IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-11-07

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juethrice`: use rdate in SNTP mode (-n), something like 'rdate -np' should work02:43
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RedShifthey tilman, are there prebuilt packages available from your xorg repo?06:46
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tilmanRedShift: yes, on the isos. otherwise, no :p07:18
RedShifthmm ok07:24
RedShifttilman: is it compiled with support for HAL?07:33
RedShiftdoes it auto config itself?07:36
treachRed Shift Linux comming up. "We build in support for *everything*" :p07:37
RedShiftnot exactly07:37
RedShiftbut I don't know much about X, for me it something that should just work07:37
tilmanhal schmal07:37
tadzikand \(BASIC\) software included!07:37
tadzikor how was it speleld07:38
RedShiftI'm building a media center around crux, that's why I need X07:38
jaegerRedShift: If you have hal/dbus installed (not sure if they need to be running) and rebuild xorg-server I think that's sufficient07:39
treachisn't hal getting deprecated anyway..?07:40
jaegerNo idea here, I can't keep up with how often the desktop stuff changes07:40
treachgreat, I was right according to wp.07:41
treachgoing out, just as X starts to "depend" on it. :p07:42
jaegerheh, figures07:42
jaegerthey can't make up their minds07:42
treachwonder how long we're going to carry that carcass around long after it's dead.07:43
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thrice`jue, yep, that's it!  I feel silly.  I tried to simply pass it to an ntp server, but just got timeouts too :)07:54
thrice`while hal is on its way out, I don't think it'll be replaced in xorg for at least a year.  I don't think they've even started07:58
tilmandon't think so either07:59
juethrice`: yeah, that's because without the -n option openrdate works like our old rdate utility in time-protocol mode (port 37/TCP). Nowadays most server provide only NTP on port 123/UDP.08:10
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Rotwangme is looking for a good forum app08:40
Rotwangnot phpbb08:41
tadzikI was quite satisfied with it08:41
Rotwangno php preferably08:41
tadzikI know this pain08:41
tadzikthen it will be plenty of lurking I guess08:41
Rotwangi like smf personally08:41
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jaegera friend of mine swears by punbb08:42
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jkramerWhat's the english word for the big flat noodles used for lasagne?09:58
jaeger"lasagne noodles"09:59
jkramerReally? :D09:59
jaegerI can't remember if they're named, to be honest :)10:00
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treachsaturday, #crux turns to ##food, apparently a subchannel to  #languages :>10:00
jkramerGoogle shows some good result for lasagna noodles, seems to make sense :)10:00
tilmani hate lasagna10:07
thrice`it's impossible to hate lasagna ;)10:07
treachlalalalasagna, lala-sagna!10:07
* treach puts on some weird al. :D10:07
jkramerHow can one hate lasagna?10:07
treachyou had a family member dying of cardiac arrest?10:08
jkramertreach: Can lasagna cause that?10:09
treach(as to why, not a question for tilman :o) )10:09
treachit should be a pretty good clogger, yeah10:09
tilmandunno, i just do10:09
jkramerBut it's just like spaghetti bolognese, with other noodles10:09
tilmanitalian cuisine <-> me10:10
tilmanjkramer: ... and disgusting sauce iirc10:10
treachahemm, there's that sauce thing too, made from cheese10:10
jkramerYou mean the white stuff on the top? I love it10:10
jkramerDon't know what it's called though10:10
tilmansee? cheese is disgusting10:10
tilmanunless put on pizza, then it's okayish10:11
thrice`I ate sooo much cheese while in Germany :D10:11
thrice`it was everywhere10:11
tilmanbecause you confused germany with france?10:11
treachthrice`: I think you're confusing it with sausage. :>10:11
jkramerOr netherlands10:11
jkramerOr at or ch :)10:11
tilman"i hear they love their fromage in germany, so i'll have lots of it"10:11
thrice`our breakfasts at the hotel were raw meats, bread, and various cheese10:11
tilmanraw meats... i think you mean sausages and cold cuts?10:12
jkramerSounds like a normal breakfast :)10:12
thrice`actually, both; but mainly cold cuts10:13
thrice`the un-cooked sausages were gross10:13
jkramerIt think the only really "raw" meat you can get for breakfast is mettwurst10:13
jkramerI love Mettwurst :)10:14
tilmancan 'sausage' refer to sausage-as-in-cold-cuts?10:14
tilmanor only to sausage-as-in-put-me-in-a-pan-and-fry-me?10:14
thrice`I'll see if I have some photos from the trip10:14
treachor sausage-as-put-me-on-a-cake?10:15
treachtilman: just kidding :p10:15
tilmancrazy-ass swedes10:15
* tilman hytter med naven10:15
jkramerI think sausages are just long meat-things in sausage-casing10:15
treachtilman: national sterotypes you know.10:15
treachgermans never eat anything but sausage and cabbage, and never drink anything but beer. :>10:16
jkramerHe, my subscription expired but I still have all the pro features \o/10:16
treachsorry if anyone took offense, not intended.10:17
Rotwangwurst mit brotchen!10:17
tilmantreach: lol, we didn't10:17
jkramercabbage kicks ass!10:17
treachespecially if's semi-rotten :p10:17
thrice`   eg10:18
treach(says I, who come from a country were people eat semi-rotten fish.)10:18
jkramerGreen cabbage with [smoked sausage from bacon, groats and spices] is one of the yummiest things I know :)10:19
treachthat looks a bit like what's served at christmas here10:19
jkramer(the [...] stuff is the translation from for "pinkel")10:19
thrice`that was like 1/3 of the selection, but shows the meat / cheese10:20
tilmantry kielbasa instead of [...]10:20
tilmanmmh,you made me want to go shopping ;)10:20
jkramerI was actually looking for "mettende", but doesn't know it10:20
tilmanit's kielbasa!10:21
tilmanaka polish sausage10:21
tilmanmmh, maybe it's not10:21
treacha german who recommends polish sausage?10:21
jkramertilman: Kielbasa is Krakauer10:21
treachis the world coming to an end?!10:21
tilmani know10:21
tilmanthrice`: i find it a bit weird that you call that stufff 'raw meat' :D10:22
thrice`yes, that is strange.  cold cut is definitely more appropriate10:22
jkramerYeah, just because it's cold it's not raw ;)10:22
treachthe innards are boiled/smoked or something I take it?10:23
thrice`but the sausages were mostly un-cooked / "raw"10:23
jkramer :D10:26
jkramerIt's actually an ad for a SAP system10:27
jkramerHe's storing recipes, prices, orders etc. in SAP10:28
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jkramerFoodsprint SAP all-in-one system optimized for the meat industry o.O10:31
tilmani'll take two10:32
treachtoo bad, it'll probably cost you an arm and a leg.. :>10:32
tilmani have two of each anyway10:32
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jkramerBut if you take two, it'll cost you two arms and two legs10:33
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jkramer :D10:35
Rotwangdoes :users" command work for you?10:39
treachlol, that's an egobooster. :p10:40
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rehabdollNomius ?11:23
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tilmani like how my i945 responds to prolonged video playing with ... crashing15:26
tilman(and with prolonged = 3 minutes)15:26
treachI thought the intel drivers were supposed to have been sorted out by now. o?15:27
tilmanthis is a new bug15:28
tilmanat least for me15:28
treachoh, joy15:28
* treach is happy he's not stuck with intel hw.15:29
tilmanlet's see whether this is in bugzilla yet15:32
thrice`"drivers suck" ?15:33
thrice`which kernel?15:33
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tilmanmplayer -vo null ftw15:50
treachpr0n with no video, how fun is that? :p15:51
tilmanwatching youtube'd music videos :|15:51
treachjust kidding. :p15:52
* Rotwang used -ao null for watching porn15:52
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treachhah, looks like the younger cat here.16:13
treachhe also hugs his tail sometimes when he sleeps.16:14
jkramer - more of them16:17
jkramerI like the type error 216:18
tilmanis there a pun that i'm missing?16:30
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tilmanLita aldrig på publiken! means what?17:53
jkramerVertrauen Sie nie auf das Publikum!17:56
jkramerNever trust the audience!17:57
jkramer - yummy18:06
jkramerI would it that now18:07
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thrice`plz2translate question?18:45
thrice`"what does IP stand for?"18:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.6]: cdrdao: 1.2.2 -> 1.2.320:36
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