's very little in crux that is specific to it, google is usually all you need.12:21
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peleczek__ok :)12:21
* joacim haets distributions that require specific documentation12:30
joacimtreach: have you looked at privoxy?12:31
treachyes, it's messy.12:32
peleczek__booting to crux :)12:33
peleczek__is there any fast command to install links or irc client?12:33
treachman prt-get.12:34
peleczek__ok tnx12:34
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tilmantreach: that doesn't seem to install anything12:37
treachwhat what what?12:38
treachah, it installs a dosis of anti-spoonfeeding medicine.12:39
pedjathrice`: occasional FF update is the least I can do.I like crux, even if it drives me mad sometimes, but that's usually the case of PEBKAC ;)12:43
treachwell, if you're letting your armchair drive your computer, no wonder you get problems. :>12:44
pedjae.g vlc will not play ac3 or DVD at any cost12:45
pedjawhen I want o to actually watch a DVD, I play it from Ubuntu VM ;)12:48
rehabdollhow about mplayer?12:48
pedjaSometimes it works, sometimes it does not.12:49
treachlast time I tried xine was a better alternative for dvds.12:49
rehabdollpedja: what do you use in the ubuntu vm?12:51
pedjaIt seems that problem is libdvdnav, but I can't figure out what.12:51
pedjarehabdoll: vlc12:51
rehabdollcompiling xulrunner on an atom is no fun D;12:52
pedjaI used k9copy last weekend to convert DVD9 to DVD5 in Ubuntu.worked like a charm.12:53
thrice`i usually rip all of mine first to h26412:53
rehabdollhow does that work with different architectures?12:53
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treach_afaik_ that's no problem12:54
rehabdollseems to need cross compilers if thats the case12:55
treachhm, I thought that was just if you stepped outside the x86 realm..12:56
rehabdolldoesnt look like thats the case, unfortunatley12:58
treachyeah. dang.13:01
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thrice`  poor lenart13:05
thrice`lennart *13:05
joacimthe guy nobody likes?13:05
thrice`read the blog post - PA isn't broken, everyone else is :)13:06
treachespecially pöttering.13:06
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jkramerFeierabendbier, bis heut Nacht irgendwann13:43
pedjatilman: FS#514 :)13:46
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jaegerpedja: I got the DVD issue fixed with a patched version of liba52 I think... it's been a while since I messed with it, though13:55
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pedjatilman: np :)13:58
pedjajaeger: I tried that, but something is still wrong.13:59
pedjajaeger: Did you update your vlc port to 1.0.3 yet?I'd like to see someone make it properly :)14:02
pedjadeps for it are PITA14:02
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pedjawhen I get my new 500Gb sata disk, I might clean install 2.614:03
pedjathere is too much weird stuff going on atm14:03
pedjaor I just might install Ubuntu-9.10 64bit ;)14:04
jaegerpedja: I haven't updated it yet, it's on my list. Right now I'm job-hunting :)14:04
pedjagood luck14:04
pedjatough times, one of the major US companies is closing part of the production line in my city.14:06
pedjaseveral people that I know/went to school with work there.14:07
pedjabut, on the bright note, past december 19th, no more visas, which is awesome :)14:08
pedjaif local politicians don't fsck something up.14:08
jaegergood :)14:08
thrice`they will :)14:09
pedjai got an invite for a confererence in Washington DC, which I can not attend, it takes several months to get American visa.14:09
pedjathrice`: $deity help them if they do14:10
pedjabut EU (apart from Holland) is pushing for it, so I'm mildly confident that it will happen.14:11
pedjabeer in Prague...14:11
treachpedja: not "EU", "the political elite of the rest of europe"14:12
pedjaits been 20 years since the last time I drank beer there14:12
pedjatreach: I stand corrected :)14:12
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: xfce4-settings: updated to 4.6.314:13
treachEU, as in "If we don't get our way this time, we'll just hold another referendum". :>14:13
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pedjaI'll take european way of doing things over russian 'democracy' every day of the week14:15
treachheh, at least the russian way is more honest. :>14:15
pedjaRussian president was here few weeks back, it was...embarrassing...14:16
treachso was the pirate bay trial for anyone who cares about a non corrupted state.14:16
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pedjaq:is 'brown nosing' polite way of saying 'kissing major ass' ?14:17
treachnot so polite. ;)14:17
* Rotwang om noms a pizza14:18
treachif you need a stronger smell on your exhausts you should have taken a burrito. ;>14:19
Rotwangtreach: ive brought it home in my suicidmobil ;D14:20
thrice`careful while eating :)14:20
treachChallenging fate? :p14:20
pedjaRotwang: suicidmobil?are you driving Yugo or Lada, by any chance ;) ?14:21
Rotwangpedja: vw jetta 2 with leaking exhaustion gases14:22
treacha slight misunderstanding of how to implement an exhaust turbo. :>14:23
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pedjaawesome, awesome book, if you like horror14:28
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: xfce4-panel: updated to 4.6.214:37
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: xfce4-notes-plugin: updated to 1.7.115:41
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.6]: terminal: updated to 0.4.215:41
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NomiusAnyone using rdate to update the machine time?19:15
jaegerI usually use openntpd19:21
thrice`I've tried rdate only twice, and it just hangs for me19:22
jaegertried openrdate?19:22
thrice`only whatever core ships19:23
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NomiusWith openrdate I just get: rdate: Invalid cookie received, packet rejected19:26
jaegerhrmm, no idea there19:27
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NomiusIs it there a way to tell "prt-get sysup collection"?20:38
thrice`hm, not that I know of.  you could probably script the output of ports -d + grep core + cut + prt-get update20:40
NomiusBut I though there could be a handy way :-)20:40
thrice`once you are up-to-date, you can update individual repos, and then prt-get sysup20:41
thrice`"ports -u core" eg20:41
NomiusOh, it would be cool if I read the info then :-S20:41
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